Wednesday, August 20, 2014

McDaniel: Challenge can continue past November

The Chris McDaniel campaign sent this email out this afternoon:

Dear Conservative,

Today we learned that our election challenge is moving forward, and we're very pleased to learn that Judge McGehee has a sense of both urgency and accuracy, and a strong commitment to the rule of law.

Will you chip in today to make sure we can see this challenge through to the end?

Here's what we learned at today's hearing:
Judge McGehee is moving forward quickly, and he wants to have this case decided before the November election.

He also indicated his authority to unseat Cochran if he were elected in November

In another positive development, the judge communicated in a letter to circuit clerks that they should preserve the election records for the trial.

This is big news, and it is a clear sign the judge expects that evidence will be heard in court. 

So, what does this mean for us? 

It's important to note that some in the media and Cochran's camp are selling the canard that once the ballots are printed, that's all she wrote. This is plainly false.

Now more than ever, we need our supporters to chip in and help us get across the finish line.
While the judge is trying to complete this trial in a timely manner as possible -- and it would be most cost effective to reach a judgment prior to the printing of the ballots -- the law is very clear that the challenge can continue even past the general election in November

If the court rules in our favor after ballots have been printed, the ballots will be reprinted. 

According to case law, if we are successful in this election challenge, Sen. Cochran could be required to vacate the seat even AFTER the November election

As this trial is set to start, the discovery process will begin anew. Our attorneys will have to go into most of Mississippi's 82 counties in order to examine the election records in question. 

This will be a very costly endeavor, and we will need your support to help us keep the election process in Mississippi honest. 

Will you chip in $35 or more to help us fight to for the integrity of the GOP?  

Thanks for your support. 


Sent from my BlackBerry Q10.


Anonymous said...

this is a crime. these McDenial nutz need to be incarcerated.

Anonymous said...

Does he think that any of his goon supporters know what the word "canard" means?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he'll end up begging for a couple of dollars?

Then maybe he be on the street with a tin can.

Anonymous said...

What a relief to be able to read an article and not see any of the "hater" comments. I, for one, am willing to let the Court decide.

Anonymous said...

I'd give McDaniel $35 only if he promised to go away. Forever.

Anonymous said...

"The discovery process will begin anew. Our attorneys will have to go into most of Mississippi's 82 counties in order to examine the election records in question."

Sounds to me like the judge is going to have them authenticate each and every vote they want to contest.

Only then, after seeing some real evidence subject to being contested /cross-examined will he continue on. And my prediction is that there won't be enough hard evidence to warrant any action at all.

Anonymous said...

Another story says that judge McGhee is "considering" trial dates of Sept 15th or 22nd.

As I understand it there might be one appeal at the state-court level (to the MS supreme ct), and then if there are federal issues potentially to be decided, a move to the federal system (with at least one appeal-possibility there as well).

What happens when the November election is over, prior to the appeals-process being finished? Two subcases: in case one, Cochran is re-elected. If there is a redo-runoff of Cochran vs McDaniel, is there also a redo-general of McDaniel vs Childers, sometime in spring 2015 or whatever?

Case two... what happens if Childers is elected over Cochran come Nov'14, but then McDaniel is named the repub nominee come spring 2015... is there a redo-general in such a case? Or have we completely left the bounds of the legal system then, and entered the twilight zone?

Unknown said...

I'm going to send my money in!!

Anonymous said...

It's always been all about the grift for this shameless huckster, Mississippi's reputation be damned.

On the bright side, the only people he and his embarrassing sidekick Chuck Johnson will be bilking out of their money probably weren't going to be spending their spare cash responsibly anyway.

If these gullible fools' money doesn't end up in the hot greedy palms of this crew of con artists, it would almost certainly be going to other crooks who sell bust & p#ni$ enhancers and the like on the back of the National Enquirer.

A sucker may be born every minute, but their money still doesn't grow on trees, so it's probably best to keep all the treasure others will be conniving out of them in-state, I say.

Anonymous said...

How this letter reads in between the lines
(Personal, not liberal bias)

Dear Gullible Ones,

We've scored a judge and he wants this case to be quick!

I hope you have more money in little Susie's college fund, because now more than ever, I ( anti Christ mcdaniel ) need it!

Can you spare 35 more dollars to feed my ego?

As redundantly state before, the judge wants the 'no bullsh*t' trial to end before the election in November.


Also, he sent letters to those mean circuit clerks to stock up on ibuprofen.

This is big news, because now we actually have to back up our claims!

What does this mean for me? ( I mean US )?

We all know that the media called BS on me a long time ago, and so did the camp of Cochran. But now, more than ever, you should never smell my horse sh*t!

The judge wants this trial completed in a timely manner, but, we want to stretch this baby out for as long as we can!

Way past November!

If our psychotic delusion prevails, WE WILL PRINT OUR OWN BALLOTS!

According to theoretical law, the throne can be usurped even after the old man sits back down to claim his seat after November!
Crazy, right? I thought so too.

Unfortunately, psychotica fantastica doesn't exactly work in courts, so we will have to actually produce real evidence ( much to everyone's dismay, we don't have much, if any at all!)

It costs a lot of money to harass all 82 circuit clerks in Mississippi and review that evidence we need to produce!

So again, I'm asking you to to merely borrow 35 dollars from little Susie's college fund, or perhaps, that unconstitutional school supply money to help me make a mockery of the GOP, The judicial system, and the electoral process!

Thank you!

The Anti Christ

Anonymous said...

7:16 Chuckie's new grift is the Ferguson stuff. #mssen was a summer thing, I guess.

McDaniel begging for $35 now as opposed to the usual $50. A man of the people.

Anonymous said...

Notice how thus shameless grifter has gone down from $75 to $35. He running out of time, so better grift every sucker TP idiot's bucks before time completely runs on him in September while lying all the way. There are still trailers full of bucks out there, so go get it!

Anonymous said...

If the case goes past November, having Cochran beating Childers---would we have to have a second election being Childers vs McDaniel if McDaniel wins the court case?

Anonymous said...

@8:10: 7:16 here again. If Chuck has moved on from his mountain of lies and libel in MS and is now exploiting the Ferguson story to con cash out of a new audience of gullible fools in MO, does that mean he will start claiming he has 'evidence' he will share with them that Ferguson was a false flag op like he once claimed he had evidence the Boston bombing was?

Because the people who gave him the money he supposedly needed to expose that rock solid proof are still waiting for him to come through (any day now!), so the Ferguson dupes better get ready for a looooong wait.

And as long as we're on the subject of Chuckie's traveling Griftapalooza, has anybody ever gotten Chuck to admit to his MS fan club his theory about the truth of 9-11 and who really took down the World Trade Center? Because it's bound to be eye opening for the McDaniel diehards, even for those among them who wear tin foil hats on top of their white hoods.

Anonymous said...

@8:23, great question!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Caddyshack......Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) - “Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now, about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a mirac... It's in the hole! It's in the hole! It's in the hole!”

Except Chris MkDamnyall, the only thing in the hole is your campaign finance fund. (And I know some of you thought I was going to reference Melanie)

Anonymous said...

"McDaniel begging for $35 now as opposed to the usual $50. A man of the people."

I'm waiting til he throws in a toaster or set of dinner plates.

Anonymous said...

8:10 & 8:12

The dollar amount being begged for is exactly what I noticed first St Chris shaking a tin cup while begging for spare change for gas money at the Wal-Mart entrance is next. Sounds like the well has run dry for the baggers.

I wonder why he doesn't call Club for Growth or FreedomWorks and try to hit them up, since their out-of-state money is the only reason he was competitive in the race to begin with. It sure as hell wasn't MS donations, although Chris has turned begging into his full-time job, just like his suck-buddy, Chuckie Twitler, the Pretend Journalist.

It's very likely those SuperPACS have cut their losses with Mack Daniel permanently.

Anonymous said...

Instead of sending him even more or their hard-earned money as the email begs, wouldn't it be nice if these targets of McGrift spent the money on their family? Take the family to Disneyworld!

Anonymous said...

Butler Snow, Cochran, Barbour....Ray Donovan, Stefano DiMera, Don Corleone... Batman(the super hero, not Frank Melton's dope dealer).... Anybody....Somebody make this fruitcake ass clown go away.....

Anonymous said...

I doubt even Bilbo or Vardaman or Barnett came close to this kind of shameful, flagrant, fraudulent hucksterism. McD ought to end up in a cell for fraud at this rate.

Anonymous said...

If this continues past the election ( and I'll bet McDaniel will try to make sure it does), he will certainly challenge Childers should Childers win.

Past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior.

If McDaniel or Tyner were Commissioner of the MLB,NFL or NBA, he'd award the win to the other team whenever an ump or ref made a bad call during a game whether the other team won by a lot or a little.

The same fruitcakes would be cheering McDaniel or Tyner on saying the game's process was unfair and the rules weren't followed perfectly. And, they'd point to this ref or that ump as being biased in favor of the team who won.

We'd end up with never ending seasons and eventually no seasons at all when we got so far behind as to make there be no league winner ever or refs and umps all quit.

Anonymous said...

Did the McDaniel campaign ever find anyone who would come forth to collect the $1000 reward money for voting irregularities? If so, would that be listed as a campaign expense?

Supports Due Process said...

Lincoln didn't like being challenged either. In fact he's known to have incarcerated publishers and legislators who disagreed with him. He wanted them all to just shut up and go away. And if they persisted, he put them away.

I see definite parallels.

And to the harpie with the dictionary, canard ain't got shit to do with it.

Anonymous said...

The amusing dilemma for McDaniel's true believers is for whom should they vote (Childers or Cochran) in the November election if the election challenge isn't decided by then, and if they still believe McDaniel will win the challenge. There are all sorts of interesting permutations in that situation.
Hopefully for the sanity of all, the case will be decided before then, but don't count on it. There is still an appeal, and a possible move to federal court. A federal court action is likely to be somewhat short-lived, since there likely aren't any legitimate federal issues, but even filing could drag out the case for months yet.

Anonymous said...

So who is Lincoln in your parallel?
Is it McDaniel, who wants to purge the party of those who do not meet his standards of ideological purity and bar folks from exercising their legal right to vote in the primary of their choosing, or Cochran, who is saying, "where's the beef?"

Anonymous said...

@7:28 There's another great question!

How about the money that went to the Right Rev Fielder to encourage him to fabricate whatever 'eyewitness testimony' Team McDaniel thought they needed to void - by any means necessary - the lawful outcome of this primary election?

The McDaniel campaign was also reportedly shopping around for legal representation for Fielder once he was required to recant his accusations against everybody else, finger the in-house libelist Team McDaniel had recruited from California instead, & confess that Chuck Johnson manufactured out of whole cloth all the fraudlulent assertions Johnson had reported as coming from Fielder.

Was acquiring the services of defense counsel on behalf of their useful idiot-for-hire reported as a campaign expense by the McDaniel Campaign?

And speaking of useful idiots for hire, who paid the expenses incurred by Chuck Johnson in his services to the McDaniel campaign and were they reported to the FEC?

Anonymous said...

For $35.00, you get a small piece of the pray cloth they used the night of the election when Gandy and the other snake handlers prayed that when daylight came the next day the Circuit Clerks would see that they had made all these mistakes and McHitler would be Senator. Tea Party folks - you lost! Climb back under the rock from which you came!

Anonymous said...

7:58 am You apparently overlooked that Lincoln was a wartime President.

And, canard is a word that certainly is relevant to the McDaniel campaign ! It's based on canards from start to finish!

And, FYI, I'm not the one who wrote that but my reading comprehension scores are high enough to understand what a canard is and how it applies in this situation!

Anonymous said...

Chris asking for $35 donations while sitting in Disneyworld is no different than a welfare momma driving a cadillac. Or a mamacita.

Anonymous said...

Mamacitas are hot......that's no canard, Senor.

Anonymous said...

2:38 pm I doubt that is substantiated,even by your anecdotal experience.

Biology is biology and " mamacitas" don't have different " plumbing".

But, perhaps, " Latin lovers" are more skilled !

Anonymous said...

I hope Judge McGehee finds out about this McD email, because it shows his presumption that he plans to keep the challenge going as long as possible, damn the consequences. Maybe the Judge will see he has to bring all this to a close ASAP with hid deadlines and not let McD run wild through November.

Anonymous said...

Where's Melanie - nobody in her district has seen her around. Maybe Disney or on the beach somewhere?

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