Wednesday, May 22, 2024

The Animals of Gaza

 Animals. Savages.  Barbarians.  Such words are too kind to describe Hamas terrorists as they taunted captured Israeli women, women beaten and bloodied, with promises of rape and Hamas babies. 

The families of several female Israeli hostages released Hamas bodycam footage of their treatment after they were captured on October 7.  The videos are graphic and hard to watch but watched they must be. 

The young woman on the left appeared in an October 7 video broadcast by Hamas.  The seat of her pants were bloodied.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened.   The hostages are Liri Albag 19, Naama Levy 19, Daniela Gilboa 20, Agam Berger 19 and Karina Ariev 19.  One girl naively says she has Palestinian friends.  The terrorists called her and her friends dogs in return.  

It is not known if the women are still alive.  The video is just a small example of the savagery that was October 7. 

 This is what our protestors support.  Right. 


Anonymous said...

No telling how many times they have been raped.

Anonymous said...

Remember, American college professors, university presidents and purple haired fat college students in blue states approve of this video.

Anonymous said...

They've gone from hijacking airplanes to hijacking public spaces, buildings, and college campuses

They take hostages, be it people, graduation commencements, or rush hour traffic.

They sacrifice their own lives and the lives of others to make political statements and issue demands.

They say whatever they think will help them impose their will on others.

That's just what they do: hijack, take hostages, murder, lie, and try to dominate.

We shouldn't expect them to do anything different.

The ends never justifies the means.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of nasty animals. If I was in charge I would just drop a bomb on Gaza and kill them all. All the Palestinian militants, women, children, and unfortunately the hostages too. I see no other way than to wipe the slate clean and repopulate the area with a different ethnicity. Prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

And this is who our colleges are protesting for. A semester abroad in Gaza with Hamas is an excellent way to reward them. Our country is so screwed up!

Anonymous said...

The terrorists deserve hell for their actions. I approve of Israel providing it to them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. not that shocking. Didn’t see anybody getting beat, nobody was getting raped etc etc. I endured way worse in SERE school. I watched the “Screams then Silence” movie and wasn’t that moved to believe widespread sexual assaults took place. Proganda. I read today that some of the ZAKA “witnesses” have recanted or denied their original stories also. I think the majority of the claims are being put out there so Israel can justify their destruction of Gaza and the West Bank.

Anonymous said...

But how could so many college kids be so wrong?

Anonymous said...

These kidnappers are horrible.
Why did the families release this video now? It is an effort to change the failed response of Netanyahu to the attack that he failed to anticipate. The whole situation grows worse daily for Israel.

Anonymous said...

Every kid that protest should have spend 2 weeks in Gaza. That will stop it the madness

Anonymous said...

Not American's concern. It's a deliberate distraction away from how America is being looted before it's fall.

Anonymous said...

They were raised to hate in a culture and religion of hate/evil. Irredeemably evil and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

The protesters are just that, they would never dare step foot on that soil. By July/August they’ll have moved on to something else.

Anonymous said...

from the river to the sea, Israel needs to make Israel, and Gaza, completely palestinian and hamas free.

Hookah said...

Women soldiers should not be placed in combat roles for this very reason.

Anonymous said...

While unfortunate, Israel has no choice but to continue its offensive until the current version of Hamas in Gaza is destroyed. Innocent lives sadly will be lost, but that occurs in every war.

Anonymous said...

There are brutal animals like this all over the world and right here in Jackson.
This is terrible for sure. Should the U.S. care? Sure!
Should we be involved? Absolutely not.
Don't think similar brutality doesn't exist within the borders of the United States.
The hypocrisy it takes to fund foreign wars while our inner cities are at war is astounding.

Kingfish said...

They were observers, not combat soldiers, dummy.

Anonymous said...

"Observers"? Try "innocent civilians".

Anonymous said...

What's with the damned 'robot puzzles'. All other sites that use robot detection only require that you click on "I'm not a robot" icon since robots don't follow directions.

Anonymous said...

to those saying we shouldn't be involved. how many of you have said the feds need to take over Jackson? what's the difference in the US government selling weapons and ammo, and giving Israel money to purchase and build more weapons, and the US government supplying resources, manpower, money, and equipment to the state of Mississippi to combat its violence and killing happening in Jackson?

both are being terrorized by a minority of people, that if removed from society, would in all honesty, make the world a better place for all to live.

Hookah said...

KF did my unit not serve in Israel alongside IDF?

Military service is mandatory for almost all Israeli citizens women included then reserve status until the age of 40.

Nowhere in my comment did I say these women were Israeli soldiers but if they are Israeli yes there is a very high probability they are/were trained to take up arms in defense of Israel.

Anonymous said...

The college sheep who support Hamas would and will cease to do so when they stop getting attention and martyrdom.

They don't really care about these causes.

But they love feeling morally superior and more importantly getting attention for it.

Anonymous said...

What is an “IDF Observer”? Are they observing for artillery or other ordinance? Or just for the hell of it?

Anonymous said...

The Sean 'Diddy' Combs video was worse than this video.

Moshe Dayan said...

In December, >85% of Palestinians supported Hamas' actions. Hamas doesn't want to coexist within a 2-state solution -- they want Israel to cease to exist. Israel has been more than patient with these terrorists and exterminating the threat is the only viable solution. You reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

Hamas and its supporters make it impossible to help the civilians. The more their people suffer, the stronger the political messaging.

Even trucks carrying emergency aid for Palestinian civilians get hijacked in Gaza. Because that's just what they do.

Anonymous said...

I was talking to a woman the other day, a fine Christian woman, and current events — i.e. the War on Gaza — became the conversation. I asked her why, what reason did Palestinians have to launch an attack on October 7.

And her answer was “pure dee old meanness.”

So there you are, the opinion of an average American woman and probably your opinion too.

Anonymous said...

The marxist are supporters of HAMAS. Using the damnable lies of the marxist cult, the first commandment states, there must be two groups, oppressed, and oppressor.

The marxist cult has determined that the Palestinian people are oppressed, therefore, Israel is the oppressor. This brings into play the action plan of marxist, which is, by any means necessary. This is all that is needed to understand the marxist world view of any situation.

Anonymous said...

The irony is that communists, once they have power, become the worst of oppressors. Yet, these brainwashed kids can't see that.

Anonymous said...

These women were all soldiers (or "observers," i.e., spotters and drone operators) captured at a military base. One of them was rescued by Israeli commandos a month or so later and she hadn't been raped.

There's mountains of video from the October 7 attack and none of it shows anyone getting raped or sexually assaulted. One of the most telling statistics is that even though Israeli women are all trained to fight and their soldiers are half women, the Israeli deaths on Oct. 7 were only 27% female (i.e., about 320 total). We don't have good numbers at the current time but Israel has almost certainly killed literally 20x that many women and girls in Gaza, probably 30x, and that's despite the fact that Hamas for the most part doesn't use female fighters.

Anonymous said...

Another telling statistic is that out of the 1200 or so Israelis killed, only 14 of them were under ten years of age---and nearly of them were killed impersonally (i.e., by rockets, suffocated in burning buildings, shot while driving in cars). There were no "40 beheaded babies" (in fact, there seems to have only been two infants killed total).

I'm not trying to excuse Hamas here, just pointing out A) claims of Hamas's brutality are greatly exaggerated and B) despite its tactics, at the end of the day Hamas kills far fewer women and children than Israel does.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful, to know which keywords draw PAID TROLLS to articles like this one, so that you could avoid using those words, and thus avoid copy-&-paste posts like 2:17 and 4:54?

Anonymous said...

Oct. 7 wasn’t even as bad as what Israel deserves. Thankfully God always seems to give Jews the punishments they deserve. My guess is the next punishment will be some sort of catastrophe like a 10.0 earthquake hitting Tel Aviv. Or maybe they will accidentally nuke themselves with one of their non-existent atomic weapons. The IDF appear to be quite incompetent due to so much Jewish inbreeding, so the latter is highly likely.

Anonymous said...

@7:32 PM

There are none. KF censors 90% of negative comments towards Israel so what you have here is a Zionist echo-chamber where you all think everyone agrees with you. The majority of critical-thinking people find Zionism abhorrent. History is full of their transgressions but those are censored by Zionists. And KF is no different in his shameless censorship of all criticism against the Zionists.

Anonymous said...

Why do people post, supposed quotes, and statistics, but don't leave a link? As I have said before, it's probably a lie.

Anonymous said...

"Newton's third law simply states that for every action, there is an equal, and opposite reaction."

There are rules, laws even, that cannot be circumvented when encountered. HAMAS encountered one of those rules when committing the barbarian acts of 10/7/2023. That rule states, don't start none, there won't be none. The Israelis are simply following the rule of Newton's third law.

Anonymous said...

The Palestinians are genocidal maniacs.

Anonymous said...

8:32, I apologize for forcing you to come up with a post you couldn't simply copy-&-paste. Does one get paid extra, for having to insert names, etc.?

2:17 made it through, by the way, because it SUBTLY insults pro-Israeli Americans, rather than directly addressing the actual issue-at-hand. (insults being a prime Left Wing tactic, when defending the indefensible) 2:17 is a grand example of stuff CRAFTED & VETTED offsite, for posting wherever it can be posted.

Anonymous said...

@11:07 AM

Have you ever seen anyone get a link posted in the comments here, ever?

AOAV / Tamsin Westlake Dec 20, 2023 article (breaking down the gender of the Israeli victims (it's 27% female)).

Then there's (the title speaks for itself):

Times of Israel: 14 kids under 10, 25 people over 80: Up-to-date breakdown of Oct 7 victims we know about

And the BBC recently looking at revised confirmed deaths of Gazans:

Gaza war: Why is the UN citing lower death toll for women and children?
16 May 2024
By Jake Horton, Shayan Sardarizadeh & Adam Durbin,
BBC Verify

The UN says "fully identified" Gazans killed in Israel's retaliation: 24,686 (52% women and children, 8% elderly of unspecified gender). It's hard to imagine the total female death toll comes out to less than 20x Israel's dead women and girls (6400) or 30x (9600).

If there's anything else you'd like a citation for I'd be happy to provide it.

Anonymous said...

"Have you ever seen anyone get a link posted in the comments here, ever?"

Tell me you are new here, without telling me you are new here. There are links posted here all the time. My question is why is this article your first visit? It makes me think 1:43 is correct.

Anonymous said...

May 24, 2024 at 3:59 PM, what point, exactly, are you trying to prove?

Anonymous said...

What amazes me is how simple-minded and brainwashed some of you must be that you immediately knee-jerk to think that if a person opposes the evils of Zionism, you assume a person supports hamas. I personally don’t support either and think the world should stay out of it and let God alone decide. Instead evangelicals and neo-cons share some twisted vision that Zionism will hasten the messiah. Meanwhile real Jews (not fake Jews) know that Zionism won't bring the Messiah and Israel doesn’t belong to the Jews until the Messiah reveals himself to them. And they (correctly) do not accept Yeshua (Jesus) as the messiah because they know he was a fictional person created by Romans to thwart Judean rebellion during the Flavian dynasty.

Anonymous said...

May 24, 2024 at 3:59 PM, from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free, is this your position, also?

Anonymous said...

As far as young kids being killed. Here's what I've been able to find:

An unnamed infant was born alive then died after its pregnant mother (an Israeli Arab) was shot while riding in a car.

A 10-month-old was killed by bullets shot by Hamas through a closed and locked door of a safe room.

A two-year-old (some sources say 4) and his two 5-year-old sisters were killed in a safe room after their house was set on fire. Some reports say the whole family was shot through a window, but the most credible one (a close relative who was being quoted directly) says the parents were shot and wounded while trying to open a window and that they decided to stay in the burning house. Presumably the children died from the fire.

A 5-year-old Israeli Arab was killed by a rocket.

That's six of the seven children under 7 said to have been killed by Hamas. Again, this is horrible but the facts don't support the narrative of Hamas running around murdering little children in cold blood.

Anonymous said...

Found the last one: "Elsewhere, two brothers aged five and eight were shot dead in their car with their parents."

So in all likelihood not a single one of the young children killed by Hamas was deliberately targeted.

Let's see if KF allows the link (it also summarizes the deaths of the other young victims):

Anonymous said...

May 24, 2024 at 5:24 PM, what does Zionism, and Jesus, have to do with the barbarian acts, done by HAMAS, with the Palestinian people's blessing?

You claim you know what other people believe, and they are wrong, while they follow myths. That is nothing more than an assumption.

Now, I will make an assumption. You use the term "evils of Zionism". Zionism is nothing more than a term used by antisemites in an attempt to justify their hate.

People that use that same terminology, are usually strong believers in the damnable antisemitic publication "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion".

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is the most widely distributed antisemitic publication of modern times. Even after repeatedly being discredited, antisemitism continues to revive it.

There is nothing fancy, or complexed about the antisemite, or those that fight the myth of Zionism. Hate by any other name is still hate.

Anonymous said...

5:32/6:01: The October 7 Hamas massacre was at a music festival, so it only makes sense there weren't young children and elderly present.

Plus, 19-20 year olds would be more fun for the savages to rape, which is probably why they targeted a music festival int he first place.

It certainly doesn't make it any less savage, and actually more so.

So now do you want to talk about all the suicide bombings over the last few decades? Were there children and elderly present for those?

Anonymous said...

I was working with a female lawyer from Turkey last month, and related that my ex-wife was from Armenia, and that her family and other Armenians didn't care much for Turks due to the genocide of them during World War 1 by the Turkey.

The Turkish lawyer was surprised and asked, "She used the word genocide?" I said, "Yes. What would you call it?".

She said, "We called it: Why are you in Turkey?" True story.

Anonymous said...

7:06: I don't believe you.

That bullshit story is a perfect example of people in the present using historical arguments to justify ongoing conflict.

The fact is, some people just love to fight and inflict cruelty on others. Murderers cloaking themselves in a righteous cause are still murderers.

Anonymous said...

11:22AM, you're right. I couldn't agree more. But also, what 7:06 IS, is an example of what's described at 7:32PM. I'm not going to state what's wrong with it, but there are two glaring 'tells', which lead me to suspect that this was crafted offshore. The purpose of this pre-crafted drop-in post, is to insinuate doubt (here, in the form of relativism) into the minds of the public - a sneaky way to "control Internet dialogue" - to UNDERMINE MORALE.

Anonymous said...

6:35, No doubt Iran has built a sophisticated propaganda machine, with extensive cyberspace capabilities. Obviously, Hamas and its supporters are Iranian tools.

I'm sure they had a lot of help building it out from their comrades in Russia.


Anonymous said...

i see the IDF/Mossad shills are earning their shekels this weekend!

Anonymous said...

6:27, No, I’m just a guy in Mississippi. This is actually what I honestly think.


Anonymous said...

So what do you call the IDF? Just watch eye.on.Palestine on instagram and the brutality inflicted on Palestinian children and women. You can watch with your own eyes what is happening. Also IDF admitted that killed civilians on 10/7. All they do is lie, lie, lie. Say they wouldn’t bomb a hospital then bomb every hospital in Gaza and render most of them inoperable. If you don’t see that 10/7 and the failures of IDF as pretense for annihilation of Gaza I don’t know what to tell you (majority of victims have been women and children).

Anonymous said...

The Palestinians have left Israel no choice but to leave Gaza in the same condition as Germany was at the end of WWII, all the will to fight must be hammered out of them completely. There will never be peace as long as Hamas remains viable and the vast majority of the civilian population supports the same goals...Hamas started this round of conflict, all of these casualties among the civilian population are their fault, not that of the Israelis. The lying here is being done by these Hamas terrorists and their useful idiots...the hospitals are being damaged because the Palestinians are embedded in the buildings, have tunnels under the hospitals themselves, and were launching rocket attacks from around them. They are doing nothing but using the civilian population there as human shields, because that's what cowards and criminals do. This is what they say they wanted, a war of annihilation with Israel....well be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

Anonymous said...

"all the will to fight must be hammered out of them completely"

I don't think that's possible. A lot of those people live for that shit.

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