Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Coke Bust in Rankin County

 Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey issued the following statement. 

On Monday afternoon, May 16, 2022, deputies with the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Interdiction Team made a traffic stop on a GMC pickup truck on Interstate 20 for a traffic violation.  During the stop, deputies developed probable cause that the driver was possibly involved in criminal activity. Canine deputy “Ira” and his handler responded to the scene and “Ira” alerted on the vehicle.

The vehicle and driver were transported to the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office Shop for a more detailed search. During the search, deputies discovered approximately 20 pounds of cocaine located in a false compartment in the vehicle.

The driver, identified as Armando DOMINGUEZ, was placed under arrest and transported to the Rankin County Jail. and booked on the charge of Aggravated Trafficking. 

District Attorney “Bubba” Bramlett will bring Armando DOMINGUEZ before Rankin County Court Judge David Morrow for an Initial Appearance.



Krusatyr said...

Why do coke mules commit traffic violations? One would think Biden's cartel amigos would hire primo drivers in perfecto vehicles.

Anonymous said...

Why dont drug busts like this occur on I-20 in Hinds County?

Anonymous said...

How many times do they need to be told. Do not drive a vehicle with Texas plates into Rankin county with Latino drivers if you have drugs. The cops will stop you for “low tire”, “loud muffler”, etc.I can assure you the mules do not speed through Rankin county.

Anonymous said...

I can’t understand why the cartels haven’t figured out that if an Hispanic person driving a vehicle with out of state plates drives through Rankin County on I-20, they are guaranteed to get pulled over for “a traffic infraction.” Why not hire older white ladies, dress them in modest dresses, and put a Bible in the front seat? The increased costs would be far exceeded by the value of the pounds of cocaine that wouldn’t be seized.

I once met a reformed drug trafficker who was a white woman. She would wear a Pentacostal looking long black dress and always carry a Bible with her while she transported drugs. She said she never once got busted.

Anonymous said...

Imagine that. Hispanic name from Texas gets busted on I-20. It's not profiling when it's the same perp profile time after time. Rankin County Law Enforcement are some of the best in the country.

Anonymous said...

Chalk up another win for the tag readers.

Anonymous said...

The don’t violate traffic laws. Claiming a “traffic violation” is the same racist excuse white cops have used since the Jim Crow era. No, Bailey’s boys sit on the side of the road and scan license plates using a computer program called “Desert Snow” until they get a “hit” on drivers who do NOT work for the cartel. There aren’t any cartel mules in their computer system to bust. If they were actually busting cartel mules then the cartel would be assassinating these hillbilly sheriff’s deputies. The cartel would have the sheriffs living in fear to show their faces in public.

Anonymous said...

I see many of you here didn't get your fix this morning.

Anonymous said...

Someone please explain to me how Rankin Sherriff's Dept is so successful at making these drug arrests again and again (for years now) on I-20. Call me a skeptic and/or a conspiracy theorist, but it's hard to believe they are among the best drug buster's in the US based upon their policing skills and experience. Are they getting tips from insiders? Note that the drug busts do not happen in Warren, Hinds, Scott, Newton, Lauderdale counties along I-20 -- only in Rankin. If arrests are occurring down on I-10, we certainly don't hear about them in central MS.

Is there an inside game being played on Rankin Sherriff's Dept? Are the cartels sacrificing relatively smaller loads of drugs by tips so that much larger loads can pass through while the deputies are arresting these smaller loads?

Or is it that they are just really good at creating probable cause?

Note that when you drive I-20 in Rankin, and I do that very often, the Rankin Sherriff's are usually sitting in the median waiting and watching, and they don't really seem to mind my speeding. You don't often see them driving the interstate or tailing cars. It's as if they are on the lookout for something in particular -- something or someone already known to them.

It is impractical to think that Rankin Sherriff's Dept is the among the best in the US at stopping drug runners, but that all the rest of the Sherriff's department's in Mississippi's I-20 and I-10 counties are among the worst.

I'm glad they're making the busts and certainly not complaining, but I'm quite curious as to the real reasons behind their "success".

Anonymous said...

google desert snow black asphalt

Anonymous said...

10:27 I also considered maybe the 20 lb load was a decoy and the 1,000 lb load was three cars back. But then why would a decoy driver agree to go to prison for the cartel?

I know a Rankin Sheriff's deputy who manages a K9 unit, but he doesn't talk out of school.

Does Rankin get to keep money from vehicle sale and money found in the bust?

Anonymous said...

Great Job Police!

Wish more cities would stop these mules. Maybe, if the women who beat her child to death couldn't get the drugs to fry her brain the child would still be alive?

But wait the democrats, ACLU, NAACP, SPLC, etc. etc. would sue for harassment.

Anonymous said...

You'd think a towing operation with flatbed trucks operating between Jackson and Morton to get them through Pearl, Brandon and The Straights of Pelahatchie would be the cat's pajamas. Maybe organized crime isn't so organized after all?

Anonymous said...

Because it’s a known load coming through, traffic violations are the legal excuse to pull them over. Yes, they do use older women because no one thinks grandma has got a load or use sail boats because most people think they’re running them in go-fasts.

Anonymous said...

The "War on Drugs" is a huge con. Biggest one propagated on the US population before Covid.

Somebody above said...

"Is there an inside game being played on Rankin Sherriff's Dept? Are the cartels sacrificing relatively smaller loads of drugs by tips so that much larger loads can pass through while the deputies are arresting these smaller loads?"

Perhaps the "fees" in Simpson County are higher than Giraffe pussy? I dunno.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:49. I'm thinking a drug running decoy doesn't know he's a decoy but is merely a lowlife nobody unknown patsie/pigeon/chump who think's he's about to get rich???

Anonymous said...

For every one of these little cars they bust, there's an 18-wheeler full driving right by. Drugs aren't hard to find ... at all. What a waste of resources.

Anonymous said...

I don’t understand why the mules don’t stop in Vicksburg at a Walmart and simply steal a MS plate to mount before cruising through Rankin County.

Anonymous said...

Did Chowke's dope boys approve this load?

fed up in Jackson said...

don't you know there are some white lawyers in the metro that are PISSED!!

Anonymous said...

No mention of cash. RCLEOs have learned a valuable lesson.

Anonymous said...

If you think that Rankin Co. cops are just good or lucky at this without any outside 'help', then as Bill Engvall would say 'heres your sign'.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, the truck with Texas plates, Latino driver, is the bandit with the snowman hauling the real load / cash a mile or so behind it.

Anonymous said...

" But then why would a decoy driver agree to go to prison for the cartel?"

Who said he knows he's acting as a decoy? You seem unaware of just how stupid some people can be, and just how coldhearted and vicious other people can be. It's all about the money, and the people collecting the money don't care how many peons get the lives ruined in the process.

PittPanther - ACC Champs said...

Do you think the Rankin busts are making a dent? Having an impact?
Do you think high level drug manufacturers and distributors are stupid? Don't you think they could set up periodic busts, to ensure the big loads get through untouched? Do you think that it's possible that some cops are in on this, and are tipped off by the high level dealers? The cops get glory for the busts (plus some cash on the side), while the big loads are allowed through untouched.

Stop licking boots long enough to use your brains.

Anonymous said...

Great job Rankin County Sheriffs Department however you do it. Other counties need to follow suit. I am impressed with the new sheriff in Hinds County. Let’s get out there on I-20 and see what we can do.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pitt (and it pains me) that these busts are not even a dent in the larger scope.

The war on drugs has been and is such a joke. I almost wonder if Ozark's portrayal of Feds working with cartels is probably more accurate than we care to admit.

That said, I am not mad at the cops for busting these guys.

I just think most of our governmental systems are irreparably corrupt and this is lower on the list of priorities that need a total overhaul.

Anonymous said...

No worries guys and gals.....plenty of the white stuff over at Henley-Young.

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