Sunday, August 17, 2014

Live from Ferguson

Here is a link to a Livestream live feed of Ferguson, MO right now.


Johnny Weir said...

I've been waiting for Kingfish to jump into this. He knows what his readers want. Just a preview of what's going to happen when the government runs out of money. Ferguson is the liberal cornacopia!

Anonymous said...

Last words from Michael Brown "I'm dying for a cigar"

Baited Breath said...

Hope we'll get to see a clip of Flynt, Michigan soon.

Pull Them Britches Up! said...

And Detroit, Stockton, Oakland, Memphis and Birmingham with a little Jackson thrown in for good measure. All of these places are the same and have the same common denominator. Like it or lump it. Deny it or stick your fingers in your ears. Cry racism or man up.

Anonymous said...

"I've been waiting for Kingfish to jump into this. He knows what his readers want. Just a preview of what's going to happen when the government runs out of money. Ferguson is the liberal cornacopia!"

I think you are correct... may not happen all at once or anytime soon , but this is what out of control society will look like ,,, except it will be worse

Anonymous said...

If they were only that indignant about "black on black" killing, this might resonate a little. But as it stands.......crickets....

Anonymous said... you go again...

Seems to me more than a few "AA"s as you seem to want to call them are denouncing the criminal element who has turned the protest violent. To their credit , this has included the dead teen's parents.

How clever of you to ignore that this started with a teenager getting shot 6 times at 35 feet away for what stealing cigars and perhaps struggling with and assaulting an officer of the law who stopped him.

The teenager was on camera in the store where the theft occurred. The police officer was alive and well and saw him close up and could work with an artist to get a description out. The teens were unarmed and on foot and the officer had a car in which he could have followed them.

It seems to me arresting him later was not going to be difficult.

Perhaps you like to see the death penalty for all thefts of less than a hundred bucks. Let's just kill all stupid teenagers who steal.

Would it be ok with you for police to have killed the white teens of wealthy families who have vandalized in the upscale neighborhoods in Madison and Jackson over the years ? Most of them have turned out well, but they were trouble when they did that kind of stuff to impress their fellow teens.

Well, us well heeled white folks wouldn't have had to protest. We can exercise our clout in other ways because...oh...we have clout!

Of course, whites have never been susceptible to mob mentality. That's why there were never any lynching's.

So, y'all go ahead. Stir this shit some more so we can keep the stink going.

After all, there is no such thing as a dumbass, troubling making white person or white criminal, right?

Oh, wait, I guess that means 10:57 pm and 3:14 am aren't white!

Anonymous said...

The stupid democrat MO GUV has an Obama brain thinking that if they would just be understanding of the protesters everything would be the Nat Guard is coming...has anyone ever noticed riots only happen in Democrat areas.

Anonymous said...

@8:04, you're partially correct but the facts do not match the narrative you desire. The 6'5", 285+ lb., 18-year old was struggling with and possibly assaulted a police officer. He was shot at least 6 times in the front, and a likely eyewitness can be overheard on video telling how the teen was rushing the officer when he was shot. In your world, that is somehow the equivalent of vandalism (although in that case, one wonders how you believe the Ferguson looters should be treated).

The strong-armed robbery was unknown to the officer at the time. The release of the photos of the robbery simply countered the PR effort to grant sainthood to the dead teen. Turns out he wasn't leaving Bible Study when the altercation ensued.

The dead man wasn't shot because he was black. Evidence is becoming convincing that he was shot for, at a minimum, putting an officer in reasonable apprehension for his safety and, far more likely, actually causing physical harm to the officer. In other words, arresting him -- as you suggest the officer should have done -- seems to have been out of the question not because the officer didn't try, but because Brown wouldn't allow it.

You can try to make this a broader racial issue, but had Brown yielded, he'd be alive today. I hope you eventually overcome your white guilt. Obama's election was supposed to assuage that, remember?

This episode has opened a necessary dialogue on the militarization of police departments, though, and we should all be grateful for that.

Anonymous said...

8:04...guess you didn't notice that this sweet little boy is over 6 ft tall and 300 pounds. Cop didn't know he was involved in a STRONG ARM ROBBERY. He stop them for walking in the street and was attacked.

Anonymous said...

Facts have not been disclosed on this autrocity, but if I felt threatened by a 300lb. gorilla, I would unload on his ass too. Somehow these dimocraps feel entitled to do or take whatever they want.

Johnny Weir said...

8:00 PM....My color, race, ethic background is law & order. This is the latest from your fine ghetto. 8-18-2014 Gunfire, tear gas and Molotov cocktails Sunday night marked some of the fiercest clashes yet between law & order forces and thugs and protesters furious about the death of an out of control teenager.
Protestors spiraled into disarray after two civilians were shot and injured, Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson said. He said those civilians were NOT shot by police. After all this settles down the community is destroyed because NO business will locate in the area. This is repeated over & over under the excuse of civil rights. What it is id civil wrong.

Anonymous said...

The problem here is that the media jumped all over the air with speculation, tweets, and one side of a police shooting.

As the facts come out, it does become clear that Mr. Brown was not a 'boy scout' and he clearly had little respect for others. The video shown of Mr Brown in the market shows us that he, in fact, might have been trying to cause harm to the officer.

Perhaps shooting this person six times does sound brutal--but none of us were there, and there's no video.

This is also not the same as the 'hoodie' killing in florida. It has been shown that the shooter there has a real problem-and that was likely two guys wanting to kill each other...

In this case you have a police officer with a stellar record against a confirmed thug.

Anonymous said...

Michael Brown was not a "sweet little boy." Nor was a "gorilla." He was a misbehaving, unarmed teenager shot six times (twice in the head) at a distance of 35 feet. He might have injured Officer Darren Wilson in a scuffle, and was clearly in the wrong if he did so. But the amount of force Wilson used to subdue Brown and the distance between Wilson and Brown at the time of the shooting raise serious questions about whether Wilson was imperiled or just angry. Cops can't just shoot people even if the people are suspected of crimes and even if they are resisting arrest. It's disappointing but not surprising that so-called "libertarians" here are so quick to defend the officer because--you know, this kid was a thug, gorilla, animal...go on...add whatever word you choose to devalue this human being.

The fact is the police created the situation we see now in Ferguson because (1) they failed to identify the name of the officer, giving the impression that there was a cover-up (2) they didn't reach out to the family of Michael Brown and show them the video from the robbery in advance of releasing it--which would have solved a lot of their PR issues--and (3) they sent a virtual army with sniper guns to suppress a demonstration that was initially peaceful and happening because of the lack of transparency by the police department. This police force obviously views the community as an enemy and a threat instead of as a partner. Even if a higher percentage of criminals come from this neighborhood, the vast majority of the people there are law-abiding and do not want the criminal element. But they certainly don't want to be indiscriminately grouped as criminals--or "animals"--by the very people who are supposed to protect them.

The irony is that white tea party libertarians fear that this same injustice will be applied to them when they become the minority. But somehow they can justify it being applied to "others," especially if it helps preserve their majority.

Anonymous said...

"It seems to me arresting him later was not going to be difficult."

Uh, are you deliberately leaving out that first press conference when the chief stated Brown grabbed the patrolman's gun and fired one shot inside the police car? Or has that been retracted and I missed it?

I think the purpose of releasing the video of the burglary (and also reportedly roughing up the store clerk in the process) was to establish his state of mind. Even though the officer may not have known of the connection the burglar sure did when he was stopped by a policeman 50 minutes after the burglary. That may have explained his irrational response to a reasonable request to not walk in the street and block traffic.

Anonymous said...

if the cop could make two quick fire head shots at 35' he would be an olympic champion. all of these stories about being shot in the back, or handcuffed, or hands in the air are bogus. kid just committed a strong arm robbery, then went for a cop's gun, then turned back charged him is what i gather from the facts. if he was 6'5" 300lbs and charging, 6 shots isn't surprising and is justifiable.
nice touch that our fearless leader once again inserts himself in a state criminal case because of race.

Anonymous said...

I am from St. Louis. A little background.

Ferguson is not the ghetto. It is a lower middle class community. Owner owned ranch homes and strip malls with a few apartment buildings. It is not a welfare community. People on welfare cannot afford to live there.

The Ferguson Police are well known to be the worst in the area. No one goes to the Police Academy wanting to be a Ferguson Policeman and no one works there any longer than it takes to find a different job. They are a for profit operation, writing as many tickets to as many people as they can for whatever BS they can make up. They are well known for beating people up.

I am a 50 year old white guy, I don't go to Ferguson because I don't want to get hassled by the cops and get a unwarranted ticket with a ridiculously high fine.

I would have never thought all this could happen in the St. Louis are, but if you'd asked me what cops were mostly likely to do something this stupid, I'd have said Ferguson.

Anonymous said...

The bigger issue is that 50 to 75 blacks are killed in jack town each year and no one riots because they were killed by blacks. That is OK. No one complains and no one riots. These blacks have defined the black culture as a whole as gun totting,murdering thugs. As long as the black community lets the killing continue without protest regardless of who pull the trigger then they are responsible for things like fergusion.

Anonymous said...

I agree that shooting him 6 times and using a head shot to fell Brown was excessive. If anything at all is to be learned from this by law enforcement and the public it should be. " EFF THE 9mm... USE THE SHOTGUN" It's typically a one shot and drop stop.

Anonymous said...

Mike Brown paid for the cigars. Ferguson Police left that out. Here is the footage.

This case is bigger than white-on-black crime. It is about abuse of power. I've seen law enforcement exploit their authority on black, white, and any other race or racial combination you can name. It is especially true when it comes to youth.

The level of accountability needs to change for ALL policemen of ALL colors and this "the police said it so their word is golden" mentality has to end. People are flawed. A badge doesn't change that.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Weir said...
"I've been waiting for Kingfish to jump into this. He knows what his readers want. Just a preview of what's going to happen when the government runs out of money. Ferguson is the liberal cornacopia!"

You are an absolute idiot, Johnny Weir. Besides that, you can't spell worth a damn either. Those red squiggly lines under a word means it's misspelled. Plus, it's not a typo when the letter you switched for the correct one is on a different row and more than half of the keyboard letters away from the correct letter. Hint: Don't use words that you cannot spell, pronounce, or are unsure of their meaning. You only confirm your ignorance by doing so. Get that hint down pat before we move on to grammar, punctuation, and using logic.

Center Mass said...

Do we need to mention that the cop who shot the 'gentle giant' was black, himself?

And, no, the punk did NOT pay for the merchandise.

Upon Further Review said...

That link provided by 9:37 does NOT show Brown paying for anything. If anything, it shows him at the counter asking for smokes, reaching into the 'cage' twice (at least), grabbing product (probably cigars), then backing away. No money was provided to the merchant.

Watching the video, a reasonable person can conclude that the merchant did not hand Brown the merchandise (since no payment was offered) so Brown reached far over the counter and grabbed the merchandise.

Anonymous said...

He did not pay for the cigars. I have seen video and he takes cigars and on his way out turns as if to hit the clerk or person who is challenging him. I belive if you pull a gun and shoot someone it should not be to wound, it should be to kill. I agree in hindsight that 6 shots was probably excessive but in the 3 seconds it happened the cop probably wasnt thing about that.

Anonymous said...

Bad news for 8:39 am et al

The full video is out there now. He's paying for the cigars.

Don't know if it's a different camera angle or the first was edited.

I wondered why there was no police report or tape of the theft released with the video.

So the kid is stopped for walking in the middle of the street, takes issue and maybe adopts " attitude" when stopped, walks away and then charges a policeman shooting at him rather than just stand there unarmed for target practice?

The thugs in the " AA" community then decide to turn a peaceful protest into a riot and then we have war gaming.

That y'all jump to conclusions and don't wait for facts and then make this about race and ,of course, an opportunity to bash Jackson, rather than about about right and wrong is what makes you all look like racists!

Anonymous said...

The key is very few know the all the facts right now. Why not wait to the facts come out before making a judgement. In my opinion what happened in the store really does not mean anything. From initial reports, the police officer who shot Brown did not know Brown was the suspect. Thus, the store incident is irrelevant.

What is relevant is the police report of the actual shooting which few have the full details of. At the end of the day a teenager was shot several times and killed by a police officer. Only time and the facts will tell if it was justified or not.

Finally, for the those talking about Black on Black crime. It is a epidemic that needs to be addressed. However, I find it interesting that certain groups and media outlets only seem to spotlight it when instances like this occur. They don't talk about it the rest of the year, but then bring it up to counter investigations of this sort. I have a feeling it is because it is out of sight and out of mind for them because it (black on black crime) is not occurring in their neighborhoods. I sure hope people are not using the epidemic of Black on Black crime to somehow suggest there should not be full attention on finding out if this was a justified shooting or not.

Anonymous said...

Well said 10:28 am

Anonymous said...

Law Enforcement Officials Admit Officer Wilson Fired at Michael Brown as He Ran Away

Story continues to develop.

Anonymous said...

You are more likely to be killed by someone of the same race, black on black is 90% and white on white is 84% and interracial makes up about 14%. The misuse of power is the issue, its greater than Mike Brown it's Ezell Ford who was shot in a Wal-mart, the Jordan Davis that was killed for loud music at the gas station and the perpetrator was jailed for attempted murder for shooting at the car not killing an innocent teen where no drugs or guns were involved on their behalf or the Jeremey Lake incident in Tulsa where a Police officer killed his daughters boyfriend in his own front yard with the wife as an accomplice. I don't agree with the riots and looting but i do get the agitation with the things that are going on, I do empathize with the situation and sometimes wonder could that happen to me, but the weird thing is i don't really see that happening here, call it ignorance but I don't, yeah we may have a racist past and a quasi segregated school system but I don't feel threatened or unsafe hopefully our country can attain some form of peace after this blows over.

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