Saturday, November 18, 2023

D.L. Gardner: Faith, Politics, & the Media

Mike Johnson, a Republican Congressman who represents Louisiana, was elected Speaker of the House October 25. He has served the people of the 4th congressional district since 2017. Johnson is an evangelical Christian and a conservative politician whom the leftwing media establishment has branded a Christian Nationalist, i.e. a slur the Left uses to denigrate someone for his or her faith.

If Speaker Johnson can keep his colleagues together long enough to pass 12 bills to fund federal programs through the end of the fiscal year, September 30, 2024, then House Republicans have made a good choice. It’s a daunting challenge for anyone of any faith.

The Daily Signal, an online magazine of The Heritage Foundation, garnered an exclusive interview with Speaker Johnson they posted October 31, 2023. Mary Margaret Olohan asked Johnson specifically about his faith and politics. She wrote, “Speaker Mike Johnson discussed the Christian principles of America’s Founding Fathers, the greatest moral threat he perceives to society, double standards in the media when reporting on the religion of Republicans versus Democrats, support for Israel, and more.”

It’s nice to read someone’s views without someone else, particularly in the leftwing establishment, “interpreting” what a person’s beliefs really mean. For example, look at Catholics in politics. The Left touted President Joe Biden’s Catholic faith in regard to his progressive policies and personal devotion. On the other hand the same media criticized Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Catholic faith for her following certain Catholic doctrines. The difference? Biden is a progressive Democrat. Barrett is a conservative Justice.

Right after he was elected House Speaker, Johnson remarked to Congress, “I don’t believe there are any coincidences.” This raised the ire of his critics. He continued, “I believe that the Bible is very clear that God has ordained and allowed each one us to be brought here for this specific moment and this time.”

Some of his media critics portrayed his opening statements as “self-aggrandizing.” Johnson explained in his interview, “It wasn’t that at all.” “It’s a central premise of the Bible that God invented civil government.” Of course, his explanation is just more gasoline on the fire of “wokeness.”

The Speaker not only used biblical language to explain his beliefs, but also quoted George Washington and John Adams. George Washington in his farewell address said, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.” Likewise, the second president John Adams said, “Our Constitution is made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for government of any other.”

Olohan asked Johnson “what he believes is the greatest of those societal ills facing the United States currently, specifically in a moral context.” He replied, “The lack of belief in absolute truths.” Then he explained, “We live in an age of moral relativism, which has become postmodernism, which is gradually becoming nihilism, the idea that if there is no truth, then you can believe anything or everything or nothing.” He continued, “I think that in a sense, it sort of unties us from the moorings that have kept us in safe harbor as a nation.”

Mike Johnson may be the right Speaker at the right time to restore old-time civility to Congress, and maybe even to the leftwing media establishment.

Daniel L. Gardner is a columnist who lives in Starkville, MS. You may contact him at



Anonymous said...

Is this the same "believer in absolute truths" that released videos of the Capitol insurrection claiming that they were peaceful protestors? I'm sure Jesus would approve of what happened that day.

Anonymous said...

As soon as the usual handful of left-wing atheists wakes up this morning and reads this column, they'll be jumping out of their jammies to condemn the writer.

In 3..2..1

Anonymous said...

When Islamist and Marxist fed radicals, here and abroad, tire of attacking Jews, they will come for Christians whom they hate with equal passion.

Anonymous said...

He’s a bit of a religious fruitcake. These types are tough to take seriously. The same mindset person who happens to be born in Afghanistan is turned into a suicide bomber waiting on their room full of virgins. Had he been born in Hollywood, he would be a level 10 Scientologist. Religion in moderation is fine, it’s these desperate people whose entire identity is religion that tend to go off the deep end.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I have been waiting for the left/MSM to raise the race card on Speaker Johnson at some point. The Speaker and his wife adopted a black boy a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

"I'm sure Jesus would approve of what happened that day.", you wouldn't know Jesus if you met him all alone in the middle of a road.

Anonymous said...

November 19, 2023 at 7:50 AM, your comment is vague. Give an example of his fruitcake ideas, and his suicide bombing tendencies. To slur with vague references is a sign of weak character.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what DL's or Amy Barrett's or Mike Johnson's religious beliefs are or where they go to church.

I don't care what the doctrine any of you espouse (though even the current Pope of the Catholic Church isn't supporting some of Amy's positions).

What I care about is their effort your to legally and politically impose those beliefs on every citizen. Worse, I've always been a Christian and they have to hubris to suggest they are "true Christians" and all others are not.

In the U.S. only 37% of Catholics support the GOP at all and less the extreme wing. And, only 24% of Protestants espouse the evangelical beliefs DL and Johnson proclaim regularly.

I care that you are even killing and endangering other citizens in imposing those beliefs. Indeed, you justify them with religious ideations that do not remotely resemble that of any of the ministers in my family that are in every generation back 100s of years ago. You ignore most of the Bill of Rights and Constitution when you find parts " inconvenient" and insist on literal interpretation on all but one.

I care that you quote our Founders out of context as every single one of them agreed that both political factions and establishment of a dominant state religion were dangers to freedom.

As for Johnson, aside from rather extreme political positions he's taken for his entire career, I find it very troubling that he claims zero assets and no bank account on his legislative financial statements as he is " a man of modest means living paycheck to paycheck" or so he claims. He has no stock trading history. At the same time, Forbes lists him having 5 million in assets. Frankly, given his work history with a law firm that and online legal "teaching" for Liberty or sideline in sales explains his lifestyle and ability to pay as much college tuition for his children.

So, how does he pay kids tuition,buy plane tickets to DC and pay his mortgage and back up/pay the credit card(s). Now if he keeps A bank account with such a low amount as to not report is, how does he keeps replenishing it and still have time to do his elected duties? HMMM????? He should report if his name is on any account. Do his kids or wife have large bank accounts and pay all his bills? Then there's his taxes...or lack thereof???

Given the "ethical" recent history of the GOP nominated Supreme Court members and the leading Presidential candidate and your House Speaker and your party's idea of a "tour" of our Capitol that now includes prisoners judged on evidence in court, the current GOP looks more like a criminal organization than political one.

No wonder gutting the IRS is a high priority in the House.

Anonymous said...

When anyone attempts to invoke the "Founding Fathers" in support of their own religious beliefs I am always skeptical of their knowledge of the religious thinking and beliefs of any of those men. When someone like Johnson cite in particular John Adams and George Washington in support of their own evangelical Christianity, I know instantly know he doesn't know much if anything at all about any it. The truly amusing thing is that since many of those men wrote extensively about their own thoughts and beliefs, anyone who wishes can read extensively about these men and their own words on the matter.

Adams, as did some of the others, changed in their thinking and beliefs throughout the course of their lives but the closest Adams ever came to "Christianity" in the modern sense was his later-life transition to a broadly (but not completely) Unitarian outlook, from his previous deist/skeptic general beliefs. Basically, Adams never believed Jesus was more than a man and prophet, which puts him closer to Judaism and Islam than "evangelical Christianity" on the subject of "Jesus (the) Christ."

To make it more amusing, there were a small number of "founding fathers" like John Jay and Patrick Henry who were much closer in beliefs to modern "evangelical" Christians, but since they aren't as well-known those who simply seek to "cite to authority" don't cite to them. I doubt Johnson knows much if anything about any of the "founding fathers" who folks like him love to invoke (frequently with these types of sadly amusing errors) or he would have cited to them rather than Adams and Washington.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a barbaric 7th century death cult of torture, rape and conquest, with no beneficent characteristics whatsoever, as practiced. Islamic factions, like Muslim Brotherhood, are driving spastic, mindless, violent anti-semitic activities of professional protestors in America. Tlaib and Omar of the Squad typify these Islamic radicals.

Anonymous said...

The persecution complex is so strong with Christians. It’s as if they are super sensitive because of how they treat others. I mean look at all of the corrupt and evil leaders in Mississippi who never miss a chance to proselytize!

Anonymous said...

@7:50, The religion of the left is climate change. They worship it and beat it to death all day long to the point of exhaustion. So please don’t talk about the right’s extreme positions until you’ve examined your own corner and exposed your own fruitcakes. DEI, ESG, climate change are the garbage religion of the left and it makes up a large part of their identity as well.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Helms, Amy Coney Barrett, and Mike Johnson are racists. Oh yeah, all three adopted black kids.

Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and Chuck Schummer are all racially sensitive progressives. How many black kids have they adopted?

Anonymous said...

11:11 More Christians have died for their faith than any other religion. The majority of those deaths occurred since 1900. Maybe if your bunch would stop killing Christians they wouldn't talk about it so much.

Anonymous said...

November 19, 2023 at 9:18 AM, the current Pope is considered by many Catholics to be apostate, and justifiably so.

I find your post to be filled with vague accusations, out right lies, and innuendo. Why didn't you list some things you accuse the speaker of quoting out of context?

No one has always been a Christian, to be a Christian requires a conversion. No conversion, no Christian.

What beliefs have they imposed that killed or endangered others?

You didn't go into detail, until you accused the speaker of hiding assets, and cheating on his taxes, but you have so many religious differences, but didn't list any of them.

You're the same GOD hating, wild-eyed, raving, foaming at the mouth, liberal that always comes on here claiming to be this or that. You're not deceiving anyone.

Anonymous said...

November 19, 2023 at 10:35 AM, you are delusional. There was firm belief in GOD among the founding fathers. Your post may deceive the ignorant, which was probably your intent.

Anonymous said...

2:43PM wrote, "November 19, 2023 at 10:35 AM, you are delusional. There was firm belief in GOD among the founding fathers. Your post may deceive the ignorant..."

No, there was not a "firm belief in GOD" among the "founding fathers," in the sense most modern Christians think and mean when they talk about "God."

Many did not believe in Christ as the Son of God or divine, the Trinity, were generally anti-evangelical/proselytizing, etc. Many were Deists, as were the majority of those who had the most influence upon them (e.g., Locke, Voltaire) although a very few did hold views that most today would categorize as "Christian" and even "evangelical" (e.g., Jay and Henry). Some, in their later years, did modify their previous firm Deism/skepticism, ala Adams into a quasi-Unitarian-ish personal theology. Most were very much opposed to mixing religion and the state/government, even if some felt that "religion" in general terms made for a "better" society as long it was kept where they believed it belonged as a personal theology to be respected by and among others. And we don't have to guess about any of this as, again, many wrote prolifically about their thoughts and beliefs throughout their lives. And obviously, see the first sentence of the 1st Amendment.

Moreover, 18th century Jews and Muslims believed in the same "God" as 18th century "Christians" and all three still believe in the same God, so even if it could be accurately said that many or even all did have a "firm belief in GOD" it would be just as true if none were "Christian" but were Jews or Muslims. In fact, given their stated beliefs about the Trinity and Jesus most would have been more readily assignable to those religions then to "modern" Christianity as most adherents in the US see it nowadays. To again take Adams as an example, even his shift from Deist to quasi-Unitarian still excluded the Trinity and Jesus as "the Son of God"/"Christ"/divine. IOW, as a monotheist he was more akin on such matters to a period or contemporary Jew than a "modern" Christian. As another example, Franklin modified his general Deism only so far to ponder the possibility that God did sometimes act in the affairs of men, but only to a limited degree, and remained monotheist. Again, more akin to Jews and Muslims than "modern" Christians.

I would suggest that mere common sense dictates that, for example, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, and Madison are better sources of information on themselves than ill-educated would-be "historians" offering up their personal biases and unfounded opinions as "historical facts." But since "common sense" isn't very common, I'm sure such suggestions fall on ears that aren't actually deaf but refuse to hear anything that does not confirm their personal biases.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous at 9:18 Thank you for truth!

Anonymous said...

"No one has always been a Christian, to be a Christian requires a conversion. No conversion, no Christian."

From where did you pull that nonsense?

Anonymous said...

November 19, 2023 at 7:11 PM, your much writing to say nothing is impressive, have you considered politics?

Read my post again. Did I use the word Christian in my post? From what I could discern from your rambling, meandering, wondering post, you simply proved my point. There was firm belief among the founding fathers in GOD. You either believe in GOD, or you don't.

The first converts of Jesus referred to themselves as followers of “the Way”, not Christians. They used that terminology because Jesus referred to Himself in John 14:6, as “the way, the truth, and the life”.

The first Biblical reference to the word translated as Christian is in Acts 11:26, and was intended as a slur against those that followed “the Way”.

The only way to interpret the Bible accurately, is by using the Bible. There are over 2300 different organizations that claim to be Christian, that have different "ways".

The term "the way", is singular, "the" isn't plural, "way" has no s. As for myself, I follow "the way", Jesus said "His way" leads to GOD, and GOD is who I am seeking.

Anonymous said...

Some of y’all write like professors poring over JJ during your morning rituals with a cup of coffee before you toddle off to your class lecture at some small boutique liberal arts college.

Anonymous said...

@10:53 AM says “Islam is a barbaric 7th century death cult of torture, rape and conquest, with no beneficent characteristics whatsoever, as practiced.”

Pithy. Now tell me what Judaism is.

If you’re allowed to, of course.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the usual gang of atheists have descended on the comment section. No person with any decent history education can deny the overwhelmingly Christian heritage of colonial people and their leaders and statesmen, as well as the same character of damned near everyone worth recognizing in the USA up until the past few decades. Any attempt to paint all the Founding Fathers as a bunch of atheists and agnostics is pure fiction. You're miserable and you project your misery onto everyone else.
The speaker of the House appears to be a sensible man who is not afraid to profess Christianity. I suppose that makes most of our part of the country "fruitcakes".

Anonymous said...

For those of you who must have "citations" for your historical figures, there is a book available free of charge online .
"The Christian Life And Character Of The Civil Institutions Of The United States". It is extensively documented and very , very thorough.

Anonymous said...

10:29AM wrote, "No person with any decent history education can deny the overwhelmingly Christian heritage of colonial people...(assorted mischaracterization and bullshit)"

Neither I nor anyone else even mentioned the religious beliefs, much less the "heritage," of "colonial people" so no one denied anything about the subject. From what I saw, 10:29AM was the first and only commenter to (incorrectly) state that anyone called any founding father(s) "atheists" or even "agnostics" I didn't say Johnson was wrong, not sensible, or anything else due to his Christianity or for expressing HIS beliefs. The "founding fathers" would have supported his being "Christian" according to his personal beliefs and expressing his personal faith and beliefs, and so do I. What they would have not supported, nor do I, is folks like Johnson, Omar, Tlaib, etc. attempting to impose their own beliefs on others especially through governmental action(s), even tacitly/implicitly.

What I did point out was Johnson's ignorance in attempting to (incorrectly) speak for Adams and Washington and assign HIS beliefs, etc., to them, essentially contradicting what they and other "founding fathers" said themselves about their own beliefs. Most were Deists (in general terms), a few were "Christians" as would be recognized by many in the US today, and some modified their views and beliefs in later life (again, Adams' lean toward his own version of Unitarianism). "Fruitcake" or other such term would be reasonable to use for someone who argues that those founding fathers didn't know what they were writing insofar as their own beliefs and views, or, that their beliefs and views were not what they wrote but you have some special insight to contradict what they themselves wrote.

Anonymous said...

Y’all stop arguing.

The founding fathers were in various non-Christian secret societies.
Ben Franklin was in the “Hellfire Club” for goodness sake.
Washington DC is full of esoteric occult imagery.

The Washington Monument is an Egyptian occult symbol of the penis of Osiris, who’s sister Isis impregnated herself with her dead brother’s semen and gave birth to Horus, who was the first trinity, the son, god, and the father. Which is the inspiration of the Messiah myth of Jesus created by Josephus Flavius serving Titus.

You are all so laughably and unbelievably ignorant.

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