Thursday, May 30, 2024

"I'm Down to Make Some Bad Choices"

 The Goon Squad may be gone but their misdeeds live on thanks to the wonders of modern technology.   Veteran reporter Jerry Mitchell uncovered a WhatsApp message thread where Goons bragged about their exploits.  Mr. Mitchell and his team reported in Mississippi Today and the New York Times

Between vacation photos and cookout invitations posted on their private text thread, a group of Mississippi sheriff’s deputies who called themselves the Goon Squad traded pictures of rotting corpses and joked about rape and shocking people with Tasers.

They did it all in front of their supervisor, who often joined in the banter.

An encrypted WhatsApp group chat obtained by The New York Times and Mississippi Today provides a yearslong record of the day-to-day conversations of a patrol unit involved in terrorizing residents across a central Mississippi county for a generation.....

Deputies in the chat also discussed taking nude pictures of a woman they had arrested. They made plans to rough up people they disliked or suspected of crimes. They urged one another to shock people’s private parts with Tasers. One shared a video of a deputy defecating on someone’s bed.

When deputies encountered people who had died — by suicide, by homicide, in a car crash — they sometimes shared pictures of the bodies, compared states of decomposition or joked that they should have sex with them....


Anonymous said...

Reading between the lines on the story, without a doubt Bailey knew ! When Middleton discusses the coin , it alludes to Bailey knowing about the group but not the coin, and that Middleton was going to “run it” by him. His failed leadership has destroyed that once great department and taking the County with him!

Anonymous said...

Sadistic human garbage.

Anonymous said...

No one would broadcast such things, especially a law enforcement officer, unless they felt totally protected from scrutiny and discipline. This is not random bad judgment. This is a culture of disrespect and abuse PROMOTED by their superiors.

Lawsuit Article said...

Kobe Bryant's family settled a lawsuit for $28.5 million because the responders shared photos of his body.

Anonymous said...

This ought to lead to some more lawsuits. Sheriff Bryan Bailey is the gift that keeps on giving. At some point, Rankin County voters may have to vote someone else in to stop the bleeding. It’ll be a sad day in Rankin when voters have to choose between violating blacks and protecting their wallets. They may just say screw it, and declare bankruptcy to allow Sheriff Bailey to continue his thuggery.

Anonymous said...

If the encrypted group chat was 'obtained' by The Times and Mississippi today, why is Mitchell credited and writing the article?

"An encrypted WhatsApp group chat obtained by The New York Times and Mississippi Today..."

Waiting for Kingfish to slap me around in 3..2..1

Ridley O'rot said...

This fish rots from the head.

Anonymous said...

Crooked cops, politicians, and preachers should be shot.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that the Sheriff allowed all the deputies to download encrypted apps on their county issued phones. The deputies that are still at the RCSO that spewed all that racist banter should be fired but Bailey has to keep some loyal employees, right? What a joke

Anonymous said...

Physcos of this degree are rather rare and the fact that there were this many on staff of the RCSO leads me to beleive there is no way the Sheriff didn't at least have an inkling of an idea about their misdeeds. I think these physco guys are like stupid people, they don't know they're stupid and I don't think these guys know they are physcos. They're true animals that are right where they need to be. I hope they've already caught wind of their message thread going public-that should dash any hope they have of getting out of their cages anytime soon from an appeal.

Anonymous said...

"is you taking notes on a criminal f***ing conspiracy?"

They were.

Anonymous said...

Kinda quiet here Rankin County keyboard warriors.
How Bryan Bailey is still employed is amazing.
I think I do understand.
Sheriff Stuckey’s quote to the FBI agents in “Mississippi Burning”

“Rest of America don’t mean Jack shit. You in Mississippi now.”

Anonymous said...

Talk about some "SICK PUPPIES"!!!!!!!! I just wonder how many more are out there!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusting! These "goons" are exactly where they need to be. It is a real travesty that the sheriff has not been removed from office since he refuses to resign.

Anonymous said...

"Kinda quiet here Rankin County keyboard warriors."

But, if it matters, you can bet your Aunt Louteshia's draws that 99% of the comments have been by white people who are aghast, fed up and celebrate the verdict and sentences.

Anonymous said...

ALWAYS REMEMBER, SECRETS NEVER STAY SECRET. Before this story ends, we will know about everyone who turned a blind eye to the decade of racist taunting allowed by the RCSO. That whole place should be wiped clean and start over.

Anonymous said...

Reading this makes me feel dirty. Had to go take another shower. I have lived in Rankin county for many years. Now I am embarrassed to tell people where I live. I can't understand how the people in Rankin county can stand the thought of the sheriff still having his job. Most people already knew he was a crook all along but knew they could expect a visit from the goon squad if they said anything.

Anonymous said...

They should fire the entire department and start over. No law enforcement is better than than garbage and YOU KNOW Bailey knew or suspected and did not care. All the trash talk about Jackson seems to pale in comparison to these slime balls.

Anonymous said...

9:57 Lots more. Not just in Rankin either.

Anonymous said...

You are 100% ! I’m a white Rankin countian and I’m sick of this guy and the Boards arrogance on not even making a statement much less giving this idiot a pay raise ! Come on man!
They just signed off on the fired MHP trooper to come over and work in a position that the “few” remaining loyal deputies were more qualified for and paid him a lot more than tenured employees! It’s just flat out disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Has anybody heard about what the DA's office is doing to remedy the situation where people are in prison based on the testimony of the goon squad? Are they setting aside convictions or letting them rot? Word on the street is that they are refusing to review cases in which the defendant entered a plea of guilty. This makes no sense. If you are faced with 40 years in prison if you lose at trial, but the plea offer is 2 years in jail and the only evidence in front of a Rankin County judge and jury is your word against the word of an officer you are a fool for not taking the deal. Innocent or not. Somebody tell me I'm wrong on that.. I'll wait.

Anonymous said...

Here’s the thing. I’ve lived in Rankin Co my whole life, and when these deputies were first accused of these horrible crimes, I didn’t believe it could be true. I was wrong! When they pled guilty, it was devastating. Now, every time I see a Rankin Co deputies vehicle, I get a very uneasy feeling. Did the deputy in that vehicle know what was going on? Does that deputy abuse people, or have drugs on them to plant on innocent people? How many deputies knew of this and looked the other way. Abuse by “the goon squad “ deputies had been reported many times to Bryan Bailey, and he did nothing. I can not feel safe from the rankin co sheriff dept, no one should, until the DOJ does the right thing and investigates all these dirty cops past arrests and find out how many people have been wrongly convicted because of the dirty cops in the Rankin Co Sheriff’s Department. I read where Sheriff Bailey said it’s time to put this all behind us. He seems to downplay the seriousness of this. Many injustices have happened under his watch, for many years. He is complicit, or incompetent, and does not deserve to be Sheriff. We should not have to live in fear of law enforcement. That’s the beginning and end of that!

Anonymous said...

I can tell you all why Rankin county residents aren't throwing Bailey to the wolves.

Just watch KigFish's post about the Savagery in West Jackson. That's why.

We're not putting up with that shit over here no matter the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Not one Board member or elected official has responded to my Rankin tax paying ass, to let me know when Bailey will be fired.

And not one of them will get another vote or dime from me.

It's revolting that the residents seem to be about as valued and respected as the people the Goon squad assaulted.

Anonymous said...

Sadistic stuff. Apparently the sheriff did not know about the Goon Squad, however. One of the text messages quoted in the article said:
“I’m not sure how 1 will feel about the goon squad,” Lieutenant Middleton wrote.

Anonymous said...

Elected officials don't resign anymore. This used to be the practice long ago when things happened either by their subordinates or on their watch. Long ago, an official might resign out of shame or because of feared political consequences. Today, elected officials don't seem to feel shame, and they don't fear political consequences because voters don't care either. Someone can be forcibly removed from office legally, but ya'll need to stop expecting someone to resign. Ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

"How Bryan Bailey is still employed is amazing."

By the time story broke, Bailey was the only candidate on the ballot, and it was too late for anyone else to qualify to run against him.

If you know how to dismiss a sitting sheriff and get a replacement, please share it with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Same here 11:14.

Everytime I see a Rankin Deputy in my area I get very uncomfortable.
I don't know how any of us will feel safe or trust them again.

Anonymous said...

They made Rankin county a laughingstock. Before all this mess, people desired to work at the RCSO. It was an elite Sheriff's office. Now it is an embarrassment. Forever tarnished.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to hear anyone from Rankin County putting down Jackson or Hinds County ever again. People who live in glass houses....

Anonymous said...

Dear Bryan, RCSO, RC BOS, RCSO Counsel:

The Basics:

"To be qualified for employment as a law enforcement officer, the applicant must meet the following standards and requirements: Be at least twenty-one (21) years of age, a high school graduate (or obtain a General Educational Development (GED) 3 Diploma), and a United States citizen; be of such good physical and mental condition to be capable of performing the duties under conditions inherent to the profession, as verified by a licensed physician; and be of good moral character as evidenced among other things by having neither a conviction, a plea of guilty, a plea of nolo contendere, probation, pre-trial diversion or the payment of any fine for a felony or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or in relation to a crime that is directly related to the duties and responsibilities of a law enforcement officer; and have engaged in no conduct or action that would greatly diminish the public trust in the competence and reliability of a law enforcement officer. Former members of the Armed Forces must have been discharged under honorable conditions. Fitness for service as it relates to moral character must be verified by an appropriate background investigation."

Our liabilities now piling up are a DIRECT result of your acts of commission and OMISSION in regards to enforcing at the minimum the above written standards.

In a perfect world, we would be able to terminate your employment and holding of offices, recoup damages from your negligence, and seek criminal and civil charges, at Federal, state, and local levels for your willful blindness, your acts of commission, your actions in concert with the perpetrators of these outrages, and for failure to act as required by law and code.

You allowed Bryan to run for re election with no opponent, and covered your eyes as cowards and morally weak leaders. You continue in your silence and inaction to ignore the law, the codes, and to be weak sisters too scared to do even the most minor of acts of contrition and correction.

You are also CONTINUING to fail to exercise your authorities to END their employment, to ferret out malfeasance, and to PAY for their illegal and detrimental employment.

You have KNOWINGLY approved hiring, and continue to do so, of persons who have committed egregious acts (manslaughter, etc) and who CONTINUE in a PATTERN and PRACTICE of morally disgusting and often violent and criminal behaviors and communications and have KNOWINGLY allowed a culture of abuse, torture, sexual degeneracy, adultery, perjury, false statements, misuse of equipment, and criminal and civil acts to develop and GROW in the Rankin County Sheriff's Office, which you CONTROL and SUPERVISE. There has been willful ignorance of even the most background investigation and clearance of hiring.

All of which are defined as being not in keeping with the LAW, moral code, and the standards for the most basic employment as a lowest level police officer. Much less as a Sheriff, Chief Investigator, Investigator, Sergeant, Corporal, or Lieutenant or Captain, in ANY US Law Enforcement Organization. Period.

May God bring us a new Sheriff, Board of Supervisors, and legal officers at the County. Or, the FBI, RICO prosecutors, or other attorneys and judges if God is willing.

All trust in law enforcement has been eroded due to your cowardice, tolerance for degeneracy and criminal conduct, and lies. Read that above again: "and have engaged in no conduct or action that would greatly diminish the public trust in the competence and reliability of a law enforcement officer."

Anonymous said...

State law empowers the governor to remove a sheriff from office who fails in his duties in certain situations. “Before the Governor shall consider the removal from a county office of any elective county officer, there shall be first filed with him a petition signed by not less than thirty percent (30%) of the qualified electors of said county demanding the removal of said officer. Such petition shall contain a general statement, in not more than two hundred (200) words, of the ground or grounds on which such removal is demanded, which statement shall be for the information of the officer involved, for the information of the council hereinafter provided, and for the information of the qualified electors of the county,” Section 25-5-7 of the Mississippi Code says.

The Rankin County chapter of the NAACP has been collecting signatures from residents for a petition demanding Bailey’s resignation.

Anonymous said...

There IS a way to remove Bailey, but it involves a petition. Having the NAACP only do it won't help.

If God fearing law abiding church going white folks would send the petition around churches and ball fields instead, they would get the numbers needed. Doesn't mean Coward Tater would act. But, at least the numbers would be possible.

Of course, the little kiss behinds at ball leagues wouldn't want to lose good ole Deputy Schmedlap directing traffic, and, Gosh, "I know Deputy Fife, and he's a nice guy...."

Yes, there are some honorable and highly competent Deputies left. Ferret them out, grow them, get a leader who they Deserve, and get Bailey and the Perverts OUT>:::.

And, Madison, don't throw stones at Rankin. The Goons included one employed at MCSO too. This is quite common, and the churn in these agencies (since state standards are cross county and not even remotely monitored or enforced, it seems) means the Goons are likely in Gluckstadt or Bricktown Madison or Hinds, too. The poor performers and perverts can slither off to another department easily.

Anonymous said...

@1:09 PM - Please name the MCSO deputy who was a member of the goon squad.

I'll wait.

Anonymous said...

Dispatch: Rankin County 911. What's your emergency?

Caller: Someone just kicked in my door, shot my dog, and raped me and my wife.

Dispatch: Yes sir. Just give us his badge number, and we will arrest him when he clocks in tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

I had to read that article twice. Bryan Bailey stated he was unaware of accusations of violence by his deputies. I believe the many people who say they filed complaints, and were dismissed as not being true. This is the height of the ridiculous!!! To place the protection of your Sheriff’s Department over the protection of the citizens of Rankin Co is absolutely unbelievable. As stated in here previously, we should not have to live in fear of law enforcement officers.”To protect and to serve” is not happening in the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department. It is the job of the State’s Attorney General’s office, the Department of Justice, The FBI to correct this! Please, for the safety of all Rankin County residents, do your job, do the right thing. We can not feel safe until you do.

Anonymous said...

1:34, that was BRILLIANT!

And really, what a sitcom that would make. It would be better than Reno 911. Even Officer Dangle would be outshone by Rankin County's Finest - that's for sure.

Quick! Write a pilot, and be sure to copyright as you go.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, if more people stood up and took on these jobs we would have different outcomes. We had 1 option on the ballot. I was a write-in as I could never vote for that clown. There are alot of Rankin County residents that want him gone.

Anonymous said...

1:18, many deputies and cops work or moonlight in multiple counties. Dedmon worked over in Madison, and I think they said another one too. They remained paid Deputies in Rankin as the same time. There are also Reserve slots, and offduty jobs, or contract jobs.

Dedmon alone was a SCI with MBN, and is noted working in the region, yes, in Madison with MCSO, even Tazing folks over at Forest, always being involved in "task force" operations. Most of the others have worked similarly in Madison or other counties on a relatively frequent basis. Try harder.

And SCI is an uncompensated MBN slot. Fed Task Force jobs are highly sought after as they pay guaranteed OverTime, get a Fed takehome car, and are usually much more selective and vetted. A difference. But the key is that even uncompensated "task force" jobs let Deputies or Cops cross lines and "work" in multiple jurisdictions.

You did read of a local police chief "working two jobs" (miraculously since he was logging being in two places at once, or "bilocation" as the Church calls it)? Not the Goon Squad, but a Chief playing games to increase his pay in Rankin. Puhleeze.

And this is open knowledge among LEOs. Especially common with SOs, as the "Sheriff" community is almost unlicensed or educated. Even the High Sheriff does not have to hold a license or certification, and multiple Miss Sheriffs have been convicted felons, but his Deputies particularly can pick up work anywhere as certified LEOs (which is a sin looking at their conduct in Rankin).

As one of the Goon 6's dad said to media, the boy only worked for McAlpin on the GS because he couldn't get OverTime otherwise.

You don't know much about Law Enforcement in general if you don't understand this stuff, much less our incestuous Miss. Burning Sheriff's Offices. The poorly paid cops and Deputies here have to scrape together as much work, whenever, wherever, as they can. And they do.

And it's not like the companies, counties, and cities who took the bad apples in are now going to advertise this, but, instead, breathe a sigh of relief. Or, sadly, send their pervs to the Rankin BOS for a new job and approval.

Rankin: You fire 'em, we hire 'em. That's what it seems like with a weak BOS and a corrupted Sheriff.

Anonymous said...

@3:18 PM -- 1:18 PM here. Thanks for educating me. I am retired LEO from a state agency but another state. LE in this state is an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

I believe everything in that article, but I do not believe everything put into print by Jerry Mitchell. He proved that with his story on Christopher Easter. He was called out on that at a recent Rotary meeting in Jackson. He has tainted himself as a reporter. He said he would never talk about that story again, but he needs to retract the story.

Anonymous said...

@118. So did you forget about the Madison County Deputy that hit the handcuffed subject in his apartment. That ended of costing the county a bunch of money with the ACLU.

Anonymous said...

The average rankin county resident had no clue the culture of the rankin county sheriff, judges, district attorney, former chief of pearl police, and rankin county board of supervisors have cultivated. it kills me the rankin county board of supervisors is silent on what has been the most devastating community event in recent history. where is the leadership? my rep Jay Bishop to my knowledge hasnt said a word. The best we can hope to depose our current leadership is for the fbi or the state auditor’s to take them all down. The governor, former governor, state attorney general current and former, are all clearly either cowards, crooked, or impotent. The fact everybody in a position to deal with the problem is silent speaks volumes.

when a sheriff runs unopposed he by default is going to be elected. Bailey is lying about lack of knowledge on what has occurred in his department. Let’s also all take a look at rankin county supervisors. they gave our corrupt sheriff a raise in the last year or two. legit law enforcement, look at our supervisors and our judges, why are they quiet and why did this go on for so long?

Anonymous said...

do none of these leos fear God? you can slide on this earth, but theft, adultery, violence, and injustice gets the attention of God repent and change while you have the chance before you spend an eternity in hell. in hell, all that they have dished out will come to them in spades. bailey, please just resign. you have lost our respect.

Anonymous said...

Valid points ! Also that raise he got (unethical 100%) that the BOS signed off on was 2 months after the shooting in Braxton that exposed this sham leader!!

Anonymous said...

I’m just glad that the system worked. Those that committed the crime will do the time.

Comparing Jackson and Rankin said...

Posted by May 30 @ 11:33 - "Just watch KigFish's post about the Savagery in West Jackson. That's why.

We're not putting up with that shit over here no matter the consequences."

If you are attempting to somehow offer a comparison between Jackson's and Rankin's law enforcement actions, let me help.

It's not that you're 'not putting up with that shit over here'.

Rankin has bad actors who violated the rights of others and injured others.

Jackson has no law enforcement. There's the difference.

Consider the following definitions:

1. Nonfeasance is defined as the intentional failure to perform a required duty or obligation.

2. Misfeasance is when someone performs an action incorrectly or a legal act performed in an illegal manner.

3. Malfeasance is when a party causes injury to another party on purpose.

Number 1, above, describes law enforcement and law and order in Jackson.

Number 3, above, describes law enforcement and law and order in Rankin County.

Number 2, above, in the situation at hand, is not applicable.

Anonymous said...

Good job Jerry, putting bad cops in the spotlight. But what about good cops, especially ones vindicated after a public persecution? Does that not get enough donations?

Anonymous said...

ha. listen. Don't blame Jerry for publishing the truth. Hell he is still out there calling out names of other idiot deputies who thought it was funny to banter about murder, blacks, posting dead bodies. As a citizen, i like when names are called out. Then you find out who the scumbags really are. Don't be mad.......

Anonymous said...

The FCC needs to ban the use of encryption on public service radio frequencies. This could be done with a simple rule change. As it is now law enforcement can no longer be monitored by the public who pays them and buys their gear or by the press which the public depends on for news and as a watchdog for corruption.

The FREE PRESS should petition their representatives in Congress and the FCC to make this rule change. No more secret police!

Sleuth 4 said...

4:11- Jerry is the scumbag. Always has been. If he can't cite actual sources, then like most 'breakroom reporters', he uses "According to sources" and "On condition of anonymity".

I am still trying to verify that he's the son of Bill Minor and Joy Behar from their early teenage days.

Anonymous said...

None of the patrol deputies had county issued phones. This was a private conversation on their personal phones. How bout each of you haters open your phones from the past 5 years. Let’s look at all the private messages to the girlfriends your wives don’t know about. How bout the messages between your coworkers and golf buddies. Buncha hypocrites..

Anonymous said...

He clearly got access to the WhatsApp from an employee? Common sense if you are sleuthing on this story would tell you how desperate BB is you know he would retaliate or worse on such.

Anonymous said...

@3:58 PM - So when some scumbags break into your home and gang rape your daughters and wife in front of you, you have no problem with that terrible information being broadcast over an open channel for the world to hear?

Got it.

Anonymous said...

@5:09 what others do has nothing to do with what rcso or BB has done.

would be like a murderers defense being, “you hippocrits, yeh i murdered that fella but all you other murderers that didnt get caught are a bunch of hypocrites!”

denial and deflection, BB needs to be in prison if he is guilty of corruption. same with any of thr board of supervisors or judges.

Anonymous said...

mitchell is a hero! rankin county says THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

@1:45 cool story, now open your phone for all to see. It's the same hater on here in every other post. We know who you are, let it go.

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