Tuesday, August 12, 2014

McDaniel: strike Tyner's vote. And the Mayor's, Chairman, even Beckwith.

The Chris McDaniel campaign submitted an affidavit of improper or irregular votes in Madison County to the Mississippi Republican Party and Thad Cochran campaign today.  The McDaniel campaign said last week that all Republican votes in Madison County from the June 24 runoff election should be rejected.  The McDaniel campaign argued in its election challenge:

Fraudulent voting, insecure ballot boxes and election records, and other violations of the Mississippi Election Code vitiated the integrity of the June 24 Republican Primary runoff election in Hinds County.  If the Hinds County results are included in the statewide results, they contaminate the entire runoff election.  They destroy the integrity of the runoff election and  make the will of qualified Republican electors impossible to determine.  For that reason alone, the Hinds County results must be excluded from the statewide results.

For other counties involved in permitting fraudulent voting, along with insecure ballot boxes and election records (like Claiborne, Coahoma, Madison, and Sunflower), the analysis is the same. 
 Thus the McDaniel campaign says all of the votes listed in the affidavits submitted today are irregular votes and thus should be rejected and are cause for rejection of all of Madison County's votes.  Here are some of the so-called irregular votes:

Byron De La Beckwith, Jr. (p.9) ballot not marked or rejected.  Never opened or counted. Yup, the Chris McDaniel campaign is trying to get Byron De La Beckwith, Jr.'s vote.

Marsha Thompson of WLBT (p.12): line was drawn down page through the vote box for June 3. Repeated on several pages.
John Taylor (p.13): Oh, just the CHAIRMAN OF THE MADISON COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY!!!  "voted written in margin, voted written on June 24 in different handwriting. Wow.
Lucy Taylor: his wife. Same reason.
Mitch Tyner (p.17): McDaniel's own lawyer. "voted written in margin and on June 24"
Sloane Tyner: Mitch's wife. Same reason.
Gene McGee (p.22): Yes, the Mayor of Ridgeland.  "voted written in blue ink on June 3 and crossed out in red ink and initialed, voted absentee noted on June 24".



Anonymous said...

"Your $50 or $75 will help us pay our sanctions for filing what RINO judges dared to call 'frivolous' pleadings!"

Anonymous said...

You just can't make this stuff up. This guy is going to have to move to the Balkans to be able to start over. WHAT A JOKE!

Anonymous said...

please make this trial lawyer asshole GO AWAY

Anonymous said...

The McDaniel campaign and the associated Tea-Tards have now reached a whole new level of stupid. Stupid so stupid that it goes way beyond the stupid we know into a whole different dimension of stupid. As in stupid collapsed on itself so far that even the neutrons have collapsed. Stupid so dense that no intellect can escape - a singularity point of stupid. Perhaps he and his supporters are some primordial fragment from the original big bang of stupid. Some pure essence of a stupid so uncontaminated by anything else as to be beyond the laws of physics that we know.

It's the only explanation.

Anonymous said...

John Taylor donated thousands of dollars to the republician party and Thad only then to go bankrupt and stick it to alot of people. Great Chairman for the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Are these people from Mars????? For Gods sake someone end this. Governor?????

Anonymous said...

"Are these people from Mars????? For Gods sake someone end this. Governor?????"

This gaggle of people is from Jones county.
Now would be a good time to say something redeeming about Jones county. They gave us Parker Posey, and she is delightful and refreshing.

Anonymous said...

This is the explanation the McDanielites are trying to pedal

Elva Eubanks ‏@elva_eubanks 6h
@samrhall @gr8tfullawyer @ChuckCJohnson @senatormcdaniel mistakes of circuit clerks & SOS; training needed Protocol not followed. (Favorited by Mitch himself) and one more

Elva Eubanks ‏@elva_eubanks 5h
@CEO2044 @samrhall @gr8tfullawyer @ChuckCJohnson @senatormcdaniel The challenge is for all errors, no matter. It had to be.

Of course they can't admit to the total incompetence of their volunteers or total lake of due diligence by the Tyner firm in not looking closely at the fruits of said incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Let us give the McDaniel supporters their own county, say, one of the lesser used counties in Mississippi, or perhaps an abandoned amusement park.

Then provide them with a lifetime supply of handcuffs and let them take turns locking each other up.

Anonymous said...

Someone get Tyner and Billingsley their RINO badges please. Just curious, when will the Tea Party start calling for their imprisonment for their "fraudelent" votes? The stopwatch is running.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Magistrate Judge Keith Ball.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious from the comments here that Chris McDaniel has the establishment RINOs shaking in their boots and wetting their pants, in the fear that he might just be right and the court might rule in his favor. That is the only logical reason for the amount of venom that they are spewing. They have become as the Democrats, squealing, yelling and pointing fingers to shift the blame away from themselves, but if you look, that is not the only way that they have become like the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Average cost of a voter roll: $100

Bounty pointlessly offered to find election fraud: $15000

Filing an election challenge based on illegal crossover votes for your opponent, and your election attorney's name is on the list: Priceless

Anonymous said...

This crazy tale is not just embarrassing to Tyner and the Rat, but is all over the news media tonight.

Anonymous said...

Surely 9:28 is trolling

Anonymous said...

@9:00 PM. That's the thing. It's like they are throwing everything but the kitchen sink out there - silly Facebook posts which were debunked by journalists in about 10 minutes as nothing but standard issue comment trolling, a star witness of patently dubious veracity whom they either knew or should have known would say anything they wanted him to for a few bucks, and then all this 'rock solid proof' conjured up by unreliable volunteers who're clearly blinded by zealotry - and yet the lawyers are obviously not reviewing any of it before it goes out their door, let alone culling it.

It's an insult to the courts and it's an insult to the people of the state of MS who deserve better.

At this point, the people of the state of MS, no matter what their political affiliation, should get down on their knees and thank their lucky stars if there may have been any voter fraud if that's what it took to spare the world both a Senator McDaniels and the indignity of the never-ending freak show which the supporters to whom he is now beholden might have inflicted upon the world had he been elected.

Anonymous said...

9;28, wow, you figured us out. Good for you. That's it. Chris scares us. He might win. Never mind that no election experts in the country think he has any chance at all. Forget the fact that national media outlets all over the country are laughing at Kris Mack Daniel, especially at the latest fubar.

Miss. race: McDaniel lists own lawyer as irregular vote
USA TODAY - ‎49 minutes ago‎

Chris McDaniel Lists His Own Lawyer's Vote As Tainted
Huffington Post - ‎1 hour ago‎

Tea Party's Scott McDaniel asks that his own lawyer's Senate vote be ruled invalid
Raw Story - ‎2 hours ago‎ (they can't even get his name right)

It's time to close shop, Chris McDaniel
Washington Examiner - ‎4 hours ago‎

Chris McDaniel's Attorney Is Contesting His Own Vote In Mississippi's Run-Off
Daily Caller - ‎6 hours ago‎

Among the questionable votes presented by Chris McDaniel's lawyer? His own.
Washington Post (blog) - ‎6 hours ago‎

Forget about the fact that the only folks left in the entire country that think Mack Daniel will win a challenge are the lightly educated tinfoil hat wearers who populate social media, You got us.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking these chuckleheads shouldn't even have drivers licenses.

Anonymous said...

I re-read the history of Gov. McLaurin in light of Robin Williams' suicide. I knew Bilbo's rise tied to his support of Vardaman in the race to succeed McLaurin. However, I was struck by how much Bilbo's refusal to concede and his resulting crusade against the Percy supporters (which he would cite for years to come) mirrors our current situation. Now, all we need is for McDaniel to get arrested in Oxford and announce his campaign for governor on the jailhouse steps and we will be on our way to repeating history right at 100 years later.

Anonymous said...

JFP is reporting that Tea Party leader Roy Nicholson prayed that God be violent against the GOP establishment. These people are guano crazy.


Anonymous said...

@9:08, that's a priceless image you just drew for us: an abandoned amusement park in a 'lesser-used' county. Very funny stuff.

But it's also really sad at the same time because it's doubtful that any of these people started out intending to incinerate their own reputations in front of the world. This is what happens when we allow politics to become a substitute religion in our lives, kids. Healthy perspective gets subsumed by blind zeal for the cause.

Anonymous said...

Dear Teabaggers:

Here you go:


Go for it. We will not miss you, I promise.

Anonymous said...

Dear Asshole at 9:28... I have contributed at least $1,000 to most every major republican candidate in the state for the last 10 years - to be clear I mean Gov., Lt. Gov, Sec. of State, and U.S. Senators. About the same to HOR reps. I am a Republican through and through. I am conservative by any measure if you ask me about issues- social or fiscal. I tell this only to illustrate that I am, indeed, a partisan.

I own a business in this state, and I pay lots of federal and state taxes. I employ many people- not lots- about 20 folks. I do not qualify as a large business by any means. I do not consider myself "rich", but arguably I am successful, at least by measures of our state.

I share the frustrations of many that our elected officials can't agree about anything other than spending our money. Despite the system in which we live- I even have my doubts about the congressional seniority system. I know that there are a lot more people both more and less fortunate than me that share those frustrations about Washington.

The McDaniel campaign has been an embarrassment the likes of which I cannot begin to describe. It has represented the lowest common denominator of our society, an has become a cause celebre of the white trash in this state who have always been our Achilles heal. The most shameful aspect being the idea that black Mississippians have no business voting Republican.

Every person has their vote, and every person is entitled to their opinion... this I do not dispute. Each person, however, is not entitled to their own facts.

Thad Cochran won the most votes. The fact that some of them were black, or politically independent, or previously democratic is irrelevant. We have an open primary system. As a conservative, I am glad that we do.

I invite black, white, latino, and other citizens of Mississippi to consider that the Republican Party welcomes you. We have our principals, as all parties do, but I say that ours mirror yours. We believe in individual responsibility, free enterprise, equal opportunity, and the opportunity to succeed with hard work.

Thad Cochran did not change his stance on a single issue to get an additional vote. He has proven himself to be fair. Mr. McDaniel, on the other hand, would rather be divisive and this is the reason that he lost his primary. I am sorry for his family.... but its time he dealt with it.

Concerned Citizen

Anonymous said...

Yes,McDaniel scares me, so does fascism. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night terrified at how close this state came to to sending that third rate backwoods preacher to DC.

Anonymous said...

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if everyone ignored this it would go away? You have to think that with the shift from wanting a new runoff to hand me the election some people in the Mcdaniel campaign understand that they have lost the vast majority of their support. Would love to know the real story of who and what is driving this losing battle. Maybe someone will break soon and tell the story.

Anonymous said...

Break news. Regression analysis of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and phone polling has shown that Chris is better looking, has a cooler car, has more friends, is kinder to animals, has better table manners, has a more manly handshake, runs faster, dresses cooler, and most importantly has a larger more satisfying penis than Thad. Because of these facts the votes for all counties starting with the letters T, H, A, D and C should not be counted.

Anonymous said...

"I'm thinking these chuckleheads shouldn't even have drivers licenses."

Give them those blunt, rounded scissors, and plastic knives & forks. I think they ate too much library paste in pre-K.

Anonymous said...

The really sad thing about this whole mess is that, no matter what the outcome of the challenge may be, in November half the republican voters are probably going to either vote for Childers or not vote at all. If that happens we can say good-by to the MSGOP for a long time to come and the Democrats will likely keep control of the U.S. Senate. That is truly sad.

Anonymous said...

So McD wants to throw out the votes entirely in two of the three counties that make up metropolitan Jackson: Hinds and Madison Counties. I' suggest we throw out the Tyner Law Firm and McD's presence in the Jackson area before throwing out all our legitimate votes here. Face it McD: the people spoke, you lost, and now they really, really want you and Tyner to go away.

bill said...

William S. Billingsley who voted at the Cameron precinct isn't the same person as William M. Billingsley who voted at New Life Baptist Church. There may not be more than one Mitch Tyner out there but this Bill Billingsley's vote wasn't challenged.

Anonymous said...

bill, bless your heart, you really got fooled by these people and you are pulling out a straw and hoping you can find there's a haystack.

FUBAR is right.

Every time I think this cannot possibly get more bizarre, it does.

bill, you and other good people who wanted our system to change for the better were far too trusting of those unworthy of your trust. It's past time to face up and be justifiably outraged.

Like Goldwater and Richardson confronted Nixon for the good of our Nation, you, Dot and others have to confront McDaniel and tell him to step aside for the good of our State!

Anonymous said...

@8:20 AM is there more than one Mitch Tyner in Mississippi with a wife named Sloane? I seriously doubt it. (he and his wife are named)

Anonymous said...

Take five minutes to read the comments on McD 's facebook page. It will leave you speechless.

Anonymous said...

@11:42PM Outstanding post. Thank you.

@7:48AM, if it is true as you contend that the only way to beat Democrats in MS is by appeasing an irrational faction of angry "purity" kooks who believe African-Americans should not be allowed to vote for Republicans and who will stop at nothing, including bribing people to make obviously bogus accusations of fraud and even going so far as to libel thousands of innocent private citizens in order to subvert the outcome of an election, then so be it.

Commenters on many conservative websites keep threatening that the "base" will pick up all their marbles & vote for Dems or stay home if their demands for "purity" are not met.

Well, if "the base" would do that in retaliation merely for the fact that the majority of Republican voters demand that their party do the moral, decent & just thing here and seek to expand its appeal to people of other races, ethnicities & religions so the Party of Lincoln truly can be a party which welcomes all citizens, then perhaps it's time for Republicans to start looking for a more stable (and moral, ethical and sane) base who can help them win on more admirable principles which allow the rest of us to be able to sleep at night.

And the truth of the matter is that any political party which relies on a foundation consisting of a capriciously self-serving & exclusionary cohort as inherently weak, unreliable & self-sabotaging as the one you describe would be doomed to fail sooner rather than later anyway. Better to keep our self-respect (and God's respect) by doing the right thing and letting the electoral chips fall where they may.

But first, let's just see how big this supposedly huge & fearsome make-or-break "base" - the faction of the Tea Party which claims it is aligned with the odious views of McDaniels' supporters and who telegraph their intention to help Harry Reid keep his Democratic majority in the US Senate in November - really is, okay?

Anonymous said...

@9:26 AM I read it daily. It is way better than any "joke of the day" website. Check the profiles of the people commenting, the vast majority are from Jones county or were from there at some point.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Why didn't Romney consider this strategy? Just think, if Romney could have had Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and the District of Columbia disqualified, then he could have been president. Oh, you have to count all the votes? Right.... Idiots

Anonymous said...

11:42, someone said it before, but thank you for that excellent post.

Bill- I want to personally say (though anonymously) that I highly respect you and really hate how it's gone for people like you. You certainly do not deserve it. I've always appreciated reading your thoughts on various subjects and I agree with you 99% of the time, and maybe more than that. You've certainly opened my eyes on a few things to a different thought or two I never considered. Thank you for that.

I highly disagree with pretty much everything Chris has done since the runoff, but I've been told numerous time by friends of Chris he's not really as this all seems. I find it extremely hard to believe, so I'll think he changed more and more as this process went on. Some things, I'm not sure I can agree he didn't agree with before, but regardless- from reading your posts, I really can't see yourself "happy" with the way this has been handled or an advocate of it. I will not think of you like that. You're alright with me.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the report of Chuckie Johnson's first speech in the JFP? It is reported there like this:
"At the beginning of the meeting, just after asking God in the opening prayer to "be violent against" the GOP establishment, Mississippi Tea Party Chairman Roy Nicholson thanked Johnson for getting "down in that dirty, muddy trench and exposing a lot of truth" in Mississippi politics."
Gee whiz. What kind of prayer is that? He was in a church!

Anonymous said...

11:42, also think your post was excellent. The principles you outline, and the example you give of your own efforts, are top-notch.

I cannot claim to have given all that money, or paid as many taxes, but I aspire to be successful, and will work hard to get there. We disagree in only three places.

1. On the question of whether Cochran won the most votes (as opposed to being awarded the highest tally... by only by "counting" some ballots that were invalid-double-votes, or invalid-absentee-votes, or retroactively-legalized-by-erasure-votes, or whatever). The lawsuit will soon decide how many such votes existed, and show us whether there are enough PROVABLY invalid votes to overturn the runoff-result, but it seems clear that thousands of invalid votes *did* exist. Do you disagree with that? To me, skin color has exactly zero bearing on the situation, except that people keep dragging it in as a way to cry wolf/racist. I'm in favor of expanding the party by convincing folks the principles we hold are true & correct, but that is not what I saw being attempted during June 2014.

2. On the question of whether Cochran has changed his positions, during the runoff. Many of the robocalls and radiospots and flyers that I examined were not Republican positions, unlike Cochran's material prior to June, which was recognizably Republican. Maybe you are arguing that Cochran did not change his position as far as his voting-record will go, versus his rhetorical position?

3. On the question of which campaign was more of an embarrassment, and which candidate will best mirror the ideology of individual responsibility, free enterprise, equality of opportunity, and the value of hard work. I don't think Cochran has done a BAD job in DC, and given the circumstances of the 1970s and 1980s and 1990s when dem majorities were the norm, he did pretty well indeed. But it has always been clear to me that Cochran is a quiet persuader, and a compromiser, not someone who will stand firm on principle by default. Cochran's voting record and endorser-set back that up; he is no Ted Cruz, he is more of a John McCain in most respects. Reagan was willing to compromise, but at the same time, Reagan always stood firm, and did NOT compromise on any fundamental principle. Whether McDaniel is the ideal person for the post-2014 senate seat, surely not... but he is indubitably a fighter, who stands firm, and given what we are likely to witness in 2015 and 2016 and 2017 and beyond, that seems like the only way to preserve free enterprise (not public-private corporatism like Solyndra), individual responsibility (not socialized everything like Obamacare), equality of opportunity (not government-mandated equalization by coercion), and the rest. The debt is predicted to stay stuck around 90% of GDP indefinitely, until and unless we get fighters to DC who will invert the deficit by *really* cutting spending. That is not a description of Cochran.

In any case, appreciate your post; even though we disagree on a few points, it was a nice spot of sanity, in an otherwise-stormy sea of vituperation.

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