Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Voodoo Stops Crime

 Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey issued the following statement. 

On Monday September 26, 2022, a deputy with the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Interdiction Team made a traffic stop on a Ford pickup truck on Interstate 20 for a traffic violation.  During a roadside interview, the deputy became suspicious of the discrepancies in the driver and passengers stories.

During a consensual search of the vehicle, the deputy with the assistance of his K-9 partner “Voodoo” discovered approximately 5 kilograms of cocaine located in a hidden compartment in the vehicle. Both the driver and the passenger were placed under arrest.

The driver is identified as Mario Antonio QUILANTAN and the passenger as Julio Ceasar HERNANDEZ. Both suspects were transported to the Rankin County Jail and booked on the charge of Aggravated Trafficking. 

District Attorney “Bubba” Bramlett will bring both suspects before Rankin County Court Judge David Morrow for an Initial Appearance.

This investigation continues.


Anonymous said...

Do they really think they are keeping people from using drugs? Spending valuable resources to try and legislate morality. It DOES NOT WORK>

Anonymous said...

Where was "McGruff" ?

Anonymous said...

Voo Doo knows where the cash is, but he ain’t telling.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with 7:16am. Might be time to reevaluate these techniques.
There has to be a better way to actually affect change.

Anonymous said...

Voo Doo does the voo doo that he knows so well.

Anonymous said...

Funny you mention that. Technically, RCSO can legally confiscate your money, even if you don’t have any drugs. In the Land of the Free, you aren’t free to transport your life savings across state lines. Oh, you will never get it back. N E V E R

These are all laws that boomers passed back during the Bush administration to keep us safe from the boogeymen that they created when they spent away our future during the Cold War.


None of this is the fault of that good dog though. He just wants a bizzy bone!

Anonymous said...

I have a tiny part time business as an ATM owner. If I have to go down 20 in Rankin, I don’t take my vault cash with me. The blue parasites will take it if I get pulled over

Anonymous said...

What several of you clowns seem to suggest is this: Since we can't wipe out drug use and the drug trade (pouring over our border with Mexico), law enforcement simply needs to ignore it all and return to foot patrol of town alley-ways using flashlights....while whistling of course, and tipping their caps to the ladies.

And maybe re-learn the time-honored talent of twirling a baton attached to a leather strap.

These criminal mules were headed to Atlanta. And from Atlanta, the drugs head back to Rankin County which probably leads the state in cocaine and meth use.

Anonymous said...

@ September 27, 2022 at 8:01 AM

Voo Doo knows where the cash is, but he ain’t telling.

Bailey can't keep that money laundering hustle going for much longer.

The cartel will get tired of the scam or the Feds will eventually step in.

Philboy messed it up for everybody.

Anonymous said...

@9:02 so???

Anonymous said...

@9:02 - why spend all your resources when you know it won’t have any effect. Drug users will still find drugs. Put those resources into something that could actually improve things. If you want to fight the war on drugs, the money would be better spent on education and rehab/work programs. Our prisons are stuffed with drug dealers, and every time they get locked up, another dealer just slides into their place on the street. We spend an obscene amount on policing and get very little out of their efforts in this war.

Anonymous said...

9:01 Is there some reason you might get pulled over?

Anonymous said...

Got love these-I just showed up and have an answer to the problem-morons who think legalization of all dope will fix the problem. Maybe we should wipe all penalties for crime off the books since that’s their logic. If we just legalize car jacking it will stop cars being stolen. Let’s be like Mexico and ignore the drug problem. Mexico seems to have it all figured out, right? These moronic people are among us. They vote. They want to be teachers. They run for office. They procreate. That’s what scares me.

Anonymous said...

The surest way to make n impact on the drug trade would be to shut down the CIA, and MI6.

Anonymous said...

7:16... Gee I really don't care if they are trying to legislate morality, I'm more concerned with that crap being used to influence my kids.

Anonymous said...

@8:37 Yeah, I can see your logic there, since the generations subsequent to the boomer generation have done SUCH a better job than we ever did! And, the future y'all are creating looks SO much better than our future did!

No, in fact, our biggest error overall was not regularly whipping your asses like the Greatest Generation did to ours!

Anonymous said...

Who's a good boy? Voodoo is!

Anonymous said...

Sigh. More waste of resources literally accomplishing nothing other than creating more violence and a temporary higher price of dope. Legalize it.

Anonymous said...

They are using social media to influence your kids. They use rap music to glorify gang culture and normalize drug use and miscegenation. They use drugs to turn them into prostitutes.

All three industries are run by rootless cosmopolitan globalists.

Anonymous said...

Cop pulls over a truck for traffic violation. Searches Car. Finds drugs. Arrests guys in truck. "WHY ARE WE WASTING ALL THESE VALUABLE RESOURCES!?!?"

What marginal costs were incurred here beyond whatever cost efficient job duties the cop was supposed to be engaged in? Dogfood?

Anonymous said...

You’d think by now logistics would’ve figured out a different route to cut losses. But since they got these guys, the other load made it through and is in the kitchen somewhere getting cooked up.

Anonymous said...

I just feel sorry for the poor bankers who launder drug profits for the cartels, never having any inkling that they're handling dirty money.

Anonymous said...

9:25, I understand what you mean and I support your hopes, but I strongly advise more of a hands on parenting approach.

Teach your kids to not be influenced.

Not sure exactly what my parents said or did, but it worked for me.

There will always be influences, and I do hope we make it harder for kids to find them.
But kids WILL find them, no matter how awesome VooDoo is.

Anonymous said...

We never ever hear about the money that you know they get.

Why don’t you ever put the same effort into public records request for that?

Anonymous said...

I guess its easier to bust drug mules than to go after criminals such as murders and child rapists and child porn possessors.

Anonymous said...

Apparently there is a huge demand to generate supply in this country. Neither legalizing drugs nor the so called treatment offered works. I laugh at the hand wringing over the Fentanyl epidemic. Hell, folks want this shit all over the country. I guess they need to get away for awhile. Now we see Narcan dispensers like we see AED's everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, 11:46, Overdose deaths are around 80,000 a year, and dopers aren't "murderers?" (you spelled it murder). That's more than the total for the Vietnam War. That's beside the billions of dollars of waste on drug addict health care, their crimes, and our liability for their poor health and lack of contribution to society.

And, let's see, Rankin County is in the 96th percentile for safety, meaning 4% of counties are safer and 96% of counties are more dangerous. The rate of violent crime in Rankin County is 1.30 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. There some murderers running around undetected due to drug interdiction. Nah. Not.

Is your dope habit threatened or something? Stay in Jackson or be sober.

Anonymous said...

September 27, 2022 at 8:37 AM, you never had a future to spend away. This country has been bankrupt since the market crash of 1929.

That crash, along with the Federal Reserve Act, and the income tax amendment, sealed the fate of the working men, and women of this country.

But, go ahead and lay it on the "boomers" as you call them, that's who you like to blame. It happened long before them.

Anonymous said...

@1:35 PM

8:37 AM here

The Federal Reserve Act was almost a decade prior to the 1929 crash. I have read A History of Central Banking and researched every financial crash of the last three centuries. There is no excuse for the excesses of the original “Me” generation, who are still in power today. History will record Baby Boomers as the true downfall of the American Empire. I hope Woodstock was worth it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to waste time and Kingfish's comment space, explaining how the Federal Reserve, the income tax amendment, and the induced market crash of 1929 were all part of a grand scheme.

I can lay it out piece by piece, line by line, with no problems. The difficulty would be on your end. Your issue would be that I couldn't understand it for you.

You're ignorant enough to think you figured it out by blaming people that were robbed the same as you. You have what you are looking for, someone to blame. That was all you were looking for. Have a good evening.

Anonymous said...

"I guess its easier to bust drug mules than to go after criminals such as murders and child rapists and child porn possessors. September 27, 2022 at 11:46 AM"

So, you don't follow the news enough to be aware of the number of murderers, rapists and porn possessors who are being caught, prosecuted and incarcerated? Plenty of 'em.

If you have evidence of any of the three types (you mentioned) who are skating, I'll kiss your ass on the steps of the Rankin County Courthouse and give you five thousand dollars. You don't, so shut up.

Meanwhile; Hold on just a little while longer and you can go about the task of getting that medical marijuana recommendation card.

Anonymous said...

I personally know Voodoo's handler, an effective deputy who regularly gets deadly drugs and many mostly Mexican mule-illegals off the streets of America.

There is fentanyl in virtually all meth, coke and heroin that crosses the Southern border. Increasingly, fentanyl is even cut into mj. Why? Because it makes other drugs more exciting yet costs the same as the baby powder and powdered sugar the Cartels used to use to stretch pure product with.

Hippie dopers here who want drugs legalized need to acknowledge all the kids who OD on fentanyl laced drugs and realize Voodoo saves thousands of lives with each bust.

Anonymous said...

I see the hitler birthday celebrators are all over this story. Y'all are right, let's just legalize the most dangerous and addictive substances in history and everything will be fine. Our hospitals definitely won't be overrun with ODs. All the users will just stay in their homes while they get high and when they run out of money they'll go out only when sober and be good productive hard workers for the money they need to get more. Also the traffickers definitely won't use the money they make to further any other criminal enterprises.

God help us.

Stuff About ZeroBear PolyBear said...

Mr. 2:42 pm

All I can say, is, "Woodstock was pretty good. Janice smashed the place that night. I remember at least a few other parts of it."

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