Friday, May 31, 2024

Sex, Lies, & Videotape: Alleged Victim Withdraws Lawsuit

Rankin County Chancellor John McLaurin dismissed a lawsuit against former Mississippi Highway Patrol trooper Ivana Williams yesterday.  

A woman filed a petition for a restraining order against Williams in December 2023 in Rankin County Chancery Court.  The petition alleges Williams sexually assaulted the petitioner, videotaped the assault, and shared the video with other troopers.  

The alleged victim filed another lawsuit against Williams in federal court.   Judge McLaurin held a hearing yesterday on the petition.   

Although Williams appeared in court with her lawyers, Bobby Moak and Matt Eichelberger, the petitioner was nowhere to be seen as her sat alone in the courtroom.  

The alleged victim's lawyer told the Chancellor his client wished to withdraw the lawsuit since she was pursuing legal action against her former friend in U.S. District Court.  Judge McLaurin approved the dismissal. 

JJ and WLBT submitted camera coverage requests to the Court.  However, the petitioner objected to the presence of cameras even though she was not present in the courtroom.  Williams taunted the petitioner on social media. 

Synopsis of the Case

The petition states Mildred (Name given to petitioner. JJ does not identify victims of sexual assault, alleged or real.) went to dinner with the trooper in November 2022. Mildred had several drinks and became “extremely intoxicated.” The two friends went back to the trooper’s home where she crashed. 

The victim claimed she became aware a sexual encounter took place when she woke up in a state of complete undress the next morning.  She could not recall what happened. The petition states she had no "real recollection" of what took place but did "have faint memories of a sexual encounter" between herself and the trooper.  

The petition alleges: 

While questioning (trooper) about what happened the night before, it was revealed to xxxxx that (Trooper) had recorded the encounter with her phone without xxxxx's knowledge or consent.
Mildred demanded the trooper delete the video and not share it with anyone.  Unfortunately for Mildred, the trooper allegedly shared it with other troopers:

7.    xxxxx heard nothing else about the video until May 2023 when (Trooper) informed xxxxx that the wife of (Trooper's) boyfriend at the time had discovered the video on her husband's phone or in his email. During that conversation, (Trooper) informed xxxxx for the first time that (Trooper)  had transmitted the video to her boyfriend.  During that same conversation it was revealed by (Trooper) that at least one other individual also had possession of the video.

8.    Over the next couple of months xxxxx learned that the video had actually been transmitted many times and many people either had possession of the video or had seen it. xxxxx has also learned that  was and is still (Trooper) sharing the video.

9.   xxxxx has filed complaints with the Mississippi Attorney General's office as well as local authorities, but as of the date of the filing of this Petition is unaware of the status of any investigations.

The petition asks the Chancellor to order the trooper to stop disseminating the video and to grant an expedited hearing on the petition.  

Williams said no so fast, my former friend, as she responded to the petition last week.  The ex-trooper said she and Mildred were not friends and Mildred only served on the board of a non-profit organization Williams founded, The Sipi Girls.  

The Matriarch of the Sipi Girls provided a different account of what took place the night Mildred claimed she was sexually assaulted. 

Williams said Mildred asked her to meet her for drinks at Shucker's Oyster Bar.  Williams claimed she turned down the offer because she was a trooper and "was concerned about placing herself in an establishment for the sole purpose of consuming alcohol."  The two women allegedly agreed to have dinner at Koestler Prime where two men met them.  

The foursome left Koestler Prime and went to Tico's.  After leaving Tico's, they went to the Belhaven home of one of the male dinner companions.  Williams claims: 

A short while later Mildred and Williams were taken to William's home by the two adult males, with Adult Male #1driving. Williams and Adult Male #2 were in the back seat, where Williams feigned sleeping to dissuade any communication with the other passengers in the car. It was at this time that Williams overheard Mildred say to Adult Male #1,"If  anybody's gonna get some p... y tonight, it's gonna be me."....

When at the home of Williams, Mildred became the aggressor for a sexual encounter with Williams. Williams agreed to Mildred's approaches. the encounter ensued, Williams asked Mildred if she could video record their encounter using her phone and send the video to Adult Male #3. Mildred agreed both that the encounter could be recorded by cell phone and sen.t to Adult Male #3. At that point, Williams got up from her bed, retrieved her phone, and turned a lamp on for better video quality.

Alter their encounter, Mildred got up and put on her clothing and stayed for the entire night. 
The next rooming, Mildred watched the video and the pair spent time together on Williams's couch until Williams had to leave for work.

Williams denied sending the video to any other troopers although she said she sent it to another man (Adult Male #3 in the response).     

Mildred filed a complaint against Williams with the Mississippi Attorney General.  Williams states she met with investigators and gave them her personal phone for forensic testing.  "No evidence was found in support of the Plaintiff's claims," states Williams.  


Anonymous said...

So you will identify the accused but not the accuser? Absolutely halfwitted.

Anonymous said...

So, it's another "She said, she said" type of case.....

Anonymous said...

Someone should let sl$tty Susy know there is no winner in videoed porn. You didn’t win we all just got a free video of you debasing yourself in an attempt to please men that you don’t like who couldn’t care less about you.

Yes princess keep telling yourself you won - reputation, respect, career you have done it all boo

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares who “wins” here. Both of these chicks are WHACK JOBS….in more ways than one.
Grow up.

Leo Marvin said...

3:51……good luck trying to convince a BPD/NPD or that

Anonymous said...

I understand Williams filed a 15m counter suit.

Anonymous said...

Boy, she managed to get a great “legal team” (?) to represent her. I am sorry I wasted my time reading this. Please get back to relevent information.

No gash said...

Darn, we won't be able to see the video/s.

Anonymous said...

You're a chicken-shit, Kingfish.

Since the petitioner withdrew, she is no longer a sexual assault victim (real or alleged). The case is dismissed. Neither a victim nor a petitioner exists at the present moment.

Anonymous said...

I am sure seeing that BobbyMonte legal team scared her almost to death!

Anonymous said...

A technical win for the Poon Squad.

Anonymous said...

@7:45 PM - Good one. Rankin has both a Goon Squad and a Poon Squad. Bwa, ha, ha...

Anonymous said...

May 31, 2024 at 6:34 PM, there's no need to get upset because Kingfish has a code he lives by. Maybe you should give it a try. Besides, if you want to know that bad, you will find it out.

Anonymous said...

Not half-witted at all, 2:42. Why would you want to know the identity of a victim of potential sexual assault? If the accused is found not guilty, then that will be the appropriate time to identify the accuser. Not now when she may be the legitimate victim of a crime.

Anonymous said...

Everybody is acting like this is over.

There is a federal suit.

But Ivana (hump you) Williams doesn't understand because she is printing t-shirts and waiting to take the LSAT.

Anonymous said...

another day another humiliation ritual by KF in the persuit of “journalistic legitimacy”

Lady Chatterley said...

A code he lives by? Thanks for posting, Kingfish.

"May be a victim"'

Once the petition was withdrawn, there is no claim of being a victim. 'May be a victim' doesn't come into play. The two of them were cohorts.

The secret victim elevated the level of drama in this whole Harper Valley tale by claiming she didn't know what was happening. She was a willing participant who freaked out when she learned the video was out there.

Sexual assault? Ha. She knew if it went to court her own sordid past and participation would be revealed.

What's good for the goose...

Anonymous said...

June 1, 2024 at 12:45 AM, I assure you this lovely lady completely understands the hustle going on and knows how flimsy this case really is. Ivana isn’t sweating it nor should she. You love to hate on this woman and demean her just cause she’s beautiful and capable but I assure you she will get last laugh. Lots of smug comments in here but yall all end up with egg on your faces, especially you KF. Like Ivana, I’ve got my popcorn ready and look forward to this Shiite show blowing up and splashing feces on all the haters.

Anonymous said...

@6:34 PM, that’s just not true. Kingfish isn’t chickenshit all the time.

Anonymous said...

Are you one of those old pitiful guys commenting “hello gorgeous “ on her thirst trap post begging for a job ?

Anonymous said...

@9:47, good to see you posting on here Ivana

Anonymous said...

9:47, is that you Ivana lol

Anonymous said...

So I follow Ivana on FB just for the laughs and 11:28 is correct. Lots of horny old dudes drooling over her narcissistic posts. Any woman that advertises to mow your lawn in a bikini needs help. Bless her heart.

Anonymous said...

9:47 is one of the hundreds of pot belly porn consumers flagellating furiously on her social media.

Anonymous said...

A lot of you losers hating on Ivana give off serious tiny pecker energy.

Don Drane said...

This is high comedy. All of you afraid to post your name, hiding behind the 'anonymous' button. Chiding and ridiculing others, pretending to know who they are.

Simply, the woman had no case and withdrew/dropped the damned thing.

She and her attorneys knew they couldn't outsmart, outwit and 'out fact' the person she accused.

Is FAFO appropriate her or not?

Anonymous said...

All of you KNOW who the other party (victim) is. If you don't, then just ask a friend.

Ivana is just being an internet bully now. I admit I hopped over to her page to see what the comments were. The people who are "on her side" are just publicly showing that they support adultery (her married boyfriend), lying (failed lie detector test and violation of policies), and her desperation for attention (and money). It's disgusting to see who some of those supporters are. Some are just "good old rednecks" who should know they wouldn't get a second look from her.

If she and the "victim" had a fling, Ivana could have kept it to quiet. She showed herself to be a deceitful and homewrecking woman, and made it everyone's "business" by sharing the video. If you've ever had any type of text messaging, dm, or video taken with her, you should be scared that she might turn it around on you and make YOU look bad. She's poison and the kind of person mama warned you about.

Micah Gober said...

So how much does Ivana charge for cutting the grass. I'm asking for a friend.

Anonymous said...

@9:47 Be careful. Lots of folks have come on here in the past saying that same old line of y’all are gonna look dumb when the truth comes out n blah blah blah. You sound like the Mardis fan or the Band mom fan. They too said all the same shit but somehow the “truth” they claim never seems to come out. We’ll all be waiting though.

Anonymous said...

KF is a sh*t stirrer. He loves these gossip articles and loves to rile people up. He’s a small cowardly man that gets off on this tabloid drama BS. Get a life.

KF, thou art scum.

Anonymous said...

Lol, why you so mad 5:25? If it bothers you so much just don’t visit his site. Btw, KF is the only real journalist we have in the Jackson metro and he covers relevant news and provides insight and analysis you simply cant get with legacy media outlets. Sounds like you’re the one that needs to get a life.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 6:56.

Think 5:25 is absolutly nervous that he/she is in the queue perhaps to being exposed by all of this.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish controls the order in which posts appear. Clever that he allows his anonymous post at 6:56 to hit the board immediately following 5:25, to which he refers.

Then he shuts off posts for the day.

Also clever that he claims to be the "Only real journalist".

Anonymous said...

Don Drane, a lot of us choose to hide behind an anonymous button because Ivana Williams has destroyed our families, and (unlike her) we are intelligent enough that we realize that airing our family’s dirty laundry doesn’t benefit the people we love.

Being a side chick is rock bottom. I could never. She thinks she’s the winner in all scenarios, when really she’s just a single mom with no job and tons of legal fees and no one who loves her, save from a few dusty old men on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Whether this is the story to post this on or not other commenters are correct in KingFish being the only reporter we have in Jackson. 6:56 is correct. Every part of the state needs a Jackson Jambalaya.

Kingfish said...

Wasn't me. Was watching Holman throw a damn heater down the pipe at UNC's best player and Travinski screw up yet again and hit into a double play with one out and bases loaded, and the pitcher just walked in two runs.

Some of you are so blinded with contempt or hatred for this website that whenever a reader compliments the website, it drives you nuts. In your feeble minds, you think there Is no way that someone can like this site, much less compliment it. It HAS to be me. Well, it's not. You dumbasses were saying I wrote anonymous comments one time while I was in a dentist chair getting a root canal. Another time I was at a show where phones weren't allowed. Or I was driving. It's quite funny, actually.

As for this post, how is it gossip? WLBT reported what I've reported. Do you go to their site or call the news director bitching? A trooper gets fired and takes down several senior troopers with her, she is fired for sending nude photos of herself and other infractions and that is not news? In what universe do you live?

The Emperor-Trooper Has no Clothes said...

KF, stay the course.

Anonymous said...


All women are simultaneously empowered and victims. They get to choose which. Todat Ivana is a victim of your blogs misogyny.

Anonymous said...

There is an emotion worse than hate. That emotion is jealousy. The post on this board by those that are jealous of Kingfish are becoming more common, and vicious. People that are intelligent seem otherwise when in the clutches of this emotion.

Proverbs 6:34 has this to say about a jealous man; For jealousy is the rage of a man: therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, Kingfish. As always, appreciate you and your website.

And if anyone is interested, the Rankin County case was dismissed because there is an active lawsuit in US District Court.

Anonymous said...

This is horrible. Ivana is a bully. I have actually read the court paperwork and Ivana want be laughing when the federal court hearing begins. This is why so many victims want come forward. The harassment is traumatic. Shame on everyone turning this case into a joke.

Anonymous said...

11:31, thank you. Several people on here commenting either don't know the actual details of the (multiple) allegations/actual truths, or are Ivana's middle aged simps. She's supposedly trying to get her trooper job back yet can't stop posting thirst traps/not subtle digs at the victim. (Supposed victim or otherwise it's not a good look). I know multiple people in law enforcement and multiple people in the know that have been around Ivana enough to know she's bad news. (And I myself know her, so it isn't made up gossip or jealousy or whatever else her simps claim.) She needs to keep her mouth shut and act contrite, then maybe more people might be apt to believer her lies.

Anonymous said...

@9:23, how could this lightweight 'ruin your family'?

Anonymous said...

First, the case is now in Federal Court. Second, the plaintiff was in court. People should get their facts straight and stop listening to that trash trolls Facebook and Instagram BS.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you KF for posting and bulling the victim. Makes me think you're one of those old men drooling over a Ivana's FB page. I used to have respect for your journalism, but have doubts now. You just like to post drama and bulling, not real news.
Ethical journalism strives to ensure the free exchange of information that is accurate, fair and thorough. An ethical journalist acts with integrity. NOT BULLYING and posting fake news

Anonymous said...

@4:41 PM What are you talking about. He posted update on Rankin Co case. Any post on this particular subject/case seems to pull out the oddest of folks.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure Ivana will continue to post dumbass content on social media. FYI you are not a influencer, don't quit your day job...oh wait you don't have one.

Anonymous said...

She's big time now...via

Anonymous said...

Smart move Ivana, next step "OnlyFans". Best way to pay off your court settlement quicker.

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