Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Truth about O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant

 The media, including the local press, pushes the narrative that Jackson's water system crashed because the O.B. Curtis water treatment plant is old and "fragile," right.  The plant might be worn out from neglect but it is not old.  JJ got the receipts and posted them below. 

Jackson depended on the Fewell plant for years but needed more water.  Mayor Dale Danks set in motion the construction of the O.B. Curtis water treatment plant.  The conventional filter part of the plant was completed during the reign of Mayor Kane Ditto in 1993.   Thus the plant is barely 29 years old. 

May 5, 1994

Despite the construction of the new plant, Jackson still received 65% of its water from Fewell. 


October 5, 1995

Fewell was not built to handle sludge either. MDEQ told Jackson it should plan to eventually shut down the plant. Thus the decision was made to double the size of the O.B. Curtis plant.  

January 27, 1998

Work continued on the plant as it reached the 2007 completion date. 

 The plant was built and finally completely in 2007 as shown by this public notice for its wastewater permit. 

The construction of the plant even earned Neal-Shaeffer an award. 

Thus the membrane side of the plant is all of 15 years old.  Yeah, old, worn out, and aging.  More like completely neglected. 

Of course, facts are damned if they don't fit the narrative.  It's much easier to blame it all on age than falling asleep on the job. 


Anonymous said...

Keep pushing your narrative that this isn’t the fault of the racism. Go ahead and get yourself deplatformed for spreading white nationalist conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

You can buy a new Mercedes, but if you don’t change the oil, put new tires on it, etc. eventually it will break down. You can also have a 15-year-old Toyota and maintain it and get 300,000 out of it.

Anonymous said...

I’ve stated numerous times regarding politicians…FACTS ARE A MERE INCONVENIENCE TO YOUR NARRATIVE

Anonymous said...

The water and sewer pipes blow up daily.

Next freeze and it’s over for water again.

You just can’t stand it the feds are going to step in and help resolve the problem.

You desperately need to blame people and here black people so you can keep your clicks up from
The trumptardians who seek to hate and blame blacks for all of societies ills.

You queen fish need to go get laid ….and try a black guy….maybe you’ll change your evil ways

Anonymous said...

The mayor's tone is totally unnecessary.

Krusatyr said...

Lil Choke suggested a new plant. Putting aside the fact that the existing plant will be fixed soon, who would trust this mayor to plan, build and pay for anything bigger than a hamburger?

Anonymous said...

Everybody on this blog is completely racist. It's racist to ask an employee to perform up to the level of their financial compensation. It's racist to expect leaders to lead. It's racist to ask "why is this broken and what is the plan to fix it?" It's racist that neighboring communities all have water. It's all racist.

Donna Ladd

Anonymous said...

11:42 isn't playing with a full deck. You know there are 51 other cards, right?

Anonymous said...

12:20, you just made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You just can’t stand it the feds are going to step in and help resolve the problem.

Not with direct non-supervised fundthing they won't. Bet?

Anonymous said...

#1, don’t feed the trolls.

#2, I’m a Jacksonian. We have tremendous needs for infrastructure investment. An even newer water plant is NOT one of them. It would be a ridiculous waste of taxpayer funds to replace OB Curtis. All that plant needs is qualified and sufficient staffing, and timely approval and payment for replacement parts and temporary contract help as needed. In short, it needs actual leadership that the current city administration has failed miserably at providing.

Rather than building an unneeded plant, we should spend that money on replacing and upgrading aged lines and valves, which truly are crumbling.

But that would be too much like common sense, plus the mayor has probably already promised the water plant construction contract to ‘someone special’. Just like he did with the garbage contract.

Anonymous said...

11:42 you are the problem with this country today. 12:31, seriously one of the best posts ever. Dead on facts!

The Truth Hurts said...

For the low information Jackistanian can't handle the truth.

Anonymous said...

I was responsible for water systems at several (drug) company locations since 1975. One of those was biger than any municipal system in Mississippi, other than Jackson. Never experienced a plant sutdown at any of them. OF course, we actually planned and completed maintenance on a strictly followed schedule. The age of Jackson's system would be no concern at all in an industrial operation.

Anonymous said...

So it’s not true the plant at the Rez is bad because of old pipes in South Jackson?

Anonymous said...

If Chucky gets one of the many things that he wants in a new water treatment plant and awards the construction to one of his buddies, it will be an unusable pile of rubble within 20 years. Case in point, the Raymond jail. But hey, it will only be a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Anonymous said...

Know someone working on the plant. One of the main pumps went out 6 months ago and contractor has been unable to get a work order for repairs from the city since then. 2nd pump went out 10 days ago and that left only 1 pump. That's 2 out of 3 main pumps out. The original pump could have been fixed and reinstalled within 30 days. Why doesn't a plant of that size have an extra pump standing by if one needs repairing? By the way FEMA ordered the 6 month old pulled pump to be repaired, the 10 day old broken pump and rented a pump for a few weeks until they are reinstalled.
Not racism, just dumbass over site by people who don't care.

Anonymous said...

@1204 - as you try to defend the current Mayor and his incompetent 'leadership' (damn its hard to use that term when talking about his recent years in City Hall) - the pipes busting when the next freeze comes, or the sewer pippes crumbling have absolutely NOTHING to do with the Curtis treatment plant and the failure of this administration to properly manage and maintain it.

This month's failure is due to the lack of staffing (operators and maintenance personnel); the lack of funding the needed repair and replacement of parts; and just generally ignoring conditions at this facility. The failure of course was from the idiotic policy of not requiring users to pay for their water/sewer/garbage -- for six years! Financially bankrupting the system and then spending every waking moment blaming the failure on the sorry-ass white folks who (1) left the city; (2) run state government - who the Mayor evidently wants to abdicate all responsibility for financing but not of the responsibility for spending; or (3) anybody else he can find that is on the other side of the television camera.

In one week, the folks who know what they are doing and how to do it have fixed years of no maintenance at this plant. They are not (at least today) worried about the underground pipes; they are not (at least today) worried about the failures in the sewage part of the utility system. They are responding to the fact that when the pumps failed several weeks ago there was not the ability to provide water to people who (have in the past) depended on the City of Jackson to do that simple chore. And - they have done it, quickly and effectively.

Take your crap of defending this failed administration to somewhere that will buy it - like the national media that spew out whatever is told to them. While you are at it, tell them the story about the library - or to the zoo - or the convention center - or Farish Street - or the ..... well, you know the great examples of the 'leadership' given by your boss

Anonymous said...

1:40 Thank you & most of us agree. Maintenance is 90% of the life of any product. Just like giving birth if you do not feed, clean and keep check up appointments; whether it be human or animal it will not thrive as designed by God. Engineers and workers are the lifelines given to help run a business. You don’t look a dying man in the eye and walk away. OC Curtis will thrive with a newer and better administration to run and oversee it. Chokwe if you did your best as you said, then now you must move on & resign. There is no shame if u did your best. Now the best is to STEP ASIDE!

Anonymous said...

One thing that I can't understand. When we have a freeze the water line into my house does not freeze uo and it is 3/4" laying on top of the ground under my house. In Jackson a 48" water line 8' underground will freeze and burst.

Anonymous said...

Remember when you were a small child? Anyone 29 year old who wasn’t a parent seemed like a senior citizen. Thats Antar. He wants a brand new Lego set because one piece in the set he got last week doesn’t fit right.

Anonymous said...

@2:36 PM - Maybe because they don't actually burst from freezing but rather an age failure, but Chowke and his sycophants always blame something/someone else, right.

If someone repeats lies as fact enough times, they become the truth, especially to the lamestream media, right?

Anonymous said...

1:57 of course they don't care.

Why would they? There are no repercussions for failure.

Why work hard when the guy next to you at the water facility does nothing and gets the same salary or more, and receives no punishment for being lazy and useless.

I find this to be a pervasively common attitude even in the private industry and we all know it is exponentially more applicable to the public sector jobs.

Anonymous said...

The trash drama sure has been quiet since the flood/water issues. Can anyone please update us on the status of Richards and all of that crazy trash mess????

Anonymous said...

1:57 you may know someone working at the plant - and you seem to have a lot of details - but you are wrong on who ordered the pump.

The State ordered the 2 pumps to be fixed. The MS Dept of Health (Craig) and the MS Emergency Management Agency (Mcraney) - the 2 guys standing by the Governor at every press conference - are who ordered the pump. Because they are the 2 Agencies that are in charge of OB Curtis right now. That is why they are at every press conference to tell the truth and give accurate and up to date information.

The Feds - FEMA, EPA, Army Corps, etc - are support agencies and by all accounts are doing an excellent job working with the State team to make steady progress.

Anonymous said...

It all comes down to funding, maintenance and work performance. Nothing else matters.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, is the whole stinking mess of garbage vendor abbreviated by Lil Choke's appeal of his 'veto a no-vote' charade to MS Supreme Court? It should take 5 minutes to send it back as is.

Anonymous said...

I observed the construction of a Habitat for Humanity house about 1990. Within 10 years, the house was condemned. Doesn’t matter how much you give someone if they don’t have the wherewithal to maintain it.

Anonymous said...

11:42: Racism didn’t cause the mayor to fail to appoint competent people to run the water system. Racism didn’t cause the city to fail to collect water bills from 1/3 of the customers, resulting in a net loss of revenue. Racism didn’t cause the mayor to allow the water treatment facilities to be short staffed. Racism didn’t cause the mayor to hide the EPA letter faulting city’s water quality. Racism didn’t cause the mayor to enter into an illegal garbage contract. Racism has nothing to with the mayor’s own failing to be a good leader for Jackson. And it is the black community that is suffering most from the mayor’s lack of competent leadership. There is no need to blame racism when the mayor isn’t competent. He isn’t incompetent because he is black; he is incompetent because he chooses to be incompetent. He isn’t stupid. But he makes bad choices.

Anonymous said...

4:49 PM & 5:20 PM
Waiting on Supreme Court to issue or deny Writ of Certiorari for Lumumba's appeal.

Anonymous said...

I heard the city hasn’t made the lease payment for the land the plant sits on.
For two years.

Anonymous said...

Wow 8:08 but probably true!!! Sitting on PRVWSD land. Maybe Sigman can make it run!!!

Anonymous said...

Sigman would have fired everyone before it was in the current state.

Anonymous said...

To 2:36, "One thing that I can't understand. When we have a freeze the water line into my house does not freeze up and it is 3/4" laying on top of the ground under my house. In Jackson a 48" water line 8' underground will freeze and burst."

That's not what happens. Most likely the pipe and ground are moving from the temperature (and maybe moisture) changes, perhaps not moving in the same direction. Stress from the movement can then cause structural failure of the line. Then when the line fails and water runs out of the ground where the cold air can get to it, it ices up all around the hole making it look like a freezing problem. More likely to happen with old fragile pipe, in colder temps, and with wide swings in soil moisture content.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish: Please do not continue what appears to be your fascination of ending your sentences with the word 'right'. It portrays ignorance of word usage and sentence structure,right.

Anonymous said...

Hello John Sigman at 9:29. If you were in charge, the plant would look like the fence line approaching Twin Harbors. the claim made at 8:08, is there any other case where a municipality or state agency pays rent to another state agency?

Anonymous said...

"It portrays ignorance of word usage and sentence structure, right."

You've heard Lamumba speak, right?

Regular reader said...

The person showing their ignorance is you. Right.

Anonymous said...

1:31 Yes. state agencies pay rent often when occupying another state agency’s building.

Anonymous said...

8:06 am please look at costs and follow the path of revenues into the State then county then city.

Compare how much of State and Federal dollars came to Jackson in the years when the city was majority white to the present.

See too which areas of the city are served by OBC.

You'll see you may need to re-write your post.

Kingfish said...

So where should they have built the plant? By the zoo and piped it in front the rez?

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