Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Queen Passes

 The end of an era is finally upon us.  Queen Elizabeth II passed away a little while ago.  Buckingham Palace announced announced on its website: 

The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. The King and The Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow.

Rest well, Queen Elizabeth.  You ran the race and ran it well.   


Anonymous said...

What was so great about her? England didn’t grow or prosper during her reign. It simply declined and crumbled. Look at the absolute state of her dysfunctional family, her idiotic children and self-destructive grandchildren. That is her true legacy.

And the MSM is going to celebrate her as if she was this great leader with any actual real accomplishments. Making people feel good about the decay of Western Civilization is not an accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

She played a leadership role in bringing the UK out of their financial disaster created by WWII, which took years.

As a princess/teen, she was very involved in community service during the same war.

She was a class act.

@1:06 PM is not a class act by bad-mouthing the recently deceased.

Anonymous said...

1:06 pm Educate yourself. Viewing events in the prism of the last 24 hour news cycle or that last 24 years even is hardly an accurate depiction of history or a legacy of someone who lived for almost a century. I don't agree with everything she did. But to say she had no real accomplishments is simply ignorant of the facts. Have your opinion, sure. But don't ignore factual information.

Anonymous said...

A fine upstanding mother and lady who represented her country well. Genes run out.

Prince Harry said...

My immature, boyish mind laughs every time I hear “she sat on the throne for 70 years”.

Anonymous said...

The new King Charles is gonna get some from the new Queen tonight.

Anonymous said...

This will be the biggest state funeral of this century. If Joe "gaffe" Xiden makes an appearance hopefully someone will duct tape his mouth, otherwise he will be a huge embarassment.

There will be pressure put on our ambassador there to obtain funeral invites for the WDC pols, so they can enjoy photo ops, scones and tea, etc. on our dime. Pelosi will be at the top of the list of "grieving" cynical politicians.

Anonymous said...

1:06 You need to crawl back into your doomsday bunker and eat a can of your tuna.

Anonymous said...

Englands’ most expensive welfare recipients.

Anonymous said...

Like Princess Di so much better!
Her son is a jerk.

Anonymous said...

@1:06, England does have potable water and garbage service under her leadership.

Anonymous said...

Imagine being an American and caring about European “royalty”

Anonymous said...

2:01, British economists estimate the Crown benefits the British economy 20 times over for every tax dollar (pound sterling) that supports it. The Royals are a great value.

Anonymous said...

I once heard a funny story about QE being a feminist. Some time back in the 20th century, she took a visiting Saudi King on a country drive in her Land Rover on one her her estates. She drove like an absolute mad woman. He supposedly refused to ever get in her Land Rover again. She did this to make a point against the Saudi law against women driving. He held firm in his convictions that women aren’t fit to drive.

Brits and Euros are currently paying some of the highest energy prices on the planet. Many are choosing between buying food and medicine and freezing this winter.

That’s girl power.

Anonymous said...

@2:01 - Sure, the Royal Family are on Welfare like D1 Athletes are on Scholarship. It costs England a little bit each year to keep the Royals fed and happy, but how much money does the world's fascination with Royals bring in each year in tourism? What's Disney World without the characters?

Anonymous said...

May God rest her soul. A beautiful and gracious lady whose life she gave in service.

Kingfish, if your donation requests are falling flat, it is most probably not because of you and the service you provide, but because of the idiocy of so many of your followers - prime example the ill-informed and mean-spirited 1:06, with a close second of the likes of angry conspiracy theorist at 1:56. Bonus: the immaturity of 1:55 - are you allowing 13 year-olds on your site?

Anonymous said...

@1:23 makes several excellent points.

Great Britain — which stood alone opposing Hitler for more than a year — didn’t get tens of billions of Marshall Plan relief. FDR, an effete man of the Left, was so offended that the UK had colonies, he drove very hard terms on Lend-Lease, and later, direct aid in the form of loans. (West) Germany, which plunged the world into chaos, was saved by the Marshall Plan. France received billions in free money; they didn’t even fight, except for on the Kraut side.

Great Britain? It paid off its debt to the US in 2005. Watch season 1 of “The Crown.” The weight of the world was put on the shoulders of a 20-year-old girl. And the way she dealt with it over 70 years speaks for itself.

If an alien race had come to Earth last week and demanded “Take us to your leader,” Elizabeth II would have been the only choice.

Godspeed, Your Majesty.

Anonymous said...

The most influential event in Queen Elizabeth's life was her uncle's abdication. Therefore she determined to live a life of honor and duty to country, contrasted to many of those around her who lived dissolute lives.

Anonymous said...

@4:16 PM 1:56 PM here - no conspiracy theory at all, but rather 70+ years of life's experience has taught me what to expect.

People who raise the "conspiracy theory" flag are usually leftist/progressive fools.

The truth hurts, as it should.

Krusatyr said...

New King Charles III is a pu$$y climate priest who will have to battle the new PM Truss, a conservative bent on permitting fracking for more gas and oil to relieve England's suffering citizens from reliance on hippie energy.

Anonymous said...

I can remember when at least three stars of As The World Turns passed away. And most of our mothers and aunts wept and wailed for days.

Anonymous said...

@4:56 —

Another excellent point.

Edward VIII - selfish, Hitler-loving bastard that he was - set this train in motion.

She didn’t seek the Crown. It was forced on her by a Nazi-sympathizing sociopath who thought with his dick.

Anonymous said...

And another thing, to the poorly-educated types who thump their chest & say, “Duuurrrr, monarchy is stupid! USA! USA!”

You people should be on your knees thanking God Almighty that this country is a product of the British Empire. Take a look at every nation on Earth that was once a British colony, and compare it to its neighbors that weren’t.

The United States is not the country it is without its British roots.

No, we don’t have a monarchy, and that’s a good thing.

But show some fucking respect. The UK is our greatest ally.

Better yet, show some fucking grace.

Anonymous said...

Here ya go KF:

• Opinion writers from The New York Times, Atlantic and New York Magazine openly celebrated the death of Queen Elizabeth on Thursday
• Tirhakah Love, senior newsletter writer for New York Magazine since December, devoted his evening update, Dinner Party, to the death of the queen
• Love celebrated her death, describing someone who has been 'sucking up the Earth's resources' for 96 years
• 'I'm supposed to be quiet or, better yet, actually mourn what was a barely breathing Glad ForceFlex trash bag? Please, no,' he wrote
• University of Michigan professor Ebony Elizabeth Thomas said thoughts of Diana and Meghan kept her from feeling any sadness about the monarch's death
• Lyndsey Boylan, unsuccessful candidate for Manhattan Borough President, chimed in and intimated that her Irish grandparents would be pleased
• Many tweets zeroed in on the effects of colonialism under the queen's reign and painted her as a violent tyrant

You censored comments much less harsh than above but I’m sure you’re more than willing to post this woke crap written by leftists. :)

Anonymous said...

All of you asses that want to find fault with a person who actually made a positive change in this world need to remember, your ass will be remembered for being who you are…think about that if you can look in the mirror….if you can’t then you’re too stupid to make a positive difference in the world.

Anonymous said...

In February 1952 my brother and I as toddlers (Army brats) were living in Cambridge, England. Our parents learned of the schedule of the King George VI funeral train, en route to London from Sandringham House (Castle/Royal Estate), so we went down to the tracks and waited for the royal funeral train.

It came by, we waved, and then Princess Elizabeth waved back. Memories.

RIP Your Highness.

Anonymous said...

We have some really interesting historians here, really interesting. My favorite is the fellow who thinks West Germany was the enemy in World War II. Not far below him are those who have the inightful comments to the effect that Prince Charles, now Charles III is a "dick", that Franklin Roosevelt was effete but despite that drove hard terms for Lend-Lease. All interesting comments and historical insights. I just hope these people don't post these things on sites that might be read by people in other places. They could make Mississippians seem ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Under her reign, their capitol city of London never had water issues on the scale of Jackson, Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Great Britain should bring the royal family together and give them some money and tell them that when it runs out get a job. All the palaces etc should be turned into tourist attractions. Windfall for the government. No need for royalty! Too much maintenance!

Anonymous said...

KF loves him some Royals! Suppresses speech critical of the royals (the Twitter commies would love KF!) while allowing 3:18 PM’s post “British economists estimate the Crown benefits the British economy 20 times over for every tax dollar (pound sterling) that supports it. The Royals are a great value.”

What a joke! If Pete Buttigieg said Joe Biden is a great value to the economy, we would all understand why Pete Buttigieg said this; and everyone with common sense would understand that Pete Buttigieg would be full of s__t!

Bet KF loves him some Kennedy’s as well. That’s okay KF. We all have weaknesses but your reporting on local issues is second to none!

Anonymous said...

1:56/4:59PM I will respect my elder in your 70+ years, but your “leftist/progressive fools” label does not apply to me. I am a reasonable Republican and see nothing resembling your “truth”.

Anonymous said...

to 1:06 are a total moron.......the royal family are nothing but a ceremonial figureheads.
she never ran the country
great britan is run by a prime minister and a parliament
you are obviously the product of a mississippi redneck education
b t w .. didn't you mother ever teach you to not to
speak ill of the dead?

Anonymous said...

when the thousands of u s soldiers , sailors and airmen were sent to great britain from 1942 up to the date of the normandy invasion , the first thing they taught them was not to criticize the british royal family.

1:06 is a pathetic , ignorant , green teeth redneck......go home to your momma and snort some meth

Anonymous said...

As yesterday closed out, it was good to see the 'green teeth, meth' guy make an appearance (10:53). But, for some reason he failed to mention Niknar; therefore, his observation is incomplete.

PS: I'm over 70 and have never seen anybody with green teeth. My neighbor is a dentist and he says he hasn't either.

Krusatyr said...

Royalty who are worshipped in America are some politicians, HoWood stars, sports figures and singers, many of whom live for self gratification and die young.

But at least most of these had to do something competitive to earn their fame, whereas English Royalty are products of birth. Still, QE was a a model of service and grace compared to some of her relatives and predecessors.

Anonymous said...

@10:47 PMA - Wrong. The British monarch is the "head of state" and commander-in-chief of their armed forces. The PM is head of government.

I lived in England for 14 months and have been back on business no fewer than 25 times.

Have you?

Anonymous said...

4:44 Hear,hear

Anonymous said...


Au contraire, by historical accounts, Churchill represented Britain in WWII.

Anonymous said...

How does 6:27 speak of "respect" and "grace" using the "f word" in the same sentence?

Anonymous said...

The commenter was sarcastically belittling value of grace and propriety by mixing such with a shot of vulgarity.

Anonymous said...

Winston Churchill thought highly of Queen Elizabeth. Good enough for me. May she Rest In Peace. Her work is done.

Anonymous said...

Neither the king nor the queen of the British Empire has jack to do with commanding the military.

How many times did you see Elizabeth's name associated with any joining of US and British military resources in our multiple engagements in the Middle East or elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

Well, no, Great Britain is not our greatest ally.

Anonymous said...

@3:11 PM - Sir, you are wrong. The head of the British Armed Forces by constitutional law is the King/Queen. The authority to issue orders and give commands to the military is delegated by the sovereign (King/Queen) to the Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Defence.

Quit guessing and get your facts right.

Let me help you if you don't have the skills to do research.

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