Friday, February 24, 2023

Major Surgery for HB #1020

The infamous HB #1020 underwent some major surgery yesterday in the Senate Judiciary "A" Committee.  The bill was the subject of protests and national media coverage as it expanded the CCID and replaced elected judges with appointed judges within the district.  

The original bill created a circuit court, chancery court, and special prosecutor for the Capitol Complex Improvement District.  The CCID expanded up to County Line Road.   The Chief Justice would have appointed the judges while the Attorney General appointed the special prosecutor. History and text of bill.

To day the bill generated some controversy is an understatement as  more than a few people noticed the new boundaries just happened to only include what are considered to be the "white" parts of town (although in reality Northeast Jackson is probably majority black).  The bill effectively removed the right to vote for judges for those living in the CCID.  

The Senate referred the bill to the Judiciary "A" Committee. "Jud A" passed an amendment that substantially changes the bill.  State Senator Brice Wiggins (R-Beau Rivage) authored the amendment. The highlights of the revised HB #1020 are: 

* Hinds County gains two temporary circuit judges whose jurisdiction is limited to criminal matters.  The Chief Justice appoints the two circuit judges.  Their terms expires on December 1, 2026.  The appointed Chancellor is removed from the bill.  

* The bill creates three more Assistant District Attorney positions.  

* The Hinds County public defender may appoint three full-time public defenders.  

* The Hinds County (Prosecuting) Attorney may appoint two more Assistant County Attorneys.  

* Hinds County gains a permanent Circuit Judge on January 1, 2026. The bill did not specify which precincts will comprise the new district.  It just says the Legislature must do so before January 1, 2026. (KF note: Thought: Create an at-large district?) 

* The Capitol Police must wear body-cams. 

* The Capitol Police will have jurisdiction in the entire city of Jackson although it will only have concurrent jurisdiction with JPD outside of the CCID.   

Kingfish note: The amendment accomplishes much of what the original bill purported to do.  The County eventually gets an extra permanent circuit judge to reduce the backlog.  It does not give the D.A. additional prosecutors, which he sorely needs.  However, expanding Capitol Police jurisdiction to the entire city is what many Jackson residents clamor for despite what the loudmouths in City Hall say. 

The bill should  include the equivalent of the Jackson Municipal Court.  

These are sensible alterations although the loudmouths in City Hall will still raise hell about something. It's what they do.  The real question is will Mr. Lamar throw one of his infamous tantrums if he can't get his way. 


Anonymous said...

A cave in for equity!

Anonymous said...

Kingfish said: "...the new boundaries just happened to only include what are considered to be the "white" parts of town (although in reality Northeast Jackson is probably majority black)".

That's a contradiction in terms which makes zero sense. If the section is 'considered' white, how can it be in reality, majority black?'

Would it have been correct for Kingfish to have said, "...which is incorrectly perceived to be white"?

Moving to another question: Why would the Senate amendment give the Cap PoPo the authority to cruise all of Jackson yet limit the authority of the Jxn PoPo to areas not in the proposed district.

I can't see any reason for Lamar to not support the Senate changes. I do think he ought to devote time, however, to developing a similar policing authority up in his home county - sorely needed.

Anonymous said...

Why does the Capitol PD need to patrol the entire City of Jackson? That is reducing its ability to make an impact. The entire point of expanding the powers of the Capitol PD was to allow JPD, with it's low manpower, to patrol less territory, increasing JPD's effectiveness.

This makes zero sense and shows how weak Republicans are when the liberals and their media partners start hollering racism.

mmorris1908 said...

The bigger question is what Kenny Stokes has done for the water situation other than providing bottled water. The point that is really looked over is that this issue has been going on longer than Kenny stokes has been in office. Clearly, this is an issue that is not entirely the mayor's fault because it was a problem that was inherited and well known it was not going clear up overnight.
Kenny Stokes has been in office since the beginning of time. At one point does he take accountability of issues and act on resolving them. Instead of screaming about it to the media... Just a thought

Anonymous said...

Since Bumble’s gated community is in the CCID, does this mean he loses his JPD personal security and entourage and has to live like us common folk?

Anonymous said...

@9:14 - If the Capital Police Department is (correctly or incorrectly) perceived by the City and others to be a 'white organization', how would giving the department expanded, city-wide patrol-authority do anything to counter charges of racism? Seems to me it would only fan the flames.

Anonymous said...

"Why does the Capitol PD need to patrol the entire City of Jackson?"

He didn't say that.

Anonymous said...

These amendments, as presented by KF, are thoughtfully composed. EG: We don't want Jackson's thugs to prefer to terrorize some areas in the city just because Cap Police don't patrol it.

Anonymous said...

Why are people crying about “appointed judges?” We have them in every state already. They are called Federal.

Anonymous said...

9:23. Only so as to avoid the perception that Northeast Jackson would be getting effective crime control. We can’t have that, so, unless the amended bill greatly increases the number of capital police officers, we’ll just reduce their effectiveness by spreading them thin. That we it will look like the legislature did something while limiting its impact.

Anonymous said...

Some effort needed to be made to clean up the bill. Putting in time constraints on appointments, eliminating unnecessary appointments to civil courts, and making the provisions of the bill at least appear applicable to other parts of the state make it more likely to pass judicial muster when inevitably challenged in the higher courts. What sense does it make to pass a law you know will be overturned? That's old Mississippi politics and it got us nowhere.

MadCo Twitter Yappy Dog said...

That's a contradiction in terms which makes zero sense.

Only if you are ignorant to the demographic changes that have taken place in Ward 1 over the past 20 years. Which you apparently are.

Anonymous said...

Why should my tax dollars go to protect a few rich (mostly white) folks in select parts of Jxn? Protect the Capitol and the state's surrounding interests (like they've done for years), but that should be it.

This is a democracy, the voters in a municipality should determine (and pay for) these issues.

MadCo Twitter Yappy Dog said...

Since Bumble’s gated community is in the CCID.

100% incorrect if referring to Lumumba.

Anonymous said...

These changes should satisfy Kenny Stokes and Bennie Thompson. It's a great compromise.

Anonymous said...

Giving the Capitol Police city-wide jurisdiction eliminates the argument that the district is meant to encompass those areas where most of the city's white population resides. That could help fight the coming legal challenge. Also there was no defensible reason to include the Chancery Court in the original bill. There are more than a few lawyers in the legislature, it's about time they earned their money.

Anonymous said...

The hidden meaning to all this can be summarized as follows: "Jackson may be a sack of crap, but it's OUR sack of crap, and you white folks need to leave us alone, unless of course we need some money."

Anonymous said...

This is silly, just update all violent felony laws so that they have a mandatory minimum of 10-20+ years and that the judge cannot suspend any portion of the sentence.

Anonymous said...

not a democracy

it's a representative democracy where you vote for the representatives who "should determine (and pay for) these issues"

Anonymous said...

"This is a democracy, the voters in a municipality should determine (and pay for) these issues."

And when that municipality is the State's Capital city, the State and its citizens shouldn't have a say? It's an embarrassment to Mississippians to travel to Jackson and see the shape their Capital city is in.

Anonymous said...

This is not going to do any good. The same corrupt judges and DA will be getting the felony cases from the Capitol Police. If you get a chance, go listen to the committee deliberations on this bill. It is located here:

Sen. Higgins said that he met with DA Owens, and feels that he is doing a really good job. He must not live here in Hinds County and keep up with these cases. He has obviously been pressured into conceding. Also, listen to the comments about the current circuit court judges pushing back against the special appointed judges. I found that very interesting, but not surprising. If you can suffer through Sen. Blackmon's "questioning," you can easily see that someone (the mayor, judges, and Co., I'm sure), has made this list of questions for her. She repeatedly asks if cases will be given randomly to the new judges, as if the current circuit judges are not going to like that they can't cherry pick their cases? Hmm. As usual, lots of shadiness going on in Hinds County. It is sad that the senate is getting scared and pandering to the minority of HB 1020 protesters.

Anonymous said...

✔ Won't end catch and release
✔ Won't reduce Jackson murder rate
✔ Won't reduce Jackson drive-by shootings
✔ Won't suddenly make Antard competent
✔ Won't increase the number of JPD officers on the streets
✔ Won't slow or stop Jackson's exponential population loss
✔ Won't make Jeff Good an actual Thought Leader
✔ Won't reduce Circuit Court blessings

Anonymous said...

The modification is a compromise and likely will pass. Solves a lot of problems.

Anonymous said...

9:54 Take a Civics class. This is not a Democracy. We have never had a Democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic.

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for legislation like this the race hustling grifters would be unemployed.

Words Have Meaning said...

9:23 may or may not have properly split a hair.

Depends on what is is. If the term jurisdiction includes the activity of patrolling, then the Cap PoPo DOES have city-wide patrol capability.

If *jurisdiction* is only defined to strictly mean the authority to enter areas of the city outside the 'district' for purposes of investigation and arrest (as examples) then there may exist a split hair.

However, if a crime is committed within the 'district' and the Cap PoPo are riding around in west Jackson looking for an involved vehicle, then THEY ARE PATROLLING.

Maybe the PERS 'haircut bandit' can step up here and tell us whether this hair is straight or nappy.

One thing for sure, though, regardless of demographics, neither northeast Jackson nor any other part is 'White Jackson'. Allowing that there are more White residents there than in other areas of the city does not equate to White Jackson. Calling someone ignorant for pointing out that fact is rather ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Proof positive as to Delbert's cold feet. Worried too much about perception and ignoring solutions so he cuts and runs

If he continues in this mindset on all bills related to Jackson he will convince me to do the unthinkable - vote for McDaniel.

Anonymous said...

So, to sum-it-up, Northeast Jackson is still DOOMED, and since Madison is being rendered uninhabitable by airplane noise, there's no real alternative to moving as far from Mississippi as one can get.

Anonymous said...

NE Jax is still majority white. Yes, many some moved. But many are still there and ain’t moving— including Hosemann. So Stop that nonsense KF

The U.S. Is A Constitutional Republic said...

10:27 said this, "it's a representative democracy where you vote for the representatives ..."

Since the pure definition our type of government is largely left up to pundits, experts on our founders, and various know-it-alls who have never been wrong, I'll submit this:

I think we're a constitutional republic. If liberals need to demand that the word democratic be in the middle of each definition, they can wallow in that pain as they do all the others.

MadCo Twitter Yappy Dog said...

Proof positive as to Delbert's cold feet.

Hosemann's problem is there are too many contested Donkey primaries impacting Jackson and Hinds that won't leave him enough room to pull a Cochran regardless of the potential $$$timulus available to motivate those voters.

The rest of the state outside of the metro doesn't give a damn about HB1020 no matter what the LBC and CNNMTMSNBCMFPABCCBS would like you believe.

Anonymous said...

LeFleur East may still be majority white but NE Jackson is likely not.

Anonymous said...

@11:46 - You're spot-on about Delbert.

As he said on oath-of-office day (Lt. Governor) when he appointed democrat committee chairmen, this is about talent, and we move on from party. To interpret that comment: "I'm willing to be a democrat when it will benefit my current and future political career. I am hereby announcing my disaffiliation with the Republican Party until and unless it will benefit me to reclaim affiliation, at which time you won't be able to figure me out".

Over the past seven years, he has danced on top of the fence just enough to entice votes from democrats, primarily black democrats. And just enough to NOT piss-off enough white republicans to cost him an election.

Anonymous said...

How so 10:47? Two appointed Judges who don’t have to worry with elections might not grant three years worth of delays to defense attorneys, and might not hand out “blessings”. That’s a huge start.

Anonymous said...

Buckhead is seceding from Atlanta. Why can’t Fondren or JCC do the same thing?

Anonymous said...

I think this is great, but of course I own a house in the city of Madison!

Anonymous said...

I think you are mistaken about race, sport.

39211 is:

41.60% White

54.60% Black/African American

0.00% Native

2.00% Hispanic

1.00% Asian

0.00% Hawaiian/Pacific Islander

0.60% Two or more races

0.10% Other

Anonymous said...


Also: This continuation of catch and release won't stop the Jackson crime sewer from overflowing into the adjacent communities as it has been..... nice cave Delbert.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. is a Democratic Constitutional Republic. Note the period.

Anonymous said...

Someone in the Mississippi legislature did read their history books or at least learned something in law school. A law is not a law if it is overturned by the high court. If all they want to do is to put on a big show for the people back home in podunk, then pass all kinds of bills that they know won't stand a legal fight, then go ahead. Mississippi did that for years, that's why we have been a laughing stock for the rest of the country.

Anonymous said...

154 - a law is a law until and if it is overturned by a high court.

There is nothing in HB1020 as it passed the House that would lead to it being overturned. Since you seem to think differently, state the basis for your opinion rathter than just parrot what the Hinds County Judges said in their press conference opposing it.

Just because they don't like it doesn't mean it would be overturned. Check the constitution and come back with some specifics.

Anonymous said...

Moving the State Capitol makes more sense.
Use virtual meetings and relocate State employees. And allow Jackson to govern itself.

Anonymous said...

12:39 PM... IF the cases are assigned randomly. I believe that cases are handed out based on what the judge wants, and what will benefit them. Look at the case of the JPD officers turned Clinton PD officers. Judge Peterson threw out two of the officers' charges citing lack of evidence. Judge Wooten was determined to get the third officer, Anthony Fox, into her courtroom. (I wonder why? Election year maybe?) I assume that Judge Tomie Green, being the senior judge, granted that request. Once in her courtroom, she was able to manipulate a manslaughter charge out of the jury. There is nothing fair about the judiciary in Hinds County for certain folks. I watched the YouTube link that 10:44 posted to the discussion of HB 1020. Blackmon repeatedly asked how the cases would be assigned. Wiggins repeatedly said that they are adults and should be able to figure that out. I guess he was wrong again!

Anonymous said...

A law is not a law if it is overturned by the high court.

CCID already exists and hasn't been challenged. MS Constitution allows the establishment of inferior courts. Tell us why HB1020 would get overturned? Please be specific.

Anonymous said...

12:43 PM
Unfortunately for Buckhead (and fortunately for Atlanta) they failed in their secession effort. Fondren is populated by the kind of white liberal that will put up with Jackson horseshit. I have an in-law that lives in Fondren.

Anonymous said...

2:57 pm

I live in Fondren and the crime is not acceptable.

I live near work and hospitals and nice restaurants though and I avoid serious traffic.

If i didnt have to go to jackson for work I’d probably reside in Madison….it’s super nice.

Jackson is in the process of receiving 1 billion in needed aid for water and sewer improvement and will likely be on the upswing over the next 20 years because of that investment.

Fondren has 2 new restaurants now taking over the 2 that recently closed….more apartments coming and hospital growth.

The new CCID is a great idea and some form of it will talk hold.

Things are looking up and I’m excited about it……life is good.

Anonymous said...

For 3:18's sake, I genuinely hope he/she/they is right.
I am glad you live in a city that you love. We all deserve that.

Anonymous said...

A Constitutional Republic is not a Democratic Republic. A Democratic process (assuming one might exist from time to time) does derive from our Constitution but insistence on using the word democrat is bullshit.

Get *woke* some other place.

Anonymous said...


I have no idea what you are attempting to argue, but your attempt to equate "democracy" with "woke" is laughable.

A republic can be democratic or it can be socialist, etc. Our republic is both a constitutional republic by structure and a democratic republic by principle, in that we elect representatives.

Anonymous said...

@4:39 - I didn't equate democracy with 'woke'. I equated democrat with 'woke'. Try to pay attention. The 'woke' have long ago hijacked the democrat party to the point where the two words are synonymous.

Anonymous said...

The individual states are democratic, the nation as a whole is a representative republic.

Anonymous said...

10:38 - 'The individual states' employ the exact same mechanism as the feds - Election of representatives who decide our direction. That's a constitutional representative autonomous state which then elects federal representatives to vote the wishes of those who they represent (supposedly).

Simply because it doesn't work as intended is no reason to abandon definitions.

Anonymous said...

"Buckhead is seceding from Atlanta. Why can’t Fondren or JCC do the same thing?"

Why would The Fondren secede from Jackson when the word Fondren is slap dab in the middle of the definition of Jackson?

The Fondren serves as comedic balance to West Jackson and both are happy as pigs in slop, as it were, to be in the city limits.

Anonymous said...

10:38 - When was the last time you voted on a bill or anything else other than who gets sent to Jackson every January?

Regardless of opinions about the Civil War or drugs, You saw democracy in action with the flag and the marijuana votes, did you not? And you see your democratic opinion count when Gunn and/or Hoseman cut off debate simply to stifle the voices of democracy.

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand how the amended bill does anything for the judicial situation. If you have the same judicial system that has a revolving door for the criminals by failing to prosecute the criminals or downgrading the charges so no time is served, how is that going to reduce the crime? One of the primary reasons Jackson and most other failing PD's are in the shape they are in is because the criminals do not fear being arrested because they know there will not be any consequences for thier actions. The City does not even have a funcitoning jail to keep them in.

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