Thursday, May 16, 2024

"No Shame in His Game"

 "There was no shame in his game."  So said JPD Chief Joseph Wade as he announced at a press conference yesterday that Daveon Lindsey confessed to killing Melvin McNair, Jr. at Parham Bridges Park. 


Perp walk and press conference

Melvin McNair, Jr. was an avid tennis player at Parham Bridges Park and known to the staff and regulars. Chief Wade said he worked three jobs and had worked until 10 PM Tuesday night.  McNair's murder took place after he got off and 6:30 AM Wednesday morning.  

Lindsey killed McNair with a pink assault style rifle*.  Lindsey took several of the victim's credit cards and drove off in his truck.  JPD Corporal Watson was on routine patrol when she discovered the deceased McNair.  Chief Wade said she makes Parham Bridges her first stop on patrol because "she knows those ladies are out there walking."  

Chief Wade thanked the community for its help yesterday.  He said he started receiving tips while he was at the crime scene later that morning.   A JJ reader spotted the Lindsey driving McNair's truck by the Canton Mart Walgreens.  He said before he could call police, JPD appeared and gave chase.   

"Lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes, When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be livin'"

A violent pursuit ensued as Lindsey fled, determined to avoid capture.  He flew down the frontage road and interstate.  He wound up on East County Line Road and turned south on Ridgewood.  He rammed a civilian's vehicle by Adkins.  

JPD immediately apprehended Lindsey. To say "there was no shame in his game" is a perfect description of McNair's killer. A witness said he was smiling when captured.  Chief Wade said McNair's blood was on Lindsey's clothes, Lindsey had several of the victim's credit cards, and was driving his truck in the vicinity of the murder when spotted.  He confessed to the murder after capture. 


The JPD Chief thanked Capitol Police Chief Bo Luckney at the press conference as both chiefs praised the cooperation of the two departments in capturing a killer on the loose.  

The Parham Bridges Tennis Center issued the following statement on social media: 

Our Entire Parham Bridges Tennis Center family is crushed that one of our long-time and most cherished players was tragically taken from us this morning. A beloved friend to so many, Melvin’s presence will be sorely missed. Those who knew him are offering incredible support and understanding to one another, serving as a testament to the wonderful friend he was to all. Our hearts go out to his family and friends as we navigate through this heartbreaking loss together.


McNair's LinkedIn profile states: 

Master of Social Work graduate, while currently studying for the MSW licensure examination. I am employed with Madison County Jobs4Youth, a court-mandated program with Madison County Youth Court, as a Career Case Manager. I assist out-of-school youth (OSY) to understand and work through their adversity and social determinants of health by providing a variety of resources and services to ensure avenues of positivity and progress. 

A hard worker.  There was definitely no shame in his game as he tried to make a difference in the world around him.   

Kingfish note: That was the news, now for the catch and release part.  You knew that was coming  but today it comes from an unexpected direction.  

Ridgeland police caught Lindsey breaking into Papitos Mexican restaurant in August 2023.  Lindsey pleaded guilty to burglary of a building other than a dwelling in January.  Madison County Circuit Judge Dewey Arthur granted the prosecution's recommendation of non-adjudication and placed Lindsey on probation for five years.  Judge Arthur ordered his immediate release from prison.   The Court ordered the defendant to pay $1,432 in various fees and $3,300 in restitution (at $125 per month).  

* probably an AK-47 or AR-15 rifle or pistol.  


Anonymous said...

Thank you to JPD for the quick arrest. Hopefully he receives no bond and will be locked up for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

He appears to have a Charles Manson-like aura of depravity about him.

Wow said...

These types of crimes are the ones that are absolutely terrifying. No prior connection between the murderer and the victim. No premeditation.

This is a sick sick person who is so disconnected from the meaning of life and society that he was willing to take life for a truck. And this person had such little regard for that action and such little logic and reasoning in his brain that after committing the murder, he remained in Jackson, with the murder weapon, in the truck, with the victims credit cards and evidence including blood.

This is third world, we are living in a failed state crime where people get murdered for a cell phone.

How does our city produce 19 year olds like this? If we pulled the data, where did he go to school, did he even? Family? It is scary to think such evil is lurking around Jackson, and that this evil was created from age 0-19.

Anonymous said...

blood is on the hands of now less-than honorable D. Arthur

Anonymous said...

The principal charge ought to be capital murder. However, whether the Hinds County DA will bring it is doubtful. Virtually certain he won’t seek the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

This is where China has it right. A speedy execution and then organ harvesting so that maybe the person can at least contribute something positive to society instead of draining taxpayer dollars for decades and tying up the courts.

Anonymous said...

I get so frustrated by the senseless murders we see time and time again, but I get angry when it's a senseless murder of a good person who has lived their life in the right way.

He was killed for what? A few materialistic purchases on a credit card, a tank of gas, and a 10-15k vehicle? Just ridiculous.

"How does our city produce 19 years old like this?" Some of these punks will always just be inherently evil, but have you seen the way some of these kids are treated when you are at a local restaurant or grocery store? Have you seen the way some of these kids are treated when you run across a video on the internet?

Anonymous said...

I have great concern for my family and friends when they go out and it's to work or play in Jackson. This has compounded over the years with the obvious degradation of Jackson, MS. No one in the Jackson Government seems to either care or want to even be seen as trying to stop this. I feel for those in Jackson who want and need to be out of there, but just cannot afford it. God Bless em all.

Anonymous said...

I confess that I have given JPD much criticism over the years, and much of that should have been addresses to the "catch and release" judges.

On this one JPD and the Capitol Police deserve high praise.

Well done!

Anonymous said...

9:42, correct. Random violence. Pink rifle was most likely stolen prior to this crime if I had to guess. This animal wanted a truck and some credit cards and Melvin was the unlucky one that day. These thugs are f'ing savages. If they want your sh!t they'll just shoot you over it. What is scary is the amount of car thefts and break in's in that area. Just how many thugs are laying in wait for the correct target. It's more than you think I bet.

Anonymous said...

It makes me furious that he was in custody and let out. Good job, Prosecutor and Judge. Perhaps looking at this young man's face who was killed will help you to keep the bad guys in jail in the future.

I pray this killer actually stays in prison this time. Don't know which county is going to prosecute, but may they look at the pool of blood on the ground and actually put a damn killer in prison and keep him there.

Incredible job by all law enforcement. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to getting this killer off the street.

Anonymous said...

PB has had trouble for decades. It's a reliable place for robbery and smash and grabs. 20 years ago I was chasing a perp across The Fondren after he ran from a stop, armed. He had, along with his brother, operated out of a crime family on W. County Line for years, often lifting purses out of PB tennis types, then using the stolen cards to lavish hotel clerks at the Hilton, Residence Inn, etc up Ridgewood to get rooms for his hos and dope boys.

This is a cultural thing. Significant portions of Jackson support crime as a career, and they were enabled by Marxist BLM types who believe robbing and killing is fair game for "the oppressed." Meanwhile, their victims are the black elderly, the black achievers and strugglers like this young man, and like his father, murdered by a dope addict he took in.

I have zero tolerance for drunks and dopers. Always, they urge you to partake in the idiocy. To "remember Prohibition!!!" and to profit, like my State Representative and Senator, off liquor stores, weed, and further efforts to legalize dope.

This is the consequence of tolerance for dope-pouring gas on the fires of recidivists and the mentally ill. Society suffers terribly as a result, and the gated lib community who nods in approval is so slow to acknowledge their complicity in this anarchy and insanity.

Two generations of educated black men murdered by a black doper in one family. But, they'll re elect fools who are soft on dope and who primarily regurgitate 60s insanity and go clubbing in Atlanta.

Hopefully some day the black working and middle class rises up and says no more to voting just by color and sound bite.

Because this is the civilizational incompetence that 60s leftovers and their spawn have wrought.

Anonymous said...

My problem is with the prosecutor and the judge. This mans blood is on their hands. This bullshit of not holding people accountable with all of this non-adjudication nonsense is costing innocent people their lives.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an on line hook up gone bad to me.

Anonymous said...

There is a new drug in the community that is being introduced called "Wet" and the younger people are experimenting with it and a major side affect is temporary memory loss occurring and they don't know what had happened when they come down off of it. "Wet" supposedly also has ingredients of embalming fluid. Those in the younger black community are aware of this drug

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to Melvin McNair Jr’s family and friends. How much can a family endure in a year? I’m so damn outraged at this successful young man being murdered in cold blood for a few credit cards and a truck. The “have nots” want what the”haves” have. Rest in eternal peace young man.

Anonymous said...

The DA has said he won't file the most serious charges if they mean the accused would lose their right to vote after conviction & after serving their sentence. This is one of those cases.

Anonymous said...

Beth Ann White received 110 years which she deserves! Can we get at least 99 mandatory for this fool!

DA Jody Owens you have to set a high bar regarding time to serve for idiots as this ignorant fool!

DA you got to put bite in your bark consistently!

Thank you to all Law Enforcement that participated in the search and capture of this Animal!

Anonymous said...

The good, they die young. I just look around and they're gone.

Anonymous said...

May 16, 2024 at 10:30 AM for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Did the prosecutors look at this guy's Facebook with all of the guns and references to murder and dead people for recommending non-adjudication of the burglary charge? Good grief!!!

Anonymous said...

My God, what kind of world have we wrought when a man's life is devalued down to a damn truck and few credit cards. What a truly sick society where this kind of vermin is allowed to run the streets totally unfettered.

Anonymous said...

There's more to this story. The young man was found in the early morning hours, but that's not when the crime occurred.

Anonymous said...

It's so sad that the residents tolerate leaders that are so soft on crime and who brazenly advocate more staunchly for the criminals than the victims.

This young man deserved so much better, but Lamumbles won't even acknowledge the crime rates...much less work to affect change.

Anonymous said...

Studies abound that we cannot predict future dangerousness in people. Business burglary to capital murder is a giant leap. When the State locks up all the people, remember back in 1995 with truth in sentencing, everyone bitches that the State is too harsh, racist and it is too expensive. Now the statutes make it harder to even get jail time for non-violent offenses. Ain't no blood on anyone's hands but the perpetrator.

Anonymous said...

1. @ 9:48 - The JPD Chief announced the charge as capital murder in his presser yesterday.

2. Did the man get off work at 10:00 p.m. or 6:30 a.m. or both?

3. Yep. More to it, but don't want to go there if I expect this post to survive.

Anonymous said...

He worked until 10:00 p.m. on one job, then until 6:30 a.m. on another job and was there to play tennis shortly after 6:30?

This deserves a much more thorough investigation than JPD is capable of conducting.

Anonymous said...

"unexpected direction"? It's unexpected on your blog because it doesn't fit your narrative that only Hinds Co. Chancery/Circuit and Jackson Justice/Municipal Judges make bad decisions due to some level of incompetence. Rarely do you research elsewhere in the metro unless it's a big story like this

Anonymous said...

a pink rifle?...............................i refuse to use the term assault rifle since no such weapon exits.

give this little punk some pink underwear when he gets up to parchmen and he can show those guys up there what a real (take it in the ) badass he is.

Anonymous said...

this constitutes capitol murder.......quick call the DA and ask if he gonna go after a death penalty..........hahahahahaha dont waste you time. the death penalty in hinds county was de facto abolished 25 years ago.

Anonymous said...

to the rubes playing I've got a secret....what does judge dewey author got to do with all this?

Anonymous said...

4:42 is right....the DA made the recommendation

Anonymous said...

He confessed! How many rubber hoses were required?

Anonymous said...

@3:15 - My understanding is he got off work at 10PM and his body was found when JPD did a routine patrol around 6AM so they know it happened at some point between 10PM and 6AM. During the press conference Q&A Chief Wade said it was unclear why he was there between those hours since courts would have been closed but they were still investigating. Terrible situation regardless of the time of day or circumstances. Glad they got this POS quickly.

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