Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Unvaccinated Fuel Delta Surge, Masks Recommended Indoors for All

 Thanks to the Delta surge, it's time to update the Covid-19 stats again.  The Mississippi State Department of Health reported the virus caused 21 deaths to occur between July 29 and August 2.*  The Delta variant is responsible for 90% of new Wuhan virus cases in Mississippi. 

Delta continues to swamp Mississippi hospitals, bringing back memories of January.  However, State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs said at a press conference last week that unvaccinated patients account for 95% of new cases and 80% of Wuhan virus deaths. Patients over 65 who are seriously immunocompromised account for the remaining 20% of deaths.  He recommended wearing a masks indoors even if vaccinated. 

Dr. Dobbs said the number of hospitalizations for patients under the age of 50 is increasing  88% of the current hospitalizations are unvaccinated patients.  The charts below reflect the surge. 


Once again, Jackson faces a shortage of ICU beds.   The numbers speak for themselves.  

UMC: 94 ICU beds, 13 C19 ICU patients, -8 available ICU beds

St. Dominic: 59 ICU beds, 16 C19 ICU patients, 16 available ICU beds

River Oaks: 10 ICU beds, 5 C19 ICU patients, 0 available ICU beds

MBMC: 38 ICU beds, 17 C19 ICU patients, 0 available ICU beds

Merit Central: 24 ICU beds, 10 C19 ICU patients, 3 available ICU beds


Deaths are beginning to rise after remaining flat for so long. 


The vaccinated are thus apparently avoiding the hospital and the morgue.  However, Mississippi has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country and vaccinations are the key to beating the Delta variant. Here are some observations of the state's vaccination report. 

 * 34% of Mississippi's population over the age of 12 years old has been vaccinated. 

* Top vaccinated counties are: Madison (46%), Lafayette (43%), Yalabousha (45%), Jefferson (44%), Bolivar (42%), Leflore (43%)

* The worst vaccinated counties are: Neshoba (21%), Smith (22%), Amite (23%), Walthall (24%), Monroe (25%)

* The tri-county area: Hinds (39%), Madison (46%), Rankin (36%)

* However, some counties enjoy vaccination rates over 50% for just one shot: Madison (52%), Yalabousha (50%), Jefferson (53%)

* The state's vaccinated population follows the state's racial composition.  Whites comprise 57% of the vaccinated while blacks are 37%.  


 Some additional notes from the press conference: 

* Only four children have died of Covid-19 virus in Mississippi.  Dr. Byers said only one child was considered to be healthy with no underlying conditions.   Yours truly asked Dr. Dobbs how many children have died of the flu or infectious diseases.  Dr. Byers said 9 children have died of communicable diseases since 2016.  Thus the child Covid-19 deaths are not that far off the norm.  

Children make up 0.05% of all Covid-19 deaths in Mississippi.  There have been 197 child hospitalizations due to Covid-19 in Mississippi.  These hospitalizations make up all of 1.9% of Covid-19 hospitalizations in Mississippi.  That's it. 

 *  Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said last week he expects the Delta surge to subside in 2-3 weeks, echoing the trend in England.  Dr. Dobbs completely disagreed with his prediction

* JJ is not including the number of cases in this post because they are not a reliable estimate of the severity of the outbreak.  Reputable models place the number of cases at at least ten times the reported numbers. 


Anonymous said...

If vaccines don’t prevent you from getting the delta variant or from being contagious (in other words spreading it), then how do they know the unvaccinated are fueling the surge?

Anonymous said...

It's all a hoax by the government in an effort to implant microchips in all of us via the vaccination. I saw it on Facebook, so it must be true.

Anonymous said...


Michael Osterholm, Regents Professor, McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair in Public Health, and director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, tells us about wearing masks in public.

Anonymous said...

3:29 nobody likes a smart-ass.

Anonymous said...

If I identify as vaccinated, does that mean I get all the alleged benefits of being vaccinated?

Anonymous said...

More fear porn for the sheep.

Anonymous said...

CDC published a report last week that showed 99% of all COVID deaths were people who had at least one underlying condition. Most had two or more.

If you are young and healthy with no underlying conditions, don't get the vaccine.

No one knows the long term side effects.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why the Republicans cooperated with the aliens to infect the entire human race, but they sure are bastards for it. Now Reeves is trying to spread the Republican virus all through the state. Grow a heart Tate. Innocent people don’t have to die.

Anonymous said...

How did India get it under control with 4x the population, higher population density, lower standard of living, etc. etc?

Anonymous said...

Lie. "Breakthru" cases cannot be reported because there are no tests that actually work as stated by the Nobel Prize winning creator of said test. Also, there are no tests for "variants" and you may call ANY MEA CLINIC and ask them yourself ! So tell me, HOW DO THEY EVEN KNOW THE NUMBERS if they can't test them ? Lies. THEY ARE MAKING THE NUMBERS UP so they can keep their pockets lined with Covid gold ! Covid is real, the fear campaign on it is even more real. Geeeez folks, how dumb can you be ?

Anonymous said...

Thank God and Kingfish this is being done. Now we can return to panic mode and name calling in force. I feel compelled to remind everyone that we will all die regardless. The claim that the vaccine is to make you live forever is false.

Anonymous said...

they know it because the CDC quit, in May, counting the breakthrough cases of the vaccinated UNLESS they were hospitalized or died

elsewhere, the CDC states that the vaccinated are spreading the virus more readily (no masks, no quarantine) and likely infecting the unvaccinated (everyone cheers)

Anonymous said...

Or you can listen to the pompous Christmas tree and pumpkin patch farmer from Desoto County telling you he knows more than most people in Mississippi and advising people what they should be doing or not doing. Calling people who do not agree with him blind sheep who are too blind to see what is happening.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile mask less Sweden is having 0 coronavirus deaths https://www.the-sun.com/news/3405414/mask-free-sweden-zero-daily-covid-deaths-delta/

Anonymous said...

We have 3 vaccinated people out as of today. They all called after lunch and reported that they tested positive. Today is the first day they showed symptoms. They could have been walking asymptotic super spreaders for days. our office is half vaxxed and half unvaxxed. Unvaxxed people are required to wear face coverings. My guess is that the vaxxed people that came in contact with the vaxxed positives will likely soon test positive themselves. As a precaution I am asking the unvaxxed to stay home the rest of the week. Why? Because the vaxxed can all be infected and not know it.

I am not going to force my people to take this controversial vaccine. We already cater to everyone else’s lifestyle choices, regardless of how extreme or uncomfortable it makes others. I know for a fact I have more than 1 HIV positive employee and who knows how many Hep. We cater to them too.

Anonymous said...

I call BS on most of this. I know a lot of people who have gotten covid recently. Probably 80% were fully vaccinated. (And KF, what the hell is a "reputable model").

Anonymous said...

How can you count "varients" if there are no tests for "varients".....add in the FACT that the creator of the Covid test said himself that the test will not work. My posts about this are being left off. Why ? Truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:23, how do they know?

They don't. They are making "educated guesses." They are professionals and it's what they do.

When I need rectal surgery I consult a proctologist. What do I know about his business? Nothing, and yet, I trust his expertise.

Same with the public health folks. With auto mechanics. Paint and body guys. Plumbers.

Me personally? I'm scared to death. I'm an old guy who really doesn't want to suffocate on his own snot. More importantly, I don't want to infect a dear one, such as a child, or grandbaby.

They can stick all the chips in the world into my brain. It can't hurt, and it might help.

Anonymous said...

They now readily tell us that the vaccinated are at the same risk of contracting the variant as the unvaccinated but far less likely to require hospitalization or to die. Therefore we should accept the logic that everyone should be vaccinated. But there is also a huge population of unvaccinated people who have already contracted the virus and recovered. They say vaccine will not protect them from the variant either BUT how likely are they to be hospitalized or die? Maybe it's even less than the vaccinated. If so, what is the advantage for them to take the experimental vaccines? Where are the stats on that?

Anonymous said...

How many of the children had underlying conditions that make up the 197 child hospitalizations from Covid?

Anonymous said...

One dies from :

Cancer ... Covid related.

Car Wreck ...Covid related.

Suicide ... Covid related.

Krusatyr said...

Akin to many opinions here, Kim Wade's multifaceted radio repertoire has dwindled to a one-way street: all anti-vaccine all the time.

The death of Freedom, at the hands of corruption and communism, is of more import and Kim needs to turn his Steed and tilt his Lance away from his vaccine windmill, toward enemies of consequence.

Anonymous said...

Fully vaccinated people do not die or go to hospital.

Unvaccinated people can fare much worse and clog up hospital system.

There will be boosters.

Bars / restaurants will mandate vax proof ….lots do already.

Look at Spain….delta variant curve falling now….we are a month behind them. One month we will be better but bless nurses and doctors and those who suffer and die from this virus. It’s sad to see.

Anonymous said...

There have been 197 child hospitalizations due to Covid-19 in Mississippi. These hospitalizations make up all of 1.9% of Covid-19 hospitalizations in Mississippi. That's it.

What a remarkable stupid fucking thing to say. Approve this comment, don't approve it... but I want YOU to see it.

Only 197 kids in the hospital? My kid was one of them. Fuck you and your callous attitude. That's 197 too many... because selfish dickheads won't get a vaccine or wear a mask. How many kids in the hospital are enough... only 1 kid died without health complications... wow... that's amazing... good to know they're expendable now... as long as selfish Karens don't have to wear a mask.

Anonymous said...

If you are obese, ie 40% of Mississippi, you should probably get vaccinated.

Leave the rest of us the hell alone.

I am under 30 and healthy. I'm not putting some experimental crap in my body made by corporations that *literally only care about making money* for a virus that I have less than a 0.00001% chance of dying from.

Johnson & Johnson sold billions of bottles of BABY POWDER knowing for 40 YEARS it contained cancer-causing asbestos. Think about that.

Why anyone would trust Big Pharma is so far beyond me.

Anonymous said...

covid isn’t going away. herd immunity is the only solution. dr atlas was right because so many will not listen to dr fauci

Krusatyr said...


In a minor car accident, a seat belt can be the difference between a smashed nose with contusions and a concussion versus just a couple of bruises.

For many, following consultation with their physician, the vaccine is a seat belt to prevent serious consequences, not a panacea.

Better Than Ever said...


So if vaccinated can be walking asymptomatic superspreaders... sounds like the UNvaccinated need to get a shot in order to fight back.

So now, vaccinated AND unvaccinated have combined forces against the unvaccinated. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Readily-available recent data shows that

1) Most people hospitalized are unvaccinated
2) Most deaths are among the unvaccinated

And yet people on this post keep claiming that they don't know how health experts are claiming that unvaccinated are at higher risk of complications. Huh?

Better Than Ever said...


But you WILL let some random person infect you with who knows what strain of a virus that's been "cooked up" in their cells and passed onto you? Man are you so smart... I mean wow. Be sure you get the batch number so if there's a problem we can track it down.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I talked to a nurse who works in the ICU at a local hospital. She said the ICU is full and they are putting patients with Covid in the halls and leaving them in the emergency room.

According to her, all but 1 of those with Covid had not been vaccinated and the one person vaccinated had recently gotten her vaccination and it did not have time to be effective. Most were in their 20s and there is one child less than 1 year old. She said it was bedlam and don't get into an accident where you need to be in an ICU or you will be out of luck.

Be as cynical as you want, I'm more concerned about the Delta variant than I was since the start of the pandemic.

By the way, where's our fearless leader Tate during all of this?

Anonymous said...

@5:50 PM
Two words…. Wawmp Wawwwmp

Anonymous said...

Reading these rants, just dumbed me down, back to 9th grade. My Masters is gone!

Doin' 68 in a 70 said...

In a minor car accident that would trigger the passengers side airbag in my 2005 automobile, the passenger would probably be maimed by flying shrapnel from the air bag. At least that's what the manufacturer tells me. You'd think that wouldn't happen with the "new and improved airbag" they already installed in it to recall the original apparently potentially deadly one years ago. I guess I should continue to be a careful driver at least until I take it in and get the 2nd recall done. Imagine that. A fix for a fix that turned out to be just as deadly as the initial problem?

Anonymous said...

Well, smallpox vaccine eradicated smallpox
polio vaccine eradicated polio where used
if taken promptly, rabies vaccine very good results

Covid vaccine, results seem to be deteriorating by the day.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is more satisfying than being right, for me personally at least.

For months the medical community in Mississippi has begged people to get the vaccine for their own good and they have resisted for the dumbest of reasons. Now we have data that shows an overwhelming majority of deaths are in the unvaccinated.

You are much more likely to die of covid if you don't get the vaccine. You are more likely to have severe symptoms if you don't have the vaccine. The data doesn't lie. Will you die or be seriously ill? Who knows. But why take that chance?

Hundreds of millions of people have been vaccinated in this country with almost no side effects. HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS! Yet these bullshit rumors persist. They call people sheep. It would be comical if it wasn't so sad.

This is Darwinism at its best. This is Mississippi's horrible education system at it's finest. This place is third world.

Anonymous said...

I've stopped arguing with people about facts. Too much false information out out to support a wayward view in a closed mind.

Nature will sort it out. Nature doesn't care if you are liberal or conservative, black or white, what faith you follow or even if you are a nice person. Nature is relentless, uncaring and brutal and will sort it all out in the end.

Anonymous said...

There is a growing mountain of evidence of the horrific side effects. However, it is suppressed by the CDC and MSM so the only way to know about it is through testimony from the victims and families via alternative media.

You sound like a religious nut back in the 1980s during the HIV/AIDS epidemic saying "If only you weren't living a lifestyle of sexual promiscuity and drug abuse..."

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Kingfish for providing BTE his daily opportunity to blow hard.

Anonymous said...

There are vast numbers of infected illegals crossing. The ICE/USCIS is catching and releasing because they simply cannot house and social distance the infected.

You libtards have cooked up this image of "Cletus Confederate Flag Waver" is filling the Jackson ICUs when it is actually Jorje and Guadalupe just arrived from a long walk from El Salvador.

Better Than Ever said...


Exactly. Microbial pathogens are relentless. They don't care. Sort of along the meme line of honey badger don't care.

Anonymous said...

@8:16pm wrote: “ There is a growing mountain of evidence of the horrific side effects.”

Citations please. Facebook doesn’t count.

Refer back to 8:02pm’s comment.

Better Than Ever said...


Agreed. Failure of: leadership, education, critical thinking, empathy/compassion, and so on.

Better Than Ever said...

Very Interesting to see changes in the blog here over time.

A while back I was almost the only one saying take this seriously, look at hospitalizations, etc.

Now it's like some people are either 1) finding religion or 2) peeking out of the closet they've been hunkered-down in.

BTW, for those keeping score, my projections for today were within 17 cases of actual.

Kingfish said...

9:19: and you know this how?

Anonymous said...

BTW, for those keeping score, my projections for today were within 17 cases of actual.

You've sanded that rope raw already.

Anonymous said...

I literally can’t wait for the dance videos!
I love sexy nurses!

Anonymous said...

“The Delta variant is responsible for 90% of new Wuhan virus cases in Mississippi. ”
How is this determined?

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that, already recovered from Covid-19 like about a billion people and never even got a tshirt. This nothingburger is moldy.

Unknown said...

People went from sheep to lab rats...SHOCKING!!!

Anonymous said...

"There is a growing mountain of evidence of the horrific side effects. However, it is suppressed by the CDC and MSM so the only way to know about it is through testimony from the victims and families via alternative media."

There is no evidence of any "horrific" side effects because there are none. The relatively few minor and temporary side effects - sore injection site, a few hours of feeling "under the weather," etc. are well-known and widely disclosed. The potentially dangerous side effect, anaphylaxis, is also known but very rare.

Even if the CDC and "MSM" wanted to suppress "horrific" side effects (or any at all), it would be impossible. There have been many millions vaccinated and it would be very easy for just about anyone to get a vial of the vaccine. Given the numbers and ease of access, it would be like McDonald's trying to slip werewolf serum into Big Macs without anyone noticing. While it wouldn't be easy for just anyone who happened to get their hands on a vial to analyze the contents, it wouldn't be terribly hard to have it done for under 10K if all the analysis was looking for was things that shouldn't be there. Yet, no one has publicly claimed to have done so and claimed to have found anything other than what are the disclosed ingredients. Which brings up the second aspect of the ease of access. If the vaccines contained anything other than the disclosed ingredients - nefarious or inert - it would be silly to allow just about anyone to have access to it.

So, in order to believe all of the conspiracy crap, you have to believe that millions of people are in on it, either by active design and participation - the companies and their personnel to the CDC and its personnel to the thousands of doctors involved - or by after-the-fact agreement - the millions of those vaccinated "hiding" their "horrific" side effects. Obviously, such a conspiracy would be impossible to achieve even if it were attempted.

There is a very good reason all these people making these ridiculous claims can't cite verifiable cases or reputable data: there are no cases and there is no data. There is a very good chance that those who believe the nonsense will suffer because of that belief and then, regret ever listening to it. There are plenty of cases to demonstrate that.

Anonymous said...

I’m so sick of this shit.

Anonymous said...

According to the Chicken Littles, I should be dead 5X already.

Anonymous said...

@4:22, if you are hiring, hit me back. My job doesn’t require it....yet.

Anonymous said...

If the vaccine is 100% safe, why did pharma get 100% immunity from Congress? Think about that. If it's 100% safe, why is this drug the first in the history of big pharma that is "guaranteed" as most others have warnings of some type. Use your brain people, the lies are more pervasive than the virus. If any doctor wants to sign a waiver of immunity, I'll let him/her give me the vaccine.

Anonymous said...

11:10pm -

Either you are intentionally lying, or your head is in the sand. The CDC uses VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System) and has been for years before Covid. No one is reporting in the media or talking about the adverse effects because it doesn’t fit the narrative. When medical associations threaten licenses of doctors who provide “misinformation” (that doesn’t follow the narrative) and the White House works with social media to remove ANY information that does not fit the narrative, it is ignorant not to question what is going on.

So, one looks for themselves instead of looking like a buffoon parrot and one finds that the CDC is showing an exponential number of cases of adverse effects related to the Covid vaccines in 8 months over every other vaccine used in decades, combined.

Look for your self: CDC Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System-Covid Vaccine

One can even go read information from the individual reports.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather pay for my vax, and not waive the right to sue.

Anonymous said...

"If the vaccine is 100% safe, why did pharma get 100% immunity from Congress? Think about that. If it's 100% safe, why is this drug the first in the history of big pharma that is "guaranteed" as most others have warnings of some type. Use your brain people, the lies are more pervasive than the virus."

The lies are certainly pervasive, but it is not the companies, doctors, government, those vaccinated, etc. doing the lying, it is those spreading false information. All vaccines have similar protections and remedies and have had it since the 1980s. All anyone has to do is do some brief reading on "VICP," "CICP," and the PREP Act (which predates SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 by about 15-20 years), the programs set up to compensate people who claim to have suffered some injury due to vaccines and the litigation limitations. The immunity from litigation isn't "100%" - it specifically excludes any type of willful misconduct. If a vaccine company had knowledge of any side effect and hid it or lied about it, or put some undisclosed ingredient in it, it would have no defense under any alleged "immunity."

If anything, companies have a great incentive to be forthcoming and a great disincentive to do anything in the least bit iffy. If any vaccine did have any serious side effects, all the company would have to do is declare them and be completely covered, whereas if they hid or lied about even a minor side effect, they would have no protection. Aside from any potential protection, if any vaccine company did lie about any vaccine, they would find themselves in a political firestorm that no amount of lobbying cash could quell.

If these vaccines aren't the most studied, researched, analyzed, and scrutinized "medicines" ever created, they are in the top 5. The companies involved couldn't have slipped anything into them on the sly or "covered up" any side effects, minor or serious, even if any had wanted to do so.

Anonymous said...

7:53 VAERS is a public reporting system that allows anyone to post what they think are effects of the vaccine. The reports themselves are meaningless individually, but they do allow medical professionals to observe for patterns that require further research.

Anyone can go in and say "A week after getting a COVID shot my aunt passed out at the wheel of her car, crashed into a tree, and was killed". Was it the vaccination? Highly unlikely.

Anyone who cites raw VAERS data as being relevant data for saying the COVID vaccine causes thousands of deaths is either being willfully deceitful or has fallen into the conspiracy trap of Facebook bots that want to see America suffer.

Calm Down said...

The only certainty I have is that we have a pandemic of unreliable data. Our experts have squandered any claim of authority. Maybe the delta will be what it's hyped to be and will kill us all. Maybe the vax is pretty safe and somewhat effective. Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

11:10pm, responding to the nonsense from 7:53am, including:

"Look for your self: CDC Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System-Covid Vaccine

One can even go read information from the individual reports."

Your entire post demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of VAERS, the data therein, the reporting schema, or most importantly, the medicine and science. I attempted to visit the link, which is not an official site, and got all sorts of security alerts. I was able to sandbox it. Two numbers - the supposed deaths (11,000 or so) and the reports of anaphylaxis (4000 or so) would tell anyone with real knowledge on any relevant subject all they need to know. There is simply no medical possibility that these vaccines (or any vaccine) could have caused 11,000 deaths with only 4000 incidences of anaphylaxis (a fully disclosed, known, and anticipated potential side effect, but because of the carrier medium and not the actual virus-specific component of the vaccine). It is akin to claiming more people have been killed by reading car owner's manuals than have been killed by being hit by cars.

In addition, the total misunderstanding of information is highlighted by another idiotic defect in the "anti-vaccine" nonsense, the claim that the COVID death numbers are inflated by deliberate misreporting but the vaccine deaths are deliberately under-reported, both as part of some vast conspiracy, but sites such the one cited give the "real" numbers. If that were true, and it isn't, the math still favors being vaccinated versus being infected and unvaccinated.

It is this simple: there is no - none - medically plausible argument against these vaccines. Yes, there will be a tiny number of people who will have a particular potentially serious reaction (anaphylaxis) but both medicine and math are clear: it is vastly "better" for both the individual and the public to be vaccinated.

Anonymous said...

It’s all good. The daily new case count only almost doubled overnight. 2,821 today. But, who’s counting, right?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

One thing that is'n a lie is that the vaccine HASN'T been FDA approved.

Anonymous said...

9:24am, Just wow

Sir/Madam, you simply lie. It is IRREFUTABLE. This lying is why so many are becoming so vocal. My job is IT and I clicked the link and I can guarantee there is nothing flagged with that domain, page or anything associated. It is a legit site. It says it takes information directly from VAERS, unchanged. It does not draw conclusions, just presents the data.

YOU, even YOU can go straight to VAERS and create the report via the gymnastics and get the same info.... I did. Well, maybe you can't because you don't have the capacity to learn facts.


IT IS IRREFUTABLE. You can not lie it away.

I'm with the poster about this outright lying.... by either side, but the vaccine support side has gone off the rails. The only explanation (coming from a vaccinated individual who does not agree with mandates) is that some of these vaccine promoters feel guilty that they were duped in the beginning to be guinea pigs. I have health issues and I made the conscious decision that it was worth the risk for me, but I'll be damned if I'll lie and/or coerce others to do something they are uncomfortable with. Hell, the whole vaccine was a lie because it does not stop one from getting the virus, like it was originally sold.

Anonymous said...

…but I’m not from the Delta, and never go there - am I still in danger?

Anonymous said...

What is amazing to me is how quickly the pro vaccine side is to discredit those that aren't pro vaccine. There are some very credible people saying there may be problems for those that have taken this vaccine, in the future. The pro vaccine side continues to demonize any that aren't with them. Why is this?

Anonymous said...

For all those in the back that couldn't hear, I'M NOT TAKING THE WITCHES BREW. Full stop.

Anonymous said...

I'm fully vaccinated and I'm not wearing a mask. I'll show you my vaccination card with both Pfizer doses documented if necessary.

I couldn't read the story online because I don't subscribe, but the Hattiesburg American has a story titled "Is it time for another mask mandate in Hattiesburg?" Considering the mayor seemingly has gone the opposite of the governor throughout the pandemic it won't surprise me, but I can tell you with 100% certainty a localized mask mandate will backfire economically.

If you don't want the vaccine, don't get it. Wear a mask. But don't mandate a mask for fully vaccinated people.

Anonymous said...

Fully Vaxxed Hinds County Sheriff Lee Vance has succumbed to Covid-19.

Anonymous said...

In response to 10:59AM:

10:59AM wrote: "YOU, even YOU can go straight to VAERS and create the report via the gymnastics and get the same info."

Yes, anyone can get the info -BUT- anyone can create it, too. From the reporting site:

"VAERS is a passive reporting system, meaning it relies on individuals to send in reports of their experiences. Anyone can submit a report to VAERS, including parents and patients."

Since you are in IT, I'll remind you of GIGO (garbage in, garbage out). As someone above pointed out, anyone can report a "vaccine death" even it is because their relative died in a car accident on the way back from getting vaccinated. Someone can also file a completely made-up report (it is against the law to do that, just like it is to jaywalk, speed, shoot people, sell drugs or fraudulent timber deeds, etc., etc.). I won't go so far to say that the reporting system has no value at all, but folks with limited understanding of both the system and the medicine and science using the mere number of "raw reports" leads precisely to this type of misconception (and to use an IT term, a "vulnerability exploit" against the unwitting "user" of the information).

I'll repeat, and challenge anyone to offer reasonable rebuttal: the site you linked claims there have been 10,000+ deaths in the US from the vaccine and 4000+ incidences of anaphylaxis in the US. That is medically significant in the specific context of current vaccines (not just COVID) and essentially proves there have not been 10,000+ deaths from the COVID vaccines in the US.

And to your allegation that these vaccines were "sold" as being able to "stop one from getting the virus," no knowledgeable source ever said or suggested such a thing, nor would any have done so because preventing "infection" via vaccine isn't how vaccines work. And that demonstrates the complete lack of understanding of not only this virus and disease it causes, but the science and medicine behind viruses and vaccines. An umbrella largely, but not completely, stops you from getting wet in the rain, it does not stop the rain from falling nor prevent even a single drop of rain from touching you.

About the only thing not wrong about your post is that you claim to have gotten vaccinated. While I don't know or want to know your specifics (and wouldn't comment on them if I did), that is the best choice for all but a very, very rare and specific few.

Anonymous said...

12:08 - do you have Vance's vaccine record to prove that he was fully vaccinated? Didn't think so. Many, many people only got one shot or none at all but still claim to be vaccinated to avoid wearing a mask, etc.

Anonymous said...

" There are some very credible people saying there may be problems for those that have taken this vaccine, in the future."

Damn - there are also plenty of potential problems for those that haven't taken the vaccine. This is the ludicrous bullshit of paranoid idiots.

What does it even mean to say "there may be problems"? Damn right there are problems in everyone's future, cause we all gonna die some day, with some sooner than others. Those without the vaccine may very well fall on the sooner side.

Anonymous said...

ALL PEOPLE HAVE COVID... ...(until proven you don't)

Anonymous said...

Looking like Nostradumass commenting at 1:07.

Anonymous said...

No one has COVID - until proven that YOU do.

Anonymous said...


Tell me again who we should trust?

Anonymous said...


No problems with the vaccine??

Anonymous said...

The incestuous relationship between big brother, big pharma, WEF, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and God only knows who else, has bought and brought this pandemic.

Anonymous said...

5:50 I am so sorry your child got this new variant and pray that he or she is better now! I got the vaccine because I am commanded to love my neighbor as myself. Death for a believer is not scary but the thought of causing the death of an innocent person is. I am privileged to live in the best nation in the world with the best doctors, nurses and emergency response people one can be blessed with. I choose life over death.I fully believe all of the people who have died from this would have gladly taken a shot if they knew they were going to die! May God bless all the brave people who have shared their stories of living through COVID!

Better Than Ever said...


A few hundred minor issues (that resolve shortly) in ~10 million doses? Are you just bad a math, or did you not graduate middle school?

Anonymous said...

I can read well enough to know your witch's brew hasn't been FDA approved. It's a minor issue according to you, but what about those that are negatively affected by it? Those negatively affected by this unapproved vaccine don't matter? Where are your long term trials that prove the safety of these vaccines? Oh, that's right, you don't have any.

Would you care to address the comment at 4:41? As for the math? I can take all that hasn't been posted on this comment board, from other trusted sources, and see that it adds up to some shady actions, by people with their own personal agendas. What I have yet to determine is the amount you are being paid.

Anonymous said...

To the fake Christian replying to the fake comment at 5:50, God and God alone decides life and death.

Anonymous said...

Working list of "at least 16" possible adverse events of special interest (AESI)
Acute myocardial infarction, Bell’s Palsy, Narcolepsy, Anaphylaxis, Encephalomyelitis, Non-hemorrhagic Stroke, Appendicitis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, Pulmonary Embolism, (PE) Disseminated intravascular
coagulation(DIC), Hemorrhagic Stroke, Transverse Myelitis, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Myocarditis/Pericarditis, Immune thrombocytopenia.

Minor issues, you called them. At least 16, that they are recognizing. Yet, we still have no long term results for an unapproved vaccine.

I will not knowingly be anyone's Guinea pig. Are you paid by the comment?

Anonymous said...


Predominantly vaccinated in hospitals
Vaccines are spreading it
Most likely the cause of it.

Don't fall for their BS, they have lied from DAY ONE.
DOBBS needs to be arrested and indicted

Anonymous said...

"Working list of "at least 16" possible adverse events of special interest (AESI) Acute myocardial infarction, Bell’s Palsy, Narcolepsy, Anaphylaxis, Encephalomyelitis, Non-hemorrhagic Stroke, Appendicitis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, Pulmonary Embolism, (PE) Disseminated intravascular coagulation(DIC), Hemorrhagic Stroke, Transverse Myelitis, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Myocarditis/Pericarditis, Immune thrombocytopenia."

Yet another complete misunderstanding of...everything, from the testing schema to the reporting schema to the medicine and science. Again, yes, reports are made in the testing phase documenting "events" and everything that occurs -but- that does not mean there is a link or even that a link is actually suspected (at least at that point). Moreover, certain "events" are expected, such as anaphylaxis, but because of the carrier/inert ingredients, not the virus-specific material, i.e., just the carrier with no vaccine properties at all would cause the exact same thing in the exact same number of people.

In any large cohort of a given population, a number of minor and major medical events will occur in any given time period - "heart attacks" and strokes, minor and major physical injuries like cuts, bruises, sprains, breaks, etc., disease diagnosis, etc., etc.

If you were conduct a safety trial on 1 ounce of distilled water with 1 million people as the test subject cohort, because the water didn't "cure" (or likely cause) anything, you'd see some number of a range of "adverse events" because you would have seen those even without the water. However, since it is a trial and the water, as safe and inert as it is, is an introduced factor, the results must be logged, just in case. Maybe the entirety of medical science has been mistaken and a single ounce of water can actually cure or cause broken legs, appendicitis, and the heartbreak of psoriasis (I'll go out on limb and say, "No, it cannot"). Now suppose the expected number of cases of appendicitis in the cohort of 1 million over X time is 20 cases but 23 are observed. That has to be documented (again, just in case) even though every doctor on the planet would correctly state that there is no link between the ingestion of an ounce of distilled water and inducing appendicitis. The converse is also true. If only 17 cases are observed, that would be documented even though no one really suspects that an ounce of distilled water will "cure" appendicitis.

Of the various things on your list, and without consulting the test results on each and every one, all of them, including anaphylaxis, occurred within the range of norms for the entire population even if the testing-period-observed cohort numbers were slightly outside the predictive numbers for the testing cohort. In other words, the testing cohort was expected to have 40 people with X, but 42 were observed. However, the overall population number is 44. The near-certain explanation is the testing schema was slightly "off," not that the tested thing caused the extra 2 cases - however - proper methodology requires that the observation be reported and investigated. And furthermore, it is possible that for any number of reasons not relevant here, a particular person might actually have a 1-in-a-billion (or even -100-million) "quirk" that does make them at risk for some adverse reaction to whatever substance. But that is true of any drug, food, chemical, etc.

The bottom line is that people with no - NONE - education, training, or experience with any - ANY - of the relevant medicine and science need to quit trying to interpret information for which they do not have the necessary skill set. If you want to play Ben Casey or Dr. House at home, as dangerous as it is, that's your business I guess. Quit trying to make and offer up broad interpretation and diagnosis to anyone gullible enough to listen.

Anonymous said...

Please, provide links for your statements. You have presented a large post with only your snide remarks. Proof of what you say is required. One more thing, you have no idea of my education level or my fields of study. No, cold hard facts with your snarky ass response, but that's what I expected with you. Are they paying you by the word, now?

Anonymous said...

One more, one more thing. I posted the link to the FDA site, being the paid little troll you are, you attempt to explain away what the FDA acknowledged as possible problems. You know more than the specialist at the CDC and FDA. I understand you have a job to do, but you're starting to suck at it.

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