Saturday, November 18, 2023

NR: Hamas is the Palestinian People

 It is often said nowadays that Hamas is separate from the so-called Palestinian people.  Of course, such as distinction was not made about Germany during WWII even though the Nazis won power with less than a majority of the vote.  National Review's McCarthy went even further as he wrote in an October 21 column that Hamas was elected because it perfectly represents the residents of Gaza.  Mr. Mcarthy wrote: 

In point of fact, it is the Palestinians who make Hamas possible. Let’s say Israel completely dismantled Hamas tomorrow — which, by the way, it can’t do by a ground invasion of Gaza, since Hamas is run and funded from Qatar and armed and trained by Iran. You know what would happen then? The Muslim Brotherhood would have Hamas 2.0 up and running within days. Hamas is popular in the Palestinian territories precisely because it represents the sharia-supremacist objective of an Islamic state that extirpates Israel. Hamas may be the chief executor, but the objective is Palestinian.

“Self-determination”? “From the river to the sea” is not a Hamas battle cry. It is a Palestinian battle cry.

The vision of a map that does not include the word “Israel,” a map where a sharia regime is sovereign on every inch of land from the Jordan to the Mediterranean, is Muslim Brotherhood doctrine. In the Palestinian territories, the Muslim Brotherhood runs the schools — and their component paramilitary camps for toddlers. Children are marinated from birth in Jew hatred. It’s not mere anti-Zionism, as the jihad’s transnational-progressive apologists try to maintain with a straight face — it’s Jew hatred.

Similarly, the students and radical faculty chanting “From the river to the sea” on American college campuses are not Hamas. They are the crescendo of a Muslim Brotherhood project, begun over 60 years ago, to plant and grow Muslim Students Association chapters in virtually every university in the United States and Canada. The enterprise was so successful that it has spawned an alphabet soup of Muslim activist organizations to which our government turned — in a manner as bipartisan as it was daft — when it felt the need to locate “moderates” after the spate of al-Qaeda attacks that culminated in 9/11. The antisemites are winning because the United States government and American popular culture somehow decided that “only” demanding the evisceration of Israel was tolerably moderate compared to the real crazies who piloted jumbo jets into skyscrapers (catalyzed, of course, by the same ideology that demands the evisceration of Israel).

If the Palestinians were at all interested in “self-determination” along the lines of Biden’s stubbornly delusional “two-state solution” — in which “Palestine” coexists peacefully with an Israeli neighbor — they would already have it. Gaza is the jihadist launchpad because Israel withdrew from every bit of it in 2005 — so the Palestinians could have self-determination . . . whereupon they self-determined that Hamas was what they wanted. (KF: Indeed.  After winning elections, Hamas threw Fatah leaders off rooftops to their deaths.  Such is Hamas's idea of electoral victory.)

 Meantime, the Israelis would like nothing better than to wash their hands of the West Bank, too. But the dirty little not-so-secret is that there is no Palestinian vision of “self-determination” and “dignity” that would abide a Jewish state in the middle of what Palestinians insist is Allah’s turf.

This is not a Hamas thing. It’s a Palestinian thing.

Have you seen any Palestinian polling lately? There’s not a lot of it, since the West Bank and Gaza are not the easiest places from which to collect reliable data, but there is some. Here’s one from the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research. It tells us that, by a margin of 58 percent to 20 percent, Palestinians would prefer a renewal of the intifada (the “armed struggle”) to peaceful negotiations aimed at ending “the occupation.” That’s consistent with last year’s polling, as is the finding that about seven in ten Palestinians oppose the two-state solution.

Here’s some more: “President” Abbas must continue to resist having an election in the West Bank because, if one were held, he’d be thrashed by Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh, 58 percent to 37 percent. And that’s with Haniyeh holed up in his well-appointed Qatari headquarters, from which he and his subordinates joyously watched news reports of the October 7 barbarities in real time. (KF note: His net worth is billions of dollars, funded by the pilfering of aid to the Gaza in true despotic fashion.)

There is one candidate who would drub both Haniyeh and Abbas, though: Marwan Barghouti. He would beat Haniyeh 60 percent to 37 percent. Alas, this most popular Palestinian “politician” would have to conduct his campaign from an Israeli prison. An Arafat protégé who is beloved in both Fatah and Muslim Brotherhood circles because he was a leader of both the first and second intifadas, Barghouti is serving five life sentences for brutal murders.

How’s that for dignity?

Biden claimed that “Hamas does not represent the Palestinians,” who just want to live in peace while “Hamas’ stated purpose for existing is the destruction of the state of Israel and the murder of Jewish people.”

Dream on. Hamas was elected by Palestinians because it wants to destroy Israel and murder Jewish people. And if they couldn’t elect Hamas, Palestinians would elect Barghouti, who has proven extraordinarily adept at murdering Jewish people while seeking the destruction of the state of Israel.

But by all means, Mr. President, let’s give the Palestinians another $100 million to spread from the river to the sea. Rest of column.

So much for the claim the people are separate from the government.  


Anonymous said...

Great article. I have been thrown by how many young Americans support Hamas / Palestine. I hope it is just ignorance.

Anonymous said...

"young Americans...I hope it is just ignorance."

Your hope has been fulfilled. As absolute proof, I submit the Kardashian/Jenner family/dumpster fire. If many young people in the US and elsewhere weren't "ignorant," these people would asking if you wanted to super-size your order, helping you find the canned clams at Walmart, or telling johns how much extra it would be to ride bareback. But to be fair, youth is the time for such youthful ignorance; it isn't the ignorance of youth that should scare anyone, it is the willful continuation of it well past the age when, like thumb-sucking and pants-shitting, it should have disappeared with growing maturity.

To paraphrase PJ O'Rourke, if you aren't a liberal idiot at 20 you have no heart but if you haven't developed an responsible adult's view of things by 30 you have no brains. Put another way, if you are over the age of 25 and still think a lot of the crap on social media is "news" or even accurate, you are a fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

Grow up, Kingfish. There’s a difference between a political party that is control of only PART of a state and an entire people group/nation. But hey, anything to justify the slaughter of elderly people and infants alike, right?

This is sickening.

Anonymous said...

The truth is that the last vote in Gaza was in 2006. Hamas got 45% of the vote, because as we've seen here, it wasn't a two party candidate race. Then, five parties split rest of the vote and it only take 1 nincompoop candidate to skew things but more than one is fatal. This was just after Israel ended their occupation of Gaza.( Some of you better look at how Hamas campaigned...amazing how the same tactics work over and over).

Trump didn't win the popular vote when he won nor did Bush who lost it by over 1/2 million. Both won on electoral votes. We love to forget how tiny the populations of some states are. And, then there's the "integrity delusional" or protest who cast a vote for most honest or "lost cause du jour"... next time I guess will have crazy RFK,Jr. for the committed " anti- party" club. And, there are citizens who have given up or been so effectively gerrymandered they see voting as futile.

We have modeled both good and awful for the rest of the world.

As someone who will be "collateral damage" and has experienced the shock of others when meeting a Mississippian who is not a redneck racist, is well educated and embraces proper etiquette, I'm confident there were Germans then and are now in Gaza who love,loved their homeland and felt like children who are caught in the middle of combative parents divorcing and who
will lose no matter who wins in the divorce. Indeed, the losing parent has been know to kidnap and/or murder children in the divorce for revenge.

Like the good German and good Gazan, I hate angry conflicts as both sides quickly become their worst selves. If they had a " high road" or " truth" on their side, they lose it in their determination to " win".
And, these days, there is no survival for the innocents. There will be nowhere to flee or attics for hiding.

And, the truly stupid are survivalists/isolationists who seem not to know much about American Indians who tried to flee and in some cases (see Cherokees who had nice houses and were excellent farmers and had schools) far more advanced than those who ran them off. Now, there are satellites and drones to find you and your "stuff". Like those who some seem not to understand why WE can no longer count on isolation from conflict on a small planet, put FCD on your forehead for " Future Collateral Damage".

So I truly am disgusted with those of you who " choose sides" and are certain anyone not a loyalist to YOUR SIDE is your enemy. And, I sadly know not a one of you will truly look at the propaganda and tactics as well use of religion by the worst, most violent regimes in history.

Kingfish said...

You just hate religion, period. You've yet to say anything about what atheists have done.

Atheists gave us the Reign of Terror in France, the Soviet Gulags and genocide, Mao's genocide and cultural revolution, the Killing Fields, Rwanda, want me to keep going? of course, much of that was done by your side so of course you say nothing but seek to blame religion for it all.

Anonymous said...

November 20, 2023, at 9:36 AM, are you that naive, stupid, or deceived? The situation between Israel, and the Palestinians, is anything but a divorce. It's pure old fashion hate. The latest polling is linked below.

Anonymous said...

Hamas is definitely NOT the Palestinian people.

If you believe that you must believe the KKK is the Mississippian people.

Goofy argument in this column.

How many Palestinian women and children have to blown up into little pieces to satisfy the edict, Israel has the right to defend itself

Of course the Hamas terrorists should be destroyed. But why are 1,400 Israeli innocent civilian lives more precious than 10,000 innocent Palestinian civilian lives?

Can anyone explain that?

Anonymous said...

November 20, 2023 at 2:45 PM, check the link at 1:36, and get back with us.

If the Mississippi citizens were polling at %75 in favor of the KKK, I would have to say yes, the Mississippi citizens are the KKK. I can hardly wait to hear your excuse.

Anonymous said...

1:36, The link says the poll was "taken by a firm out of Ramallah in the West Bank," but it provides no other details about the source of the data.

I'm not saying it's right or wrong, because I don't know, which is my point. I am suspect of polling data that does not specify the source.

Anonymous said...

November 20, 2023 at 9:36 AM conveniently stopped at Bush and left out the facts that Bill Clinton “didn't win the popular vote” either and also “won on electoral votes.”

Clinton only received 43% of the popular vote in 1992; hardly a mandate, but you didn’t hear the right become stupid enough to say we need to abandon the electoral college i.e. turn the entire country over to a few largely populated leftist states.

Anonymous said...

November 20, 2023 at 2:45 PM wrote, "Hamas is definitely NOT the Palestinian people."

Interesting. So, that leaves a binary choice: Are you the official spokesperson of Hamas or the Palestinian people?

Either way, ol' Kingfish ought to be pretty excited about his lil' corner of Mississippi bloggery receiving an on-the-record comment from the official spokesperson of either group. Especially so considering all of the large international news organizations and the 100s of staff of same attempting to get official statements from any of the myriad participants in the latest major Middle Eastern debacle.

Anonymous said...

5000 children dead. Assuage your guilt however you want.

Children are not participants. Though they may grow into them after their families are shattered and lands ripped away.

You know Israel runs "sun down" rules in the West Bank? Can walk here, can't drive here. Can't be seen here after 6, etc. DESPITE no heavy Hamas presence in the West Bank. Look at a map.

I bet half of you wouldn't know the difference between Gaza and the West Bank. Or Hamas, Fatah, or the PLO. Much less bother to read any history of the region.

You're all parrots. You're WILLFULLY ignorant warmongers. Go read a book.

You wonder how Germany allowed the 30s and 40s to happen? Look around. Gaza is a walled ghetto with 2 MILLION PEOPLE stuffed into an area the size of Downtown Jackson. Their food, power, and movement is all controlled by Israel.

The West Bank is nothing but checkpoints and movement rules. Get your head on straight. This is wrong. Of course they fight back. What would you do if everything had been taken from you and yours and you get shoved into a walled ghetto with limited resources.

If you actually want to read stories from real people:

"One day I hope to taste sugar"

Kingfish said...

Children are always going to be killed in a shooting war. The children on the Gaza side are collateral damage, not intentional targets. In Israel, Hamas intentionally went after the children and butchered them.

Of course, the 5,000 claim is questionable as the source is Hamas/Gaza, who has been caught lying time and time again.

Why dont' you ask why Egypt doesn't want to absorb Gaza. Israel offered to give it back and Egypt said no thanks. How come Egypt keeps Gaza walled off? How come the Arabs don't help via Egypt?

Anonymous said...

"You're all parrots", your lack of self-awareness is astounding. Go read a book, you say. I formulated my opinions on this subject, when books, magazines, and newspapers, were the only forms of information.

I was reading the magazine, and newspaper articles as the history of that region unfolded. I don't need any indoctrinated, wet behind the ears, idiot telling me their perverted view of history, while trying to justify HAMAS's demonic butchery.

You want to scream what you think Israel is doing wrong, how the people of Gaza are being deprived of this, or that. Why aren't you concerned about the billions of dollars in aid that flows into Gaza, that is being wasted on military supplies to attack Israel, and enrich the leaders of HAMAS. Where's your outrage for that?

Anonymous said...


The UN?! I'm not a "one world order" conspiracy kook nor think the UN would try to take over the world it couldn't anyway - see below. But I do think the UN has become nothing but a way for useless (or worse) bureaucrats who aren't nearly competent, brave, or strong (physically or mentally) enough to try to grab power and money in a non-real-world environment, in which they don't risk getting shot or hung.

But since they are weak incompetent little piss-ants in the real world, they have made the UN into their personal teat commissary. The US funds a large part of it because it's much cheaper and easier to deal with them there than if they were actually fucking up things in the real world. In any case, the average UN bureaucrat isn't smart enough to be really knowledgeable about anything because if they were, they wouldn't be a UN bureaucrat. Pretty much the same goes for its statisticians, data folks, etc.

The bottom line is citing the UN or relying on its blathering about anything is just as wrong-headed as thinking it could take over the world.

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