Thursday, May 12, 2022

Ben Shapiro: For the Left, Children are Either Obstacles or Tools

In the aftermath of a leaked Supreme Court draft majority decision prospectively overruling Roe v. Wade, the Left in the United States has gone into full-fledged panic mode. That outsized panic has manifested as a variety of unconvincing or blatantly immoral arguments: the argument that abortion is a necessary adjunct to women's freedom -- as though contraception doesn't exist, and as though women are never responsible for their own sexual decisions and the consequences thereof; the argument that unless society provides for any number of government programs, abortion should not be prohibited -- as though the solution to lack of universal child care is the death of the child; the argument that conservatives will next attempt to outlaw interracial marriage -- an absurd slander on its face.

        Underlying all of this is a perverse and inverted view of children's role in society. To the Left, children in the womb are utterly disposable; at best, women (SET ITAL) may (END ITAL) choose to preserve their lives, but if not, they have no separate interests to be considered. In fact, children are to be treated as potential obstacles: as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said this week, "access to reproductive health care, including abortion, helped lead to increased labor force participation; it enabled many women to finish school. That increased their earning potential." This explains why the Left has now embraced the language of "forced birth" to describe laws protecting the unborn: pregnancy is no longer seen as the possible biological outgrowth of sexual activity, but as a dramatic foreign imposition on women. The default, for the Left, is childlessness; pregnancy is somehow unnatural. Thus, the entire Democratic Party apparatus now refuses to countenance even the mildest restrictions on even late-term abortion. 

        Once children are born, the Left then sees them as sources of grief and pain for their parents. This, too, cuts in favor of abortion. As former President Barack Obama once stated about his daughters, "if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby." Babies are life-sucking entities, depriving women of opportunity and freedom. Which explains why the Left has now embraced the argument that unless government somehow relieves parents of their responsibility to raise and care for their own children, abortion ought to be broadly available.

        As children grow, the Left sees them as the center of recruitment efforts on behalf of their favored politics. 

Children should be indoctrinated in the ideas of racial essentialism and historic guilt, so as to turn them into political widgets on behalf of utopian social change; children should be confused about the nature of biological sex and gender, so as to justify the sexual attitudes of narcissistic adults. Hence the Left's outsized rage at Florida's Parental Rights in Education bill, which merely banned sexual orientation and gender theory indoctrination for children through third grade. As the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus sang in 2021, "You think that we'll corrupt your kids, if our agenda goes unchecked. Funny, just this once, you're correct. We'll convert your children. Happens bit by bit." No wonder President Joe Biden told teachers two weeks ago, "They're all our children... They're not somebody else's children, they're like yours when they're in the classroom."

        All of this is fundamentally indecent. Adulthood lies in one primary task: protecting and defending children. This means bearing children is a gift, not an obstacle; this means that children should not be treated as autonomous adults while adults escape responsibility for their own decisions. This means raising children in line with values that ensure their stability and happiness -- even if that means a tougher life for adults. All of that begins with a basic supposition the Left refuses to countenance: that they are not the center of creation, but that their children ought to be.

        Ben Shapiro, 38, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show," and editor-in-chief of He is the author of the New York Times bestsellers "How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps," "The Right Side Of History," and "Bullies." To find out more about Ben Shapiro and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at



Anonymous said...

Not a single factual or well thought out point. Rights on brand for little Ben.

Anonymous said...

Tired of thinking all the time? Complex problems make your head hurt? Want to be told over and over again that you're good and they're bad (whoever they are this week)? Prefer to live based on a system of beliefs rather than a system based on reason, logic and evidence? You're in luck! Join either side, the left or the right!

Just don't start asking about why our roads and bridges and other infrastructure are crumbling, why we have some of the most expensive healthcare with some of the worst outcomes of any developed country, why our prescription drugs cost more than everywhere else, why education rankings keep falling versus other developed countries, why our workers are more productive than many other countries but we have none of their benefits, and why the younger generation cannot afford education, healthcare or housing. Any why both Republican and Democratic administrations have been given the opportunity to fix these issues and have refused to do so. All while the middle class disappears and multibillionaires multiply.

The important thing is we deal with these woke kids with blue hair and nose rings that have the audacity to serve us a frappucino and the dumb, redneck racists driving around listening to country music in ridiculous sized trucks. We should totally kill each other over that. It will be easy, because none of us will have healthcare.

Anonymous said...

@10:35... Radical times call for radical actions. The sad issue is that ALL citizens will never do anything. We waste our time behind a keyboard boasting our pointless opinions. Thus, brain functions and time is wasted.

- A pointless nobody

Anonymous said...

Every week a new rambling and pointless screed by Lil Ben opining about the negative effects that (((leftists))) have had on society without naming them.
Communist Feminazis with strangely (((familiar))) last names pushed abortions on this country. It’s always just a cohensidence, though.

Anonymous said...

Aside from Ben not accepting that NO form of birth control is 100% ( human error and not all humans being identical).Some women can't tolerate the unpleasant side effects that can happen with birth control pills ( Ben, don't you ever read the " side effects " section that comes with your prescriptions? No artificial anything we put in our body comes without risk).
Some women's bodies reject IUD's. Some women are allergic to latex and spermicides. Some women on the pill can have their luggage lost or purse stolen or be stranded while travelling and miss pills( this can result in pregnancy).
Some women say " no" and are raped. Some women are drugged ( see Bill Cosby or google " roofies"). Some of the raped are girls who are (not rarely anymore) fertile at age 9-14. Ben missed that pedophiles target girls too.
I guess in Ben's world, females can only be safe in a burka.
Then Ben fails to see that if men had the lone responsibility for child care during work hours, men would have a hard time keeping and finding a job or else work places would have child care on the premises.
Ben misses that even Republican women know these things ( if men allowed them and education and to read books). GOP women who have friends and have lived long enough, know someone who was diagnosed with cancer shortly before or after becoming pregnant and know the hormones accelerate cancer growth and often it metastasizes to the womb. We know women who were thrilled to be pregnant but found out through sonograms their child would never live to term as vital organs weren't forming. Or their water broke but the fetal heart rate remained. That should be an instant life saving abortion of a terminal fetus and to save the woman from dying from infection. We know women whose fetuses are dead in the womb but their body isn't going into labor.
70% of women are NOT Pro Life because they know enough about a woman's life. They may agree that abortion for convenience is immoral. Many of them would never feel the need to make that awful decision. Pro Lifers have gone too far and are stupid about female biology.
Yes Ben , there are insane and ignorant Democrats but the entire party is not just as not all MAGA are as deranged and Majorie Taylor Greene or Cawthorn.
I won't hold your ignorance against every GOP candidate, Ben. But, this five minutes, the GOP is winning the elected or running for office " nutcase" count.
I sure miss the days of rational politics.I wish we were setting an example of ladylike and gentlemanly behavior for our children. Children derive security from boundaries they can understand and from adults mature enough to control their emotions. They need to know adults tell the truth. No wonder our children are committing suicide in such high numbers. They must feel they are living in an insane asylum.
You don't care about kids Ben. You are just another male who thinks he should be attractive to women but isn't. It's got to be the women, it can't be you,right? Wrong, I would not have gone with you to the prom if no one else asked me and it was my only chance to go! Obnoxious, egotistical, brawn only men " turn off" any woman with brains and the integrity not to marry someone for their wallet alone or to simply to manipulate them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ben should consider joining the Taliban or ISIS. His views on women and most other things align closely with their practices.

Anonymous said...

51 year old white male, here. Not on or of the "left". But the article's title is all one needs to read to know the article isn't even an attempt at a good-faith analysis. No one seriously thinks or believes that everyone on the left sees children as only tools or obstacles. Frankly, that and the rest of the really clumsy and unoriginal claims in Ben's article sort of surprised me, given Ben's educational pedigree. I guess he's merely playing to his audience, imagine that.

KF, I know you don't run the blog to simply report the news. That's not a dig, just an observation. But must you be part of the punditry who write things to divide and accuse and incite fear and hate? Because even though you're not the one writing these articles, reprinting them, to me, is just as bad. If these types of articles were good faith discussions or observations, great. I know this is a naive opinion, but damn, these types of articles are tiring, whatever the subject.

Anonymous said...

7:15 —

Nice! Hadn’t seen the (( )) coded antisemitism since the 2016 campaign. A lot of it, ironically, was directed at Shapiro. It was one of many reasons Ben didn’t vote for Trump that year.

Then he made a business decision.

Maybe you can work some more Jew hate in with that angle.

Anonymous said...

All but ONE demorat voted to abort up until birth. ALL BUT ONE. Just wishing we could line them up and abort them.

Anonymous said...

@10:00 AM
“When you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger!”
-Saul Alinsky

Anonymous said...

To overturn Roe would send the abortion matters to the states. Democracy is too dangerous to trust such matters with the people.
Overturning Roe is proof that Democracy never works.
We need stronger government. You can't trust the nation in the hands of the people.

Anonymous said...

Ben is now charging to view his website so enjoy these while they last.

Anonymous said...

"GOP women who have friends and have lived long enough, know someone who was diagnosed with cancer shortly before or after becoming pregnant and know the hormones accelerate cancer growth and often it metastasizes to the womb."

Horseshit. Define "Often".

"Or their water broke but the fetal heart rate remained. That should be an instant life saving abortion of a terminal fetus and to save the woman from dying from infection"

Um, I don't think you know what these words mean the wayyou have strung them together.

"We know women who were thrilled to be pregnant but found out through sonograms their child would never live to term as vital organs weren't forming."

Uh, "We know"? Is "Multiple Personality Disorder" still an accepted diagnosis?

Nice to know he's considered a "brawn only" king of guy - maybe in comparison to lefties........

Anonymous said...

Hand wringing over the possible loss of Roe v Wade in this thread (which simply returns the issue to the states) while the same people are bemoaning the Pearl baby who may die at the hands of her mother.

These people are devoid of reason.

Scotta Brady said...

Men are equally responsible and should be held equally accountable. Vasectomies until they want a child is a solid choice.

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