Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Idiot of the Day

Update: Video replaced with longer video showing protestor was flipping off frat boys.  

Someone apparently got stupid at the pro-Hamas rally on the Ole Miss campus last week.  


Good job, Einstein, good job. The Jew-haters show up on campus to protest Jews defending themselves and you sink to their level.  The media is having a field day with this one and why shouldn't they? The rich brat from Dallas known for doing "dumbass" things (according to message boards) gift-wrapped some ammo for them.  

The frat kicked him out, the local media doxxed him, and he faces disciplinary action by the school, as he should.  

The black girl subjected to his ridicule was clearly trying to provoke the frat boys as she was supposed to be behind a barricade and guess what? She did.  Mission accomplished.  

A campus group issued the following statement. 


Meanwhile, a Jewish girl was beaten at UCLA last week, Jews have been chased off college campuses across America. pro-Hamas protestors chant "burn down Tel Aviv", say Jews should be killed while others chant "go back to Poland."  They were beating Jews in Amsterdam this week. 


Anonymous said...

I'm not doubting the stupidity, but I missed what was actually stupid in that clip. I saw folks yelling at each other, but I couldn't hear anything racial and there was no physical contact. Can someone explain?

Anonymous said...

For the Tik Tok crowd, a confrontation at Ole Miss between a black and white, even a brief one at a distance, will result in many more clicks than a story of substance such as actual violence and threats elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear her take on the Israeli/Hamas conflict. I'm sure it would be based on brilliant intellectual insight, well known historical facts and a deep understanding of Middle Eastern politics.

Anon-Drinker said...

Old Mississippi due to the idiocy of some of the people, can't ever seem to get ahead. I had been kind of proud of the group for standing up to the pro-hamas supporters, then ole jungle Jimmy gets to dancing.

Still proud of those who stood up and did things correctly, but dancin man there really has me shaking my head.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

he allegedly made monkey sounds (sounds more like barks made at MSU students to me). But did she say anything that initiated it? cracker? devil white man? kill all the jews? fuck you whitey? Or did she just want Hamas to stop shooting jews while hiding behind women and children?

Anonymous said...

So people insult each other publicly?

On both sides?

Yeah, let’s ruin someone’s life over it.

But if the pro-Hamas terrorism protesters assualted someone, nothing would be said.


Anonymous said...

Does he not have the same 1A rights as everyone else there?

Anonymous said...

It is not "pro-Hamas" or "anti-Semitic" to criticize the genocide of the Palestinian people. I'm pretty sure the Jewish person in attendance with a Jews against genocide sign would have something to say about being branded a Hamas supporter. This whole narrative of labeling Israel's dissenters terrorists is the biggest AIPAC-funded gaslighting of Americans by conservatives we've seen in a while.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty obvious that frat boy did not have coffee in that cup. He will be at Holmes Jr. college next semester.

Anonymous said...

12:16 PM, the clip “conveniently” leaves out the few seconds before when she gave the frat boys her middle finger, i.e. F. U.

Perfect example of a “trained provocateur.”

Of course the D A 18 – 22 year old frat boy took the bait, but, what’s dumber than an 18 – 22 year old girl? An 18 – 22 year old boy.

Anonymous said...


1st there is NO genocide. The Palestinians that have been killed were collateral damage of a war against terrorism. They were in the line of fire because they have been sympathetic with the terrorists and allowed them to intermingle in their "society" to hide. 2nd people who are protesting have taken up the cause of the terrorist. How do you expect them to be treated, like a girl scout troop out selling cookies ?

Anonymous said...

Cool overalls!

Anonymous said...

12:32, the only genocidal actions have been by the Palestinians, and their stated goal is to do much, much more of it. It’s tragic, but the loss of Palestinian civilian lives we’ve seen is nothing more than collateral damage that happens in virtually all wars fought in populated areas. You are trying to justify your argument by redefining what genocide is. Try a more valid tactic.

Anonymous said...

When there is alcohol or was it water in them cups! If the Protesters really gave a shit they would be on the front lines and not on a college campus!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, 12:53 for stating the obvious.

Anonymous said...

12:32- It is absolutely pro-Hamas and anti-Semetic.

There is no daylight between Hamas and Palestine.

If there was, other Arab nations in the region would be opening their boarders and taking in their fellow Muslim brothers. Egypt has done it in the past. Why not now?

Anonymous said...

Be careful, dude. I think that girl ate the last counter protester.

Anonymous said...

"I would love to hear her take on the Israeli/Hamas conflict. I'm sure it would be based on brilliant intellectual insight, well known historical facts and a deep understanding of Middle Eastern politics."

Thanks - now I have to wipe off the coffee I spewed on my keyboard ;-)

Anonymous said...

Holmes Jr. college next semester? Why slam Holmes Jr. College.

Anonymous said...

So her first amendment right are superior to his first amendment rights. Do she get into trouble.

I guess Georgie Orwell was right: some people are more equal than others.

Also, 12:53 nailed the whole fuss.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the judge will go as light on him as the judge did to the kid who poured bleach down the throat of another college kid. Somehow I cannot believe a person who acts like a monkey should be treated worse than a college kid that poured bleach down the throat of another kid. Is Ms. in that bad of shape when it comes to the law?

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a lot of pearl-clutching from the usual suspects. The kid in question was just taunting some morbidly obese person who needed taunting and now it's the worst incident ever on a college campus, LITERALLY!!!!!

Now I'm sure the chancellor will issue some over-reacting, sweeping edicts and punish all students and alumni for something very minor that was certainly provoked by vocal supporters of a terrorist regime.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice in the second video when the Hamas supporters were beating the Jews, no cops could be seen. Yet when the Jews started to equalize matters, then the cops intervened?

Kingfish said...

Same thing happened at UCLA. Girl was beat up and sent to hospital. Jewish girl. Cops didn't do much of anything. Then when Jews show up to defend other Jews, the authorities suddenly get serious.

Anonymous said...

Yeah he was not making dog barking sounds. You only see him at the 9 second part.

Anonymous said...

I just wish they would get as fired up about what's going on at our southern border as they do Israel/Palestine. Or get as pissed off at our president over the billions being sent overseas to Ukraine instead of tackling homelessness, wounded vets, etc. Imagine the USA if we kept more money here than funding all of this crap overseas. I know we have to send some, but damn. We're being taxed to death to fund other countries who I, and others, don't give two craps about.

Anonymous said...

a racist referring to another racist as an idiot, hilarious

Anonymous said...

That Pro Hamas movement sure got sidetracked easily by a dumb frat kid in overalls.

I am almost seriously starting to doubt your passion for your cause, and think you are just a bunch of attentions seeking kids. Shocking.

Anonymous said...

As 12:17 said, we have got to stop playing this game.

When conservatives frat rats (respectfully) stood up to these idiots, people cheered. Lots of people.
There are so many quiet conservatives that have got to stop placating this mental illness.

I have no ill-will toward these misguided people, but I have no interest in suffering fools.

Let the woke kids work for woke companies and have woke hobbies and let the others find corporations that are conservative with conservative interests.
We do not have to all hold hands. We can be respectful of all, while also choosing to find like minded people to spend our time with. Stop pandering to this insanity.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, are we supposed to believe a Jewish girl being beat up and sent to the hospital…..is more serious than some D A frat kid making monkey sounds after a likely trained provocateur shoots them the bird i.e. says F U in order to draw a response???

Absolutely not. Not in this freak show idiotic country.

P.S. here’s the link showing the F A trained provocateur shooting the bird/saying F U to the frat boys…the part of the video the leftist propagandist media doesn’t want you to see, but Keith Boykin failed to edit out.


Anonymous said...

Does the 1st amendment not apply in this situation? I understand if his frat wants to kick him out (private club or whatever), but how does he get into legal trouble or trouble with the school?

This is a serious inquiry if any legal minds would be kind enough to answer...

Anonymous said...

I love watching Americans argue about something that has nothing to do with us like we know who’s morally right and who’s wrong. Pure comedy.

L o L

Bill Dees said...

WOW! This is the lowest of the low that you've ever reached. Goodbye. You'll never earn another penny off a click from me.

Anonymous said...

Why is this so difficult to understand? It"s OLE MISS. To the United States of America no college or university so symbolizes racism and hatred as OLE MISS. Sorry, but that's the truth and ANY incident on that campus that smacks of racism will stick out like a sore thumb. The UM administration is especially sensitive of this because they know what the rest of the country thinks and they spend much time and money trying to shake the image. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Ffs, can we take a day off? The first 5 stories are why I don’t tell people I’m from Mississippi. F****** embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, we have lost Gill Bees, how will we ever survive? Oh, well. Gill, we hardly knew you. In the famous words of Jackson's ruling authorities, next.

Anonymous said...

She left the barricaded area that had been provided for the protesters. When she did this and approached the frat crowd she was intending to incite. The Chancellor wants to take a look at the student conduct. But does this include her conduct? She escalated a situation that law enforcement and security personnel had under control. Come on Coach Boyce. Don’t display a double standard. Both students conduct should be equally reprimanded.

Anonymous said...

6:27, in the 3:38 PM Twitter video she clearly gives the middle finger i.e. says F U.

A classic trained provocateur incitement tactic so the leftist propaganda machine can spread the video…without showing that she started it…making her the poor SOS leftist victim.

Your wishful thinking that any of the so-called leadership at Ole Miss would have the morals combined with the stones to do anything but keep their leftist double standard is hilarious though (same at MSU with Salter and all of their other leftist Profs).

Atticus Finch said...

To follow up on 6:27's comment, this reminds me of when Robert Khayat was Chancellor there was an incident in one of the dorms where someone defaced the door of a room belonging to two black students. The Chancellor stated that when they caught the perpetrators, and they would, the University would deal with them very harshly. Well, be careful what you wish for - of course the perps were caught, and lo and behold, they were black students. Their punishment - they were told not to do that again. Anyone think that is going to happen here?

Anonymous said...

"A classic trained provocateur incitement tactic so the leftist propaganda machine can spread the video…without showing that she started it…making her the poor SOS leftist victim".


The video boy was in the wrong ... but the kid took her bait.

This pro Hamas group knew some one in the crowd would react like that, so cameras were rolling.

Well played Hamas/Soros.

Well played.

Anonymous said...

I remember when the Left advocated for punching Nazis. This guy just made fun of them. Seems like she got off easy.

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