Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Clinton Rejects Medical Marijuana 60%-40%

 Medical marijuana will not be coming to Clinton after voters rejected it at the polls today.  

Medical marijuana supporters submitted a petition for a referendum on allowing medical marijuana in Clinton.  The referendum was held today.  938 Clinton residents voted for medical marijuana but 1,380 voters rejected the measure.  

Clinton Mayor Phil Fisher said "I'm very pleased with the results of the vote.  Now we keep moving forward." 


Madison county said...

Once again Clinton rejects an opportunity to be “Progressive”. Drive through our downtown and get a picture of a Mississippi town from the 1950’s.

Anonymous said...

As expected. Lot of work for nothing by both sides.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, Clinton announced today that Milwaukee Tools is leaving and taking 100 jobs to China. Allowing cultivation would have replaced those. I do agree with banning the storefronts.

Anonymous said...

But, but, but 87.361% of Mississippi voted for marijuana medicine!!!! This can't be right!!!! Joel, help us!!!!

Anonymous said...

But But But 70thousandZillion Mississippians voted for it. It was an ORGANIC MOVEMENT…..the people need their MEDICINE. You’re throwing grandma off the Cliff. What about the WILL OF THE PEOPLE?

Anonymous said...

Good for Clinton. Well done.

Anonymous said...

The average age in Clinton has to 65. This result should send shivers down the spines of mayors of younger towns. This is not white black or Dem vs GOP, this is nothing more than old versus young. The marijuana folks picked the worst town in Clinton to be the first up to bat. I foresee some towns passing this.

Meanwhile, sufferers in Clinton can still get their MM. Clinton will simply forego the jobs in cultivating it.

Anonymous said...

If Clinton really is a picture of a Mississippi town in the 1950s, that makes me want to move there.

Anonymous said...

8:02 I believe they are taking the jobs to Grenada Ms where they are building a 140,000 sq ft building on I -55

Anonymous said...

Clintonians don't like the "smell of stupid" either. I smell it at every red light. This stuff does more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

Like anybody in Clinton wants to smoke pot. They are too consumed with choir practice and the Sunday buffet.

Anonymous said...

This will be a no brainer for Byram and Ridgeland. I’ll take all bets that it passes there.

Kingfish said...

You funny.

Not happening in Ridgeland. Didn't help supporters got caught committing fraud.

Anonymous said...

@8:59 Byram already allows marajuana sales

Anonymous said...

8:05- this is 8:06…. This is 2 different people posting. Just saying. It’s funny though.

Anonymous said...

8:29 - obviously you ate just as ignorant as many of those that voted for I65, and went to the polls today in Clinton.

What you said in your post is nothing more than a total expression of your - and many of the stoners who still say this is medicinal.

The vote today was over the SALE of marijo. Not the CULTIVATION of weed.

But - thanks for playing. You added to the ignorance of your group

Anonymous said...

@8:29 65 years old - It's cause they smoke real weed.

Charlie said...

NOBODY is going to be SMOKING MM in the state (dumbass is implied). The skunky-assed weed I keep smelling while driving up State St or along Northside has NOTHING to do with this. I don’t remember it smelling that annoying back in the day. MM is NOT going to be available in a smokable form.

Anonymous said...

KF - your blog might have won the award for the consistent, stupiedest, whatever, set of comments about shit that nobody on here really understood --- or those that the losers in the fight really understood but wanted to try to hid behind the facts.

In the 60's, when local option was the thing about acholol - as it retained its position in many Mississippi communities into the last decade - public perception of an issue did not always overall what 'local' perception actually existed.

The advocates (idiots/whatever that continue to try to peddle the 73% number, ignoring the real and certified 57% - want to claim that EVERYBODY wants pot)

But - that number varies. Not all 57% that said - with the choice being medical under x or y, we will take x. That still did not say we wanted it at home.

Clinton - said no. And they said it again as no.

The potheads (forget the so called "medicals', they can as well) go into Jackson.. Or Byram. Its not that far - just go down Clinton/Byram Parkway - short distance - until you hit a "dispencary" of your "drug".

Hell, I went 25 miles to get to the local beer joint in the 60's, down a major highway while our courty was "dry". But Ed was always there for my 'relief'. ''

This is nothing different. But MUCH much shorter. Going to Byram is a lot shorter distance to get your "relef" than when we went to Eds at the Lauderdale County Line to get either a Bud or a Schlitz for ours

Anonymous said...

@8:02 - Congratulations! Your untrue comment was published here. No, Clinton has NOT announced that 100 Milwaukee Tool jobs are leaving for China.

Soon to open is a brand new MT project in Grenada County that will create 800 new jobs. (the Jackson rag-paper says 1200).

There will be no need for a redundant 100 manufacturing jobs in Clinton. No mention yet of the life-expectancy of the nearby Greenwood plant or the one in Marshall County.


Anonymous said...

Don’t be so sure Kingfish. Ridgeland is slightly more democrat and a whole lot younger than Clinton. I’d expect the vote to be very close.

Anonymous said...

12:03, you COULD drive 25 miles in the ‘60’s to get a beer because gas was .20 per gallon unlike the unrealistic price we are paying and have been paying for the last 2 years. I also saw a map of how Hinds County was split and one half being designated dry and the other half as wet. The State never had any business being in the liquor business and all of the mixture the MM and wet and dry counties don’t make sense to me. Gimme my Bourbon and to hell with that smelly ass weed!

Anonymous said...

In other states, weed causes many more problems than it solves, Clinton has common sense to realize that.

Anonymous said...

The liver-spot stained hand brigade will be typing furiously again today!

Anonymous said...

Soon to open is a brand new MT project in Grenada County that will create 800 new jobs.

A massive building. Unfortunate for Clinton but a heap of new jobs for Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

I guarantee you that when the state voted last year to legalize MM, Clinton voted 60-40 against. Yesterday was no surprise, whether you are for or against MM. Somebody wasted a lot of effort on this initiative.

Anonymous said...

12:03 Your numbers are little wrong.

The first ballot question asked was "should Mississippi allow qualified patients with debilitating medical conditions, as certified by Mississippi licensed physicians to use medical marijuana"

816,107 people voted Yes which resulted in 68.52% of the vote for that question. "We didn't say we want it at home" was not a choice.

The numbers are around, and it honestly is much more popular than you would like to admit. I'm sorry, but it just is.

Anonymous said...

Two production facilities here in Canton that I am aware of. Southern Sky right at the I-55 118 exit and Bragg Canna on Rt 43 where the old furniture factory was. Will have several dispensaries in town.

You all may want to become familiar with the MM Laws, packaging of the product (No it will not come in little plastic baggies), need to have your MM ID Card, use verbiage etc.


Stay Happy and no fighting amongst yourselves.

Smokable killer weed said...

@12:00 AM - BS! Read the regulations, specifically Chapter 16. Smokable is being sold https://www.dor.ms.gov/medical-cannabis-dispensary-regulations#fifteen

Anonymous said...

8:54 And????

Kingfish said...

4:50: let me guess, you're from out of state. They already submitted a petition in ridgeland and failed.

Anonymous said...

4:50 AM is from Kalifornia via Austin.

PotHeads Will Say ANYTHING to get Stoned said...

The average age in Clinton has to 65. .....

this is nothing more than old versus young. .....

Don’t be so sure Kingfish. Ridgeland is slightly more democrat and a whole lot younger than Clinton.

Median Age

Clinton, MS = 34.6 years
Ridgeland, MS = 34.7 years

Anonymous said...

Clinton Resident

#1-Clinton Median age is 34.6. Ridgeland is 34.7. So most people in Clinton are not over 65.

#2-Yesterday there were many signs around Clinton that said "Vote No Today" I didn't see a single sign that said "Vote Yes"

#3-Milwaukee Tool is consolidating in Grenada. Not moving to China.

#4-Clinton borders Jackson. There's a store next to the Papa Johns on HWY80 right over the line that has bright lights that announces their products, which are hemp oriented. And there's CBD oils and stuff in Kroger.

#5-If by 1950's Mississippi downtown, you meant that we have outdoor markets, restaurants, concerts, and go-cups without fear of being shot or robbed, you are correct. Olde Town is a huge asset to residents here.

PotHeads Will Say ANYTHING to get Stoned said...

12:03 Your numbers are little wrong. ... The numbers are around, and it honestly is much more popular than you would like to admit. I'm sorry, but it just is.

Check the official certified out of Watson's office. YOU are incorrect. Undervotes matter.

Anonymous said...

Another petition is being worked on in Ridgeland.

Once it is brought to a vote, it will be closer than any other place so far. West Ridgeland looks alot different than East thanks to Glukstadt

Anonymous said...

@ 7:38 PM

In the 1950's you didn't have to lock your doors. I know you progressives want every city to be like Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and lets not for get the most radical city in America the shining city on a hill Jackson, MS .

Anonymous said...


"You didn't have to lock your doors in the 1950s"

I have no idea why y'all keep lying to yourselves about this.

PotHeads Will Say ANYTHING to get Stoned said...

West Ridgeland looks alot different than East thanks to Glukstadt.

Say no more.

Anonymous said...

Less than 10% of the population in Clinton voted. You can not base anything on that percentage. If anything that is pretty concerning..

Anonymous said...

What time were the polls open in Clinton. If it had been after midnight, the yeas would have prevailed.

It was a conspiracy to keep the unemployed and late-sleeping-stoners away from the polls and that's my final answer.

Anonymous said...

9:17 Im a Clinton Native and you are spot on.

Anonymous said...

@9:17 BINGO. Our mayor in Clinton is no nonsense, and he doesn't hide it. He supports public safety 110%, and that is how Clinton has resisted turning into west Jackson. He allows CPD to do their job, and it has been effective. You can see the east end of Clinton slipping some (Walmart, Wing Stop, Dollar Tree), and that probably does deter some new businesses, but as long as Mississippi College and the west end of town is prospering, Clinton will be ok until at least the end of Phil's reign.

Anonymous said...


How does Phil support public safety when CPD won't hire all of the police officers that are budgeted for the city? East Clinton isn't deterring businesses and if you think that, well... lol

Stuff About ZeroBear PolyBear said...

NOte: I do not have a prescription for Marijuana and have no desire to obtain one. I do know without a prescription for THC edibles, no one can go into a Marijuana dipensary and obtain and THC laced edibles for drug treatment.

Now, here is my post on the subject.

Life is full of irony isn't it. The Clinton vote yesterday was to allow dispensing establishments to fill prescriptions for a drug in Clinton, under the conditions set by the State Legislature. Yesterday, the folks in Clinton said "Not in our town".

However, a person with a prescription written by the same doctor who would have prescribed THC therapy can go to Walgreens, CVS or Kroger grocery store and get the highly addictive Oxycontin. A person with no prescription at all can go to any of severalk local liquor stores in Clinton and buy 100 bottles of gin (If that is their drug of choice).

But cheating Doctors could prescribe THC? Probably, just like they could prescribe Oxycontin, or other dangerous drugs.

But bad parents could give some of their prescription pot to their kids? Maybe. Just like their Oxycontin or Gin.

I don;t want to get into a lengthy discussion on how easy it is for anyone to buy illegal Marijuana, Oxycontin, Meth, or Fentanyl.

Life continues to be strange, doesn't it

Anonymous said...

For those desperately trying to push the 'Being a Pothead is the Young-'n-Hip Thing to Do' idea, I would like to point-out the thread about the Doobie Brothers concert in Brandon. The music is 50-years-old, and those excited about the concert, are mostly around 70 years old. Many of the comments in that thread, were clearly from long-term "partakers" of "weed". (long-term, as in half-a-century)

There's nothing young or new about consuming that substance. Older people cringe, when they hear about "weed", because they've been around pot and potheads, since their early teens: they're SICK OF IT.

Anonymous said...

@12:44 The lack of officers is mainly because nobody wants to be a LEO in today's climate. I'm sure that in Clinton, like most metro area departments, the applicant pool is shallow, even with the recent pay raises of said agencies. Don't speak on things that you are not educated on. I've been in Clinton since 1990. You probably weren't alive then. You're just mad that we said no to marijuana. Move along, now!

Kingfish said...

Clinton is facing the same problem the other pd's are facing: a limited pool of applicants. Several Clinton police officers jumped over to Cap police as well. Then there are the hospitals. They are hiring LEO's because they pay better than the government employers.

Anonymous said...

"I have no idea why y'all keep lying to yourselves about this.

March 1, 2023 at 10:10 AM"

@ 10:10 AM, An hour south of Jackson we didn't lock our doors in the late sixties and into the early seventies unless we were leaving town for a few hours or leaving the state. Fuh troo.

Anonymous said...

I bypass each and every gas station and convenience store that has bars all across the front.

Figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Since when did so many JJ readers care about Clinton?

Anonymous said...

@ 10:10 AM, An hour south of Jackson we didn't lock our doors in the late sixties and into the early seventies unless we were leaving town for a few hours or leaving the state. Fuh troo.

Because you were in the middle of nowhere. lol

Anonymous said...

I agree 7:00 am. I could not care less about Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Since when did so many JJ readers care about Clinton? March 2, 2023 at 7:00 AM

New in these parts, are ya Luther. They're simply giving Madison, Ridgeland, Pearl and Flowood a break.

We're all in this together - 'cept for Jackson.

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