Sunday, April 28, 2024

Bill Crawford: Russian Propaganda Takes Hold

Republicans have sounded alarms over Russian propaganda taking hold in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“It is absolutely true we see, directly coming from Russia, attempts to mask communications that are anti-Ukraine and pro-Russia messages, some of which we even hear being uttered on the House floor,” Republican Rep. Mike Turner, chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Days earlier Republican Rep. Michael McCaul, chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said that Russian propaganda had “infected a good chunk of my party’s base.”

Democratic Sen. Mark Warner, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, noted how powerful Russian propaganda can be in a NY times article. “Slovakia was 80% pro-Ukraine, he said. “Two years later, with massive amounts of Russian misinformation and disinformation, you have a pro-Russian government and 55% of Slovaks think America started the war in Ukraine.”

Some, like former Rep. Liz Cheney, see Russian influence causing a similar shift among Republican congressmen, an emerging “Putin wing.”

Nebraska Republican Rep. Don Bacon, a retired Air Force General, said some of his colleagues who oppose Ukraine funding would actually like to see Russia win. “I think it’s a terrible thing,” he said on C-SPAN.

Sen. Roger Wicker offered this perspective after voting for Ukraine funding: “Eighty years ago, few Americans knew the names of Pearl Harbor and Normandy. But because of our failure to take deterrence seriously, they soon would. Today the world is talking about Kyiv, Tel Aviv, and Taipei. How we act now is going to shape the 21st century in a way that keeps Americans safe. Our grandchildren will be able to tell their families that the United States showed resolve and refused to let war criminals get stronger. I am proud to have voted yes on this legislation.”

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith joined Wicker in voting for Ukraine funding as did Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson.

But our three Republican congressmen, Michael Guest, Trent Kelly, and Mike Ezell, did not.

That was surprising in a state that has been proudly pro-military and pro-freedom since World War I and in a state with significant war material industries.

It was also surprising that they went against their own leader, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson of neighboring Louisiana. “I think providing aid to Ukraine right now is critically important,” Johnson said.

We can only hope our three congressmen have not fallen prey to Russian disinformation as our former president has.

“To the extent that this propaganda takes hold, it makes it more difficult for us to really see this as an authoritarian versus democracy battle, which is what it is,” Rep. Turner said.

“Don’t let anyone fool you with words that are not true” – Ephesians 5:6.

Crawford is a syndicated columnist from Jackson.


Anonymous said...

Is it really "Russian propaganda" to realize the problem with Ukraine is manpower not technology? Fundamentally the problem with Ukraine is that they're outnumbered 3 to 1. Russia can keep throwing bodies into the meat grinder longer than Ukraine can. Unless Europe or the US joins the fray it will ultimately be a stalemate. Yes Ukraine can destroy Russia's old T-72s with western tech. But ultimately, outside of nuclear ICBMs, Russia has always been Europe's problem. It's just a shame it took 25 years for Europe to realize it.

Haley's Gift to Mississippi said...

Sen. Roger Wicker offered this perspective after voting for Ukraine funding: “Eighty years ago, few Americans knew the names of Pearl Harbor and Normandy. But because of our failure to take deterrence seriously, they soon would.

An ignorant read of history from our stupid ass Senator. The end of Wicker's time in the Senate can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Re-election is more important to some. I’m a pacifist. Cooperation & negotiation should always be the first avenue of solving these disagreement, including Russia’s attempt to conquer another country. Or the impasse between Israel & Palestinian people. Even an impasse with Iran & her support of terrorist organizations. But there comes a time that action is required by our country to enable the weak to prevail.

Anonymous said...

Russia is not our enemy. Wake up everybody.

Anonymous said...

10:58 I'm no particular fan of Wicker, but in this case he knows the history that you need to read a little more about. He's talking about the late 1930s when leaders in the west - notably in America and Britain - sat idle while Hitler violated the Versailles Treaty and re-armed Germany to become (at that time) the most powerful in the world.
Here in the good ol' USA, we Americans did not want to get into another European war. Britain's Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler, and failed miserably. The west also seemed indifferent to the fate of the Jewish population in Germany. Hitler knew all this, and he took advantage...soon pulling the world into another war.
Had the West responded when Hitler broke the treaty and annexed Austria, Hitler had only two divisions to his very small army. By ignoring Mr. Hitler for so long it resulted in Germany's military swelling to 75 divisions which, along with strong air and panzer forces, would exact a bloody toll at places like Normandy.
Right now a lot of people are doing the same thing - saying it's not our affair, don't worry about what they are doing on the other side of the world...but those events have a way of spreading out and involving everyone else. The past was Germany and Japan, but the future may well be Russia and China.

Anonymous said...

Nothing or nobody Russian is going to show up at your door asking you to come outside for just a minute to clear up some things of yours that they saw on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Nuke Russia and Iran back to the stone age.

Anonymous said...

April 28, 2024 at 12:39 PM, the thing wrong with your opinion is it's grounded in ignorance. According to the reports, Russia has more nuclear weapons than we do. Of course, you may be one of the idiots that think humanity may can survive a nuclear war. I don't want to find out.

April 28, 2024 at 12:17 PM, it's not Russia that's breaking agreements. No, no, it's the supposed free world that has poked the Russian bear by wanting to bring the money laundering nation of Ukraine into NATO. That has the bear in an uproar.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are propping up Ukraine until the election.
They can’t have a Biden loss between now and then.

The war in Ukraine will come to an end next year.

Anonymous said...

So, Crawford, and the other idiots in congress, think it's Russian propaganda to say that Russia is winning the war? Is it Russian propaganda to say that the Russians are making a mockery of the equipment Ukraine is fighting with? Who among those idiots think the United Kingdom's premier news outlet, The Telegraph, is a source of Russian propaganda?

There are links embedded in the article.

Anonymous said...

The only Russian I like is dressing.

Anonymous said...

Today, Tusdia has a bigger army than when they invaded. They have replaced the equipment destroyed by utilizing their military manufacturing might, and receiving replacement stock from China and Iran. This war is unwinnable in the long-term. The US should be negotiating a peace rather than sending billions in military equipment and cash to run the Ukrainian government with 10% for the Big Guy.

Anonymous said...

@2:31 PM - I drink iodine daily to prevent not only radiation poisoning, but also covid.

Anonymous said...

Russians are overwhelmingly white, and Christian. They are not our enemy. Banksters and corporate media want war/conflict to make money and to gain cultural control.

@12:17pm Wicker is a no talent frat boy from Oxford connected to old Mississippi. He's an idiot and has one interest: Keeping money flowing to Ingalls Shipyard to "benefit" Mississippi - so of course he will always be for endless war. Your rendition of Hitler's intentions is being realized to quite possibly have been foreshadowing the greater evil that world is waking up to being very real, and history bears it out.

Anonymous said...

Reading the above post I see Putin has some friends.

Anonymous said...

What is in it for the Democrat party to spend so much of our treasure to ultimately strengthen BRICS and push the world further away from the USD$ as the global reserve currency?

Anonymous said...

I honestly could care less about Russia/Ukraine/Israel/Palestine/Taiwan/China. Let Europe and Asia solve its problems, they and the rest of the world hate the U.S. let them suffer, let them beg and plead, let their youth suffer. I rather have my tax money spent here than supporting Raytheon, Boeing, and the rest of the industrial complex all over the world. Almost all the place we’ve helped save during our various wars want us gone if you’ve lived in any of these places you would know this. Politicians and corporations are making bank off of it and they even got liberals supporting them. Funny how misinformation works.

Anonymous said...

Yep. I see now why Fox News fired Tucker Carlson. He has gone full traitor and mouthpiece in support of Putin. I can’t believe I ever entertained the idea that he was a conservative and a patriot.

Anonymous said...

"Russians are overwhelmingly white, and Christian."

Perhaps Sista Rukia and the Poor People's Campaign can hop a flight from Jackson International ( cough, cough) and fly non stop to Kiev,Ukraine..

Sounds like something they might enjoy.

They could fight the White Christians and get a piece of Zelenskiy's monetary deals.

Anonymous said...

April 28, 2024 at 4:37 PM, it must be those dirty commies at The Telegraph. Say, how do I know you aren't one of Putin's spies, or maybe undercover for the FBI?

Anonymous said...

"Democrats are propping up Ukraine until the election."

You may be right. That guy that's speaker of the house, that Democrat, is cleverly disguised as a Republican. He even got a bunch more Republicans to vote for the funding of Ukraine with him.

Anonymous said...

Who would've ever thought that the party of Reagan would morph into a disgusting band of Russian apologists? I didn't leave the Republican party; it definitely left me.

Anonymous said...

1058 - if that is an "ignorant reading of history" how about you educating us all and explain how you read history 'correctly'.

IMO - which is probably worth about as much as yours - I think Wicker has a pretty damn good reading of history. And I know his knowledge and intellect on history is better than most; including yours I would bet.

Anonymous said...

KF, I didn't realize you had Donald Trump as a reader and commentator, but I see with the comment at 11:41 AM, it looks as if he may well be.

Anonymous said...

“Beware the military industrial complex.”

Anonymous said...

Michael- be my Guest and move back home. I'll never vote for you again.

Anonymous said...

Anyone thinking that if only the USofA, the "west", had intervened in March of 1938 things would have turned out differently is taking liberties with both the geopolitics, and domestic politics, of the time.

There is no threat to our security in the Ukraine. None.

Senator Wicker needs to save his cautionary FUD and come back when the Eurozone countries actually mobilize ALL of their collective military forces in response to the imminent Russian threat.

Anonymous said...

There has been a steady stream of people leading hordes just over the horizon waiting to invade, kill us all in our beds, hating us because of our freedom to watch football, our freedom to grill and drink light beer on the patio, our freedom to twerk and go shopping: Kruschev, Castro, Saddam, the Ayatollah, Gaddafi, Noriega, Isis, Daesh, and now Putin, Xi, and something called Hamas. The list is long. I probably inadvertently omitted a few.

Yet they never come. They never even load up their troop transports. What are they wanting to do, stop you from your football and light beer? The lying media says it’s so, though, and politicians say it’s so, and the rubes lap it up like Granmaw’s gravy, so it must be true.

It does make me wonder why it is the entire world had it in for Murka.

Anonymous said...

6:54 for the win. The GOP left me, too, and the Russian apologist post on this blog confirm it. The Gipper is spinning in his grave.

Anonymous said...

I see nobody has addressed the manpower problem in the first comment. Curious. Are you all willing to commit American and European lives (let's be honest the overwhelming majority would be American since all the Europeans together couldn't muster a force) to the Ukranian meat grinder?

Just a lot of accusations of russian propagandists.

Anonymous said...

Hey y’all, Reagan lived to see the Soviet Union dissolve. The Russian Federation is a capitalist democracy. The USA\CIA doesn’t get to decide who the Russian people elect. Unlike in America’s proxies.

Anonymous said...

Oh and just in case you think I'm being a Russian apologist for thinking Europeans can't muster forces. Here's La Monde from February 18, 2023:

Let's not forget Defense Secretary Robert Gates from 13 years ago admonishing some Europeans for cut defense spending:



I mean it's great that Europeans have started spending on military capability, but they started spending in 2023. It will take at least 5 years to get up to speed if they spend like the US spent during World War 2. Suffice to say a day late and a dollar short.

But let's assume we do commit trips to Ukraine. Will China take advantage of diminished attention and launch a full scale invasion of Taiwan? Do you understand why Taiwan is being taken more seriously than Ukraine? Taiwan produces the bleeding edge microchips. If you recall during Covid the shortages for microchips. If the US were to lose the technological advantage to China the world WILL be a much different place.

Kingfish said...

capitalist democracy? And what happens to people who run against Putin?

Anonymous said...

The danger to America is far greater from inside the country, than from outside the country. The continual borrowing of debt being one of them.

But, yet, they continue to borrow money to enrich the military industrial complex. Is everyone insane in Washington?

Anonymous said...

Ignore what people say. Watch what they do. Putin attacked a sovereign nation. They are the aggressor and clearly in the wrong. Supporting the people who were invaded, tortured, and murdered is most definitely the right thing to do. Sitting idly while a bully runs rough-shod over a weaker neighbor is the act of a coward.

"Doing the right thing is never the wrong thing." Ted Lasso

Anonymous said...

Putin is NOT a Christian nor is his government!

By law in Russia all churches must register with state agencies, report records of all meetings and list their funding sources.

The Russian anti-terrorism law bans proselytizing and missionary activities.

Russia is listed as being one of the worst violators of freedom of religion.

Some of you seem not to know that Ukraine has 85% Christians as compared to Russia's 47%. Russia has targeted and destroyed Ukraine's churches(many of which had children hiding in their basements!

The Russian Christians supported Navalny.

What is it about Putin's KGB past y'all do not understand????!!!!

Those Republican members of Congress and the Senate who are on the National Security committees know this.

And, as for Ukraine, you all seem to forget that a large military force didn't beat our Founders or stop the French Revolution and our forces couldn't win in Vietnam. When a foreign force fights in a terrain among people that don't want them, they tend not to hold ground for long if at all. Occupation is a tough thing to pull off when you are unwelcomed.

Anonymous said...

It’s about time the scary Russian bear showed up. We are close to a presidential election. Expect to see a lot more of this Russian fear crap the closer we get to November. Maybe Hillary can do Biden a favor and pay for another fake dossier collusion campaign.

Mike Murica said...

All of you anti-American, pro-dictator, pro-Russian snowflakes (the ones who are not Russian bots), need to move to Russia; you know, our friend who has thousands of nuclear warheads pointed at a city near you.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Kingfish is a true yellow journalist propagandist! Didn’t like when someone reminded you when our government assassinates dissidents!

Anonymous said...

@9:42 - Where have you been? Russia has been an issue in the news for a while now. Are you just now hearing about the invasion of Ukraine?

Anonymous said...

Now mad Vlad Putin is capturing the tanks sent to Zelenskyy.

Anonymous said...

Ukraine's Army chief lays it on the line.

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