Friday, August 22, 2014

It's Lee!!!

‎Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber issued the following press release:

Mayor Tony Yarber on Friday, Aug. 22, announced Lee Vance as Jackson's new police chief, saying his experience in law enforcement and commitment to community collaboration made him the right person for the job.

"He has proven leadership and respect in the community and among the rank and file in the Jackson Police Department," Yarber said. "He also shares the administration's vision for a holistic approach to crime-fighting and crime prevention."

Vance has more than 27 years in law enforcement. He has served as interim chief since former Chief Lindsey Horton announced his retirement last month.

"I'm honored Mayor Yarber has entrusted me with this crucial public safety position. This is my hometown, and the well-being of Jackson citizens is my top priority," Vance said.

Vance is certified and trained in management, preparedness, leadership and other various aspects of law enforcement. He rose through the ranks in the JPD, serving as patrol officer, public information officer, patrol sergeant, police lieutenant and commander.

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Sgt. Carter said...

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Thanks, Gomer

Anonymous said...

Great news!

Anonymous said...

No change so it will be the same

Anonymous said...

Anybody figure out the purpose of hauling out the purported finalists earlier this week? I assume the Mayor already knew who he'd pick, and the public did not have any input in the final decision. Almost reminds me of the powerless "People's Assembly" the late Mayor and his son pushed.

Anonymous said...


I tend to disagree with you. The public obviously wanted Chief Vance over Chief Cloy. Perhaps the Mayor wanted a Chief who would not lead a strike. Who knows? The Mayor in almost every town selects the Chief; Jackson is not unique in this. Have no idea why you would object to the public getting to hear these two men. I think it was a good thing.

Anonymous said...

First big misstate of mayors administration. No surprise to me.

Anonymous said...

1:57 here. I don't think it's obvious who the public wanted based on three meetings scheduled in two days - and one session during working hours - that maybe a few hundred people attended. I believe the Mayor whittled the applicants down to the final two. I know that its fully within his executive power to choose the nominee, but if you truly value public input, why not have the forums open to all credible nominees, and then allow for public comment? That'd seem like a better plan for getting public input if you really cared about receiving it. Nevertheless, I don't think anything the public said in either of those meetings would have swayed the Mayor's final decision. I do however think it is nice that the public was provided the opportunity to hear the potential chiefs, but in the end, the forums just seemed gimmicky, a dog and pony show to make it appear that the public had a say.

Anonymous said...

Adaptation of a quote from A. Lincoln:
"You can please some of the people some of the time all of the people some of the time some of the people all of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time?"

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks Vance is the solution hasn't been paying attention the past 20 years. If Vance was such prime Chief material he would have been outta here for greener pastures a long, long time ago. Agree w/ 2:22 PM. Mistake. Vance is an embrace of the status quo.

Ten Hut said...

As I said earlier, this is nothing but Yarber punting the issue of crime down the field ten yards. Vance can address a microphone, albeit in a totally unenthusiastic monotone, bored to death manner.

Yarber either has no clue what to do about crime or isn't interested (cue the Obama golf videos). That's why he has the position reporting to the National Guard Lieutenant.

Nothing will improve with Vance and nobody doubts that reality. Besides, Vance has gained so much weight behind the microphone that the Jackson State Lady cop's dress shirts will fit him perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't leave any important decision up to the people in this city. Tony moving the city 4ward? haha

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with 2:22 and 3:50. If Vance was such prime material, why'd it take 20 years? Another lap dog for another mayor. Same song, different verse.

Bob Boteler said...

Great selection by the Mayor. Not only is Chief Lee Vance extremely qualified, he is also extremely dedicated to the JPD and the City of Jackson.

Bob Boteler said...

Great selection by the Mayor. Not only is Chief Lee Vance extremely qualified, he is also extremely dedicated to the JPD and the City of Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't serving as Assistant Police Chief in Canton, MS a step-down for a former FBI agent?

Anonymous said...

I loved Lindsay. I love Lee too. Great choice!

Anonymous said...

Cloy was a task force agent, a local officer who has been deputized as a federal agent. A difference from a Special Agent.

Anonymous said...

Grate choice . I didn't vote for Tony, but he is beginning to win me over.

Anonymous said...

Yarber should have used the opportunity to stop the JPD inbreeding because it doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised at the number of post made by folks that have the ability to construct complete sentences and use proper punctuation with such good grammar skills who are in support of Vance. Maybe there is hope for the Jackson Public School District.

Anonymous said...

Oh brother. Vance is what's wrong with JPD. How can you make changes while still keeping the same good ol black boys going round in circles? Vacnce knows half the force is crooked. He's a pro at sweeping ish under the rug with the infamous "under investigation". But on the other least he's not dumb enough to get on tv and incrimate his entire force. Jackson should have hired someone from out of state to shake things up and make real changes. Status quo continues...

Anonymous said...

Vance said on the news tonight "there is nothing wrong with JPD and crime in Jackson is down"! Yeah right, and I have some water-front property in Arizona I'll sell you real cheap!!! Same old, same old, it just has a different name attached to it! Doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result is insanity. I had really hoped there was light at the end of the tunnel for Jackson - oh, well - wrong again!!

Lee? Izzat Chu? said...

Having watched his monotone reading of prepared comments for years on Jackson television, this week was the first time I have seen Lee Vance actually standing up and not behind a desk.

I'm thinkin', " that YOU?" I noticed he had on a sport coat instead of a white shirt with stars. And I'm wanting to caution people in the room, "Don't stand too close, his jacket is four sizes too small and if he pops a button on that coat, it's gonna go sailing through the room like a frisby and could knock you slap upside the head causing serious injury".

I hope between reading to a microphone and promoting old buds he will find time to head to the gym and lose about 70 pounds.

But, not to worry; he will retire in two years on a cushy, inflated PERS check and the 'selection and vetting' process will begin anew.

Ruler Across Your Knuckles said...

6:33: Please take a close look at your grammar comment.

To wit: the number of post...that have the construct sentences...and use punctuation...with good skills...who are in support...of Vance.

Remember back when you had to diagram sentences on the blackboard? Please go to the board.

Anonymous said...

JPD will forever have the same admin with the same mindset. One day a Mayor will have the nerve to hire a chief not based in color, Jackson needs a white Mayor and Chief.

Bob boteler said...

It's pretty easy to disregard comments from unidentified people. Most are probably from outside Jackson and jealous of the many attributes of the Capitol city.

Anonymous said...

5:39 Nerdly speaking, you are correct.
And I am surprised that you were able to break away from the library long enough to notice such discrepancies.
By the way, the optometrist called, your new eye glasses are ready, you know, the ones with extra thick lenses that look like the bottoms of coke bottles.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord help us! This thread is full of people dedicated to making personal comments about others. Throwing stones, if you will. Believe me, when I say, you naysayers are shallow and angry. I love the one above who says disregard race and have a white mayor and chief. Pardon me, but isn't that a bit racist? To the point, JPD needs help with the prosecution of those they arrest and incarcerate. Too much lag time and many pleas which should be tried and convicted. Try casting your eyes on that side of law enforcement for a couple of months.

Anonymous said...

Robert the legend graham cheerleading vance should tell you all you need to know. @boteler: jealous of Jackson? - puhleaze, the word is embarrassed. had hopes for yarber.

Anonymous said...

Internally this move is not praised by all as most would think. People are tired if the same inept individuals being at the helm of the PD. An outside person is needed who doesn't have ties to the garbage Command staff that is running the department. Vance is not going to be a change agent for JPD.

Anonymous said...

Bob Botler - 8:37
Did I hear you correctly? Did you say "jealous of the many attributes of Jackson"?? Are we jealous of the crime? House burglaries, Murders, Rapes, Shootings? Are we jealous of the burned out houses, falling-down houses surrounded by roof-high trees and weeds, drugs, pot holes, trash, cars parked in front yards, people getting shot on their own property and in their own homes?? If you enjoy that kind of living, then all your dreams have come true! Jackson looks like a third world country; but, good luck and just keep on believing that we are all "jealous" of you!!

KaptKangaroo said...

Lee is a great choice; Lifetime commitment to the community, leadership and common sense.

Too many haters who want the system rigged are obviously against this move.

Congrats Lee!

PERS Calling said...

Kangaroo; You have just shown yourself to be what I've long suspected. Ignorant as a damned tater root. If Lee Vance had an ounce of leadership and common sense, he would have been elevated beyond card-reader years ago. He's too inept, old and out of shape to work a beat. And if he had leadership qualities and a vision for Jackson, he'd have been moved up thirteen years ago.

So, suddenly he's the man for the job after being overlooked when the past eleven chiefs were hired?

Commitment to the community? That plus a wooden nickel will get you into a public terlet.

Anonymous said...

On a somewhat related note:

About 5:00 pm today I drove through the intersection of Old Canton Road and Northside Drive (the intersection closest to the Whole Foods store) right after an accident involving two, maybe three cars. Two cars were seriously smashed and people were wandering around the cars, and neighbors (I think) were running from nearby houses. I couldn't see anyone lying in the street, or spilled gasoline, anyone obviously injured, or anything on fire. I called 911 since I didn't see any emergency vehicles there yet.

I got such a runaround from the nitwit who answered the phone. She kept asking stupid details (e.g. "What kind of cars were involved?") and didn't understand that I was no longer at the scene but just wanted police to come investigate immediately in case someone was hurt. Finally I just hung up after giving her the location a third time and asking her to send police.

One minute later my phone began to ring with an unfamiliar local number which I ignored. An hour later I used another phone to dial the number and heard the voice of the 911 nitwit, apparently on her personal phone.

I told her everything I knew and she just hassled me. I have no idea if or when they sent out police, fire, or an ambulance crew.

I realize the police chief doesn't run the 911 system but this is the sort of person they have answering real emergency calls from the public. I hope no one needed medical help that was delayed by this fool who seemed more intent on hassling me than sending emergency personnel.

Kingfish said...

I drove by it at 5:15. Cops were on scene.

KaptKangaroo said...

My opinion is based on discussions with him personally, so you can take back your wooden nickel and get you another one and rub them together.

Still think Lee is a good choice. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

We want experienced leaders and then some bitch when they look middle-aged. Again, throwing stones about weight instead of allowing the process to reveal what type of leader has been asked to serve as Chief. I am sure many are grumbling. How could you have a group as large as JPD without some always grumbling? PS: One does not get to choose their "cheerleaders" nor their "detractors", so the Graham Slam is specious.

Anonymous said...

Typical responses here from the hate-anything-about-Jackson crowd. The same folk who question the judgment (or even sanity) of our past three Mayors, suddenly challenge Lee's credentials because none of those Mayor's with dubious judgment let Lee advance within the system? Some people just need to hate no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 3:07. I remain AMAZED at the obsession the white flight racists have with our city. Simply AMAZING.

4 Stars or 5? said...

6:08; How do you manage to have the ability to judge race based on anonymous blog posts. Do you really think the ones who have opinions of Jacktown are crackers?

But, back to Lee. I wish the mayor had told the public just what it is about Lee, other than 'I like the man', chose him to run the state's largest PD.

A thousand dollars to a dozen donuts is my wager that Lee has been sitting in a recliner studying his organizational chart (who can I git a promotion for) for the past two weeks.

REAL leadership would have been stepping up to the microphone on day one and saying, "Nobody needs to be approaching me about a promotion or reassignment at this time. I intend to do what is best for the long term interest of the City Of Jackson".

Anonymous said...

@6:49 Correct. People act as if Lee is the Messiah to the police department people "like" Lee. That notion doesn't equate to running the PD as it should. Jackson has some good Officers but they usually end up leaving to go elsewhere to due to the poor management of the PD. It's going to take a miracle worker to turn that place around. This is a situation where Change is not going to come from within.

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