Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Water Crisis Updates

MEMA and the city of Jackson issued updates on the Jackson water crisis.  The MEMA daily command incident report shows much work was done at the O.B. Curtis water treatment plant Monday.  The two water treatment plants are producing 42.5 million gallons a day, a far cry from the capacity of 70 million gallons per day.  The Health Department also awarded two much-needed provisional Class A water operator. licenses to former operators of the plant.  


The O.B. Curtis Water Plant remained at a steady pressure over the past 24 hours and is currently working at 87 PSI. Significant gains were made overnight in the overhead storage tanks. We have restored the margin that had been depleted Monday. All storage tanks have stable water levels; no tanks are reporting low at this time.

Yesterday, the membrane plant increased production by over 2 million gallons from the day before. This is the type of capacity increase the team has been working toward. The four filters in operation on the conventional side are now able to be controlled from the operations room instead of manually by a staff member. This is significant to giving the operators the control needed to improve water production. Repairs to high service pumps that deliver pressure and water to the city were made yesterday, and continue today. Restoration of the Ammonia water line is occurring today. This will help improve water quality in the distribution system.

Two plant operators at the O.B. Curtis plant were issued provisional Class A Water Operator licenses by the Department of Health yesterday. This increases the number of licensed Class A Operators at O.B. Curtis to 4. 

Investigative sampling continues today to monitor water quality. The investigative samples from yesterday were better than anticipated, but at this time the distribution system is not ready for full sampling to clear the boil water notice. This is contingent upon sustained pressure. We will need two rounds of clear samples to be able to remove the boil water notice.

If you are experiencing discolored water or no pressure, please report using this tool This will allow us to track any remaining issues and address them. We are currently monitoring this information to respond as needed.


Anonymous said...

Now FEMA is on the ground with EPA.

Next is Secretary Pete with some funding to go with a plan to fix these things so jackson can move forward with the state of Mississippi

Feds working for Mississippi people….so nice to see

Anonymous said...

It amazes me the state has done like 4 years of maintenance in 3 weeks. City of Jackson couldn't even order a part to fix the electrical panel. The bottom line nobody was in charge of the water plant and that falls at the feet of the mayor. The state can give him all the money he wants but if nobdy is there to run the plant what good is it. Personally I think the dept of labor should get involved due to the way they treated the current employees of the plant.

anonamouse said...

I'm sure Chukie will take credit.

Anonymous said...

Lumumba's sounding hopeful warnings of future water system failures in communications with the press over the past few days is disgusting and indicative of the petty tyrant feeble mayor he truly is.

Anonymous said...

How much does a Class A Operator earn?

Anonymous said...

10:24 AM
According to Y'all Politics none of the vendors wanted to work with Jackson for fear or non-payment:

>As state health officials began the process of reaching out to contractors that might provide assistance, there were substantial concerns from a lack of payment from the City of Jackson, further complicating efforts.

Anonymous said...

If only Trump had visited Mississippi and Chok could have met with him and laid out Jackson's needs. All the hardship could have been avoided. Oh Yeah Trump did but Chok grandstanded and made a political statement by refusing to be meet with him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you state government for getting it done. Choke has to go

Anonymous said...

Chok will lay the blame later on This week. Wonder why she didn't ask him why EPA hadnt noticed any problems in the past. Oh Yeah Chok got a letter over a year ago and ignored it and hid it from the council. Can anybody name one positive thing chok has done for Jackson in 5 years as mayor. Just wondering

Anonymous said...

Conservative government works.

Liberal government does not work.

By next Monday, the boil water notices will be lifted and the water will be fit for public consumption. You people in Jackson need to force that boy mayor to resign and get your city under control.

We (the citizens of Mississippi) are not going to rescue you forever and we are not going to pay your bills.

Anonymous said...

Well everyone I know keeps trying to send me water. Chok and city of Jackson mis Management have set back the image of the entire state 20 years and that's hard to do. No drinkable water for months no water at all for a week. Every Press conference Chok does he should show his shoes before they start asking do we have shoes down here and indoor toilets (We do they just are out of order right now)

Anonymous said...

Look how far we have come in a week, just shows we can do great things when we work together.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:05

He will get re-elected with 70% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

11.02 great point. If Mayor Pete does come, I hope Tate and all republicans will meet with him. We have to work together. That is the number 1 lesson to learn here.

Anonymous said...

Who is/was O.B. Curtis?

Anonymous said...

11:02 - Bingo - too much hatred in his soul for anyone not woke like he is , to ask for help from someone who would gladly give it. Mayor Gumflapper would rather the people suffer under his rule than have a drink of clean water with help from a conservative. He hates Tate for this help, I mean hates him to the core.

Anonymous said...

In one week, with the state being in charge rather than the Mayor, the water treatment plant has had a temporary pump installed; the two pumps that failed are in the process of being repaired (where the city had done nothing to get the repairs started even though they failed several weeks ago) and are on their way back where they can be inserted back into service; the monitoring system has been reestablished within the plant; the monitoring equipment located in the reservoir shack has been repaired and reinstituted; valves that have failed have been replaced; basic maintenance that had been ignored for years has been done - and two operators have been hired.

Damn. Amazing what a Radical Mayor's approach can solve -- let the system fail and have others do your work for you, bitching the entire time about the neglect that you have had to bear.

Now, Mayor said that the boil water notice should be lifted this week - but read the report from the adults in the room. Ain't likely to happen this week but should be coming soon. But that's ok, Mayor said that he would drink the water the week before the absolute collapse of the system, but hey - Mayor's gotta flap his gums and his 'executive writer' has to copy and paste MEMA's reports but put the city spin on them to let boss take credit.

In the meantime, don't drink the water yet. Wait for the official reports, not the Mayor's spin; he's too busy trying to sell his racism stories to his buds in the national media.

Anonymous said...

The State Department of Health stepped in by declaring an emergency. That was the first of the final two straws. It's their responsibility to TAKE CHARGE of a plan of action, which they did by declaring an emergency and outlining contingencies. The governor's emergency declaration was the second of the final three straws, which, by protocol is the way it's supposed to happen. The feds agreed and signed off by signaling the approval of funding that could/would/should flow to address the emergency.

Ain't got shit to do with race or the governor. It's all on the mair.

Anonymous said...

"Provisional" class A licenses? Is that like getting a provisional pilot's license, or a provisional driver's license (aka "learner's permit"). Makes me hopeful that these top-notch operators will make those treatment plants run safely, effectively, and efficiently -- NOT!

Anonymous said...

Privatization is the only solution.

Anonymous said...

I have a solution to fearful contractors worried about being paid.

In and during a State of Emergency situation, any contract not paid will be paid by the state and then repaid to the state by Sales Tax proceeds that are returned each month to municipalities. That will fix that shit!

Problem Solved.

Anonymous said...

Another day, another gathering of racists and trolls. *YAWN*

Anonymous said...

Hey, CAL, where's the plan that Bennie, Tater and Horne have been asking for? Since you have a landscape arch...I mean, *urban planner* running your PWD, maybe a real plan will be forthcoming?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Provisional" class A licenses? Is that like getting a provisional pilot's license, or a provisional driver's license (aka "learner's permit"). Makes me hopeful that these top-notch operators will make those treatment plants run safely, effectively, and efficiently -- NOT!

More than like it’s retired or operator (s) that let License lapse- whom ever you can be assured the health dept will be very selective on who is certified (provisionally)!

Anonymous said...

@ 12:31

What is racist about holding someone accountable?

Anonymous said...

Who can explain what was done to get the plants back running again? And, why couldn’t the City of Jackson make the decision to do whatever was done? I see on WLBT, the citizens are saying Reeves needs to grow up. Well, outside of these democratic Eutopian cities, people have to be held accountable for decisions they make, especially decisions they make on behalf of the heath & safety of other people.

These people have become so reliant on just using government handouts. This is astonishingly embarrassing and they don’t have a clue how dumb they look.

Anonymous said...

It is so tiresome to hear this liberal/conservative nonsense as if either party is other than self-serving politically. You have enabled a dysfunctional system of two powerful parties vying for power rather than better our States or Nations with few "leaders" willing to make some improvements as they are willing to take a smaller "cut" for themselves.

I didn't see this outrage over the Favre/New scandal and stealing of our tax money.

Most of you commenting are clueless about who has authority over what in government much less how to make it work better, so you do liberal/conservative or party BS.

The political party and individual blame gamers expect the impossible. You haven't looked to see if privatization is costing you less or more or working as effectively and efficiently. Your stupidity and deliberate ignorance is stunning to anyone who actually bothers with asking a few questions. The answers are not a secret, but you don't even know the questions to ask.

Your nonsense is particularly aggravating now since we need to fix it first, then we figure out how much it will cost to maintain it to keep in operational, find the money to that and then find the money make sure it remains operational as long as possible. Then and only then, after you have some sense MAYBE of how the system should run, will your suggestions and blame analysis carry any weight at all. Then and only then is their hope a long range plan that actually works can be adopted.

When we get to assessing the blame, no doubt, in the end the one holding the bag will plead ignorance or those in authority misled them.( see the New/Favre scandal). And, if they are in your party, you'll not think they are indicative of a flaw in the system but the bad apples of the party you support.

Please, if you can't suggest a constructive solution to fix the "is" that you can back with actual examples of success and functionality elsewhere or with tested innovations now available, shut up. YOU are the problem as your ill-informed, mean spirited, destructive ilk has been throughout civilization.

Anonymous said...

FEBRUARY 2021 City officials in Jackson, Mississippi reported late last week that water service had been knocked out indefinitely for most of the city after a devastating winter storm shut down power and froze water lines, resulting in a drop in water pressure last week.During a period of freezing cold temperatures in 2014-15, then Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber issued a state of emergency in an attempt to secure federal funding to update city water mains and roads. Back in 2015 it was estimated by city officials that somewhere between $750 million to $1 billion would be needed to fully replace or repair the city’s water mains and roads. Mayor Yarber filed a request for a paltry $2.5 million in repairs as the city’s water system crumbled

Anonymous said...

I can name one semi positive thing Choke has done.

He has managed to make stealing millions from welfare intended to help the impoverished look less horrendous.

I hope Pheel, Nancy and any other monster involved rots in jail...but thanks Chuckles for reminding all of the voters that you all suck royally.

Anonymous said...

You just ranted like a lunatic, calling people all manner of names, but others are mean spirited?

Chief hypocrite posted at September 7, 2022 at 1:50 PM.

Anonymous said...

1:50 I am so tired of the outrage comparison contest.

If the Favre/New scandal pains about YOU do something and stop bitching?
What plan are YOU implementing?

You say you loathe both parties, and I can assure you I do too. So why do you want to take the focus off of supplying clean drinking water to the poor?

I hope they lock Phil and pals up and throw away the key for the TANF theft.
Why do these 2 horrible things have to be mutually exclusive?

A middle school student could see that the moron mayor is all talk and no action and that not collecting water payments while being shocked that you have no maintenance funds is beyond absurd.

Mean people are not the problem.
Morons with the IQ of a hamburger leading us IS the problem.

In both parties (to lesser degrees)

@1:50 PM Summarized said...

It is so tiresome

You have enabled

I didn't see this

Most of you commenting are clueless

You haven't looked

Your stupidity and deliberate ignorance is stunning

you don't even know

Your nonsense is particularly

Then and only then, after you have some sense

will your suggestions

Then and only then

you'll not think

if you can't suggest

you can back with actual examples

shut up.

YOU are the problem

your ill-informed,

mean spirited,


Anonymous said...

How many gallons of treated water are needed per day for a city the size of Jackson. Just because we have the capacity to produce 70M gallons, does the city need that much production? Seems like we had this same capacity when the city had 25% more residents.

Anonymous said...

"Who is/was O.B. Curtis?"

O. B. Curtis Sr., a Mississippian, was the president of the National Council of State Boards of Engineering Examiners, now known as the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), in 1960–1961. The NCEES is the national nonprofit examining board for licensure in those professions in the U.S. and its territories (and in seven foreign nations) with uniform national exams, which the individual state licensing agencies use in their functions. Curtis also authored the book, "History of the National Council of Engineering Examiners."

I'm afraid I know nothing else about him.

Anonymous said...

@1:50 You are crazy. The current mayor's performance would have gotten him fired at any other job in America. The streets have gone to hell. The police are under-staffed. The streets don't even have painted lines on them anymore. The next crisis (if we aren't in it now) will be garbage. He can't get the bills out for the water and has a plan to do it by 2024?? He would be terminated from any position, anywhere. He isn't even putting the hot dogs in the bun and handing them out to customers. He would screw that up. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

1:50 is the sanctimony troll who has been haunting JJ for the better part of a decade.

Anonymous said...

From anonymous. Jacksonians, you need to think about who you are going to elect for the next mayor in 2025. NOW Is the time to start looking for someone who would be an excellent mayor. Got time to find a qualified person who would be able to lead the city out of its near-death! There are surely several people and not just one who could laser focus on what needs to be done and get it done! Enough of this garbage is well more than enough. Waiting till two weeks before an election to think of who you’re gonna vote for doesn’t get it… You’ve got to get people qualified ahead of time, get them on the ballot and then campaign for people to get off their asses and vote! 15 or 20% of the voting population is a Joke! Please save the city before there’s no one left to be saved!

Anonymous said...

O.B. Curtis was City of Jackson Engineer for many years. My knowledge of Mr. Curtis comes through his son who was an outstanding basketball player at Belhaven College.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:50

First of all you have to be competent enough to send out a water bill and actually collect payment. That solves your money problem for staffing and maintenance. The Governor has done more for the City of Jackson in one week than Chokwe Antar has done since he has been in office. Please list one example of something Chokwe has made better. I don't come to your city any longer other than for doctors appointment at St D. When I cross into Hinds County I drive with one hand and my Glock in the other. It's your world so deal with it because honestly I don't give a damn how bad it gets in Jackson. I would not eat at your restaurants if the food was free. The AG Commissioner can keep throwing money at the fairgrounds but I would never put my life in danger to go to any event held there. The only thing I feel bad for are the animals at the zoo.

Anonymous said...

The idea that Lumumba is wildly popular in Jackson based on the results of the election last year is a myth.

Krusatyr said...

Please arrange for Lil Choke's re-education and note a surgeon I once knew said pain is the best teacher. Shame is the least of the mayor's due, feed him plenty of crow.

Anonymous said...

3:29, thanks for the O.B.Curtis info!

For engineers to legally advertise themselves as such, they must pass a couple of tests administered by the board O.B. Curtis headed up. They then are considered licensed and have the initials P.E. after their name for Professional Engineer. The state board in Mississippi that administers engineering licenses also covers Public Land Surveyors.

Sorry to bore everyone…

Anonymous said...

To 4:45, this is 3:29. There is a lot more to it than passing the tests, and more to it than just advertising.

Anonymous said...

2:12 PM
He singlehandedly moved the city closer to State take over/bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

We need 10 to 12 Class A Operators. The City is offering around $50,000/year. Sounds great until you learn they need a college degree. We have to collect water bills to have any money to pay these guys. Shows how serious it is to let this slide and slide it has.

Anonymous said...

3:29, 4:45 here. You are absolutely correct, there is MUCH more to being a PE (I’ve been one for almost 40 years, and also the father of one), but I was just giving the “comments section” version of what a PE license is.

Anonymous said...

It takes a mighty small man to have to always fall back on the racist excuse. Do you think people actually believe you are doing a bang up job as mayor when the state has to take over control of the water plant. Be a man and admit you can not do the job. Remember, if it wasn't for your race you would be out of a job.

Anonymous said...

Thank you guys for PE info. I support a takeover so these hard working people will be paid in accordance to the FAIR LABOR STANDARDS. Even supervisors should not work that many hours. Engineers that are PE’s are exempt from overtime in State agencies. However one example was Katrina where Engineers were critical in supporting MDOT, DEQ, etc. If memory serves me right as I entered time for Engineers during Katrina they were either paid overtime or were compensated with additional vacation or leave if they were not permitted overtime. The State treated all workers and paid them much more respectively than the COJ does it’s employees. The Mayor should give up a deputy being paid to sit outside his home each night as that money should be better spent elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

4:45, 3:29 here again. Same here. We probably know each other. I spent my career in the Jackson area. My number is a little over 10,000.

And to 7:53, if memory serves, the only reason exempt state employees got overtime, or just straight pay for extra hours (much more likely), is that it was funded with FEMA money. Same for the BP oil spill, except it was BP money. Typically, "professional" exempt positions do not get any pay above the monthly salary, regardless of hours worked. Long before Katrina I worked some post-hurricane cleanups as an exempt professional state employee and never got a dime over my regular monthly check.

New state motto said...

"Mississippi, the kick the can down the road state."

Anonymous said...

Great job, Kingfish.
Great job, MEMA, on incident reports

These 2 are absolute daily reads. Get excellent information.

Local news---time to wake up. Do not support rhetoric, try to actually ask a question to get an answer, read the incident reports and update the public from those reports. Want to have a productive interivew? Interview MEMA, interview Dept of Health, national guard. Way too much rhetoric from you now. You have the ability to do some good and help. Wake.Up.

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