Friday, April 12, 2024

Sex, Lies, & Videotape: Ivana Williams Scandal Spreads

Fallout from the Ivana Williams scandal continues to spread at the Mississippi Highway Patrol. MHP fired Master Sergeant Julius Hutson on April 2 after it discovered he asked Williams to send him nude photographs of her to his phone even though he was her superior.  Williams sent him several nude photos.  MHP terminated Williams in February when it discovered she sent nude pictures of herself to several troopers.  

Hutson's April 2 termination letter states: 

Internal Affairs launched an investigation into allegations that you requested and/or received nude or sexually explicit photographs from former Trooper First Class Ivana Williams approximately three or four years ago while she was employed with the agency.

You admitted that, during a conversation with Williams on the social media app Snapchat, Williams sent you an above-the-waist photo of a woman's naked breasts. Because the woman's face was not visible in the photo you admitted asking Williams to send another photo with her face visible. You said that Williams sent you a second photo that revealed the lower portion of woman's body, below the waist. However, you noted that Williams never confirmed whether she was in either photo, and explained that the photos were sent while both of you were off duty.  You denied sending any photos to Williams or engaging in sexual activity with her.

You admitted that you were ninety percent sure that you were Williams' supervisor when you requested and received photos. You explained that you downloaded the social media app Snapchat on your state-issued cell at one point, but you believe you used your personal phone to receive photos from Williams.

Further, as part of the investigation, you were asked to turn over your state-issued cell phone. A data dump was performed, and the data extracted revealed nude/ sexually explicit photos of women that were taken on your personal cell but synced to your state cell.

During your due process hearing, you admitted that the allegations noted above are true and clarified that you were promoted to Master Sergeant in 2017 and moved to Troop C in 2018, left and returned on September 1, 2022. Records show that you transferred to Troop C on May 18, 2018, went to MBI on December 1, 2021, andreturned to Troop Con September 1, 2022. Records further show that Williams was assigned to Troop C on March 6, 2018, where she remained until January 2024.

The transmission of nude photographs to other troopers is one of the reasons MHP cited when it terminated Williams earlier this year.  Williams' termination letter states:   

Hutson is the first trooper cited in the letter. 

Hutson appealed his termination on April 9.  Attorney Joe Deaton represents the former Master Sergeant.  

Hutson's appeal states: 

Employee was terminated after 18 years of outstanding performance duties with DPS. An investigation was conducted on Ivana Williams and Williams alleged an event four years ago that she sent a nude picture to a personal device. Internal affairs dumped my state phone and discovered unrelated evidence to Williams. I advised internal affairs because I had two phones my apple identification mirrored pictures taken of my wife with my personal phone to my state phone. I told them prior to the dump.

The appeal claims "an extremely high number of DPS employees would be terminated if phones were dumped."  Hutson also alleged another trooper was promoted even though sexual harassment allegations were filed against him.  However, the appeal does not deny Hutson was in Williams' chain of command. 

JJ obtained the notice of appeal and attached termination letter through a public records request. 


A lawsuit filed in Rankin County Chancery Court in December 2023 accuses Williams of sexually assaulting another woman.  The petition for a restraining order accused the former trooper of videotaping the sexual assault and sharing the video with other troopers.  The alleged victim filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office but no action has been taken on the complaint.  
The termination letter states the alleged victim filed the complaint with the Attorney General in 2023.  A.G. Investigators interviewed Williams in July 2023.  However, Williams did not notify her Troop Commander of the interview as required by General Order  The letter states: 

You told Internal Affairs that you notified Master Sergeant Eric Henry of your interview with the Attorney General's Office, either the day of or the day after and Captain Chriss Turnipseed two or three weeks later.  However, you did not notify Troop C Troop Commander Ricky Dean.  

You admitted in your due process hearing that you did not notify anyone prior to your interview. 

The failure to properly notify her Troop Commander was a serious offense.  However, more serious offenses doomed her chances to remain a trooper.  The letter cites her unprofessional conduct or what was once called behavior unbecoming of a trooper, as the reason for her dismissal.  

Williams  performed poorly on questions involving the lawsuit on a polygraph exam. 

The polygraph exam and the lawsuit were just the beginning of Command's problems with the wayward trooper as Williams apparently has a thing for porn.  

The letter states "In your due process hearing, you admitted sending or showing illicit pictures while on duty.  

Then there is beer.  Did someone say beer? 

Porn may have been mentioned earlier but it is not the last time it is mentioned in the termination letter.  

After cataloguing her various offenses as a Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper, Colonel Haynes decreed: 

Your actions constitute inefficiency or other good cause as and pursuant to Chapter 7 of the Mississippi State Employee Handbook your employment is terminated effective immediately.  
Williams appealed her termination to the Mississippi Employee Appeals Board.  Earlier post on appeal.

* No relation to Don. 


Anonymous said...

That's a lotta Ooops for MHP!

He's a good guy, she's a good guy, and that's the way we've always done things. No one is checking, no one is verifying. Then little problems start happening...

A beer here, t*tty pics there, next thing you know, it's World Star at work and the people involved have guns and cuffs and tasers to play with. A regular culture of coorruption!

Not to mention, usually it's the taxpayer pays for their on the job screwups!

Also, how many knew what was going on but didn't report it due to that thin blue line?

Anonymous said...

Lot of these Mississippi LEO folk need them some Jesus.

Anonymous said...

More troopers will be cumming down the pipe for termination.

Anonymous said...

Two troopers fired and two demoted - all just to see pics of what every in the metro area has seen. Pretty sad to ruin your career and throw away your family over a low-class lady like that.

Anonymous said...

The only person who likes these post more than Ivana is Bryan Bailey he can’t catch a break (doesn’t deserve one) ! Hutson and Ivana will end up at RCSO mark my words !

Anonymous said...

I see these troopers pulling up to my gym and strutting around.

They are mostly clowns with little to no education and oversized egos.

Mississippi should be embarrassed.

Saltwaterpappy said...

That's the problem with allowing women into a previously all Male environment, but which is still dominated by men. The same holds true for the military. Since people follow human nature, and since humans are fallible, instances of sexual abuse and misconduct will continue to occur. I know this may not be correct to the DEI crowd, but I have been around long enough to be good judge of human.

Anonymous said...

@6:22, I always thought steroid use was illegal.

Mrs. Eastover said...

Low class tacky 40 something with
Borderline Personality Disorder.

Anonymous said...

6:02, you nailed it! Hutson is already at Rankin SO.

Anonymous said...

Question: Has the video of the two patrol vehicles being wrecked a couple of months ago been taken down and disappeared

Anonymous said...

Google his name and the fatality that occurred in 2007 during a chase. A nice payout was awarded against the MHP. Believe it finalized several years later.

Anonymous said...

5:52 - My college Journalism 101 instructor marked up one of my first attempts at news writing for the class with the note: "Don't use the word,'lady' in a news story. Always use 'woman.' You know she's a woman; you don't know if she's a lady." This debacle certainly proves my instructor's point.

Anonymous said...

She sent pics to five troopers that we know of. This is the first. Will the other four be terminated?

Anonymous said...

Crazy how differently she is being treated compared to trooper redfruit and his receiving rooter service at weight stations or rest stops. I can’t remember.

Anonymous said...

@6:02 and @7:36, you mean to tell us this Julius Hutson guy was fired from MHP for conduct unbecoming less than two weeks ago and is already working for Bryan Bailey? This is your sheriff Rankin county! He obviously hasn’t learned much in the past year. How many more bad decisions does he have to make before there are consequences? He holds the people of Rankin county hostage only because nobody ran against him and that’s primarily because the Goon Squad news didn’t break until it was too late to qualify to run against him. Michael Jenkins could beat him in an election! Geez….

Anonymous said...

Hold on! Did Hutson claim those photos on his phone were of his wife?!

This sounds like the guy in the yellow jumpsuit.

Anonymous said...

When will the MHP reality TV show be released? "The Real Lives of Mississippi Troopers"

Anonymous said...

Damn, Julius.

Anonymous said...

The “Saga of Missippi” continues . Welfare robbed, water dirty, goon squad, now nasty troopers …….to be continued !

Anonymous said...

Hold up for clarification purposes not all DPS employees have state issued cell phones

Anonymous said...

This is almost a real life version of Reno 911.

Charlie said...

Almost all the Shenanigans of “Super Troopers” with fewer laughs.

Anonymous said...

12:08 - I was reaching in the name of alliteration. You’re right though, “lady” does not fit when referencing Ivana.

Anonymous said...

My God, my God, what scum these people are.

Anonymous said...

and the central Mississippi housecleaning continues. It's long overdue, and it will probably get worse before gets better.

I believe the example from the top sets the tone for those downstream, and it looks to me like people went crazy during Phil Bryant's eight years as governor.

Leadership matters. The reckoning at DPS is on Marshall Fisher, and the Goon Squad is on Bryan Bailey.

Anonymous said...

With all these sophomoric shenanigans going on it's a wonder any of them had any time for trooperin'.

Anonymous said...

Very accurate assumption

Anonymous said...

KF, I don't believe any of this is true; just a great novel. Until and unless you post these pictures that you continue to say existed, I'm going to treat this just like the late night UFO radio broadcasts.

Surely you could get copies of these pics through a public records request or some such action. Inquiring minds --- well maybe, dirty minds --- want to know.

Anonymous said...

Yep he is definitely at the rankin county sheriff office! Confirmed ✔️

Don Drane said...

Maybe Fred Shanks will introduce a bill next year defining exactly who, with what background, the Niknar sheriff can hire.

Something about this here gotta be did.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone be surprised when he showed up working for the Rankin county sheriff's office. The sheriff has to replace the deputies he lost. How do you expect him to control Rankin county with his best deputies in jail? Who will warn the chosen dope peddlers when they are going to make a roundup? Who will dry hump the people alongside the road? Who will be in charge of the dildoes? Leave the man alone. He is running the sheriff's office the best he can.

Anonymous said...

New TV reality show coming and it will be the law enforcement version of Last Chance U.
All officers in MS with problems end up at RCSO for a “Nick Saban style” reprogramming and cleanup season….
Ratings would be off the chart!!!! /sarcasm

Anonymous said...

With the new DPS Internal Affairs Director coming in, I'll bet some of those Trooper Master Sergeants are shittin' green right about now.

Anonymous said...

"With all these sophomoric shenanigans going on it's a wonder any of them had any time for trooperin'."
April 13, 2024 at 11:34 AM

It's possible they HAVEN'T had any time for trooperin'. This would explain the unchecked exotic driving one witnesses on Mississippi's Interstates - plus the array of illegal tinting, license tags deliberately made unreadable, and unsecured crap falling off unroadworthy trucks of all sizes.

Anonymous said...

The post at 4:46 makes me think of the hundreds of 16, 14, 10 and 8 wheelers hauling gravel and God knows what else with worn down mudflaps or flaps blowing parallel to the roadway or no mud flaps at all.

That's illegal and it's begging to ruin your windshield no matter how far ahead of you they are.

Anonymous said...

@April 12, 2024 at 5:50 PM
You absolutely won the internet with that comment. I totally see what you did there. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Any intimate relationship with a supervisor should be an automatic termination. (you know who you are @RCSO)...........

Anonymous said...

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received was from a drill sergeant in basic training, on how to deal with women in the workforce, he said “don’t shit where you eat, even dogs won’t do that!”

These troopers would still have their job & future pensions had they behaved the same with ladies not MHP troopers. They decided to shit where they eat!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the state allows users of state issued phones the ability to login with their Apple ID.
I also can't believe that someone is stupid enough to login to a company phone using their Apple ID.
Two big fails here!

Apple makes it easy to push custom configurations to devices. Of course, you can't expect the state of Mississippi to implement simple safeguards. Competency isn't a job requirement for state employees.

Anonymous said...

State employees, elected officials and government agencies do not need social media accounts. They hardly do their jobs as it is. If it's a personal account so what, that's your business but our tax dollars being spent so a sheriffs office can post nonsense on Facebook,Instagram, SnapChat,etc... WHY?

Anonymous said...

and now he's hired by the RCSO

Anonymous said...

I worked around the patrol and DPS for about 10 years. You would not believe the things that go on involving women and troopers. I have several friends that are troopers and several of them have been transferred or fired for chasing skirts. It is as common as them speeding. They are never fired for it. If you fired every trooper who chased women you would not have enough left to do a roadblock. And the brass knows it but guess what ? they are going to cover it up. Heck they have even had rape charges swept under the rug in North MS from drunk troopers and civilian females partying together. Back in the 90's and early 2000's they kept the academy busy with them bringing females out to MLEOTA on weekends. I dont think that goes on out there these days. A non-trooper is running the show at MLEOTA.

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