Thursday, May 18, 2023

EPA Power Plant Rule to Clobber Economy

This post was authored and sponsored by the Mississippi Energy Institute. 

There are newly proposed Biden Administration energy policies that should be at the forefront of the national political debate. As if halting offshore energy production, preventing critical pipeline construction and attempting to de-bank the U.S. oil and gas industry wasn't enough, there are new rules aimed at pummeling the U.S. electric power and automotive manufacturing industries with insane costs. 

Polling repeatedly suggests issues affecting jobs, economy and general economic well-being are top priorities among voters. If these energy issues stay in the background and don't move to the mainstream, today's inflationary challenges will soon look like a walk in the park. 

Here's the latest: Biden's EPA is proposing all natural gas and coal electric generating plants should be fixed with carbon capture equipment. There are a multitude of problems with this, including,  

(1) This technology is unproven and may not work at large scale.
(2) If the technology works, the cost is prohibitively expensive.
(3) Once the carbon dioxide is captured, it must be injected deep underground and stored in geologic formations. Mississippi and the Gulf states are actually well-suited for this, but the Biden Administration has shown little urgency in issuing permits to allow for geologic sequestration (oil companies are typically the ones with the expertise to do this).

In recent years, over 70% of Mississippi's electricity has come from natural gas. Natural gas is a great electricity fuel when the cost of it is low but not as likeable when the price spikes way up. Under the newly proposed EPA rule, Mississippi electric generating utilities would be required to spend several billion dollars collectively to install carbon capture equipment on the plants in the next 10 years, forcing their operating costs to skyrocket just to cover capture, transportation and underground injection costs.

But good news, the Biden EPA is providing an alternative! Instead of adding carbon capture equipment to gas plants, replaced the hydrogen used in gas gas plants with methane. Unfortunately, doing so requires the buildout of hydrogen production from some vast renewable electricity source, which all turn out to be exponentially more expensive than natural gas. Hydrogen is a promising fuel source but is not ready for such large scale use at the moment.

If the EPA and Biden Administration are so concerned about reducing carbon dioxide emissions, you'd think they'd be hustling to plan and build new nuclear reactors to replace the existing fleet built in the 1960s-1980s that will soon be shutting down. Some have closed, but the largest generation source of U.S. carbon-free power doesn't seem to be a priority for current leadership.

Another recently announced EPA rule aimed at forcing U.S. automotive manufacturers to make mostly electric vehicles also would result in car cost increases and is something voters everywhere should know as the EPA attempts to force more electric vehicles into the market and gasoline/diesel vehicles out of the market in few short years. 

Both of these will likely be ruled illegal in the Supreme Court, but the question is, how much damage will be done by that time?

The Mississippi Energy Institute will continue to comment on these crazy rules as things develop over the coming months, so more to come...


Anonymous said...

Why are these people ruining our country and world... I just don't get it

Anonymous said...

Biden's damning dicta disappears with GOP POTUS 2024, whether Trump or DeSantis wins. Biden is at 36% approval.

Recently, Biden says OK for wind farms to kill eagles as necessary, no penalties. And, contrary to bipartisan legislation that passed House and Senate, Biden vetoed and says OK for China to supply solar panels.

Anonymous said...


For this country, it all goes back to electing and reelecting Barrack Obama.

Anonymous said...

This is the plan. The Democrats want everyone dependent on government. The object is control of you. Create chaos and then control. It is as old as every dictatorship in history. You will have no freedom and you will get misery , while the ruling class lives well. The Democrats have become pure power hungry socialist or worse communist.

Anonymous said...

We are already paying $600 more a month in expenses than we were 3 years ago some of which can be attributed to higher energy costs, yet they want costs to increase it even more? Make it make sense?

Why does the poor keep voting against their pocketbooks?

Anonymous said...

Do you know who you don't see on social media these days? The white liberals parroting how awesome of a President Biden is like they were before the election. You couldn't peruse a social media site without a white liberal telling you how great the guy is going to be. These days, those people are eerily silent. You cannot find a positive comment on the guy, sand Jean Pierre, none of them will admit they were wrong. Guy is an inbecil and the people he put into cabinets are just as much of a lunatic as he is. They are literally going to EPA us to death while the rest of the world doesn't care and is beating us left and right in every aspect but the social justice and equal rights movements.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:57 AM, it's the liberal pie-in-the-sky mindset. They live in a fairy tale world in their own minds that is so far away from reality. Most of them are extremely wealthy, so these far-fetched ideas really have no bearing on their everyday way of life. They don't care how things like this affect average middle-class Americans. And they can't stand that the U.S. has been the world economic leader in almost every category since WWII, so they want to marginalize our country so that we are no longer a world leader in anything.

Anonymous said...

you have to accept the fact that everything bad happening in this country; dollar, energy, border, schools, trans, illegals, crime, infrastructure, utilities, justice system, military, afghanistan, ukraine, all of it, everything, is all being done on purpose. none of this is by mistake or on accident. it is intentional, coordinated, and organized. all by design. a feature, not a bug.

once you accept this as fact, which it is, then nothing they do will surprise you.

anybody that disagrees with me, is more than welcome to post a list of positive accomplishments by this administration. i would love to hear of anything that is being implemented that is for the good of this country and her citizens by a democrat.

Anonymous said...

The goal is to have a functioning planet for the next generation to use. The science of climate change has been decided for decades. Continuing to ignore the situation until catastrophic consequences have appeared will only make it more costly and burdensome to correct. Keep kicking that maintenance down the road and the oceans will be functioning at the level of Jackson’s water system.

Anonymous said...

MS Energy Institute
Step 1 Don’t take the money Just like MS isn’t participating in the Medicaid program…that’ll
Show ‘em 😂😂

Anonymous said...

This is simply the war on God that the dark one has been waging since Eden. On the macro side is "climate change" which states "Our policies will change the climate of Earth". Heretofore most believed the weather/climates where the domain of their Creator. On the micro side is "gender repositioning". Here the demonics claim that their definitions and life styles change the genders created by God. From top to bottom it is simply a war on God.

Anonymous said...

May 18, 2023 at 2:07 PM, what an ignorant post. True science is never settled.

By the way, is this the same science that proclaims more than two genders?

Anonymous said...

@ 2:07 pm
It’s a little early in the afternoon for that bong, isn’t it?

Anonymous said...

Back a few years ago I think, they were doing some seismic work at the Rez area looking for CO2. The plan was to drill, tap into it and pipe it to oil fields to help bring up more oil. Isn't this the opposite of what they want to do?

Anonymous said...

It’s too bad the MEI website won’t open, because I’d like to know who these liars are. More importantly, once we know who they are we can start to learn their motives for the misinformation. Once the website is responding…

The EPA rules DO NOT require any particular technology to solve the carbon release problem, just imposes targets for carbon reduction and requires utilities to generate plans to meet those restrictions - feel free to use whatever technology you need to meet the targets. And the targets aim for significant carbon reductions by 2042, nineteen years from now.

Liars lie.

Y’all should read the proposal. There’ll be EPA webinars on June 6th and 7th to educate the ignorant, but as always you can lead a horse to water…or you can eat up the crap from MEI.

Don’t get me wrong we need natural gas in a big way for at least the next fifty years (and I put my money where my mouth is). But we also need to make progress in limiting carbon emission. Stop whining and name calling and lend a hand to solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

1:50 You are correct. If you look at things as a whole, you will see the attacks on everything we know such as class, race, gender, etc. In the book from Saul Alinsky “Rules for the Radicals”, everything we are seeing is all by design to create chaos so in the end game, the elites rule by communism.

Anonymous said...

The average global temperature has risen about 1.5 degrees F since 1880. Recent rises have averaged about .15 degrees F per decade, and we may actually be in a pause in the warming the last few years. We are not at a crossroads to catastrophe at the moment, far from it in fact. These technologies must be allowed to mature and develop or we are going to literally destroy the economy for very little gain, as China (who pumps out more CO2 than the next five countries combined on the list) makes no secret of the fact that they're not participating in this lunacy for the next several decades, if at all. At some point the adults must be put back in charge, instead of people who think men can have babies, which is an excellent illustration of just how deranged they actually are.

Anonymous said...


I don’t know all of them but let me educate you.

3.5% unemployment, lowest in history with 17 states below 3%. For seniors their cost of insulin will be capped at $35/month. Seniors out of pocket expenses for all pharmaceuticals will be capped at $2000/year. This doesn’t mean they get no more after the cap, as is often reported, but that they get their meds at no cost after the CAP. Approved a bi-partisan (how rare is that!!) once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure,rebuilding our roads, bridges, ports, and airports, upgrading public transit and rail systems, replacing lead pipes to provide clean water, cleaning up pollution, striving to provide affordable high-speed internet to every family in America. NATO is now highly aligned in it’s own defense, with many nations providing billions of dollars to support opposition of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The USA has continued to execute leaders in Al Qaeda and other threats securing our security (please count for me the terrorist leaders and their importance executed under the past two Republican presidents and past two Democratic presidents - educate me)

You want more? I got it. References too.
It’s a stupendous accomplishment of the Tate administration that 3rd grade reading scores for Mississippi have improve from where it was, perpetually in the last three in the nation, to a solid middle of the pack. Kudos to Tate for recognizing the need for an educated workforce. New jobs created in the future of energy will need educated folks and will pay good money. This is good for Mississippi. Maybe in twenty or thirty years these newly highly literate Mississippians will better understand the proposals proffered and challenge them intellectually and informed (not ignorant).

Anonymous said...

4:47 you are correct.

Danbury Resources explored for CO2 about ten or so years ago. Now they claim to have proven reserves of 4.6 trillion cubic feet of CO2, primarily from the Jackson Dome. I don’t know who sold/gave that to them, but they seem sure they own it. They used it as stated to pump CO2 into unproductive wells to improve output.

But things have changed, and they are now big players in the carbon capture and storage business using CO2 from other sources than the Jackson Dome. Sure it’ll be a long transition but they are, active members in the Carbon Capture and Storage Association. Jobs. Different jobs, but jobs

Anonymous said...

Backup. These technologies will be allowed to mature, but without impetus, they simply won’t. And as part of the Paris accords all participating countries needed to present a plan to achieve the 2050 target. China published a plan that described their continued buidout of coal and gas and nuclear. They also published a plan to phase out the coal plants as nuclear came on line. They are building a large number of nuclear and coal plants, nuclear at a unprecedented rate. It is a multi-decade plan, becaue none of this is easy. You look up the statistics, I’m getting tired.

We also proposed a pan, not well publicised by Kerry, but committed the US to an equally large expansion of nuclear. We need a nearly inceedible amount of nuclear to meet the committment. China gets this. The current generation of proposed small modular reactors has recieved good funding through the DOE, and multiple companies (oil companies) are looking at this to use natural gas to make green H2.

It takes time. Realax you’ll be dead (or simply dead wrong).

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