Thursday, September 15, 2022

Boil Water Notice Lifted Today

Good news for Jackson!  Sources say Governor Reeves will announce the lifting of the boil water notice at a press conference in 20 minutes.  

Update: 1:20 PM: Governor Tate Reeves is holding a press conference right now on the Jackson water crisis.  It is streamed below. 

* Governor Reeves said the boil water notice is lifted. 

* He warned the system is still "imperfect" and it is possible there may be further interruptions.  

* Emergency orders will remain in effect.  

* Governor thanked the National Guard for helping over 200,000 vehicles and distributing over 11 million bottles of water.  

* Water distribution ends after Saturday. 

* RFQ for Program Management at plant closed at noon today.  MEMA will select the Program Manager.  

* What do do with empty bottles? Go to for a list of sites.

* MSHD's Jim Craig said throw out all ice.  Run faucets for several minutes.  

The city of Jackson issued the following statement. 

Residents are advised to run their faucets for a few minutes to clear any old water. 

The City of Jackson would like to thank all local, state and federal partners that have been assisting us. 

We will provide additional information on the status of the O.B. Curtis Water Plant shortly. 


Stuff About ZeroBear PolyBear said...

It will be interesting to see the mayor's spin on this. As I understand he is only willing to settle on building a new treatment plant. Seems like all the money he wants to throw out (that he doesn't have) might be better spent on a few miles of new water and sewer pipe.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing what competent people (Reeves, MEMA, etc) can do!

Anonymous said...

Praise God from whom ALL Blessing Come.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this happen Shock-Way !

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt drink that water. It's NASTY!

Cynical Sam being a Realist said...

New boil water notice in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Note to self: Sell my bottled water stock ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to drink it out of the tap ever, haven't done for many years. After it's been potable continuously for two more weeks, I'll filter it and use it for some cooking.

Anonymous said...

MEMA, FEMA, Governor Reeves, Lt. Gov. Hosemann, MS Rural Water Assoc., EPA, Corps of Engineers, and many others deserve kudos for getting this thing back up and running.

The mayor and his staff deserve termination notices.

Anonymous said...

Lifestraw makes these big portable filter devices for use in third world countries that claim to be able to literally filter water from a drainage ditch. They should’ve been passing those out in Jackson alongside the cases of bottled water. Because when the free water ends, there might be another crisis right around the corner.

Also, Infowars sells really good emergency water filters as well as fluoride free toothpaste and aluminum free deodorant.

Anonymous said...

Next will Tater do something about all that leaking sewage?

For the past however many years?


Anonymous said...

Thank you mr Lumumba

Anonymous said...

Richard's Disposal cease and desist straight from Governor's desk should be next!
Plus new Police Chief,
New City Engineer
New Fire Chief
New Public Works Director that answers only to the Governor
Fire all redundant city employees
Start on the potholes
Deploy national Guard 24/7 with MHP to make arrests for all outstanding warrants
Watch Jackson blossom

Anonymous said...

Will the city of jackson credit us on our bill for the ice we are having to toss out and the few minutes of water used flushing our faucets?

Anonymous said...

"I don't read the City's daily reports and I don't thinik you should either."

That, along with his closing statement to Courtney Ann about 'most people's' lack of confidence in the City Of Jackson's ability to manage the system speaks volumes.

The reason we are here today is because of the incompetence of the City of Jackson under its current leadership to manage anything - the water system, the sewer system, the libraries, the zoo, the roads - anything. And its about time that was said loudly and clearly.

BTW, thank you Governor, along with the state actors, for taking action and finally fixing the mess that OB Curtis had evolved into.

Anonymous said...

1:55 - you left out one of the main ones (the one that Governor Bryant punted - guess he was to busy building a volleyball stadium) - New JPS administration (granted, firing all redundant city employees would overlap).

Then Jackson could begin to blossom.

Anonymous said...

155 for the Win!!

Anonymous said...

Naw dawg, I’m good.

Anonymous said...

I caught some of the Q&A with reporters when the governor said he doesn't read the city's daily notices about water plant repairs, emphasizing "AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU." Wow. The implication is that the city's notices are just an attempt to remain relevant.

Later he said there's no confidence among entities restoring O.B. Curtis to full operation that the city is capable of running the plant without the same problems occurring a month or year from now. Tate kicked Antar's butt up one side of the street & down the other, in a nice way, of course.

Anonymous said...

1:57, I was not aware that anyone was paying for water?

I guess a few friends in NE Jxn are because their financial managers stroke a check regardless, but I think its pretty well known that you can credit yourself and they wont interrupt your service. Hence, this mess.

Anonymous said...

The Governor should have ended his remarks with the line from The Terminator.
" I'll be back" Because they gone fuck it up again as soon as he hands control back to them.

Anonymous said...

1:52 PM
Yeah, Thanks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

All we need now is for the Guv to do the right thing and get his buddy Phil and company to pay back the welfare funds, before Missippi has to pay it all back to the Feds ! Brett , Ted , Marcus and the rest of the Billy Bobs need to pay up ! Yo PhillBilly!

Anonymous said...

The Governor could not have made it more simple or clear:

“[The emergency efforts have gone to things] that are done EVERY SINGLE DAY in EVERY SINGLE JURISDICTION that runs a water system across America. It is part of the COMPETENT management of delivering clean water to the citizens of that jurisdiction.”

Jacksonians better wake the fuck up. Chokwe Antar Lumumba deserves NO PUBLIC TRUST whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

This is kind of funny. Reeves called this press conference while the mayor is in Miami and can't respond.

Anonymous said...

So you can drink the water now !!! you go first .

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Tate etal! Re the lawsuit by the Flint lawyer, do the current tests include lead?

That'sMisterDeplorableToYou said...

Word to the wise: Boil the water. Better yet, don't drink it at all. But boil it, at a minimum, if you are brave enough to drink it.

Anonymous said...

@1:57, yes that ice you are tossing, and the flushing of the lines for a couple of minutes will amount to slightly less than $0.01 at the current rate of $3.30/ccf.

You might could make a legitimate bitch for the drinking water you had to purchase back before the adults entered the room and started giving away substantial amounts of water - thousands of pallets a day. But for the month of August the city was required (by EPA, but the city obviously doesn't give a damn about what the EPA says) to have a plan in place to provide water to ALL the citizens in case of a failure of the system.

The city's plan was to ask for donations from Coca-Cola in Clinton. They got those donations, approximately 40 pallets a day for some days, which was enough to provide water to fewer than 1500 of the 150,000 users. Maybe you can try to get your refund for that period. While you are at it, take the extra penny for the ice you are tossing.

Water? Ain got noun.. said...

Now that it is repaired, have they hired some people with an IQ>70 to run it?

Anonymous said...

Great press conference by the Governor, say what you want about him on many issues but he and his team have done a fantastic job in 15 days to get Jackson folks water. His comments or snide remarks about lack of leadership from Jackson were spot on. Great job by the state, nothing from city other than he did say those at the plant ( still working) did a good job.

Anonymous said...

Boil Water Warning lifted Thursday.

Out of state experts leave Sunday.

Boil Water Warning reinstated Monday.

Tate has to ask the experts to return Tuesday.

Tate reactivates dismissed National Guard Units to
return to Metro center in order to provide toilet flushing water Wednesday.

CNN,MSNBC,ABC,& CBS fly in and scream racism by Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the NBC report. The "expert" blamed it on white flight, and the older woman they interviewed said she hadn't drank Jackson water for 15 years. There were no follow up questions. It's all presented by national news as simply another race issue, and not a failure by elected officials to staff and maintain the facility.

Anonymous said...

It would never have gotten done if the State didnt get involved.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful the water is better.

I am happy people are safer.

Anonymous said...

Tate and state of Mississippi please take over all things in Jackson I beg you as does nearly everyone in NE Jackson… also know as the tax base. LuDUMBa doesn’t understand this

Anonymous said...

By the way if I’m the owner of Manship char or if I’m Jeff good… I would throw Chokwe out as soon as he set foot in my restaurant. No more broad street char Manship or Bravo barrelhouse saltines babalou etc for lying Lumumba

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"I don't read the City's daily reports and I don't thinik you should either."
Totally slaps

He was asked about it and kinda stepped around... I would have said take it exactly how you heard it. LoL

@4:32, should Jackson wait around for the Mayor Who's talking about smart cities and infrastructure in already successful cities,
And isn't involved in the emergency situation here??

Anonymous said...

During the 1980s film,"Great Balls of Fire" there's a funny scene
where Dennis Quaid as (Jerry Lee Lewis) gives his cousin Alec Baldwin
as televangelist (Jimmy Swaggart) a new Cadillac.

Swaggart reacts with the usual fake tears and shouts of

Quaid responds: "Don't thank JEEE-zus, thank Jerry Lee".

That's a perfect analogy of Jackson's water issues.
Don't thank Antar ... thank Tate.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Robert Luckett who was on NBC needs to be EDUCATED to the Truth no Fiction and Fake News!

Anonymous said...

The water issue has been addressed is what about the sewer and the 52 million gallons, that we know of, that have been dumped into the Pearl? All towns south of Jackson on the Pearl that get their water from the river along with towns in Louisiana AND Gulf fisherman that are affected by the output of the Pearl into the Gulf’s fishing waters need to file a class action suit against Lahmummmbbaaa…don’t that name roll off ya lips like the shit rolls down the Pearl?

Anonymous said...

"MSHD's Jim Craig said throw out all ice. Run faucets for several minutes.

The city of Jackson issued the following statement.

Residents are advised to run their faucets for a few minutes to clear any old water."

If you have to be told this stuff, you need a babysitter.

Anonymous said...

OK, they got enough samples to test clear out of a very inadequate system. With all the sewerage leaks and water line breaks that Jackson has experienced you can bet that there is plenty of Ecoli bacteria ready to find it’s way back into the system. Good advice would be 1. Be sure you have a good supply of toilet paper on hand, or better still,2. DON’T DRINK THE WATER!

Anonymous said...

With all the sewage that Jackson has dumped into the Pearl River, the oyster beds on tge gulf coast are certain to be contaminated.
This is bad news for the oyster fishery and anyone who enjoys eating oysters. The City should be forced to pay reparations to the oyster industry.

Anonymous said...

State taxpayers should have a say so in how the Jackson water system is governed moving forward. I hope most of you will contact your State Rep and State Senator to ask for:
1. Take the Jackson water system from the governance of Jackson elected officials, whether that is some sort of regional authority or privatization
2. Reform state bidding laws so corrupt government officials cannot cherry pick contractors (Richard's garbage "contract" being a recent example)
3. New State laws to prevent a rogue Mayor from not collecting water bills/issuing moratoriums on cutoffs as was done in Jackson. This was negligent behavior, which I believe was intentional. Maybe some sort of criminal penalty to add teeth to it.
4. Some sort of state law where it triggers some sort of State oversight when a City allows what should be City assets to run at a deficit. In Jackson, "profit" off of the water system dropped from +$35mm in 2016 to -$16mm in 2019. That cannot be allowed to happen again.

Anonymous said...

Besides tossing ice and flushing lines, water filters must be replaced. The two I have (under sink and refrigerator) cost about $100, so it’s a gamble to install new filters, only to have to worry about them being recontaminated when there’s another hiccup at O.B. Curtis.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Chok hangin' out with Coach O on South Beach.

Anonymous said...

Now that the Lumumba water has been fixed, I finally drank me some Tate water. It's closer to the water from about 10 years ago than ever before.

It's so close, I'm going to go out and drink some from the water hose to bring back some childhood nostalgia.

Now it's time for Tate to create a Metropolitan Jackson commission to study the feasibility of creating a metro. This area, apparently, needs to be forced to work together because there is no way central ms is going to get better as it is.

Anonymous said...

"This is kind of funny. Reeves called this press conference while the mayor is in Miami and can't respond."

Funny? Are you really enough of a Melon-Head to suggest the lifting of a months-long boil-water-notice should have waited...even thirty more minutes? What's more important here - The mayor's psychosis or advising the public of the status of a city-wide water crisis?

I don't expect you to understand my post. All you can see is Chokwe-Black, Governor-white.

Anonymous said...


Why make stupid comments like that from such a point of ignorance? I don't understand the piling on with outright lies and ignorance. Things are bad enough.

No, no contamination will "find it’s way back into the system." The whole point of having boil water notices due to low water pressure is because that water pressure is like a positive pressure clean room. When the water pressure is where it's supposed to be, the positive pressure keeps the "system" from contamination post water plant.

Anonymous said...

"With all the sewage that Jackson has dumped into the Pearl River, the oyster beds on tge gulf coast are certain to be contaminated."

Are you aware that roughly 60% of all the country's tributary-water-discharge winds up entering the Gulf at New Orleans? While criminal charges should be filed against Jackson and Lumumba, a few million gallons of raw shit exiting the Pearl won't spoil the oyster beds (that are left).

Anonymous said...

Any update from the Mayor in Miami speaking at a conference on city infrastructure (lol)?

Anonymous said...

To blame this on "white flight " is hinting that blacks can not self govern. It that what liberals really think.

Anonymous said...

Some of you must not know Mississippi geography.
The water contamination doesn't start below the water treatment plant.

Y'all are beyond clueless.

Anonymous said...

Those with ice makers should have turned them off.

You can change your filter. Let the ice maker fill up. Turn it off. Throw that ice out. Run a clean cycle. Throw that ice out if you are extra cautious and then turn it on.
Actually, you've likely flushed out your filter pretty well in that process.

Before you give advice, you might want to learn how something works.

Anonymous said...

White flight certainly has contributed to Jackson’s problems, since it has further eroded the tax base. Mismanagement and a lack of leadership also have contributed.

Anonymous said...

@10:41 - Geography is out the window when you consider the fact that water (and liquid BooBoo) runs downhill. Nobody claimed any of this 'originates' below the treatment plant. Are you actually joining the discussion to claim Jackson has NOT polluted the Pearl with Dung-Water?

Tijuana Water Director said...

Go ahead and drink the water now...if you like lead cocktails.

Anonymous said...

@11:25 AM
Tax base doesn’t pay for the water. The consumers of the water pay for it. Chokwe put a halt on water shutoffs. So most of the people haven’t been paying. Then Chokwe lied and said the state wasn’t paying their fair share when they were the only ones paying! Kingfish has already provided the information that Jackson is collecting more taxes today than when whites were running things. Where is that money going?

Don Drane said...

"White flight certainly has contributed to Jackson’s problems, since it has further eroded the tax base. Mismanagement and a lack of leadership also have contributed. September 16, 2022 at 11:25 AM"

11:25 - Here's sort of a sociology lesson as relates to the establishment, maintenance and existence of a community. Listen closely. When significant population shifts occur, there is typically a concurrent shift in the community tax base. The community that loses population might experience a decrease. Communities that gain significantly in population will usually see an increase. So, now you can stop chirping about 'tax base'.

It seems (reading your posts and those of other low information folk) you believe a tax base increases and decreases based on race. You ignore (or are unaware of) the fact that people of all races locate and relocate based on what's best for their families. You can sit there and count racial numbers all day long, but the fact remaining is people of all races want what's best for their families, unless they're among the urchins (and their enablers) who cause the problems in the first place, or...who, like you, sit around and moan and groan about race.

Anonymous said...

11:25 I’m so sick of people like you that constantly complain about race when Jackson is a hell hole for all races. Should a family stay where crime is rampant, water is undrinkable and trash doesn’t get picked up? Anybody that could afford to go would go.

Anonymous said...

Madison's mayor has successfully fought-off apartment developers for fifteen years. Those developers will eventually prevail in court, after which you will see Jackson out-migration literally destroy the Madison County School District.

And five years (or less) later, you will have witnessed 'Jackson-Creep' stretching all the way from north-Canton to Terry and from Pelahatchie to Bolton. Chokwe's grandchild will be mayor and Senior's dream will have been accomplished.

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