Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Lyin' Lumumba: Smith-Wills Edition (Updated)

 Churchill's busted for selling liquor without permit

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba accused the state of racism after Governor Tate Reeves signed a bill that would terminate the lease of Smith-Wills Stadium with the city of Jackson.  Standard stuff for the Mayor when he can't get his way. 


HB #1963 Section 22 states: 

a) That certain property was conveyed by the State Mineral Lease Commission to the City of Jackson, Mississippi, by a deed executed May 4, 1944, and filed in the land records of the Office of the Chancery Clerk of Hinds County, Mississippi, First Judicial District, and later amended and corrected by a 1947 deed recorded in the land records of the Office of the Chancery Clerk of Hinds County, Mississippi, First Judicial District;

(b) The conveyance of property was made subject to, among other things, the condition that the property shall only be used by the City of Jackson for park purposes and purposes incident thereto, and when same shall cease to used for such purposes, said property shall revert to and become property of the State of Mississippi; and

(c) That of the property conveyed to the City of Jackson, the subject property as defined in subsection (2) of this section is not being used by the city in compliance with such condition, and therefore, the property must revert to and become property of the State of Mississippi.

(2) The Attorney General shall take all actions necessary to enforce the terms of instrument conveying the property and to have the subject property revert to and become the property of the State of Mississippi.

(3) For the purposes of this section, the term "subject property" means a parcel of land located in the South 1/2 of the Northwest 1/4 of Section 25, Township 6 North, Range 1 East, Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi, said property being the property of the City of Jackson as conveyed from the State of Mississippi in 1944 and being more particularly identified as a portion of Hinds County Tax Parcel 444-2.

 Mayor Lumumba said the city had not violated the terms of the lease. Hizzoner said: 

Many of these businesses that are alleged to be in violation are state sanctioned businesses, meaning the state gave licensing to them in one capacity or another.
Well, not so fast, my friend.  The Mayor is referring to Churchill's Smoke Shoppe, a cigar bar of sorts.  Churchill's offers a premium selection of cigars. 

What Mayor Lumumba meant when he said "state-sanctioned" was that Churchill's has a state-issued liquor permit.  Uh-huh.  

Churchills ABC Citation WM_Redacted by the kingfish on Scribd

" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">


A search of the ABC's permit database reveals Churchill's does not have a license to sell liquor as claimed by the Mayor.   Indeed, the ABC cited Churchill's on April 26 for selling liquor without a permit.  However, Churchill's has a permit to sell beer but those permits are issued by the city of Jackson, not the state.  The citation is posted below.  JJ obtained the copy of the citation through a public records request. 



Update: What drove the impetus for the legislation? Well, apparently there was a multi-state yute baseball tournament last summer. The final game took place on Sunday night in Smith-Wills Stadium.  A legislator's son participated in the championship game.  The cigar bar was going full blast as the game took place, right there on the third base line as parents tries to keep the kids away from that area. He said a certain skunk smell wifted in from Churchill's parking lot.  Needless to say, the parents were not too happy when the stadium was supposed to be only used for park purposes.   The legislator said the stadium's condition was much worse than it was when he played there in high school in the late 1990's.  

Yes, Mayor Lumumba, he was being paternalistic.  As in he didn't want a bunch of bar crap around kids playing baseball and this is written by someone who likes cigar bars.  That, my friends, is the bottom line.


Kingfish note: Churchill's has operated at Smith-Wills for several years.  The Left Field Lounge operated at the stadium for a few years as well prior to the opening of Churchill's.  However, lounges and cigar bars probably do not comport with the "park purposes language."   Although the state may not have enforced that clause for years, Jackson is hardly in a position to complain when the state finally decides to do so.  It's sort of like speeding.  The troopers might allow you to drive at 85 mph for years but don't complain if you get a ticket either.   

Unfortunately, the local media continued its lazy ways as none of the reporters challenged the Mayor at the press conference yesterday. 


Anonymous said...

everything he mentioned that the city is trying to protect sucks.

Anonymous said...

CJ LeMaster? (crickets)

The local hypocrite "journalists" are silent as usual and carrying Chalkline's water.
No integrity left among them, and no investigation of the City of Jackson. Ever.

Anonymous said...

This makes my heart soar like a hawk.

Anonymous said...

Please pardon my ignorance, but is not the legal owner of the PROPERTY a matter of public record? Jackson may own the improvements (stadium) but the land it sits on belongs to the deed holder?

Anonymous said...

@10:49 My thoughts exactly! Literally EVERY COJ service or property is in shambles. This is a running joke. "Well, yes, it's a pile of sh!t but it's our pile of sh!t!" He did forget to mention law enforcement, road, libraries, etc...

Anonymous said...

What the mayor should have said was, "Ever-one living in my town could use a stiff drink ever-so-often."

Anonymous said...

11:22 That is why building improvements on 16th Section lease hold land (which the entire block is: Smith Wills, Fowler Park, Sports HoF, Ag Museum, R&D center, MS Wildlife, etc) is risky.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to voting for Kim Wade!

Anonymous said...

@10:54. And don't get me started on that little twerp Ross Adams. He will go after LE agencies with a vengeance, but is silent when it comes to the mayor.

Anonymous said...

Typical. Mayor Lumumba lying, lying, and lying again.

Anonymous said...

He's just a big ol' whiny baby. I'm surprised he hasn't sprained his wrist from throwing the race card out so much.

Anonymous said...

Churchill Smoke Shoppe announced on their facebook page that they are closing June 30th.

Anonymous said...

So as I understand the Mayor's logic:

-It was racist for the State to come in years ago and threaten to take over JPS.....when JPS was rated a D- or F rated school district and was failing to properly educate the children of the City of Jackson, who are/were primarily African American children. So the City was failing to educate these minority children and the State offered to come in and take it over in order to provide them with a good and better education....but that's racist.

-It was racist for the State to come in and fix The City's water system....when the water system had totally failed and the City was failing to provide its citizens with running and drinkable water. So the City was failing to provide its citizens with water, and the State fixed it and wants to put the water system under competent management inasmuch as the City has failed for decades to properly manage and take care of the system...with the City still retaining ownership and the revenue from the system ...but that's racist.

-It was racist for the State to hire and implement additional law enforcement in the City..... when the City has a horrible, horrible crime problem and was rated as the per capita murder capitol of the US for 2 or 3 years. So the City fails to protect its citizens and the State brings in additional law enforcement to help....but that's racist.

No, Mayor, it's NOT racist. The State has tried and is still trying to help with the things that the City has utterly failed to provide it citizens. It's not racist for trying to help. If you and the City would competently provide these things and in a good manner to and for the citizens of Jackson, there would be no reason for the State to help or get involved. But you keep failing to do so. Quit blaming the State or anyone else for your and the City's failures. Accept responsibility for your failures, and thank those that help.

Anonymous said...

12:16 pm...sprained his wrist... that is hilarious, thank you.

I would be interested in knowing which higher-up person at each of the 3 local channels has put a silencer on their reporters when it comes to the mayor. They have done it, we know it. I would love to back them into a corner and ask why.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor is correct that the COJ owns Smith Wills Stadium. But the Mayor is incorrect that the City owns the property it's built on. That's leased property owned by the State and leased by/to the City. The bill as written had to list the legal description of the property and not the name of the stadium because there is no lease on the stadium to terminate, but the State does have the right to terminate the lease on the and on which the stadium sits. The bill couldn't say "terminate the lease on Smith Wills Stadium" as there is no lease on the stadium, not by or from the State. In order to legally terminate the lease on the land on which the stadium is built, the bill had to include the legal description of that piece of land. The Mayor is either an ignorant lawyer who doesn't understand the difference, or he does understand the difference but never misses a chance to misstate the fact and mislead the general public as he so often does.

Anonymous said...

12:49 - That's because they know they're wrong and they're going to get kicked out anyway. This mayor is a fucking disaster.

Anonymous said...

But, but when the Maker’s Mark is free while supplies last they are not REALLY selling it, Right?

Anonymous said...

Will Churchill Smoke Shop relocate or close?

Anonymous said...

Do they still play baseball at Smith Wills? I mean even the little leagues and high schools. If so, what's the problem? I would think the state reverter clause would be triggered only if there is an abandonment by the city. That's the question. What constitutes an abandonment by the city? No pro baseball team?

Anonymous said...

It's been a few years since I was last at Smith Wills Stadium (maybe 2017-18), and it was an absolute dump then. I can only hope that improvements, especially to the bathrooms, have been made since then. I have very fond memories of spending many summer nights there in the 80's watching the Jackson Mets. As a baseball-loving kid, there was no better place to be back in those days.

Anonymous said...

11:56 -

Although there’s s a lot of state land in the area, it’s not 16th section according to the SoS website. The only 16th section land in NE Jackson is floodplain. Start where the pavement ends on Westbrook Road - south and east of that point is 16th section land that crosses the river. Former Lake Hico is 16th section, as is an area running south and east from roughly the corner of Raymond Road and Terry Road/University Drive.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, a cigars-&-booze bar, is only one step worse than the Baseball Industry's pushing, at impressionable kids (generally from conformist families, and desperate to fit-in, at any cost) of chewing gum and "dip".

Just flipping channels, looking for a weather report, or walking past a tv where there's a baseball game on, you're assaulted with the sight of players and various officials making huge shows of chewing gum.

I'm not sure how the payola works, but it's obvious the ones running things, are receiving "considerations" in some form. Nobody with an IQ over 70, chews with their gum so visible. It takes WORK to make such a show.

There was a redneck prisspot decorator in our office condo building, who used to loudly share with the entire building (on her smoke breaks in the courtyard: the woman had one volume setting: BLAST) how cute it was that her son and his Little League "buddies" used to shred their chewing gum, to make it look like it was "dip". Part of the Baseball Culture...

Positioning a cigar bar by a baseball field, is the perfect way to signal to little conformists, that THIS is what they're supposed to do, next, when they transition into caricatures of manhood. It couldn't be more obvious.

Anonymous said...

This guy will go in the books as the absolute worst mayor in history of Jackson.

Anonymous said...

I would suspect, 1:04, that the edict was not local but came from the huge media conglomerates that own the three news station. WLBT is owned by Gray TV out of Atlanta, WJTV by Nexstar out of Dallas, and WAPT by Hearst. I'm sure that these media giants are full of "woke" executives who are more interested in not rocking the boat in large minority areas. Questioning black-run municipalities would lead to being called racist.

Anonymous said...

The city cannot provide drinkable water, drivable streets, continues to rank pretty close to the top on its murder rate in the Country, Cannot provide usable parking meters downtown (as if any one goes down there), ranks in the top 5 per capital murder rates in the country, and has the worst police force probably in the country..

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys. Lumumba isn't even concerned about this matter. Lumumba is campaigning by claiming to be a black victim of the evil white boys. The low info voters are expected to become racist and vote for Lumumba to fight the "white oppression" of continually bailing out the city.

Sad to say, but Lumumba's campaign grandstanding will likely work.

Anonymous said...

Is seems Lumumba as well as his administration and certainly ole PhD Omari can’t stand whites. It’s gotten very transparent in that regard.

Anonymous said...

Lumumba keeps claiming it is racism when the State wishes to take over one of its "assets" yet it continue to operate incompetently in every way. For example, let's use the airport. Why has the escalator down to baggage been inoperable for months? Months! Why are there 4-5 parking spots in the garage main level that have blocked off for months? Months!

Gee, I wonder why....

Anonymous said...

The marxist mayor must hold true to the damnable lies of the cult teaching. The first commandment of which is, thou shall have two groups, the oppressed, and the oppressor.

The marxist are quick to define the landscape by assuming the oppressed position. This is their position regardless of their social, economic, or political status. Despite whatever success they have achieved in life, they are oppressed.

It matters not how honorable the intentions of the remaining group may be. It doesn't matter how much help has been rendered by the remaining group.

Even if the roles of oppressed, and oppressor, have been switched, all those outside of the approved, are oppressors. This commandment must be followed, even if they must make some of their own group, anathema. Marxism is a religious cult, as fanatical as any other movement in history.

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