Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Backlash to Anarchy

 Workers are starting to get fed up with the corporate caving to wokeness.  It is becoming more common for companies to fire employees who call the police even when thieves literally loot the whole store.  However, Macy's employees in Washington state went on strike last week over thugs taking over the stores.  KIRO reported: 

Black Friday got off to a bumpy start for one of the region’s largest retailers.

Instead of being behind the counter, hundreds of Macy’s workers picketed in front of stores across Western Washington. All of them were advocating for worker rights.

They chanted loudly with signs in hand. From dawn to dusk, workers at the Macy’s in Southcenter Mall were calling attention to their fight for better rights Friday.

Domingo and her colleagues want more safety measures in place after a Macy’s Alderwood employee said she was retaliated against for calling 911 when she witnessed someone shoplifting.

The UFCW 3000 said she was put on unpaid leave because of it.

“What we are asking from Macy’s is to provide a clear, concise policy on what to do when a security threat arises and when we can call 911,” Domingo added. “We don’t feel safe in our stores. This leads to short staff, us being stretched thin, and creating more of a security threat because there’s not enough coverage.” Article

The Everett-Herald reported:

Staff encounter shoplifters almost every day at the Alderwood Macy’s, but management “refuses” to hire a police officer for security, Budo said.

Liisa Luick, an Everett resident and employee at the Alderwood Macy’s for nearly 16 years, said she was suspended for three weeks in May after alerting authorities about a shoplifting incident.

Luick said Macy’s claimed she signed a policy saying she wouldn’t call 911 in cases of shoplifting. She didn’t recall signing that policy.

“They have yet to produce that document,” Luick said.

When she returned from suspension, management placed her on a “last and final,” meaning if she had one more “violation” of company policy, her nearly 16 years at the Alderwood Macy’s would come to an end.

“Because of what happened to me, not only employees at this store but at all of the stores are hesitant to call anybody in fear of retribution,” she said.

Another employee at the protest, who would only give her first name as Kayleen, told of another time when an employee was attacked by customer. Coworkers were hesitant to notify law enforcement, she said.

“They didn’t know if they could step in without being reprimanded,” she said. “They just kind of had to stand there and watch that person get attacked.” Article

The stories pile up.  The Lynwood Times reported: 

UFCW 3000 workers at Macy’s say the corporation is not doing enough to address shoplifting, violent shoppers, and other safety threats to workers and customers.

When Liisa Luick, a Macy’s Alderwood sales associate in the Macy’s Men’s Department, witnessed someone shoplifting she called Macy’s managers and then mall security. But they refused to help. So, she called 911, to protect Macy’s, her customers, and herself. Macy’s immediately disciplined Luick for calling 911, putting her on unpaid leave for more than 2 weeks. She eventually was provided her back pay.

UFCW Local 3000 filed an unfair labor practice charge against Macy’s for disciplining Luick because their actions were in relation to her involvement in union activities. 

According to Macy’s policies, an employee is to call a loss prevention officer instead of 9-1-1 if they witness theft. However, employees informed us that loss prevention officers are simply overwhelmed and are unable to respond to every incident.

“For the longest time we didn’t have enough Assest Protection [personnel] in the store,” Kaleen told the Lynnwood Times. “There are a good amount of times we don’t have any on the store and no response just because there are so many thieves in the store.”

She shared how one of their female coworkers was “beat up” by three visitors to the mall and workers stood by afraid to call 911 for the fear of being fired.

Lynnwood City Councilman George Hurst joined Macy’s workers on their strike for better wages and a safe working environment. He shared with the Lynnwood Times that Macy’s policy discouraging employees to call 9-1-1 is of great concern. Article.

 It's about time employees started standing up to this corporate woke crap.  It's a pretty sad day when companies turn employees into criminals because of the real criminals.  Power, brothers and sisters. 


Anonymous said...

What kind of bizarro world are we living in?

Anonymous said...

Instead of strike, they should all just walk over to the food court while on the clock and let everybody just walk out of the store with free stuff. If Macy's is okay with crooks walking out with free stuff, why can't I?

Anonymous said...

West Coast BS. Nothing to see here, move along.

Anonymous said...

Macy's be woke.

Anonymous said...

Whatcha spose theft by employees is going on in that unnatural atmosphere? 50% participation rate?

Anonymous said...

They ignore shoplifters but I got 15 different DMCA letters for downloading Avatar: Way of the Water from the PirateBay?!

Anonymous said...

I wish people would understand "woke" and how it originated.
It means you are alert and thinking instead of marching in lock step to political propaganda whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Facist or Communist.

You also bother to get the FACTS that exist and think for YOURSELF!

By embracing this, you raise the suspicion of racism as it came from a person of color that felt betrayed by both major parties and the automatic stereotypical reactions to concerns of those who aren't WASPS.

You pegged yourself as someone who groups people rather than judges their behavior, ethics, and honesty in dealing with others.

Grow up! Mature! Learn to act like a civilized person rather than a heathen ( Believing in God doesn't keep you from being a heathen and Christians are SUPPOSED to put more weight on the words of Jesus than the Old Testament that is primarily a verbal history passed down before put on scrolls). Educate yourselves on policy issues! 

IF you have a brain and aren't intellectually biased, you'll be surprised at how you've been misled! Political parties exist to get YOUR money and increase THEIR power! That our candidates spend so much more money than in any other country that allows citizens to vote, ought to be enough to get to know you are now WOKE, not sleep walking!

Anonymous said...

Old Man Macy has to be spinning in his grave.

In my role as business analyst and consultant, I advise you, Macy's, to bust that union flat on its ass: fire 'em. Fire 'em all. We don't need no stinkin' clerks or "sales associates" or "team members." You need one employee to lock and unlock the door since customers don't have to pay for anything. Labor costs drop to near zero; in-store foot traffic explodes.

These snot-noses think some union is going to give them some leverage, you better, by God, fire their privileged little asses and make an example of them and their nasty little union.

Anonymous said...

Utter BS, @10:08. I know it is because the media says different.

Anonymous said...

10:08 - People understand exactly what it is - bullshit. The ones of us that practice the cognizance you're speaking of refer to it as "being informed". Woke is the practice of finding issues where there are none and then crying about it to gain attention.

Anonymous said...

Kind of an odd use of the word "anarchy". Anarchy largely refers to system of political and social organization where hierarchy does not exist. Property rights can still exist within anarchist frameworks, and theft can as well. Certainly anarcho-capitalism would be the logical end-point for someone who loves individual freedom and capitalism; in other words, the state and the hierarchy it imposes are illegitimate forms of governance that curtail your freedoms to consume and produce

Anonymous said...

@10:08 AM is a woke progressive apologist.

Anonymous said...

The reason these companies don’t care is because they are making billions in profits by selling Chinese made goods they pay Pennies for buy the container full. If you ever travel to SE Asia you see that the same stuff in Walmart and dollar stores sell for considerably less. Dickies and Wrangler made in China selling for leas than a dollar a pair. Reebok shoes sell for $4. The markup in the US is obscene and it is fueled by how ignorant and domestic Americans are with Fewer than 20 million Americans possessing passports.

Anonymous said...

Wokeness is only tangentially relevant here. These are for-profit companies, doing a cost-benefit analysis of expected losses.

They look at the potential cost of litigation and PR damage if, say, a shoplifter gets seriously injured or killed by their employees or on their premises. They realize these risks are highly unpredictable, depending on many random factors (races involved, was it on video, etc) and the high end cost is potentially huge.

They compare that to their expected losses from theft, which are generally small and well-known. And they choose the devil they know over the devil they don't.

If wokeness is a factor, it isn't coming from the CEO's office. It's the CEO making his best guess as to the worst case scenario of how social media might react to a violent altercation in his store.

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would a business, who bases their profit off selling their items, NOT want to stop theft? This is so stupid.

Anonymous said...

I made a comment that explains it but something I said didn’t make the cut.
I will summarize. Products are made so cheaply with Chinese slave labor that selling 1 item at full price pays for the rest of the shipping container. The loses aren’t huge when you realize it cost $0.15 to manufacture, purchase, and ship your products. Then you add a $100 price tag to it.

Take those Yeezy shoes that adidas supposed lost billions on.
They are made in China for less than $0.50 per pair.
That’s why they went woke on him.

The un-woked when it became apparent their virtue signaling did nothing for sales.
Turns out most people agree with Yeezy 🤣

Anonymous said...

Some businesses (no doubt run by idiots hired based on non-merit qualities) value public perception of inclusivity over profit margins and fear cancellation by SJWs more than job loss.

It's not a sustainable world model they are living in.
But they are too ignorant, sheltered from consequences, and brainwashed to see it.

They are saving the world and doing "the right thing".
Just ask them.

Anonymous said...

@11:13.....your post is typical of our society. Just think how much profit these companies would make if they didn't have to worry about people like you and actually did something about shop lifting.

Anonymous said...

And here we have a case when Joe Biden would not side with Labor.

Anonymous said...

Forget about "woke" for a moment. Does anyone really think it is a good idea for anyone, "labor" or "management," to call 911 for shoplifting? This has nothing whatsoever to do with "working conditions" per se. While it may be true that the employees are personally offended by shoplifting, it is not their goods being stolen. If Macy's management has made a management decision about capital allocation, that is a large part of their function. It is not the function, responsibility, or implicit duty of "labor" to make such decisions.

Moreover, Macy's and other retailers didn't make such decisions arbitrarily or in a vacuum. Even if management were to allow or even require workers to misuse 911 for shoplifting "emergencies," the company - not the workers - would receive the blowback and the bills for such misuse. And in locations where shoplifting isn't prosecuted by the local government, it is an even bigger misuse to call 911 in response to activity that one knows the police do not consider even an arrest offense, much less an "emergency."

In short, do not blame retailers for such decisions, blame the officials whose policies created the situation, the voters who put them into office and reelected them, and particularly, the criminals who take advantage of all of them.

Anonymous said...

If they were really smart they would be demanding to be paid for five days and only work four. They would get it too. Just ignore the shoplifters.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the workers shouldn’t allow their union to fund the party of woke.

Anonymous said...

Go woke, go broke.

Kingfish said...

Bullshit. Did you not read the parts where the employees can't call the police when they are getting beat up?

It's not regular shoplifting. It's organized rings or yes, organized crime going in there and just cleaning out stores. Why do you think the Applestore has RPD hired? It's because there are national rings targeting Apple stores.

Look at the West coast. Stores are pulling out, closing down, because of theft. Hell, one of the great inventions of modern society is the store, offering things for sale on shelves. You get the item yourself, you pay for it. Now stores such as Walmart are putting more items under lock and key. Thus we are going back to the old days where you have to have an employee get your items for you. All because we can't seem to defend civilization. Because of people like you who make an excuse for everything.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, 10:28, for giving us the perfect example of what it means to be woke.

Your post clarifies that woke is the art of supporting a cause or a series of actions that tend to violate the conscience of the vast majority of inhabitants in the commune. Woke is sort of like embracing the ignorance of cancel culture. Again, thank you.

You have defended the woke cause well.

Anonymous said...

I worked for Kroger in Madison. If we saw shoplifting, we were also forbidden from confronting the criminal or calling the Madison Police Department.

We were only to alert the store manager, if we could find him.

Anonymous said...

"Did you not read the parts where the employees can't call the police when they are getting beat up?"

No, because it wasn't there. What was there was a person who claimed (I make no judgement on its occurrence, but it is hearsay) someone was getting "beat up" _in the mall_ and others stood around supposedly afraid to call 911. Even if true, the "fear" of calling 911 for an off-premise assault isn't due to Macy's or any other store's policy of not calling 911 for shoplifting. It is absurd to suggest that Macy's prohibits calling 911 for any situation even if they appropriately prohibit it for shoplifting. 911 is for emergencies, not things that the actual victim - in the case of shoplifting, it is Macy's, not the employees - doesn't consider an "emergency." Put another way, the items being stolen belong to Macy's and Macy's has made its position clear on the issue of theft of its property via shoplifting - call store security, not 911.

It did not tell its employees they were prohibited from calling 911 under any circumstance. Why is this even an issue insofar as Macy's and its employees?

Ben Weaver Screams At Barney said...

12:25 - Please save your pussified moreovers and wherefores. If my business sends the signal that we will not involve the police (call 911) if the store is hit by shoplifters, hit and runners, glass case smashers....what the hell message do you think I'm sending?

Might as well tape a sign in the window, "If you can't afford to purchase my merchandise, or would rather not pay, feel free to grab what you want and hit the door".

Reading all of the above posts, I'm humored by the number of them that suggest Chinese shit is cheap and made by slave labor so it should not matter if it's stolen off American shelves since one item sold will make up for twenty stolen. Welcome to the new 'Murica'.

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