Monday, May 16, 2022

We Report, You Decide: What Did the Mayor Really Say?

 Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba accused the media  of taking his "Jackson is safe" quote out of context at a press conference today.  A rather strident Mayor aimed squarely at the media for mischaracterizing what he said two weeks ago.  He said:

I ask that if anybody tries to quote me, that you quote me in full context.  The question that was asked of me was about mass gatherings and whether I felt mass gatherings were safe in Jackson.  I merely pointed to the statistics, I pointed to the many events that we have, I pointed to the fact that though we had no control over what happened at the state fairgrounds, we feel that by and large that is the exception more than it is the rule in the city of Jackson.  We achieve many large gatherings in the city of Jackson and think we can safely do so.  I also did point to the fact that as it pertains to crime we've been dealing with,

The Mayor moved on to discussing crime on a more general level. 


What exactly was said at the May 3 press conference?  A reporter asked him

A couple of things in relation to the Mudbug incident. A couple of witnesses said its going to be awhile before they are comfortable going to an event in the capital city.  After seeing what transpired the other night, Can you blame them? 

Mayor Lumumba replied:

I would say to them the city operates numerous events each year and this is certainly a deviation of what we see. And so we continue to pray for those that are affected both directly or even the traumatic experience that many suffered from.  But I believe our city is safe.  Most instances of violence we see in our city are interpersonal. They aren't random.  So that speaks to it as well. In this specific instance, the city of Jackson has no jurisdiction (KF: Oh really?)  so I can't speak to the details of what happened on state property. 

 JJ published the entire clip and did not take a quote out of context.  The Mayor's quote was placed in the headline and 1:44 was made available to the readers.  No other comments were made.  

The Mayor is correct in stating statistics show large events in Jackson have been safe. However, the Mudbug shootout was part of a worsening trend.  There have been several shootouts around Capitol Street over the last nine months.  The number of murders goes up every year while hizzoner is Mayor.  Hell, it now sets records and Jackson has the nation's highest homicide rate by far.  

The claim that most shootings are of an "interpersonal nature" is not exactly comforting.  Mr. Mayor, here is a clue for you: bullets don't discriminate.  Once the shooting starts, the bullets don't distinguish between intended and unintended targets.  Just a year ago a shootout occurred on Old Canton Road and Canton Heights.  45-50 rounds were fired.  The bullets didn't just hit the intended house but hit several others as families dove to the floor.  Some bullets went through the house and hit another house while other rounds struck homes after missing the target.  The thugs are using high-capacity magazines as they spray and pray.  Unfortunately, the people in the vicinity of such shootings are praying too but for the wrong reasons. 

Tell the family of Jertia Evans these murders are "interpersonal."  You remember her, don't you?  The young lady graduated from Mississippi State University just a few weeks earlier prior to her death.  She was merely sitting on her grandmother's porch on a Saturday night when someone thought someone else was at the home and lit it up, killing Ms. Evans.  Has anyone been arrested yet? Didn't think so.  The list of such cases gets longer and longer. 

So reduce away in the analysis, Mr. Mayor.  This website placed your quotes in context and showed the entire exchange so readers could decide how to interpret your remarks. 




Anonymous said...

He said nothing even though he vocalized a lot of meaningless platitudes.

Anonymous said...

I heard the reports on the news and it seems again that Choke-a-chicken always has someone else to blame for his administration's mistakes. Now it seems the State is the reason because they didn't pour money into the disfunction that is the City of Jackson. A good leader takes what he has and works with it. A bad leader constantly demands more and blames others for his own failings. J-town is falling all around him and the Little Emperor ignores it.

Anonymous said...

Another Word Salad

Anonymous said...

He repeated what he always says, NOTHING!!!!!!}

Anonymous said...

Everything the Mayor said is 100 percent accurate. Most large gatherings in Jackson are safe. With most murders, they do stem from interpersonal relationships or gang on gang violence.

Now, KF is correct that sometimes, unintended targets get hit by stray bullets.

Gun violence is a cancer present throughout our country, not just Jackson. I know that JPD and their federal partners are working tirelessly to bring the perpetrators to justice. There are no easy solutions, but Mayor Lumumba is doing all he can.

It’s easy to post anonymous comments on a blog that cherry pick words out of context and parse statements.

Anonymous said...

All he does it talk.

Anonymous said...

The city is a political subvision of the State and at this point of time, a dependency of the State. The State and the feds are assisting in law enforcement, but we need much more. It would be informative if the print media would undertake a study of City of Jackson budgets over a ten year period with the fractions coming from federal, state, county, city, water/sewer enterprise and others.

Anonymous said...

Sh*t There goes the property value of that Northeast property I am trying to sell near St. Andrews Lower school.

Anonymous said...

But that’s not NEJ

Anonymous said...

... but Mayor Lumumba is doing all he can.

Bullshit. Jackson is in crisis. Sycophants like YOU are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Of course Jackson is safe!!

...for those who live in a gated compound, enjoy the protection of multiple armed LEO's, and spend their weekends in other cities more competently managed.

I assume such luxuries are funded by less fortunate Jacksonians... you know, the ones who are afraid to go outside, especially after dark.

These 'interpersonal conflicts' are more accurately known as "GANG VIOLENCE". Gangs have taken over the city, and all this mayor cares about is that some low-rent New Orleans outfit gets the next garbage contract!

I wonder why???

I can't find anyone who will admit to voting for this fool, but if you're one of them, congratulations on destroying what's left of a once fine city.

This "mayor" should resign. NOW.

Anonymous said...

Damn. He does a GREAT job of listing the things that they have asked other people to pay for,but got turned down - like he thinks that the city is entitled to those payments from others. There are 150 other cities in the state that pay for their police department and its operation out of its general fund - but Chockwe doesn't want to spend those precious General Fund dollars on essentials. He wants to make sure his favs get a street party concert or some other gathering with entertainment; the council finally started putting a stop to this nonsense when they refused to fund the Juneteenth and 4th fireworks displays, citing much more important needs of the city.

Of the $400 million the city takes in as taxes a real leader would start spending the city money on these important items that he expects the state to pay for - and if he did that, then the state might be willing to look at assisting in other areas.

Anonymous said...

The mayor set the tone for the police department early in his first term through his actions. All his BS now isn’t going to change that.

Most cops aren’t nearly as stupid as we give them credit for being. They can read between the lines and they know which way the wind blows.

Anonymous said...

He said other cities care more about Jackson than the state. Right. Right.

Anonymous said...

It would be informative if the print media would undertake a study...

You believe there is a print media here?

Heartbroken in Hades said...

The spin doctor has spoken, right? It's only the perception of "taken out of context."

Anonymous said...

If Jackson is so safe, why does Lumumba have a security detail? Why does Lumumba live behind a gate?

Anonymous said...

Now the damn a$$ mayor is blaming the state for the crime. Maybe if he didn’t run his big loud mouth about race and stop doing kickbacks on contracts the state could help. But it’s all wasted. Look at the Siemens settlement money… it’s all gone.

Anonymous said...

CAL is full of shit as a goose, Jackson is going down like a turd in a slough everyday the sun comes up. His days are numbered, just like those who remain there and continue to support him.

Anonymous said...

The JPD has lots of vacancies. KF, where is the salary savings going? Whose slush fund?

Anonymous said...

What's going on with his beard color ?

Charlie said...

Da Mare has got to get off day dope!

Anonymous said...

Honest question: Does Chokeway have jurisdiction on Andy's sandbox?

Have yet to see the 2 together on the numerous press events after Mudbugs.

Anonymous said...

Jackson will only become truly safe when Metro center gets a go kart track and a ferris wheel. #cantwait

Anonymous said...

The city of Jackson has a damn laundry list of interpersonal issues. Murder. Random shootings. Water. Sewer. Garbage. Incompetent elected officials. Chok claims that he has "no control" over these interpersonal issues.

Give him his credit where it's due... he admitted on camera that he's a failure.

Anonymous said...

How do you "acheive" large gatherings?

Anonymous said...

okay I think Chuck has it right. We need to blame all of the general malaise and crumbling infrastructure on old dead racists and covid. It’s the perfect scapegoat. I spent all day yesterday on JJ instead of working because Ross Barnett used to say the N words and also because covid-19 gave me brain fog.

Anonymous said...

The city of Jackson has no go zones. Did you know that ? Certain streets in Jackson....whole blocks and if a shooting happens in these areas NO ONE ever knows it happened. The areas in behind Fondren/west of State St have areas your mind cannot fathom. This guy is a terd and the human plight is beyond fixing without God's hand.

Anonymous said...

I think it’s time for the governor to say. “We’ll, I guess we need to take control of Jackson.” Step aside chock. The mayor would lose his s$*t.

Said it Before, Am Saying it Again said...

Dunning-Kuriger Effect explained.

Summary: Those of low ability think the are highly able.

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned he is right.

I mean logically he's not...but his constituents are happy. They choose to live there and they choose the elected officials so let them enjoy the city they created.
Its not my cup of tea, so I moved.

But look no further than 6:29pm.
If you are pleased with Chuck and the city then good on ya.

If you aren't, you should find your own happy place.
No ill will here.
I hope all the Jackson residents continue to get the government they want.

Anonymous said...

"With most murders, they do stem from interpersonal relationships or gang on gang violence."

Try to compartmentalize it any way you want, but the fact remains that Jackson is the homicide capital of the US. Because of this, businesses as well as the residents continue to move away from the city. And, as it continues to get worse, the venues that remain will suffer. When people visit on business, we always recommend that they avoid downtown.

Anonymous said...

Hard to take you seriously when you can’t make a proper URL or even properly link you a youtube video.
And DDG is a honeypot.

Anonymous said...

By saying that "Jackson is safe," the mayor did not mean to imply that Jackson is safe.

Anonymous said...

you are taking the mayor's comments out of context.

he was saying Jackson is safe (for people to commit crimes)

Anonymous said...

effective leaders say the most using the least amount of words....

Mayor Lumbumbla, well, he can speechify elementary subject matter into an amalgam of dissociative fecal matter

Anonymous said...

People, please leave the mayor alone. Let him do things his way. That way Jackson can be flushed away a lot quicker. He has been doing an outstanding job of destroying Jackson. Encourage him to do more faster. The quicker Jackson sinks the faster we can have a capital city we can be proud of instead of an ioen sewer. Right Right

Anonymous said...

Following up on 9:15:

"poor performers have not yet acquired the ability to distinguish between good and bad performances. They tend to overrate themselves because they do not see the qualitative difference between their performances and the performances of others. This has also been termed the 'dual-burden account' since the lack of skill is paired with the ignorance of this lack."

Dunning and Kruger must be racists.

Anonymous said...

So many commentors here get upset/angry at this Lumumba guy.

Yes, he is an absolute clown. Yes, the citizenry of Jackson voted him in. That could not possibly surprise you. If you had some different/higher expectation of the majority of Jackson's citizens, then YOU are the fool. Jackson is so far beyond done it is not close to a serious consideration. If you still live in the city limits, you should expect crime, corruption, and incompetence (at best). How could you expect any different?

Anonymous said...

3:34 : Nursing home folks, paid bums and dope boys voted him in. No one else bothered to show up.

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