Thursday, February 23, 2023

A Water Payment in Every Pot?

 It appears quite a few Jackson residents might see their past due water bills wiped free.  WAPT reported: 


Anonymous said...

You have to submit your bill but they won’t give everyone a bill.

Anonymous said...

@1:27 You also have to submit to an English class that you clearly have not attended.

Anonymous said...

Acting shocked that a years worth of water is over $700? Um, that’s about $60 per month. Free water mentality.

Anonymous said...

Just don’t pay. Apparently it doesn’t matter in Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Can we quit pretending that Federal money is “free”?

Anonymous said...

The Jackson water crises shiggety shakedown continues. Calling all Code E’s to the dance floor, it’s time for a complete water bill elimination on the backs of the American taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

you have to wonder if messing up the water payments ultimately leading to this pot of money was the plan the whole time. Think about it, if they can wipe out the debt by pulling out of this fund, they can also make up what you owe them........ In order to orchestrate that kind of situation you would have to be without a bill for a prolonged period of time, then one day get an exhorbitant bill in the mail........

Anonymous said...

Henifin: Doing what Lumumba could only dream of. The most radical water manager on the planet.

Is he gonna run for mayor when his $400k per year ticket expires?

Anonymous said...

Lets see - she went a year without receiving, and therefore not paying, a 'water' bill. That means she was also not paying for sewer and garbage - something she fails to acknowledge when she says "I live alone, couldn't have used that much water".

An average bill for a single person, living alone, water/sewer/garbage in Jackson is $65 - $75 per month. If she went a year without paying, as she says, she probably owes more than the $777.77 --- granted, Lumumba and the idiots claiming to run the city couldn't possibly get her a bill and didn't make her pay anything during that year.

Now - Henefin, our new Tzar, or czar, or whatever his socialist title is, has decided to take federal money intended for repairing the system and using it to pay off these bills, helping him achieve his goal of saying water should be free, and moving the money from one account, through a payment meter, and back into another account. Like he says, the money will go into the system (eventually) but first will be used to wipe out the Accounts Receivable balance. Same scam the Mayor tried to get through the legislature the last couple of years, with a little success ----- but it had 'oversight' on the process.

Now, Czar Henefin has figured out a way to avoid that oversight and give away the water he thinks should be free anyway, along with the sewer collection, and the biggest of all, the garbage fee. Guess he thinks those services should be free as well, although he can't use the same logic he has sold to Emerich, Good, and others about the 'cost' of water when it comes to garbage collection.

Anonymous said...

socialism on steroids

Anonymous said...


Aww, Sugarbritches, that ain't no nevermind.


Anonymous said...

Well...first of all,some of the Sieman's meters might have run constantly as well as not working at all. I know my new meter has resulted in lower water payments.

The old joke among lawyers is that " You can't get blood out of a turnip, but you can put a turnip's ( bottom side) in jail".
What logic is there in expecting those with exorbitant water bills CAN pay them? And, if they fight it legally or just don't pay and water is turned off, then what?
Well, they can move to another location. You can continue legal measure to try for " blood", but what you don't get is the money.
You do have a chance of getting revenue streams and billing working with a " do over".
And, these big bills aren't likely as expensive and the cost in time and money of trying to legally pursue for non- payment.
But Godforbid that we logically address any issue rather than do a " knee jerk" partisan reaction.

Anonymous said...

Jackson, making grift its public policy.

Anonymous said...

Just do a chapter 16 filing. put the city and all water debtors in bankruptcy

Anonymous said...

How much you want to bet that participant contact data gets harvested and shuffled off for usage by Rukia?

Not inclined to vote for McDaniel but if Hosemann doesn't get that damn House legislation passed, however flawed, he won't see my vote in the primary.

Anonymous said...

1:54, I think you give Lumumba and his people way too much credit, not that they are above creating a crisis to steer contracts. I don't think there is any way they could have planned the water crises to work out so cleanly to result in truckloads of federal dollars.

Trash pickup is a good example. Judge Dickinson threw the mayor a lifeline, but that one was ultimately decided against Lumumba in court, and that ruling stands unless it is reversed on appeal (which it almost certainly won't be).

Anonymous said...

Seems if you have a big bill because somebody put you on the e-Code list so that you would not be cut off for not paying a bill, then you should not now be forgiven for not paying the bill. That is the feds funding fraud at its most basic level. Or, at least that is the taxpayers funding fraud at its most basic level.

Anonymous said...

$30million(1/3) of the Siemens settlement money went to out of state attorneys who are friends with Lumumba. $30million. That could erase a lot of debt and fix stuff. That settlement could have been by COJ attorneys or one of the hundreds of local atty's that would have been a lot cheaper. It was pretty cut and dry. Why isn't anyone publicly talking about that. $30mil could have gone a long way in this situation, yet Lumumba decided to bless some friends.

Anonymous said...

341 - true enough about the attorney fees.

BUT more importantly, there was $60 million that the city received and kept. And NONE of it went into the water/sewer fund. The claim against Siemens was that the city lost money due to their equipment. They collected. They paid the attorneys a shitpot full of money.

But, they didn't use any of the 'gains' to fund the water/sewer operation.

If that ain't good management, spend it on pet projects, bankrupt the system, and then get Uncle Suga' to take over and pad the bank account.

What a country!

Justin Case said...

All you lettuce-heads need to sit still and think about one thing and one thing only, and that is this: This whole water, garbage, planet destruction, corruption and money laundering scheme falls right in line with Chocwe, the elder's, plan to break off from normal society and establish an entirely separate nation of Islam - The Republic of New Afrika.

Originally, Daddy Choc envisioned the plantation comprising the entire delta region of the state. Junior Choc and baby sister have switched that dream to all of Hinds County, with Jackson being the Universal, high-on-the-mountain, Holy and most sovereign center of the newly created nation. U.S.Federal funding will flow like shit-water headed south into the Pearl.

I could go on with the plan, but you see the reality of it and how it's all coming together.

Anonymous said...

If the Federal Government can do that where this lady said she had not paid for services for a year; why can’t Social Security people who have little income & struggled to pay their utilities also be credited back for paying our bills on time? Double dipping since this lady paid NO GARBAGE air sewer either. Something is wrong!

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to take a good hard look at Jackson and how’s its being run into the ground, because that is the future of the United States being run by woke radical Democrats.

Anonymous said...

IT won't happen but it would be hilarious if they turned all past due water bills over to a collection agency. Can you imagine ?

Anonymous said...

Those are rookie numbers. Gotta pump those numbers up. I got a $2000 bill once.

Anonymous said...

Community Shaming is in order for the bloodsucking leeches on the E List and Federal Water Bill Grant List except for those who are certifiably disabled or have an MD's letter attesting to a condition that prevents them from working and paying their bills.

Anonymous said...

I'm with 3:19. It pains me to vote for McDaniel, but at least you know where he stands. Delbert, not so much. You literally cannot believe a thing he says.

Anonymous said...

6:37, shameless folks cannot be community shamed.

Anonymous said...

Free tha Land
Free tha Water

Who was it that said "Free water is a God given right."

Anonymous said...

That is correct, 4:35. Lumumba is a Black Nationalist, plain and simple, and Jackson is to be the headquarters of his birthright and would-be nation. His chief of staff, Safiya Omari, is the chief cleric and lead thinker.

Not too long ago, the official letterhead of the Jackson Public Schools featured the pan-African flag, in full color. I guess they had to change that when white folks figured out what it was.

This is not a liberal v. conservative or Democrat v. Republican dynamic. It is black-separatist v. everyone else, and they are buying support with government funds/contracts.

Anonymous said...

4:35, sadly that might be the best outcome for all parties. Jackson and the Delta wouldn’t be such a loss.

Anonymous said...

I worked with a mayor in South Mississippi once who wanted to give the people in the city free water for a month because the water fund was so flush. An AG‘s opinion said that was illegal, as he could not give away something to residents that cost the city money (without charging them for it) as that would equate to political favors. Not sure how this is any different.

Anonymous said...

2:58, you said: "But Godforbid that we logically address any issue rather than do a " knee jerk" partisan reaction."

I have logical solution...put the people with a past due balance on a payment plans, so they can pay what they legally and rightfully owe. Respectfully, those who did not receive a monthly bill knew very well they were using a service/product that they've had to pay for in the past and that they would eventually have to pay for in the future even though they may not have receive a monthly bill. Rather than taking advantage of the billing problem, not paying anything for what they knew they owed, and and just letting their bill/debt add up every month, why not send in a payment each month anyway for the average amount they had used in the past, what they were already used to paying each month, in order to prevent their bill from adding up and then getting hit with a large bill at once? No, instead they chose to take advantage of the issue and hope they wouldn't ever have to pay. That's neither fair nor logical. So do the fair and logical thing and put them on a payment plan, so they can pay what they owe.

Using your logic... If a person doesn't pay their credit card bill or mortgage each month, and then they have a huge bill to pay, does that mean you or the government comes in and pays the bill for them ? What about personal responsibility ? Every day we're inching closer and closer to a nanny state of nothing but dependents where the government provides everything for us so we don't have to do anything and have no personal responsibility for anything. I'm all for helping those who cannot help themselves, but I'm not for helping those who can help themselves but don't even try to do so.

Anonymous said...

@7:36, just wondering. Did that mayor ever run for governor?

Anonymous said...

This whole erasing past bills thing is simple - Nobody can figure out how to review previous usage, previous bills, previous no-bills or how to distinguish legitimate due-bills from received-but-erroneous bills. So, hell, shit-can them all, eat the losses and move forward with yet another scheme.

Meanwhile, the management team meets (at an undisclosed retreat-location) to review current, pending and potential lawsuits and grants. This is what radical leeches have done for at least 60 years.

Anonymous said...

What 8:22 said. But did the DoJ EPA sign off on this. As I read the consent decree, Jackson couldn't contract unless it was approved.

And why use fed money anyway. No one knows who owes and how much. I figured at some point the city would just "start from ground zero."

I wouldn't be happy spending 150/mo when I use less water than others, but if I knew Everyone was paying an assessment of some amount, and the water system worked, it would actually be an improvement over the past. And that says how bad Antar and previous mayors for 30 years messed this up.

But I'm convinced Antar will find a way to give free water to people anyway. There's no fix if Jax is running the billing.

Anonymous said...

I just cannot seem to make myself care about this issue the way I used to.

Fatigue is inevitable, I suppose.

Water, Garbage, Crime, Broken Judicial System, Corruption, its never ending.

At least Ted is not pretending to be interested in fairness. He openly plans to stick it to those that don't live in shit hole homes. He is not even discussing usage based billing. So if you stay, don't say you weren't warned.

Anonymous said...

Before any decision on who pays how much the water meters have to be working. That is step one. If the water meters are not working we will have to continually go through the whole pile of shit every couple of years.

Get the meters working then tell the people either pay for what they use or be cut off. It seems to work in every other water dept. Problem is there are too many crooks working for the city of Jackson. From the top to the bottom. I would suggest getting rid of all of the thieves but I know that is not likely to happen.

The city of Jackson does not have a single department working right. From what I can see the water department is getting worse rather than better. Please Jackson, get just one department working right. That will be a start.

Wow said...

I will be applying for this just to see what happens.

I have been average billed for 10+ years based on an "estimate."

With the new water meters its clear that my "estimate" was estimating I used more water than what the new meters say I use.

But the news say the new meters can't be trusted either?

This is all such a mess.

Anonymous said...

The new meters do in fact work. Ted refers to the boxes being high, which does not affect the reads. The new meters do not help his agenda to move to property based billing.

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