Sunday, May 5, 2024

Bill Crawford: Hosemann Wrench Doomed Medicaid Expansion

As the world turns so too does Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann. A year ago he championed expansion of Medicaid to benefit mothers and children. During last year’s elections he championed Medicaid reform to benefit the working poor. This year, with the House finally ready to act, he threw a monkey wrench into the works. Hosemann said he is for Medicaid expansion, but only if it includes a work requirement.

Now, the Lt. Governor is a smart man, an accomplished lawyer, a knower of details. He well understood that submitting a plan conditioned on a work requirement to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) had zero chance of getting approved.

The usually vocal Hosemann let his chosen chair of the Senate Medicaid Committee, Sen. Kevin Blackwell, take the lead for the Senate. Blackwell refused to budge on the front-end work requirement. Attempted compromises on other issues eroded support.

Prior to this year the House was the obstacle to Medicaid expansion, led by former Speaker Philip Gunn. New Speaker Jason White turned the House around. He appointed Rep. Missy McGee chair of the House Medicaid Committee. Together they crafted a bill that would achieve CMS approval. Their bill called for seeking a CMS waiver for a work requirement but would fully expand Medicaid while that process played out.

That position made sense. During the Trump administration several states that had expanded Medicaid sought and got CMS waivers for work requirements. Those waivers were cancelled by the Biden administration (court cases had blocked some). White and McGee knew that if Trump got re-elected, their waiver request would likely get approved.

They also put a four-year repealer in their bill. The cost of full expansion for those four years would be paid for by a federal bonus available to encourage holdout states to expand Medicaid. If that four-year experience showed future costs would be too high, a future legislature could cut back the program or simply let it die.

That smart approach should have appealed to a smart Hosemann. But it did not.

Why not?

Some suggested Hosemann has decided to run for governor in 2027. They saw his obstinacy as a move to appease the more conservative wing of the Mississippi Republican Party.

Others suggested he lost control of his Senate. They saw him trying to make the best of his weakened position.

Whatever the case, the wrench left Hosemann looking less than savvy and in charge.

Speaker White, on the other hand, has emerged as a smart, sensible leader during his first year in power.

“A nation will be strong and endure when it has intelligent, sensible leaders” – Proverbs 28:2.

Crawford is a syndicated columnist from Jackson.


Anonymous said...

Governor Hosemann is most assuredly running for Governor.

Anonymous said...

Yep typical Mississippi plantation aristocracy must require their slaves to work. No basic human rights and dignity here. Get your ass back out in the field and work!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Our legislators on both sides of the aisle need to learn how to compromise. Meanwhile, the disadvantaged are not getting the healthcare they need and deserve.

Barry Goldwater He is not said...

Our so-called “republican” leaders continue to sell out the voters who put them in office. They need to focus on serving Mississippians, not out of state dictates from the likes of breitbart

Anonymous said...

Hosemann is part of the old establishment Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Crawford probably went into conniptions when he heard that the Medicaid expansion didn't pass. Now his boys with the hospital association will be put off another year to collect that sweet government money.

Anonymous said...

Delbert lacks courage, White lacks a brain, Tate lacks a heart. Does Lynn own a dog?

Anonymous said...

The funeral home and cemetary operaters love Hoseman and his fellow travelers for keeping Mississippi just like it always was. They are good for some businesses!

Check your Premises said...

I will never understand why the US being the welfare state to every country in the world (billions annually in foreign aid) and it’s called national security, but helping Americans is demonized as socialism and a handout.

News flash, your tax payer money is feeding, clothing, housing, and educating people all over world. But the “Christian” right can’t help its own right here in America/mississippi.

And before you jump to the socialism bromides, please address why it’s ok to spend billions in foreign aid

Anonymous said...

"Yep typical Mississippi plantation aristocracy must require their slaves to work. No basic human rights and dignity here. Get your ass back out in the field and work!"....

if the people you speak of are slaves, they are slaves to their own bad decisions! Dropping out of school at age 15 thereby qualifying themselves for low paying manual labor jobs only; getting pregnant or getting their friend girl pregnant at age16, they are propagating the need for continual government subsidies for another generation! Breaking the law because they are mad at the world went in fact, they should be mad at themselves for making bad decisions; kids being caught by their parents or their culture that they are somehow entitled to have things for free that other people have worked for. There is your plantation mentality propagated by your beloved Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

By now Hoseman realizes that he is a statewide politician not representing some small enclave of progressive Republicans in a Senate district. This is in no way a progressive state not even slightly so. We make it tough on the poor, always have, that's our way. If they want more they must leave.

Business As Usual said...

Is Anyone really surprised?

Anonymous said...

Didn't we hear FEDERAL MEDICAID will not approve/ honor the work requirement in the proposed MS bill?
Did Mr Hosemann know this?

Don Drane said...

While a so called 'work requirement' (for those able) is a good idea (everybody should want to work), it's not a slave mentality as presented by the dunce @ 10:24.

All welfare-type entitlements should require, at minimum, the novel-idea of 'pulling the wagon'. It's the democrats who favor keeping the poor 'down on the (democrat) plantation of dependency'.

Hoseman will be about 80 if he were to run for Governor, but he need not worry about Medicaid dooming that - 330,000 PERS participants will handle that quite easily.

Anonymous said...

Bait and switch, Hosemann's version.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been working since I was 15 years old and worked two jobs to support my family the last 25 years. I am nobody’s slave, I’m just a responsible adult.

Anonymous said...

Lots of dems and dem adjacent bitching about not getting something for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Mississippi’s ruling class excels at stupidity and cruelty. Glad to be gone from that sewer.

Anonymous said...

What they are actually proposing is the expansion of the "give me something for nothing" model. People want stuff, but they don't want to work for it.

Anonymous said...

@1:46 You are only partly right. Mississippi's lower classes also excel at
stupidity and cruelty. That's what makes Mississippi so special.

Anonymous said...

Jason White has little integrity, spews misinformation with regularity, and is a first class RINO. Delbert owns Jason White.

Anonymous said...

Funny how democrats hyperventilate about requiring people to actually work for their benefits. Meanwhile, PERS is self destructing and both parties keep doing absolutely nothing to fix it and to stop the bleeding.

Anonymous said...

11:34. I know it’s not popular but Amen brother. Let me state I’m 81 and have never received any form of government assistance. I do believe however that it’s the Christian thing to do.

Anonymous said...

2 Thessalonians 3:10- "... if a man will not work, he shall not eat."

Anonymous said...

The conservative upside to Medicaid expansion is undeniable. The fact that Delbert had the opportunity to educate and lead on this issue and failed to do so is unforgivable. The state’s own economist estimates more than 11,000 jobs in the healthcare and social service industry. Some may disgree but no one has put up real data to show he’s wrong. Senator Blackwell doesn’t even know the numbers and he was supposed to be leading the charge. Whatever you think about using our own federal tax dollars to bring back to our state to help poor, mostly working people, you cannot argue that full expansion would be anything but a boon to Mississippi. Lower healthcare costs for all of us, home sales and home construction, car sales, more business for restaurants, hair dressers, banks, health clubs, grocery stores, insurance sales, you name it. More local tax dollars for schools, police, roads, parks and rec, etc. Delbert totally could have run with it, but he has no vision.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen any facts about how many people would get Medicaid as proposed that are 100% unemployed. Surely there is an accurate study. MT should be printing some supported facts.I get the problem if the majority of the proposed new folks dont work at all then make it a requirement. Facts???

Anonymous said...

May 5, 2024 at 1:46 PM, if you are so disappointed with Mississippi, why are you posting on a website about Mississippi?

Anonymous said...

May 5, 2024 at 2:21 PM, bless your heart.

Bill Dees said...

Healthcare in the US should be considered what it is in the rest of the developed world - a basic human right, and it should be available to every citizen without out-of-pocket cost.

Anonymous said...

If it was “championed” for the “working poor” then what’s out of wack with a “work requirement”?

Anonymous said...

Bill Dees,

Which healthcare should be free? All of it? anything we want? Is there a limit to your generosity with other peoples' money and my livelihood as a trained medical professional? Who's going to pay for this? Who's going to pay me for my time? I assume this means a pay cut. We can't keep our roads fixed or our retirement funded. Add another free trillion dollar program? Sure!!!
Also, where is healthcare discussed in the Constitution as a basic human right?

Anonymous said...

5:01 & 5;05 Then why would the majority to the ppl get up every day and go to work if not doing so would provide a "human right"?

I'd love to sleep in every day.

Anonymous said...

Bill, with all due respect, why is it a human right? Because someone said so? Show me in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights where it says it is the obligation of the Government to provide Healthcare? I will wait and listen for an answer.

The Federal Government can't sustain this level of spending/debt and will have to cut spending in the near future. That is the point that most of the near to do-gooders on this site fail to comprehend or consider. Healthcare is a right, then will come the drumbeat of housing is a right. A car is a right. A basic wage, weather you work for it, is a right.

The bleeding hearts out here will doom this great country. How in the hell did we make it through the 60's-80's and 90's without all this Government sponsored give-a-ways?

Bottom line- make poor choices, live with the consequences. Don't get up and go to work, then expect life to be hard! Don't prepare and listen in school, then you are and will be doomed to be ignorant for the rest of your life.

Anonymous said...

First let me say that the house had it right and the senate intentionally wouldn't negotiate away the work requirement because they didn't want any expansion to pass. Solution: put in a mandatory 2-year or 4-year re-authorization clause. Therefore, if it wasn't working out very well, it could be voted out.

Why isn't there a movement to quit participating in the Medicaid program? If the senate doesn't want to help the poor people, why are they helping some of them? Medicare is fully funded by the feds, but Medicaid is something a state has to voluntarily agree to.

Of course, as is always the case, the stupidest people in this country would demand that every person has to have the best of everything concerning healthcare, without regard to cost, which blows the program up. Its been going on with PERS for over 20 years and there is zero concern about what's coming.

It blows my mind that Medicaid and Medicare are forbidden to negotiate drug prices. We don't have nice things because we keep shooting ourselves in the foot. The european countries, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Taiwan have decent public healthcare programs because they didn't have to provide their own self-defense.

Anonymous said...

Here's Bill Dees' logic:

Everybody has a right to life (etc.)

Life, lived right, requires good health.

Good health requires medical care.

Medical care is therefore a right.

Rights should be free.

This reality is not original with Bill Dees. All liberals buy into it.

Anonymous said...

@11:24 - I'll answer your question (please address why it’s ok to spend billions in foreign aid) - It ain't. Some of us have been trying to keep you and yours from propping up the rest of the world. Where in the Constitution does it say we're supposed to do that?

Anonymous said...

The Libs will cry over this. Why work when you can get it for free?

Anonymous said...

Government-funded healthcare? And to receive it you expect me to … work?

Anonymous said...

There's animosity between the working class, and those that want to give away their labor. The future promises more of this animosity as robotics, and artificial intelligence, causes the shrinkage of employment opportunities.

The talk of universal basic income has been a topic of discussion in other parts of the world for some time now. It has been a topic of discussion in some academic circles in the US, but will make its way on to the American scene as automation, and AI becomes more prevalent. The conversation will be much different in 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Requiring me to work to receive free shit is just wrong. (Said no taxpayer ever).

Anonymous said...

Very very good article on Magnolia Trib about the House and Senate bills.

Anybody know that there was a new tax that appeared in the conference report? I didn't.

Anonymous said...

OK...We mentioned what is or is not in the Constitution.

Now...For the benefit of those of us who don't know, can some of you tell the rest of us where there's a Biblical admonition to provide for, furnish to or hand-out free stuff to those who could but won't work, choose not to participate in the betterment of community or get down off the wagon?

In short, where's your Biblical proof that 'It's the Christian thing to do'?

Anonymous said...

May 6, 2024 at 11:10 AM, the very ones that clench their little fist, are red in the face, and screaming it's the Christian thing to do, will also be the ones saying, church, and state must be kept separate. Hypocrites of the first order.

The Bible has much to say about a sluggard in the book of Proverbs. Proverbs 21:25 says; “The desire of the sluggard puts him to death, for his hands refuse to work”

Proverbs 18:9: “He who is slothful in his work is a brother to him who is a great destroyer.”

GOD doesn't expect us to help those who will not help themselves.

Anonymous said...

My experience is that of 1:55's.

Atheists sure like to teach me the Christian thing to do.

And miraculously, its almost always with a slant to support whatever free shit they are seeking from hard working people of faith.

Anonymous said...

I expected to see a 'judge not' rebuttal. Let me answer before it appears: I have a right to judge the slothful who would take my stuff and make it theirs.

And I also have a right to judge those who would accommodate the process which would accomplish the taking.

Anonymous said...

Liberal leftist woke Democrats will never understand why those of us who work and are productive don’t willingly hand over our money to fund their socialist programs.

Anonymous said...

Lyndon appeared to be a dumber-than-a-stump buffoon. But he pulled a fast one on all of us. Then he died. But his legacy will live forever.

Anonymous said...

@5:06pm Bill Dees, thank you for stating the truth!

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