Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Band Mom Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement

 Donna Floyd pleaded guilty to embezzling from the Brandon High School Band Booster Club yesterday in Rankin County Circuit Court.  

The Rankin County Sheriff's Office arrested Floyd a year ago and charged her with embezzling over $45,000 from the organization.  The Rankin County grand jury indicted her for the offense in November 2023.  

Floyd states in her petition to enter a guilty plea:

6. My lawyer advises me and I understand that the charge to which I am pleading guilty is: Embezzlement. The elements of that crime are: on or about and between July 22, 2022 and May 20, 2023, did willfully, unlawfully and feloniously embezzle or fraudulently secrete, conceal or convert to her own use United States currency totaling Twenty-Five thousand dollars ($25,000.00) or more which came or was entrusted into her care or possession by virtue of her position as treasurer for the Brandon Band Booster Club, a non-profit corporation, in violation of Miss. Code Ann. §97-23-19 {1972, as amended).


Floyd faces a maximum prison sentence of 20 years in prison and a fine of $25,000 or less.  However, the petition states the terms of the last plea offer:

Twenty (20) years in the custody of MDOC with the last Fifteen (15) years suspended and upon release from custody placed on Five (5) years supervised probation upon such terms and conditions as the Court deems appropriate to include payment of restitution to the Band Booster Club in the amount of $42,150.84, an investigative fee of $500.00 to the Rankin County Sheriffs Office, an investigative fee of $500.00 to the Rankin County District Attorney's Office, court costs, fees and assessments.

Circuit Judge Steve Ratcliff accepted the petition.   Floyd was taken into custody and will be sentenced next week.  

Attorney J. Michael Duncan represented the defendant. 

The club sued Floyd to recover the funds but later withdrew the lawsuit.  


 Kingfish note: This is not the first time Floyd was accused of embezzlement.  Her own mother sued her and her boyfriend for embezzlement in 2016.  The Court found Floyd guilty of perjury.  Earlier post. 

The mother obtained a judgment against Floyd and her boyfriend, Joshua Jacobs.

The mother and daughter eventually settled the case but Johnson continued to seek justice against Jacobs as Judge McDaniels said the defendant embezzled $65,976 from Johnson's bank accounts.

The Court issued a default judgment against Jacobs and awarded $144,764 in damages to Johnson on October 10, 2018.  $65,976 in compensatory damages, $25,000 in pain and suffering, $1,000 in punitive damages, and $52,788 for attorney's fees comprised the total award. 

Jacobs tried to escape his pursuer as he filed a petition for bankruptcy in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Alabama.  Undeterred by the legal maneuver, Johnson submitted her claim against Jacobs to the bankruptcy court.  Jacobs was unable to include the debt in the bankruptcy due to its fraudulent nature. 

Johnson agreed to a compromise settlement with Jacobs for $45,000. Jacobs agreed to pay $250 per month for 48 months.  If he missed a payment by more than 45 days, Johnson could enforce the original judgement could be enforced against him.  The Court approved the non-dischargeable settlement on May 15, 2020.  

Here is what the Kingfish thinks happened.  Loverboy probably defaulted on his payments.  The amount of the settlement matches up with the amount embezzled from the band booster club.  The embezzlement took place from July 2022 to May 2023.  It would not be a surprise to learn Floyd embezzled to repay the other embezzlement.  Just speculation from JJ. 



Anonymous said...

What will they think of next?

Thanks Shad!

Anonymous said...

Will she learn anything this time?

Anonymous said...

I thought her social media warrior/minions said these accusations were false and we would all have to apologize?

How does this work...Do they apologize to us now?

Anonymous said...

When you steal from your own mama enough to be sued, you’re lower than whale shit.

Anonymous said...

Let’s see, does her lawyer beg to have her put in the RCSO Trusty Program? Or does she end up at CMCF?

Which is it, Big Mama? XXL Striped jumpsuit/trash pickup or general population?

Anonymous said...

Her social media supporters were wrong about her innocence? GTFO!

Anonymous said...

But I thought she said she was innocent and that it was acquitted?? I knew all along that she was full of it and that she was lying to everyone around her.

Anonymous said...

Does the school not think to ask if they’ve been convicted of a crime before hiring them and giving them unlimited access to funds?

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall the original story about this thief having multiple comments warning everyone they would be sorry when the true story came out and what a wonderful person this thief was.

Anonymous said...

Is this the truth coming out? I recall several people saying we should wait for the truth to come out.

Anonymous said...

She was not "hired". She was nominated and voted on by peers to fill a strictly volunteer position.

Seem Nice said...

She has "sticky fingers" from all of the twinkies that she has gobbled down her pie hole.

Anonymous said...

Buyin' snacks ain't cheap.

Anonymous said...

@12:10 PM Exactly! Her foot lickers were lining up on here bloviating about how she is honest as the day is long.

Standing by for the apologies. We'll wait.

Kingfish said...

She emailed me repeatedly, asking me to take down my posts. Said they would hurt her kids, wreck her marriage, and cause her husband to lose his job.

Anonymous said...

That silly goose should have emailed herself repeatedly to, you know...not embezzle, KF.

That certainly seems like the more efficient way to elude family humiliation? Works for me. Mostly.

Anonymous said...

"She emailed me repeatedly, asking me to take down my posts. Said they would hurt her kids, wreck her marriage, and cause her husband to lose his job. "

So - truth hurts? Ouch!

Hookah said...

You need to experience these consequences and stop blaming others like you are in kinder care.

Anonymous said...

"Kingfish said...
She emailed me repeatedly, asking me to take down my posts. Said they would hurt her kids, wreck her marriage, and cause her husband to lose his job.

April 24, 2024 at 2:01 PM"

I hope your response was, "if you do the crime, you gotta suffer the consequences."

Anonymous said...

If it can be destroyed by the truth, it should be destroyed by the truth.

Anonymous said...

Where the hell are her rabid defenders? They were almost as insufferable as the Todd Mardis fluffers.

Anonymous said...

con artists like this are incorrigible

i hate to tell you but the booster club never gonna get a nickel out of her.

Anonymous said...

To put icing on the cake, she formerly worked in COMPLIANCE at Baptist Hospital.

"How's that for hijinks!" Buford T. Justice

Anonymous said...

Just an observation, but Rankin County’s investigative fees are way less than Shad’s are for Shelia the book keeper in Sebastopol who stole $2500 but has a $50,000 surety bond to cover it.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, that was a good observation about the amounts matching. I also remember the woman's crusaders screaming her innocence. That's why if you take more than entertainment value from social media you are a fool.

Kingfish said...

Let's see.

I can tell you that whoever posted this article is 100% wrong. You need to go back and check your source. You will soon be proved totally inaccurate


Fake news! No credibility to this!! Period.

You should call the DA and get an update on this! And repost an accurate update.

This is lies coming from an attorney on the other side; the truth will set her free and yall will look like a bunch of hateful morons!

We will see who loses their job over this now false and inaccurate post. Old inaccurate news at the moment.

The truth will set you free soon. Will you be ready to eat your crow then and issue the facts? Stay tuned…

Anonymous said...

"She emailed me repeatedly, asking me to take down my posts. Said they would hurt her kids, wreck her marriage, and cause her husband to lose his job."

Well, KF, after all, she is the guilty party, not her children or husband (as far as we know). It's tough to know the kids are faced with this. The husband is a big boy and can deal.

That said, I am really surprised she got or will get hard time.

By the way, 12:44, she was not 'hired' by the school. The Band Booster Club is separate and independent from the school. Sort of like an HOA is separate and independent from a municipality or county, wink wink.

Anonymous said...

12:03 This is a private booster club. The state (Shad) has nothing to do with it.

12:44. This is a private booster club. The school does not "hire" anyone for a booster club. The board is made up of band parents - none of which are paid.

Anonymous said...

But Mama Donna is a saint who only cares about the kids . . .

Anonymous said...

Who brought up Shad's name and why?

Anonymous said...

@7:09 PM - She is a narcissistic sociopath and doesn't give a damn about her family.

Anonymous said...

Aren’t there some accountability factors put in place by the school district for all bonafide booster clubs or at minimum a set of bylaws., checks and balances?? Brandon probably takes in millions and no rules set by the school district! wow

It's for the children said...

Mississippi - where even the booster clubs get victimized by embezzlement.

Anonymous said...

Mary Jane fruit basket will certainly prosecute embezzlement against anyone who steals from the schools but it your a private citizen who’s business was embezzled from then you are shit out of luck. If you are self employed and have a business in her district you better watch your bookkeeper like a chicken hawk. Stankin really bad.

Anonymous said...

Booster Clubs typically operate outside of control of the school administration. This makes it much easier for checks to be written on the spot for whatever the coach/sponsor wants and makes it easier to facilitate purchases. For example, when going on an all-day softball tournament, our booster club gave each player a cash meal allowance. I’m talking like $7, twenty years ago - obviously reasonable in scope.

The other side is, without the oversight of the School Business Administrator, the local Board and State Auditor, the club can be robbed blind by unscrupulous persons. The club is supposed to provide at least a quarterly report to the Board, but that information is usually limited and not always provided.

The rules on control of money held at the school, generally referred to as Activity Funds, are very cumbersome and require a lot of accountability. However; those funds are much less likely to be pilfered once deposited. The biggest challenge with this method is making sure all cash is accounted for. Again, there are standard rules for event ticket sales that help accountability. Analysis of purchases and sales are necessary to adequately assess deposits.

Bottom line; most of these thefts take place with the booster clubs operating outside the direct control of the school.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...maybe her "defenders" got taken into custody yesterday when she pled guilty and that's why "they" haven't shown up.

Anonymous said...

"The club is supposed to provide at least a quarterly report to the Board"

What 'Board' are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

Her boot lickers seem to be absent. Maybe they lost their internet connection?

Anonymous said...

yet another NOT FOR PROFIT CORPORATION with no financial oversight banged out of multiple thousands by a professional con artist.

just like what happened to all those HOAs

this is what's known as the nancy new / david lane business plan.

Anonymous said...

To @8:53:

I’d imagine they’ve all gone away because most/all were her. The flood of comments all had the same style of writing, misspellings,
and called her AND her mother with the redneck affectation “Momma.” They all “stood” with her.

We had a couple of similarly-chinless moms during my time in the Clinton band decades ago who fit her profile. Always at the school, overly involved in the personal lives/drama of kids that didn’t belong to them, and always letting everyone know what martyrs they were for “all they did” for the band.

Newsflash: Adults (including teachers/coaches/booster parents) who love to hang around with and insert themselves in the personal lives of kids have a GLITCH and it often manifests itself in others areas of their lives.

May “Momma Donna” get everything that’s coming to her because there are few things lower than stealing from both children AND your own mother.

Perry Mason said...

Why are 15 years suspended if she's a repeat offender? So she can work off the restitution?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that last year as well. All the repeat comments spaced too close together in time and most with the same syntax. Most likely a desperate attempt to save face by one person.

Anonymous said...

10:22 is right....if you have given money to any organization set up as a not for profit corporation, as in this case ,the brandon band booster club , you had better go check on it because chances are it's been embezzled.

con artists literally drool when they find a NFPC that they can get control of.

posters on this thread need to be aware of this rather that attempting a shade tree psychiatric exam of the embezzler.

Anonymous said...

I’m just here to read the apologies…. Guess Inshouldnt hold my breath…

Anonymous said...

The head band director at Oak Grove High School in Lamar county got questioned about money issues and she quickly retired and moved on. She was known to take cash from stdents for band dues with no evidence as to where the money went.

Anonymous said...

(perhaps I omitted something earlier)

In the case of a school-related booster club, the School Board should require periodic financial reports. The booster club is using school facilities, school children, school employees and the school name for their activities, therefore the school Board has a right, in fact an obligation, to know what’s going on with the booster club.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure @5:45 now has a perfect record of bringing up the completely-unrelated & unnamed former band director at Oak Grove HS in literally every JJ post on crooked Momma Donna.

Congrats, I guess.

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