Friday, February 17, 2023

Governor Announces Major Infrastructure Funding

Lord Protector Tate Reeves issued the following statement. 

Governor Tate Reeves today announced his plan to drive further economic development and growth in Mississippi. The plan includes proposed infrastructure investments throughout the state coupled with site development efforts to entice more high-paying jobs from businesses that may locate in Mississippi.

“To better position our state for further economic growth, we need to invest in our state’s roads and increase the number of project-ready sites across Mississippi,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “These investments will go an incredibly long way toward giving Mississippi the competitive advantage it needs to land more economic development projects and deliver more high-quality, high-paying jobs for Mississippians.”

The proposed infrastructure investments represent approximately $1.3 billion in transportation capacity project funding. These projects are ready to begin construction upon receiving the necessary funds. Included in the $1.3 billion is an additional investment of $100 million into the Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Program, which all 300 municipalities and 82 counties across Mississippi are eligible to apply for.

The plan also includes $57 million in grants to develop project-ready sites across Mississippi. These sites are critical to attracting large businesses to the state. Once finished, these sites will allow companies to relocate to Mississippi immediately. These site-development grants have been approved and will begin work immediately.

The full list of infrastructure proposals and selected site development projects can be found below.

A map showing the investments can be found here.

Governor Reeves’ Proposed Transportation Infrastructure Projects
Northern Commission District
•    Tippah County- $150,086,966 for new alignment of MS 15 from Union County Line to 1 mile north of MS 4 at Ripley

•    Tippah County- $45,000,000 for new alignment of SR 2 from existing SR 15 to SR 15 Bypass

•    Lafayette County- $150,000,000 for new alignment of MS 7 from MS 9 to .2 mile north of SR 6

•    DeSoto County- $124,794,895 for widening of I-55 from Church Road to MS 302

•    Total Funding Requested (Northern Commission District): $469,881,861

Central Commission District
•    Neshoba County- $65,000,000 for widening of SR 19 from MS 492 to Tucker

•    Warren County- $10,300,000 for interchange improvement of Flowers Interchange

•    Yazoo County- $49,419,865 for pavement of US 49 to Bentonia to Yazoo City

•    Leflore County- $20,250,000 for the pavement of US 82, .24 miles West of SR 7 (Itta Bena) to .34 miles West of US 49E

•    Madison County- $65,000,000 for widening of I-55 from SR 463 to Gluckstadt

•    Lauderdale County- $10,000,000 for widening of US 80, Jimmy Rodgers Parkway to Russell

•    Rankin County- $55,000,000 for widening of SR 25 from Grant’s Ferry to SR 471 (including interchange improvements at 471)

•    Total Funding Requested (Central Commission District): $274,969,865

Southern Commission District
•    Harrison County- $43,014,474 for pavement rehab and widening of US 49 O’Neal Road to School Road

•    Covington County- $20,000,000 for pavement restoration of US 84 East of Collins

•    Jackson County- $60,000,000 for widening of US 90 from SR 609 to Dolphin Drive

•    Lincoln County- $30,000,000 for US 84 rubblization of concrete section from US 51 to SR 184

•    Walthall County- $6,000,000 for reconstruction of SR 48 at Davo Creek

•    Franklin County- $25,000,000 for reconstruction and slide repair of US 84 near Roxie

•    Forrest County- $64,530,000 for I-59 interchange improvements at I-59 and US 11- Phase 1

•    Forrest County- $111,900,000 for I-59 interchange improvements at I-59 and US 98- Phase 2

•    Total Funding Requested (Southern Commission District): $360,444,474

Proposed Funding for Existing Projects
•    Union County- $17,585,773 for widening, grading, bridging, and paving of SR 15 from the Pontotoc County Line to Kings Creek south of New Albany 

•    Washington County- $35,860,000 for paving US 82 Greenville Bypass from MS River Bridge to SR 1

•    Pike County- $7,800,000 for rubblization of concrete section from US 98/SR 24 to Summit and interchange improvements

•    Hancock/Harrison Counties- $24,000,000 for widening of I-10 from Diamondhead to Wolf River

The proposed $85,245,773 for these existing projects will free up funds, providing MDOT with further flexibility to fund additional infrastructure projects.

Total ALL DISTRICTS (Not Funded): $1,105,296,201

Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Proposed Funds: $100,000,000

Total Requested: $1,290,541,974

Governor Reeves also announced almost $57 million in new funding toward developing project-ready sites across the state. Site development grant funding was made available through the Mississippi Development Authority and Appalachian Regional Commission.

Site Development Projects Selected by Governor Reeves
•    EagleOne - Forrest and Lamar Counties: $9,091,513 to clear the site and build an all-weather road

•    Vicksburg River Megasite and Port Complex - Warren County: $4,948,086 for wetlands mitigation

•    Martintown North - Union County: $1,230,018 for land purchase, tree removal, design work and due diligence

•    RailHub South - Alcorn County: $3,307,300 to study electric capacity at the site, improve ingress and egress and clear acreage

•    Megasite at Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park - Marshall County: $2,048,813 to improve wastewater capacity

•    Oxford-Lafayette County Industrial Park - Lafayette County: $3,274,000 for clearing, improving road infrastructure and grading

•    Jackson County Aviation Technology Park - Jackson County: $3,265,552 for clearing and upgrades to the water service

•    Coldwater Site - Tate County: $100,000 for due diligence

•    Madison County Megasite - Madison County: $5,083,360 for access road extension with another entrance

•    Pearl River County Industrial Park - Pearl River County: $2,250,000 for access road improvements, clearing and grading

•    George County Industrial Park: $215,200 for clearing, grading, access road improvements, make rail access plans and plans for water and wastewater

•    Cleveland-Bolivar County Chamber of Commerce: $250,000 for clearing, excavating, and drainage improvements at Charles W. Dean Industrial Park

•    Economic Development Authority of Jones County: $250,000 for updated environmental due diligence, extending of existing roadways and constructing temporary railroad crossing at the I-59 South Industrial Site

•    Harrison County Development Commission: $150,000 for environmental due diligence at the GST Site

•    Hinds County Economic Development Authority: $119,250 for environmental due diligence and site clearing of trees and brush at Wyndale Industrial Center

•    Marion County Economic Development District: $250,000 for environmental due diligence and access road improvements at the Marion Regional AirPlex and IndustryPlex

•    Industrial Development Authority of Neshoba County: $250,000 for road improvements at the Neshoba County Industrial Park

•    Pike County Economic Development District: $250,000 for tree removal, signage, clearing and grubbing, along with creating a building pad, at Gateway Industrial Park

•    Rankin First Economic Development Authority: $250,000 for clearing and grading at East Metro Center Rail Site at the EMC Industrial Park

•    Claiborne County Port Commission: $17,500 for completing environmental due diligence at Claiborne County Port

•    Cleveland-Bolivar County Chamber of Commerce: $34,000 for completing environmental due diligence at Cleveland Municipal Airport

•    City of Fulton: $27,048 for flow assessments on the natural gas system for the Port Itawamba Harbor site

•    Greene County: $50,000 for environmental due diligence for 20 acres in Greene County Industrial Park

•    Pearl River County Board of Supervisors: $50,000 for completing environmental due diligence and clearing of 10 acres at Pearl River County Technology Park

•    Wayne County Board of Supervisors: $25,000 for environmental due diligence at Meadowlands Industrial Park

•    Yalobusha County Economic Development District: $16,190 to complete environmental due diligence at Gardiner Industrial Park

Port Improvements ($9,803,700):
•    Port of Aberdeen: $803,700 for site improvements, rehabilitation and new truck scale house

•    Port Bienville: $2 million to build a new warehouse

•    Yellow Creek Port: $1 million to construct a dry storage and equipment building

•    Amory Port North: $2 million to build a berth wall to improve loading and unloading

•    Port of Pascagoula River Harbor: $4 million to build rail cargo foundation with storage and staging

ARC Funding ($9,317,880): Martintown North, RailHub South, and the Megasite at Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park have been approved by Governor Reeves for ARC funding totaling $9,317,880 and are invited to submit full applications to ARC for ARC Southern Appalachian Automotive Worker Funding.


Anonymous said...

It appears that Hinds County got hind Teet. So sad, but Tater can't buy votes there so why waste the money?

Anonymous said...

This proves the need for an adequate, permanent funding plan for highways and bridges. But for our temporary surplus most of these projects would be shelved.

Anonymous said...


Jackson/Hinds county got exactly what they deserve. They wanted to be radical they got treated like radicals should be treated.

Anonymous said...

Look at the proposed spending in the backyard of his Democratic opponent.

Quid Pro Bro said...

Notice many of the line items are nice even numbers?

Tater: Yo bro, how much do you need for your project?

County contact: $20,000,000 ought to cover it (wink, wink).

Tater: It's coming your way, and say howdy to the missus.

Anonymous said...

Madison county - 70M
Rankin county - 55M
Hinds county - 119k

Anonymous said...

These highway improvements will assist sick people driving to UMC in Jackson since their local hospitals will be out of business.
It's so sad that we refuse the Medicaid expansion.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if this money was invested in repairing the highways we already have....

Anonymous said...

So where did all dis money come from?

Anonymous said...

And left 1 billion in the table to help Mississippians

He’s a sinister soul

Anonymous said...

Rankin and Madison counties are growing. Hinds county is dead. I say don’t give Hinds county anything.

Anonymous said...

Why should Hinds be treated specially?

Anonymous said...

Don't you worry, Bennie Thompsom will take care of Hinds County. Right. Right.

Anonymous said...

I believe Madison County projects relate to jobs, roads that lead to jobs, improvements that will benefit working people driving as far as 100 miles to get to work, investment in roads leading to future jobs-projects.

There might be a difference between Madison County and Hinds County other than race. Labor force participation rates don't discriminate. But play that card anyway.

Anonymous said...

You people who pop-off about race and party politics might want to know that neither Nissan nor Amazon give one crappola about either.

Those are the current giants in Madison County, along with their workforce, who stand to benefit from the MadCo improvements. And the improvements there will benefit other projects that will benefit in the years to come.

Meanwhile there are exit and entrance ramps on I-20 in western Hinds County that lead nowhere and benefitted nobody...because nobody came.

Anonymous said...

Actually you are all wrong.

Hinds County is missing from the Gov’s list because Hinds County is missing from MDOT’s 3-year plan.

Why? Is it because “they” are all racist?

No. It’s because Hinds County has gotten huge projects (hundreds of millions) in last 5 years.

Norrel Road Interchange.
I-55 South widening project to south of Byram.
Major bridge reconstruction at I-55 and I-20.

But don’t let the facts get in the way of your politics!

Signed, MDOT engineer

Anonymous said...

Look at the fortunes being spent on environmental (bullshit) assessments.

Waste, waste, waste.

Anonymous said...

Hinds County still has more people than Madison or Rankin. And worse infrastructure. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Yep, we all get it. The Governor is going to stick it to Jackson because his backwoods base likes it when he sticks it to the libs, and Tate doesn’t have the spine to represent the parts of the state that his base doesn’t like. (Nevermind the fact that it’s better for Mississippi when the State and it’s Capitol City can get along).

But I suppose the real question of the day is why prioritize widening Lakeland to 471 when you have a hospital crisis on your hands? One issue is more important than the other, right?

I don’t know why I’m even surprised anymore about this Governor. He can be bet on to do the wrong thing.

Anonymous said...

The money tells all. One day Mississippi will have a governor who don't cater to the political bias which divides this state. This ain't that day.

Anonymous said...

Medicaid expansion will not save local hospitals serving areas experiencing population loss.

Anonymous said...

Everybody will notice the treatment of the most populous county in the state. That's obviously meant to send a message. But to who? This is a governor running for reelection and any large spending proposals are made with the political ramifications being paramount. The message is therefore meant for HIS would-be voters. Jackson and Hinds County will our enemy. If you want open warfare on you know who, vote for Tater.

Good ole fashioned Mississippi politics.

Anonymous said...

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Anonymous said...

I-20 between the Stack and Hwy 18 needs some funding bad. I am not anti Hinds County, but damn, that's as rough as I-20 in Shreveport/Bossier City which is arguably some of the worst interstate in the SE.

Anonymous said...

Thank you !0:15 for stating the obvious. Nor will expansion save any hospital. @8:48 - you have no idea what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Why are some posters complaining about the amount for Hinds County? I thought Hinds County didn’t want help from the state.

Anonymous said...

Dear Engineer,
There's a difference in Hinds County and Jackson.
And, in terms of "much needed repairs" rather than "let's make it bigger", I have serious issues with your priorities AND how contracts are let.
I'm very aware that some of the best road companies in the country avoid bidding or bothering to compete in Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

8:04 am
You actually think CCJ and Eastover is radical?
It's YOUR party that gerrymandered us out of having a voice!
We also contribute a helluva lot of tax money to this State .
But, I won't be contributing to the party of liars and crazies and neo-Nazis and KKK and crooks until we get the sane Republican Party back!
And your Head Poohbah just LIED about Jackson being the murder capitol of the world which made headlines and scared my friends and relatives in other States.

Anonymous said...

Thats what a mayor who despises the governor, with a Congressman who also despises the governor gets. Sorry, turnabout is fair play. When have they ever, EVER, tried to get along with Tate? Much less many of the people in Hinds County? Funny how that works, huh?

Anonymous said...

If you’re in Hinds Co and you’re upset then you should take it up with Jackson. Attacking people who control where $ goes has consequences

Anonymous said...

Instead of being mad at the gov for playing politics, you ought to be asking the Hinds Co reps & senators where the Hinds Co money is? I guarantee that every one of those earmarks were requested by officials from those counties. If you think the governor rides around the state inspecting roads and coming up with projects by himself you really have no idea what's going on. I would be willing to bet that Hinds Co & Jackson officials haven't come up with any projects or wish lists for the governor to reject. They make it real easy for Reeves to leave them out!
An highway project money doesn't have anything to do with hospitals going broke. This is most likely money coming down from Washington that is only available for roads.

Anonymous said...

And still no money to fix ABC?

Anonymous said...

1:13 Sorry but turnabout is not fair play when you are the governor and you serve every citizen of this state. You may not get along with a mayor, or a congressman but you were not elected to serve them. You are supposed to serve the citizens and not just the ones who voted for you. That means the citizens should not have to kiss your ass to be treated fairly even if they do live in Jackson. By the way, I don't like Benny or Chokwe either.

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to be forgetting that Jackson is getting $600 million from the Feds for its water and sewer system. The state is also providing funding for the CCID. The idea that no one is looking out for Jackson is completely false. If Jackson's leaders want funding above and beyond what they are getting from the state and feds, maybe they should stop playing the race card every chance they get and actually try to work with people.

Anonymous said...

How about I-20 between Ellis Ave and Gallatin St? I have better roads at my south Hinds Co deer camp!

Anonymous said...

@2:28. You are so naive. Assuming you are white, why not have this conversation with Benny and the Mayor.

Anonymous said...

February 17, 2023 at 1:01 PM wrote: "It's YOUR party that gerrymandered us out of having a voice!"

They also moved a number of GOP heavy Madison precincts into Horhn's district but couldn't even bother to field of GD Republican candidate to oppose him. Screw Hosemann.

Anonymous said...

Great news. Will take years even if all funded 100%

Anonymous said...

Again I ask, what is the source of the funds? Tate’s piggy bank? State money? Fed money?

Anonymous said...

Y’all understand that this area is not growing. The state is shrinking in population. And we are spending hundreds of millions so a small group can hop five miles down the road every decade. That is not growth. That is stupidity.

Anonymous said...

@10:40 that portion of I-20 is set for an overlay this year

Anonymous said...

946 - get a life. understand what's being proposed before you try to drag your hate of tate into this.

Infrastructure monies don't get spent on bailing out hospitals. yes, there is a 'crisis' because those hospitals were built in the 60's and both the population and the processes have left them. Most should shut down, turn themselves into emergency triage units which is basically all they are now.

the monies being proposed here are for projects that the feds will pay a large part of, if the state has the ability and the willingness to put up the small matching share.

and the projects are based on --- read the list --- projects that are ready to move now, that have been in the planning, development, environmental systems and are on the MDOT priority list that is approved by the feds.

but rant on. probably makes you happy thinking anybody gives a shit about your dragging a red herring across this blog

Anonymous said...

Hinds County or any County that has historically been “anti-business” should get very little, if any. Give them enough money to improve the roads to get to the next county that is pro-business, not pro-racist.

Anonymous said...

@8:05, There’s the race baiting again. And predictably, it’s from your side (as is usually the case).

Aren’t you late for your klan meeting?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully these aren't like those Obama "shovel-ready" projects.

Anonymous said...

8:05, what did Hinds do that is anti business? Specifically?

Anonymous said...

Just keep widening 55 and 20 every five miles. We will hit the state line eventually and our young college graduates can escape more safely.

Unknown said...

It a little over 2 miles for the Rankin project. The bridge is basically new. WTF do they need 55 million for?
This is an absolute evil waste of taxpayer money. Evil politicians to the core.

35+ yr biz owner said...

8:05. Everything they could... it seems the city & the county has joined together now.

Anonymous said...

Mississippi has the worst infrastructure of any place in the world. Thanks for finally noticing Tater Pot.

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