Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Rankin County Deputies Undergo Training

 Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey issued the following statement. 

This past January, inappropriate conduct from an isolated group of deputies injured citizens in our county and undermined the reputation of this department. The safety and security of our citizens, and visitors, is one of our main objectives, and we take all occurrences of this nature very seriously.

Once the true facts were discovered, we took immediate action to remove the perpetrators from the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department, cooperated fully with the official investigation, and they are being dealt with through the legal system. We didn’t stop there.  

·         With assistance from Jeffrey Artis and his team at J. Artis Consulting – who collectively have 50 plus years of experience with the FBI – we revamped the department’s patrol policy and procedure manual. In an effort to keep the community informed, we have placed many of these policies on our website under the “Useful Links” tab and are open to feedback from our citizens.

·         We also updated our Compliments / Complaints process so that submissions can be made online, in addition to in-person, via telephone, and/or via U.S. Mail. Look for a new tab on our website to be active by this coming Friday. With this new process, measures have been put in place to ensure that the entire management team has access to every compliment / complaint. The duties will be shared amongst our entire team so that every citizen critique is reviewed.

·         We recruited and hired an Internal Affairs Investigator from outside of the department to help foster impartiality and fairness in our reviews. We are expanding our Compliance Division to include additional IA investigators so that all complaints that rise to the level of serious investigation can be dealt with in a timely manner. 

·         Our deputies and jailors recently completed a Color of Law training session taught by Ron Reed and others from the Civil Rights Unit at the FBI headquartered in Washington, D.C.  For clarity, “under color of law” means the real or purported use of authority provided by law. This training was designed to help our staff know what is expected when interacting with our citizens.

·         Our management team has completed leadership training taught by experienced leaders.


We appreciate the seriousness of what occurred this past January. Even though the prior actions were abnormal and extreme, we will make every effort to ensure that they do not occur in the future. Everyone expects to be treated fairly and we will continually strive to improve how we protect and serve our community.



Anonymous said...

You can paint the bus and put on new tires but you got the same driver.

Anonymous said...

"We appreciate the seriousness of what occurred this past January."

Nice choice of words there.

Anonymous said...

You gotta be sh!ting me right? Still not taking the steps to become accredited so your office will be held liable huh sheriff?

Anonymous said...

beats nothing! lol

Anonymous said...

This should have been done years ago and is only being done now to cover your ass. If you didn’t know what these deputies were doing ( which is highly unlikely since it had been going on for years) then you should have. Either way you should RESIGN! You kept things under wraps until after the qualification deadline to be sure you had no opponent. With the deputies in question looking at spending the better part of the rest of their lives in jail, they should bargain for a reduced sentence to roll on your sorry ass. They don’t owe you any loyalty; you certainly didn’t show them loyalty.
Rankin County S.O. needs a fresh start and the training is certainly a nice beginning but a new Sheriff to lead the organization is long overdue.

Anonymous said...

"The safety and security of our citizens, and visitors, is one of our main objectives..."

It's not the main objective?

Anonymous said...

Good progress. Now let’s do this:

-stop strip searching of young men on the side of the road for dubious “suspicion” claims
-psychological evaluations
-physical fitness standards
-mandatory steroid testing
-stop unconstitutional “safety checkpoints”
-Continuing Education via-a-vis the US Constitution particularly the 4th amendment.
-Overall higher professional standards / higher pay, associates should be able to communicate professionally.
-Pursue Victim based crime and not try to invent gotcha crime, roadblocks on patriotic holiday weekends sends a bad message.
-transparency around disciplinary actions on department website. (Ie. public drunkenness, fighting while off duty, etc.)

The culture of riding around the county seeking to violate people’s rights needs to stop right now.

Sensitivity Training said...

Goon Squad deprogramming training?

Anonymous said...

Bryan Bailey still hasn’t resigned despite his personal reputation being disgraced by his own actions. This man is not trustworthy at all. This is just more lipstick 💄 on a 🐷 pig! (No pun intended)

But of course, this is Mississippi so both he and Tater have been re-elected so nothing else matters!
The mediocre white male good Ol boy network remains intact!

Anonymous said...

For the life of me, I don't understand why he is still Sheriff. I mean he illegally subpoenaed his girlfriend's phone and her other boyfriend's phone. How is it he is not held accountable? Goon squad, poon squad, steroid squad? What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

From looking and listening to the deputies so far, I would say the training was not a success. There has been no change with the way the deputies treat the citizens who have called in for help. The citizens have been treated worse than the criminals. They seem to think the citizens are the problem. Maybe it would help if the sheriff got a little training. He is still the same asshole he was before.

Anonymous said...

When did we decide it was acceptable for our politicians to place their names on our public property. This clown paints his name on all the patrol cars. He is just like chokwe…a self serving narcissist. Instead of writing your name all over our property, why don’t you apologize for embarrassing our county for leading a group of unprofessional little tyrants. Why on earth someone would behave like Bryan Bailey or any of his “goons” is a mystery. As if the buck stops with him; hell all he ever does is pass the buck. Get a life!

You can count on 1 hand the number of RCSO deputies that are professional. The one that directs traffic at 471 baseball fields is solid. He should run for sheriff and get this thing back on track.

KZ said...

I personally know Jeffery Artis and he is a great guy. Good move to bring him in on this.

Anonymous said...

Spare us the bs and just leave. Your continued presence is a detriment to the county and prevents any chance your corrupt department will ever change. Your legacy is written and will only get worse as more stories of your decades of abuse come to light. No one trusts you, your department, or a single word of your bs statements. Get the f out and don’t come back.

Anonymous said...

Any time the name Bailey appears in the posts above, or there's mention of his department, you can replace both with the name Randy Tucker and Madison S.O. and have a perfect match.

WISEOWL said...

The tune up of career criminals kept the county safe. Too bad the squad got out of control and are gone. I bet no one on here knows anyone these guy acted upon.

Anonymous said...

In any organization, culture comes from the top down. Period.

The only way to significantly change an organization's culture is to significantly change it's leadership. Culture is formed by leadership expectations that are continually reinforced over time, down through the ranks.

Culture never, ever, comes from the bottom up. Training the rank and file is nice, but it won't change organizational culture, especially when they know the training doesn't align with everyday expectations. In short - members know lip service when they hear it.

Anonymous said...

6:31 pm, the majority of informed Rankin County residents agree 100%. The historic number of write in votes were a great indicator. Fortunately, (some) educated and informed citizens are very aware of the multiple investigations taking place. Hint: Federal. Bonus, liberal Jerry Mitchell! Little Bailey’s legacy is the last thing he should be worried about.

anonymous said...

I’d like to see Bailey and 3:56 in a debate.

Anonymous said...

Too little too late. He wants everyone to believe he didn’t know there was a problem with is deputies because he didn’t see it as a problem. Did anyone else see the 20 page report that was floating around today? It mapped out the last 15 plus years of criminal behavior among deputies very well. If the sheriff didn’t know there was a problem then he wasn’t doing his job or he just didn’t care. There were some interesting names in that report. It doesn’t really matter in the end. Rankin is stuck with this unaccountable egomaniac for four more years regardless of what evidence comes to light.

Anonymous said...

Until Bailey resigns, everything is window dressing. As a Rankin voter. I expect it and am dissapointed that Rankin leadership such as BOS, mayors, legislative delagation...have not asked publicly for his resignation. Voters are watching. The check will get cashed on those who remain quiet
Hopefully the feds will do what we all want and do it soon. Hard to believe that as a conservative republican voter, my hope is in the feds because my Mississippi leadership....like AG Lynch, have chosen to hide under a rock.

Don Drane said...

"Culture never, ever, comes from the bottom up."

Well, except EVERY time where there's a natural absence of command and control. A few examples:

*Prison settings with gangs determining the culture.

*Union environments where management always has limited control and the contract, belligerent stewards and off-site union reps establish a hostile cultural element.

*Racially charged work environments with outside sources fanning the flames of cultural discord for their own purposes (e.g. NAACP, groups of black ministers, Bernie Sanders swooping in to demand seats at tables in order to feather their own nests)

Anonymous said...

A very big problem for Bailey is there is no reasonable argument in his favor. As an example (as much as some would disagree), arguments within the scope of reasonableness could be made both against and for Reeves and Presley but there is no reasonable argument left FOR Bailey remaining in his office. From what I've heard and read, no citizens are attempting to make such argument. If I had to guess, he will be removed or resign from his office before the next election and he has further to fall (and not just in reputation/"legacy").

Anonymous said...

955: what did the write-in numbers come to?
And what was his vote total compared to other uncontested countywide candidates?

Anonymous said...

He got about 5,000 less votes than the county surveyor . Undervotes and writes ins came to 12,000, which is a record !!

Anonymous said...

Bailey has no shame and won't resign. All he cared about was re-election. The only reason he's now implementing these "new" policies (which should have been in place for decades) is for show because he knows his constituents hate him. Had he really cared, these policies would have been implemented months ago. But Bailey didn't want to bring attention to the matter before the election. Nothing will change until Bailey is gone. Guaranteed. There are officers currently in the Department who engaged in excessive force with the Goon Squad. And Bailey knows it but does nothing. Because HE'S THE ONE WHO CAME UP WITH THE GOON SQUAD. It was his baby, implemented through McAlpin and Dedmon (and others). Won't be hard for the Feds to find the goods. Tick tock, Bailey. Hopefully, your bunk mate in prison is one of the other Goon Squad members. You can reminisce about the good ol' days when you got to beat blacks with impunity.

Anonymous said...

@7:36 AM
So clearly, Bryan Bailey has no mandate from the people to lead or serve as Sheriff. Just the law that says he ran unopposed so he is de facto Re-elected.He has disgraced the office of the Sheriff. And he will not resign. The governor will take no action against him. Our only hope is the Biden DOJ. Which is absolutely abhorrent. The fact that he won’t resign is just disgraceful. There is no other way to put it.

Anonymous said...

Training shouldn't be needed, every adult knows the difference between right and wrong....the exception to this rule is 40 year old adolescence's

Anonymous said...

You can get fired for misgendering a colleague or customer in 2023.
Training is necessary to keep up with the requirements for living in Satan’s America.
My family doesn’t watch television or participate in this demonic American culture.
Without training I have no idea what this mentally ill and spiritually diseased culture considers to be socially acceptable.
But we have to work so we need to know how to maintain our livelihood.

Anonymous said...

Training = how to get away with it next time.

Anonymous said...

This would have sounded so much better:

US DOJ and Board of Supervisors appoint Jeffrey Artis sheriff of Rankin County under pending consent decree.

Anonymous said...

@10:24...stop smoking that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Training. Great idea!

Sincerely, Capt Obvious

Anonymous said...

Interesting that he left section 5 off of the public release. Ironically, this is the section that contains roadblocks and searches. These are 2 major vectors of abuse of constitutional rights.

Anonymous said...

11:20, well said and I agree.

Don said...

Why haven’t the citizens of Rankin County called for Bailey’s resignation publicly. Why hasn’t the Metro Media done their due? Where are special Board of Supervisors meetings?

Anonymous said...

Bailey won't be there much longer. As usual the Feds have to create change & improvement as normal. Lynnis asleep at the wheel, local DA has his Friendship at risk, Michael Guest helped start all this mess but - we'll see how it works out for them.

Anonymous said...

The New York Times brings the whoop@$$ on Stankin Rankin's Goons.


Just scroll to the parts about the Taser logs...

Anonymous said...

Did Bailey issue this statement because folks were asking him questions?

Anonymous said...

1) contact rankin county board of supervisors. if they can give a raise like they did for sheriff bailey they can cut pay as well.
2) call the fbi and let them know the crap we know has gone on in the rcso.

bailey is a danger to society. we dont want to be the one he does the next napoleon complex on.

i knew bailey was no good a decade ago when i watched an interview by him on why the legislature should give the county sheriff departments speed guns. He also was against approving lawfully acquired supressors.

rankin county will be much better off having a professional sheriffs department.

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