Monday, June 6, 2022

More Jackson & Canton Kids Fail Reading-Gate

While most Jackson metro area school districts improved their third-grade reading-gate scores, Jackson and Canton fell behind. Coincidentally, they were the last school districts bring their students back to the classroom after the Covid-19 shutdowns.  

As shown below, the failure rates improved for most local school districts even though the standards were raised in 2019.  Clinton enjoyed the lowest failure rate at 9.5%, closely followed by Madison County at 10%.  Unfortunately, 39% of Jackson students failed the test while 37% of Canton's children flunked as well.  

School District: 2022 Failure Rate (2019 Failure Rate)

Canton: 37% (28%) +9

Clinton: 9% (12%) -2

Hinds County: 29% (32%) -3

JPS: 39% (36%) +3

Madison County: 10% (8.5%) +2

Pearl: 13% (12%) +1

Rankin County:  16% (16%)

Jackson and Canton's failure rates can't be blamed on race.  Hinds County is a majority black system.  Three of the four elementary schools are nearly 90% black while one schools is 58% black but its failure rate fell from 32% to 29%.  Clinton is 50% black but it enjoyed the best scores of the metro area schools districts.  Indeed, over seven of the majority-black elementary schools that were not in Jackson saw their passing scores improve while six saw them fall.   Three of the six schools are in Canton.  17 Jackson schools worsened while 11 improved (and three of those are special schools.).   Majority-black districts such as Hattiesburg, Meridian, and Greenville improved their scores as well.

The results should not surprise anyone.  Jackson and Canton kept their students out of the classrooms until MDE forced their hand.  Political leaders (looking at you, Mayor Lumumba)  made little effort to get the kids back in the classrooms as they fell behind.  They screamed they were following the science as they ignored the science.  The children had much lower infection rates, transmission rates, and hospitalization rates than adults during the pandemic. Studies showed closing the classrooms stunted their development and learning.  Yes, the road was rocky as the covid-19 virus forced the other schools to shut down at times but those school districts remained committed to keeping the kids in the classroom and did so with community support.  The scores show the wisdom of that strategy.   




Raw Data for Jackson Metro Area Schools


Canton: 37% (34%) +3 (64% Black)

Jimmie Goodloe: 41% (24%) +17 (88% Black)

McNeal: 17% (21%) -4 (90% Black)
Reuben Myers: 44% (36%) +8 (92% Black)


Northside: 9% (12%) -3 (50% Black)

Hinds County

Bolton-Edwards: 40% (43%) -3  (89% Black)

Gary Road: 29% (33%) -4  (89% Black) 

Raymond: 24% (28%) -4 (58% Black)
Utica: 26% (24%) +2 (87% Black)

Madison County

Camden: 15% (21%) -6 (98% Black)

East Flora: 30% (26%) +4 (74% Black)

Highland: 21% (15%) -6 (62% Black)

Luther Branson: 13% (10%) +3 (96% Black)
Madison Avenue:  <5% (<5%)

Madison Crossing: 18% (12%) +6 (44% Black)

Madison Station: <5% (<5%) (15% Black)

Mannsdale: <5% (<5%) (20% Black)


Northside: 13% (12%) +1 


Rankin County

Florence: <5% (8%) -3 (10% Black)

Flowood: <5% (16%) -9 (35% Black)

Highland Bluff: 9% (16%) -7 (26% Black)

McLaurin: 28% (28%) (6% Black)
Northshore: <5% (<5%) (15% Black)

Northwest: 14% (13%) +1 (31% Black)

Oakdale: 20% (10%) +10 (27% Black)

Pelahatchie: 27% (11%) +16 (20% Black)

Pisgah: 15% (16%) -1 (10% Black)

Puckett: 8% (25%) -17 (67% Black)
Richland: 36% (36%)  (27% Black)

Stonebridge: 17% (16%) +1 (30% Black)

 Majority Black improvement: 7

Majority Black decline: 6

JPS: 17 worse, 11 better.


Notable school districts around the state

Cleveland: 42% (36%) +6

Desoto: 22% (19%) +3

Harrison County: 12% (18%) -6

Hattiesburg: 23% (37%) -13

Gulfport: 18% (19%) -1%

Greenville: 36% (46%) -10

Meridian: 43%  (49%) -6

Pascagoula: 24% (23%) +1

Tupelo: 28% (16%) +12


Anonymous said...

Note that Camden, a school that is 98% black, had an 85% pass rate. Camden has the same district leadership as the rest of the Madison County Schools.

I know its not popular in Madison, but Canton should be consolidated into Madison schools. You could give those kids in Canton a fighting chance, and fix the school zone lines in Lake Caroline and along Highway 22, which would allow that area to boom. There are some beautiful home sites out there that are going untouched because of the school situation.

The leadership of Canton schools continues to fail those kids. Its time the state legislature fix it, as well as other district issues across the state. Yes, Pearl is separate from Rankin County but they are outperforming. Canton's failure rate is nearly four times that of Madison County. Why do we continue to let them have their own school district?

Anonymous said...

Leave it to "South Park" to sum things up perfectly.....

Anonymous said...

As long as JPS serves as a teacher placement opportunity for Jackson State Dept of Education graduates, many that don’t pass the State Teacher exam, JPS will continue to have students that can’t pass reading or math proficiency test. Remember, all kids can learn & most can excell if properly taught.

Anonymous said...

What’s inside the numbers at Northwest?

Krusatyr said...

Reading to toddlers before pre-k by parents starts education success. It worked for me as a child and later, for my own kids.

Anonymous said...

@9:44 AM (first one) They have their own district because it is someone's rice bowl, and besides, Canton is crooked as a dog's hind leg. MS public schools are very effective - at producing illiterate thugs one school year at a time.

Anonymous said...

@9:44 because Madison county isn’t going to eat those scores and fixing Canton schools would require some hard choices that the leadership of a successful district isn’t going to force itself to make.

Anonymous said...

The Headstart program in Mississippi is really paying off isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Canton does not want Madison school officials interference in that unsupervised Canton cookie jar of education cash.

The administrators are very happy with things as-is, because this will only further justify the moronic plan to sling more tax monies at the problem. They could not care less that none of the money is actually spent to benefit the kids. And nobody in power is going to address the real problems that hurt these kids.

They don't want real help or improvement. They want money.

Anonymous said...

CPSD is like Covid. Lots and Lots of money to be made by those admin and teacher types that would fail anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

JPS more than any school district in the state has deep connections to the national teacher's unions. That's because of Democratic party leadership. They did not follow the science, they followed the union party line. And poor Canton who are pitiful Jackson wannabees follow suit. These Jackson-Canton morons will blindly follow the party lead no matter what happens to the children. Sad, because the remaining parents can't even understand it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe JPS should throw another $500 million or so dollar building improvement bond issuance at the 'problem'. Because its for the children.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Chokwe Antar Laughingstock just tell everyone up in Banff that he led the effort to save Jackson public schools?

Anonymous said...

11:23 -- Head Start is a Honey Pot for the private organizations that run it. It's a daycare center disguised as a government funded program to give kids ---well, a Head Start. and it's been around long enough that is an entitlement.

Anonymous said...

it comes as a shock to parents who are new to Clinton that academic standards and discipline are required and not optional.

but the students who make it through and their parents are satisfied that they are prepared

Anonymous said...

The Canton superintendent of schools was previously the JPS asst. superintendent of schools. Yep, that's a resume for success.

Anonymous said...

@12:04 PM - that's a fact. It's a scam.

Anonymous said...

What you Repubican types cannot see is that soon Bennie and the Biden administration will see that JPS gets a great big check for the "'displacement" caused by the pandemic. So what if the kids can't read and have to resort to a future of crime. JPS will get the check and JPS will have the last laugh! Ha Ha

Canton will giggle too!

Anonymous said...

I don’t think you know what “a honey pot” actually means.

Anonymous said...

I know the two will never be compared but I would be interested in comparing the scores of children coming from traditional family homes and single parent homes. What I'm afraid we're throwing money at here is a societal failure that we can't buy our way out of.

Anonymous said...

Raising the superintendent's and asst. superintendent's salary and perks would help significantly; just ask them.

Anonymous said...

It all comes down to 2 parent households
Did you know that black families with 2 parents in the house have a less than 4% poverty rate and that child has a 70% better chance of graduation at high school. Before welfare and the current system black schools competed well Lanier HS had more merit finalists than many schools in Mississippi. But hey believe what your told rather than the facts
They’re rather inconvenient.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for charter schools
They give black inner city kids a chance.

Anonymous said...

Canton doesn't want the schools fixed, they just want a check.

Canton doesn't want someone to help them (such as Madison County Schools). It's the same reason that the city of Jackson water/sewer doesn't want a nearby successful water/sewer utility to help them. They just want a check. They don't want an actual f***ing solution. Because solutions take time, effort, and work.

Anonymous said...

2:21 Thanks a lot but who is disputing those facts?

Anonymous said...

Black males make up the overwhelming majority of incarcerated Americans. Figure out how to change that statistic and you can work on the rest. Democrats want to just stop incarcerating Black males.. The murder rate in the city if Jackson proves that plan isn’t working. Republicans don’t have any fresh ideas except banning abortions and cutting off welfare.

Anonymous said...

4:28, fair point.

So what do you suggest? I don't know of any politically acceptable way of saying, don't get knocked up until you are financially stable and ideally in a relationship that includes a responsible mom and dad.

So basically we agree, both sides of the aisle are utterly useless and have no actual good ideas and also realistically there is no way to fix this that our current society would ever accept.

Anonymous said...

9:44 - Selling homesites and pouring gasoline into a bowl of punch hoping to distill the gasoline...are not good reasons to consolidate the best with the worst.

By the way, the kids in Canton who you suggest 'don't have a chance', don't have a chance because of the mindset and attitude of the one parent at home...the same parent they will have if you pour them into the Madison County District.

Anonymous said...

4:28 The writer at 2:21 had some actual facts, you begin your opinion with gross exaggeration, Black males makeup a disproportionate number of incarcerated Americans but not nearly "the overwhelming majority". Changing your statistic is easy because it's not true. Make your point with facts or leave it alone, pleeeease.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of inner city black students are doing very well at charter school. These are the poor moms that don’t want there kids in JPS and support school choice for low income blacks. These schools are popping up everywhere. I liked trumps voucher idea. Teacher unions hated it bc they were going to lose money. My brother died 2 months ago in prison he was in and out for 13 years. I’m white have no privilege and my son attends a private elementary school so don’t start with me about being white. I grew up in WV… all whites but hard!!!

Anonymous said...

School choice works for poor families
Why should the white wealthy families only have school choice
I live in Jackson and have 3 kids in private school. So yes I have school choice
I find it odd the liberals that often have St. Andrews stickers on there bumpers also had a sticker against charter schools and against school choice. I guess what the limousine white liberals mean is the you only need school choice of your able to pay for it
Black single moms be damned
This is next to the coexist sticker usually

Anonymous said...

5:35, you miss the OP's point. If Camden, which is 98% black and poorer than Canton with the same fatherless problem can pass these tests at an 85% threshold, why can't Canton - with better facilities? Its about the leadership in the district.

If Mississippi is serious about fixing education, we have to consolidate districts. Start by simply saying every failing school district will immediately be placed in a statewide overseer district. Then start consolidating them into higher performing school districts.

The best way is for the state to take the 13 community college districts and make them school districts with administration housed at the community colleges and a board elected from the entire district. Pay those superintendents well and make them accountable. From 151 districts to 13.

Anonymous said...

Simple simple simple… it’s a lack of placing importance on the process of reading to the children. It starts at home. Kids need to be read to and have a “model” to follow to WANT to read. If there is a struggle, that’s ok. Just teach skills to read somehow. There are multiple ways to learn to read. I’m dyslexic. It can be done.

Kingfish said...

Smillow had a 30% failure rate. However, that placed it sixth best among JPS schools if one does not count the three special schools.

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