Monday, November 27, 2023

Beth Ann White Trial Starts Today

 It's time for Beth Ann White to face the music.  The woman accused of killing a mother and her baby while driving drunk goes to trial today in Hinds County Circuit Court. 

A Hinds County grand jury indicted White for four counts of aggravated DUI on March 25. White stands accused of driving drunk and killing Allison Conaway and her infant son while severely injuring Conaway's two daughters when White crashed into Conaway's vehicle at the intersection of Highway 18 and Springridge Road. A test taken several hours after the crash at the hospital showed her BAC to be 0.16. A trooper testified there were partially full liquor bottles in her vehicle.

White has been held without bond since her October 2021 arrest.  Hinds County Circuit Judge Winston Kidd denied her motion to change venue.  

White has a history of DUI arrests. JJ reported on November 3, 2021:

Posted below are the court records JJ has managed to unearth so far.

* Case #16-cr-0035: White was charged with an unspecified misdemeanor in 2016. The case was dismissed October 8, 2021 by Special County Court Judge Jess Dickinson. The case was prosecuted by the city of Jackson.

* Case #16-cr-00789: A MHP trooper arrested White on February 17, 2015 four DUI. Hines County Justice Court Judge Tabitha Britton – Porter found White guilty and sentenced her to to pay a $1,000 fine on June 10, 2016. However, she appealed the County Court. The case languished on the docket until Special County Court Judge Jess Dickinson dismissed it a year ago due to the age of the case.

* Case #15-cr-00176: A Jackson Municipal Court Judge convicted her of DUI, careless driving, and driving on the wrong side of the street. White appealed to Hinds County Court. Special County Court Judge Jess Dickinson dismissed the case on October 4, 2021 after the prosecution said it could not prosecute the case due to "reasons beyond its control."

 Attorney Marc Brand represented White in the above cases.

Court records show a DUI felony indictment in 2008 against her as well. White pleaded guilty. Judge Tomie Green sentenced her to serve five years in MDOC but suspended four year of the sentence and placed her under house arrest for one year. Judge Green terminated her probation in 2017.

The case is assigned to Circuit Judge Winston Kidd.  Attorney Kevin Camp represents the defendant.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to understand her reasoning for going to trial.

Anonymous said...

This woman needs to be put away forever.

Anonymous said...

They just lie.

From WLBT's current story: "WLBT investigative reporting was the first to show you that the 52-year-old is no stranger to the criminal justice system."

Kingfish published the story at 8:32 pm on 11/3/21.

WLBT published their version at 11:07 on 11/3/21.

Anonymous said...

White is no saint and needs to do time, a lot of it. I bet the reason for trial is there has been a rumor floating around that the wife was fleeing from her husband due to a DV situation and ran out into the intersection, and her council will try to prove it and get a lighter sentence. Due to her history, whether she is right, wrong, wrong place wrong time, she will still get hammered.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the trooper have testified "there was a partially empty bottle..."

Anonymous said...

Another Green "blessing"

Anonymous said...

The DV situation probably stemmed from her alcoholism and drunk driving.

Anonymous said...

Women do not deserve to be held accountable for their actions. What are you people, misogynists?

Anonymous said...

Who was at fault for the crash?

Anonymous said...

All the past charges that were dismissed should almost certainly be ruled inadmissible. The prior felony conviction is a closer call.

There should be rulings on these issues prior to the start of the trial, and maybe there are.

Anonymous said...


The intoxicated person is always immediately at fault in a car crash

Anonymous said...

10:57 the DV situation is the lady who got killed in the crash. The alleged rumor is he was immediately behind her as she was fleeing from him and ran the redlight. I have heard that rumor as well.

Anonymous said...

@10:07 AM
Nobody at WLBT considers this gossip blog to be “journalism” by any stretch of the imagination.

Anonymous said...

We metabolize alcohol at the rate of about .02%/hour. If the blood draw was two hours later her BAC would have been approx. 0.20%. That was probably her 24/7 BAC.

Kingfish said...

and what gossip posts have I made?

Anonymous said...

12:08: Why are you here?

Anonymous said...

11:35...How so? Suppose the drunk was driving through the green light and the other driver ran the red light and caused the crash and her death? I am not defending the idiot drunk driver but suppose this wreck was not her fault? As in 0%? Should she go to jail for the rest of her life because of a wreck someone else caused? I would have a hard time sending her to prison for the rest of her life if someone else caused the wreck, drunk or not.

Anonymous said...

@12:08 PM - Then why does WLBT's ace senior investigative reporter get many of his leads here?

Anonymous said...

I have lost 2 loved ones to drunk drivers!!! I hope they hang this woman never to hurt anyone again!!! She killed 2 people off her actions, and she should go straight to jail, and ROT IN HELL!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This accident happened two years ago! Why do we still have killers that allegedly killed prior to this date roaming the streets of Jackson Ms with no trial date?

The DA needs to do a better job getting killers off the streets so that won’t kill again!

Election promises!!!

Anonymous said...


11:35 here , I was hit by a drunk driver once and the way my attorney explained it to me was when a person dies and there is a drunk driver involved, it is automatically the drunk drivers fault, no exceptions

Anonymous said...

@ 2:26 - I hope you didn't pay for that attorney's advice. It's the jury's job to determine partial degrees of manner and cause of death in such a circumstance. If it's determined that the primary cause of death is attributable to a crash caused by the deceased having run a red light at a high rate of speed, that's primary. the fact that the defendant was intoxicated is a secondary, contributing factor.....regardless of which of you had a family member yada yada yada.

Whether she goes to jail for multiple DUIs is one thing. Whether she caused the death(s) is another.

Anonymous said...

Agree she should get life. None of the priors should be admitted in evidence during trial. Not needed to convict and will muddy the waters. But it should be relevant in sentencing.

Anonymous said...

Dickinson had a personal catch and release program for her.

Anonymous said...

WAPT reported her BAC was 0.273%.

Anonymous said...

"Nobody at WLBT considers this gossip blog to be “journalism” by any stretch of the imagination."

Only those people can say what they consider it and I doubt any one of them could speak for "everybody" there, but some of them must read it because I've seen it cited in stories there.

Anonymous said...

@5:02, if it's determined that the accused did not cause the death, why should she 'go to jail for life'? I understand that your britches get real twisted over drinking and driving, but still....

Meanwhile: "..the way my attorney explained it to me was when a person dies and there is a drunk driver involved, it is automatically the drunk drivers fault, no exceptions".

So, If I'm driving drunk and 45 mph and someone rear-ends me at a high rate of speed, and succumbs to his injuries, it is automatically my fault? You care to post your attorney's name?

Anonymous said...

@3:42 AM
Drunks see pink elephants and slam on their breaks abruptly. They also randomly pass out behind the wheel. Shouldn’t be hard to convince a jury that it was your fault for the accident while driving intoxicated.

I see drunk drivers as equal to pedophiles who are also unable to control their urges and ruin lives and families. Good luck defending them too!

Anonymous said...

@12:08 none of the local stations do anything even close to journalism. so called newspapers don't either.

Anonymous said...

@7:38 - Your comparison with pedophiles notwithstanding, good luck convincing a jury that I saw pink elephants and slammed on the brakes. You do realize you'd need evidence of either.

You'd be eliminated from the jury pool right away and on your way back home.

Anonymous said...

@8:19 your BAC would prove you were drinking if you rear ended me. If the courts don't ship you off to do your time and you somehow get away with it, rest assured knowing you would have to make the courts come get me. You would see me everyday.

Anonymous said...

Why don't everyone here just mind there own business they have going on in there lives

Anonymous said...

Try to pay attention, 1:33. In the example given, the drunk driver was driving along at the speed limit, breaking no law other than drunk driving.

HE was rear-ended which resulted in the death of the rear-ender.

Although the drunk driver is obviously guilty of a DUI, how can he be held responsible for the death of the driver who rear-ended him?

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