Saturday, May 14, 2022

D.L. Gardner: The Source of Hateful Division in America

What an odd intersection of emotions. This past Sunday many celebrated Mother’s Day at church while others protested at the same churches in favor of mothers’ rights to abort their children. Imagine the emotions of mothers who had chosen to abort their children interacting with mothers who had chosen to carry their children to birth. If emotions were not high enough, imagine how the thoughts of church influenced all of these mothers. 

Apparently, there are no sources inside the government or health organizations who can provide an accurate list of those who have survived abortions. According to their website, “The Abortion Survivors Network (ASN) is the only advocacy and support group for abortion survivors and their families world-wide.” Their motto, “More than a choice,” humanizes those who have survived being treated as nothing more than a mass of unwanted cells, and helps each survivor understand his or her worth and value as a fellow human being, i.e. as a real person. 

Of all the issues Americans face, abortion - a literal life or death choice over our most innocent children - delineates the beliefs, attitudes, and values of those who debate the issue. For one side, it’s a matter of a personal right. For the other side, it’s a matter of protecting an innocent life. 

How will the Supreme Court rule in “Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health,” the case many have labeled as potentially overturning Roe v. Wade? The Court’s ruling is expected in June, but the recent leak of a February draft has outraged those who support abortion. Many have protested in front of justices’ homes and threatened violence if justices rule in favor of Dobbs. The leak of that February draft should raise more ire than the text of the draft document, since the case has not technically been decided. Who leaked it and why did they leak it? Was the leak for political reasons? The leak shouts loudly about the beliefs, attitudes, and values of those responsible for the leak.

Cases in which the Supreme Court overturns a decision made by the Court itself are rare but not unprecedented, and predictably those who supported the case that was overturned were disappointed. Some of the more famous cases overturning “established law” include: Brown v. Board of Education; Miranda v. Arizona; and, Obergefell v. Hodges. “The Constitution Annotated” estimates the Court has overruled its own precedents 232 times since 1810.

Those who argue Roe v. Wade cannot be overturned are ignorant of American jurisprudence at best. Roe v. Wade has become a cornerstone of Democrats, many of whom support abortion as late as up to birth. 

Americans have been divided over abortion since the Court ruled on Roe v. Wade in 1973, and will likely remain bitterly divided regardless of the ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health. Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett and their families, including their children, were threatened with many forms of violence during their confirmation hearings by those who support abortion. On the other hand, Ketanji Brown Jackson, the latest confirmed Justice of the Court, sailed through her hearings relatively unscathed by Washington’s standards. 

The ruling on Dobbs will likely unleash a lot of hate, anger and violence across America, even against churches. Will protests reveal the source of this hate, anger, and violence?


Daniel L. Gardner is a syndicated columnist who lives in Starkville, MS. You may contact him at


Anonymous said...

Should the court overturn Roe it will reshape the American political landscape. Myself and the minority of Americans favor repeal. The Majority usually wins and women always win. If they don’t have an outlet to rid themselves of your unwanted sperm they will revolt and refuse it in the first place. Then what are the boys suppose to do?

Anonymous said...

Roe will be overturned, as it should. Then it will be up to each individual state, but if you ask one of these wacko radicals what it would mean, they will tell you that abortions in every state would automatically become illegal.

Who is behind the disinformation that these wackos feed on? Probably people like Soros, Gates, and Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

We would not be debating abortion if men could get pregnant and if men were forced to support their offspring.

Anonymous said...

Roe vs Wade was simply a logical extension of the movement of "Western" culture. All of our media and commercial enterprise teaches that convenience is most important and morality must be flexible. Even those who support the "right to life" do so largely because it does not inconvenience them individually to face the consequences of unwanted children. Along with freedom comes responsibility and our society only teaches unlimited freedom. We look silly when the same people holler and fuss for unlimited individual freedom then bemoan the consequences of an unfettered lifestyle. We just look stupid.

Anonymous said...

Abortion is mostly a decision in a string of bad decisions. The most prochoice, often seem very liberal feminist minded, yet seem unable to imagine a man not impregnating her, and often. The younger girls, almost child's, unreported to police or social workers, a broken system., returned to incest, abuse, sex work is most disturbing. Felony Crimes hidden.
Not logical for the two-party system having such a divide on this issue, can happen to any family.

Anonymous said...

Do the pro-abortionists hate their mother because she didn't abort them?

Anonymous said...

Those pro choice types screaming men can’t get pregnant are being very hypocritical. Remember kids just before all this happened they were screaming men CAN get pregnant, had pregnant men emoji’s, gender is a social construct, etc. Now look at the fakers all screaming “but if men could get pregnant”.

Krusatyr said...

Abortion, particularly at birth, will remain the sacrament of the left.

A revolutionary within PPHood should film abortion at birth with audio, preceded by last minute film of the baby in vitro.

Anonymous said...

Unborn baby part sales is big business for Planned Murder-hood, all supported by tax-dollars.

Anonymous said...

8:21 am You have to know the name of the father and he will be forced to support their off spring. The law will help but you have to know the name of the sperm donor. You should be able to prove who the father is also and the Jerry Springer show does not count as proof.

Anonymous said...

D.L. is the source of hate and division as his illogical, ill-informed, biased drivel is only exceeded by Margie Taylor's Greene and Madison Cawthorn's delusional tales and belligerent behaviors.
The Catholics on our Supreme Court do NOT even represent most Catholics in this country...most all of whom, would make exception for the life of the mother and even rape and incest. And, there are damn few women who don't know that being certain one is pregnant often can't be done in 6 weeks as many common conditions explain "late periods".
God, I'm glad I'm not married to a man too clueless to know or care about my body! And, men who wonder why you don't get "lucky"? DL is your poster child.

Anonymous said...

DL if your wife has had a DNC, she may have had an abortion. If she's been given pills to deal with an irregular period, she might have aborted a fetus. If she's been given anything that can induce labor or can cause a miscarriage or keep the fetus from forming or attaching, she could have aborted.

Sonograms can't confirm with certainty pregnancy in the first trimester. That's why OB-Gyns don't do a sonogram until 12-14 weeks. When an early test is done (and rarely covered by insurance), even if found, miscarriages are not uncommon in the first trimester and are fairly common in first pregnancies.
REALLY MEN! ESPECIALLY with wives and daughters, try to educate yourselves! The ignorance is glaring!

Anonymous said...

Hear my confession.
My wife and I had an abortion 8 years ago for purely financial reasons. All these years later we desperately want a baby and we have failed to get pregnant. Not a day goes by that I don’t loathe myself for my selfishness. We aren’t very religious people. Still, I pray that whatever god exists will forgive us and bless us just one more time before we are too old to procreate.

Krusatyr said...

1:12 & 2:01
Cancelling RvW does not eliminate abortion, it simply puts the procedure in the hands of States and the People, where it belongs. There is no right to abortion in the Constitution. It's not the job of SCOTUS to legislate nor to represent the conscience of some Catholic majority view.

Leftists use abortion as one of their tools to attack families and eliminate black people, who as a group abort the highest rate per thousand, by far, of the unborn. 78% of PPHood clinics are in black neighborhoods though blacks are only 13% of the population.

Anonymous said...

Are you
THAT left brained, lacking in insight or rationality? Is that the cause of you being so hypocritical,impractical and deliberately blind?

Women in MS and in all States are overwhelmingly PRO CHOICE.

75% of women who have abortions are at or below the poverty line and 60% are already mothers. So you politically want stop paying taxes to "support families" but want to create more children to be supported in those families? Are you totally unable to evaluate cause and effect? You are creating the future citizens you love to hate!

You ignore the male dominance you men have so firmly established in our social system, and the advantages you've " legally" gained through gerrymandering and making it harder to vote. Women haven't even had the vote very long historically. You also succeeded in killing ERA but gave women all the responsibilities of " equalities" but not the same advantages in wages or status or recognition of motherhood's affect on the ability to earn when also the primary custodian. You have created " Disney Dads" who avoid the tough parts of parenting. And, now you argue that a document created when women and children were legally seen as men's property should be forever literally interpreted? You haven't read the arguments the educated wives of the drafters made to make the wording at least ambiguous enough to make future citizenship for women possible? There are exchanged letters!

I am old enough to remember when I couldn't get credit even when I was the only wage earner (my husband was a student).
I remember when men who made far lower test scores and worse grades got into any area of advanced study and women, if accepted at all were "tokens". I remember when male professors routinely gave the girl or woman out testing the boys or men a lower scores on a term paper so only males could be in the running for valedictorian.

Women couldn't get mortgages based their male colleagues who made the same salaries got or buy cars in their own name without a male co-signer. I was making more money than my father at the time and he had to co-sign for my car!

And, we certainly have seen little gain for women in religions.

The 50% of the male population who are below average are threatened because they can't compete with the women who are above average. And, yes , many of them are having trouble getting a chance to be a father.

That rape, incest or life of the mother is not excepted, tells me all I need to know the extremists who've taken over the GOP. You are the Taliban in suits or a tool belt. The "smart or attractive ones" among you are without the minimum levels of personality,social skills,looks or honor to succeed getting or competing with a woman of quality without an legal advantage. You weren't popular with women in school and are now only if your ability to "provide" has overcome your disadvantages. Or, you settled and hope for a better looking woman and will find her if she is materialistic and knows she can easily manipulate you.

As for me, I was lucky to be smart and considered a beauty and got a husband who was smart and very handsome. I didn't bore the him and he didn't bore me and being able to share responsibilities along the lines of what we both liked best has been great these 56 years. And, I finally got to help make us very wealthy!

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