Monday, September 5, 2022

Governor: Water Pressure Restored to Jackson

 Governor Tate Reeves is briefing the media on the Jackson water crisis right now. The press conference video, MEMA command incident report, highlights, and a city of Jackson statement are posted below.


* Water pressure has been restored while the water tanks are at acceptable levels. 

*  Testing on water quality has been resumed. 

* "The system broke over several years and won't be fixed in a week."  

* The Governor warned there may be more "bad days" but Jackson residents can trust water will come out of the faucet.  

* 5 million bottles of water have been distributed over the last few days. 

* O.B. Curtis was built just 30 years ago and cost a little more than $20 million.  The membrane side was built in the mid 2000's. 

* The heroic staff in the plant was "abandoned."  

* "We can't continue on the way we've been going," said the Governor.  

* It's quite clear the Governor is responding to the national media. 

* The state has never received a plan from Jackson for using funds to fix the water system.  

* MEMA Director Mack McRaney said operators from Florida and other states have arrived to work at the plant.  

* The Health Department's Jim Craig said "we had a pretty good weekend."  He warned there may be some interruptions as work continues.   He said the chemical imbalances must be removed before the boil water notices can end.  Investigative testing will take place.  

"Moving the plant from intensive care to recovery will take time" but the "heartbeat" is better, said Mr. Craig. 

* Governor told Scott Simmons Mr. Craig's team has spent tens of thousands of dollars on repairs to the plants.  He said the lack of staffing at the plant severely damaged operations.  He said the plant is still not functioning at peak capacity.  OBC only produced 27 million gallons yesterday when it could produce 50 million gallons per day if properly staffed and maintained.  Higher production allows for more repairs to take place without impairing water pressure and quality. 

* Reporter asked if there are plans for a new plant.  Maybe the reporterette should do her research.  O.B. Curtis was built in 1992.  The membrane side was built in 2007.  Don't expect the media to report these facts.  Governor Reeves said the state is going to work with partners on developing medium- and long-term plans for the Jackson water system.  He said he is not "tied" to a particular idea.

* The Governor said he does not see the need for a special session of the legislature right now. 

September 4 Command Incident Report

* O.B. Curtis is producing its capacity of 18.7 million gallons on the conventional filter side.  However, the membrane treatment plant is only producing 8.4 million gallons per day.  The Fewell plant is producing 20 million gallons per day. 

* Anhydrous ammonia leak due to faulty valve is fixed. 

* All trains are running for the membrane system.

City of Jackson statement

The O.B. Curtis Water Plant held steady overnight and into this morning. The total plant output is currently meeting our goal of 87 PSI. Higher water pressure at the plant results in improved water pressure for customers on the system. The outlook continues to be positive. However, additional challenges as repairs and adjustments are made leave potential for fluctuations in progress. 

All tanks maintained storage levels overnight. We currently do not have any tanks at low levels. All of Jackson should now have pressure and most are now experiencing normal pressure.

If you are experiencing discolored water or no pressure, please report using this tool This will allow us to track any remaining issues and address them. We are currently monitoring this information to respond as needed.

Yesterday, the liquid soda ash feed was re-established and progress was made in improving and restoring the solids treatment process. The membrane plant capacity increased significantly due to completed repairs. Work continues in the plant today on both the membrane and conventional systems with city staff and mutual aid teams from Mississippi and Georgia rural water associations. We also have staff assisting from the Louisiana State Department of Health. The focus today is on continuing to restore the sludge plant to full operation. The Anhydrous Ammonia tank leak has been stopped.

We are hopeful that we will be able to begin the sampling process midweek. This is contingent upon sustained pressure. We will need two rounds of clear samples to be able to lift the boil water notice. 

Kingfish note: Lumumba tantrum coming in 3....2....1.....


Anonymous said...

Tate just delivered a powerful right to the mayors chin when he said the final solution wouldn’t be RADICAL.

Anonymous said...

Chuckie doesn't have the votes in the Legislature. That's the bottom line and Horhn, Blount, Banks, et al know it. It also isn't lost on any legislator statewide that Chuckie has been pushing, er, lifting up his same old tired excuse and blame game bromides to anyone (and everyone) in the national media standing at the ready to stir up national race animus with Mississippi as the catalyst. Chuckie is one seriously tone deaf politician.

Thanks Gov said...

Thank gawd for Tate. While others who were supposed to be in charge were more concerned with trash and how to line their pockets, the Gov stepped in and took over.

Anonymous said...

"5 million bottles of water have been distributed..."

Of which 2,500,000 will be tossed on the ground.

Anonymous said...

All of these repairs amidst systematic racism? Balony!
This is what happens when you take race and politics out of crisis ! And then there is progress!

Anonymous said...

I loathe Tate but He really stepped up. Chokwe has proven he can't run this City. I don't think any real leaders will be supporting him after this. He might as well fly around the country because he's useless here.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Mr. Governor!

You are applying effort, energy and money to fix this mess.

Please continue the jabs at the boy mayor whenever possible. He needs as many kicks to the nuts as you can garner because he caused this f--k up and should feel the pain of it.

Most importantly, make absolutely sure he never gets any control of Jackson's water system in the future. Next task..... run Richard's disposal back to New Orleans, take over all city utilities and the police dept.

Anonymous said...

Lots of adults in the room, but that does not include Baby Chowke, who is working on his latest spin for the MSM.

Anonymous said...

I have the utmost appreciation and respect for the governor and the team he organized for the water crisis. In the days ahead , meaningful data will come to light about the real reason Jackson’s water plant failed . Tate made it clear In the presser that The current city administration is not reliable enough to be in charge of vital city services. God bless Tate Reeves, MEMA, the Corps of Engineers and all the outside professionals who helped pull the ox out of the ditch.

Anonymous said...

You people are delusional. The entire world knows that Mayor Lumumba forced the racist Mississippi GOP to resolve an issue that was created by racism. Nobody is even replaying Tate's briefings. The nation and world's cameras only turns on for Mayor Lumumba.

Check the BBC, CBC, France24, Sky News Global, CCTV9 (China), NHK (Japan), and ABC News (Australia) reports. It's all Biden and Lumumba's narrative. The only time they show Tate is when they mention the "Jim Crow legacy" of Mississippi and white flight to the suburbs.

Anonymous said...

Well you have to admit cutting off the water to 150,000 people is pretty radical .

Anonymous said...

Chuckie is short for Charles. Who is Chuckie?

Who is quoted as saying "Maybe the reporterette should investigate"? Hard to tell when someone is quoted and when the Blog Admin is just being a smart-ass.

PS: I can't stand Lubumboo's ass or his allegiance to daddy's goal.

Anonymous said...

“The state has never received a plan from Jackson for using funds to fix the water system.” The Lumumba administration has been invited to the table repeatedly and asked “what does your city need” time after time. This refusal to take action when solutions are being offered has become the defining feature of the Lumumba administration.

It makes you wonder what in the hell the administration is doing. It’s easy to ascribe their inaction to sheer ineptitude, but I have a strong suspicion it’s more sinister than that. It’s the kind of ineptness that suggests a deluded design to let one system crumble so that it can be replaced with another one. Its easy to laugh off Lumumba and his crew of sycophants because they are in fact inept. However it would be dangerous to conflate inept with harmless. While incapable of doing proactive “good”, this group of zealots has more than shown their adeptness at destruction, and they will continue to do so as long as they are allowed.

Newsflash! said...

"Chokwe has proven he can't run this City. I don't think any real leaders will be supporting him after this."

Where you been, Genius? No leaders supported him the last two times he ran. and. won.

Anonymous said...

September 5, 2022 at 12:22 PM, and this makes you feel proud? You have full knowledge, knowing it is a lie, yet you boast of people believing the lie. What a sick puppy you are.

What type of individual has pleasure in lying? The darkness is strong in this one.

Anonymous said...

Tater says the city with soul CANNOT be trusted to fix/maintain/operate the water plant. Exhibit A: Jim Craig revealed that he raised concerns and made recommendations to address problems as early as 2016. Exhibit B: the OB Curtis plant was built in 1992, with the membrane system being installed in 2007. So much for OB Curtis failures going back to the 50’s and racism and white flight, etc. Exhibit C: Tater called out the city for inexplicably failing to bill and collect for water; millions of dollars of revenue lost due to incompetence. How many of these facts will be reported by the media? I’ll take none for $200 Alex. Systemic and institutional racism and blaming whitey is easier for uncritical media hacks.

Anonymous said...

It is true that Mayor Choke is winning the national PR battle at this point. However, at some point Tater has to take power and control of the water system away from the city; little mayor will then have to explain why Tater is wrong and racist and national journalists may be forced to do their job and investigate the situation. At some point Sir Choke will be confronted with stone cold factual data and official reports from EPA, Army Corps of Engineers, etc.

Anonymous said...

The Brooking Institute agrees with the Mayor ( and did before this happened) that the poor and Blacks are more adversely affected by our Nation's water problems.

Lead in the water can result in a 50% loss of IQ in children. It also affects behavior. Those poisoned with lead have less control over their emotions and tend to over react.

When I read some of the comments, I wonder if some of you ate paint, sniffed leaded gasoline or live in houses built before 1986. It would explain a lot.

Anonymous said...

It's fantastic having EPA and Army Corps of Engineers on site. Choke didn't make that happen either, did he? Right? Right?

Anonymous said...

How many days has taken to get back on track? Action not talking! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you. All of the news services you mentioned are kissing up to the mayor and spewing his racist diatribe. That’s what gets their audiences attention. Everyone with any knowledge of the situation knows the truth. Oh by the way, I go to west Jackson every week to help feed needy families. What do you do?

Anonymous said...

Good job Governor, US Army Corp of Engineers, Air Guard and all of the volunteers who helped. Great reporting King Fish. This is all on Chokwe as he could get his contract through to RGD but not in 2 years develop a plan for clean water. Would Chokwe give billions out of his personal account to help other areas of the state without asking questions. Answer is No so don’t make this racial as all people have issues as well with needs in their community !

Anonymous said...

Even Bennie Thompson, the worst racist in the state (and that's saying something), said the city needs to prove it can manage the water system moving forward, and he still hasn't seen a city plan for the long-term.

But frankly, it's none of Bennie's business.

Krusatyr said...

Thank you for selfless leadership, Gov Reeves. Many of us see all the work and talent you have invested as a successful problem solver in what would have been a catastrophe if left to the mayor to mismanage as per his usual.

Anonymous said...

I vote primarily for democrats and can't stand Tate Reeves. But he deserves credit here. This shouldn't be a political issue; it's a leadership issue. Lumumba couldn't get it done, end of discussion.

Anonymous said...

"an issue that was created by racism"

That is correct. The Lumumba Administration's racist hiring policies created an extreme staffing shortage, which led to the plant failures.

"poor and Blacks are more adversely affected by our Nation's water problems."

I don't doubt that one bit, as many black people seem to live in urban areas with the most aging infrastructure. That really has nothing to do with Jackson's water plant failure.

Why is it so hard for some to criticize this black mayor for inflicting unnecessary suffering on his black city by failing to staff and maintain the water plant? I would think the activists would be picketing his house.

Anonymous said...

If the Curtis plant does does hire the 11 employees it needs for full staffing, we will rinse and repeat.

Rinse and repeat, get it?

This is simply a staffing issue. Go look at the pic of Curtis plant on Mississippi Today, and tell me one employee per shift can run the plant. That's what the feeble-minded EPA said.

Anonymous said...


The Brookings institute ? Why stop there ? Why not get some serious think tanks like BLM involved and get to the bottom of this.

Anonymous said...

When it comes time to bring in private sector companies to facilitate management and day to day operations, there needs to be a clause to EXCLUDE local contractors and/or anyone associated with the current mayor or any subcontractor that is tied to the mayor. There needs to be a strict vetting process…kinda like that bullshit “ Jobs for Jacksonians” bullshit that the mayor and former mayors tried to pull off on legitimate contractors to perform work inside the City of Jackson, EVEN when it was privately funded construction. And any of you say different I’ll call you a liar…or a brown noser to the wine crowd. I had the crap pulled on me on a private funded project. There should be a very strong State Agency that will not let their wokeness interfere with the selection of contractors to perform the necessary work on the Water Sewer system because of affirmative action from fear of a lawsuit. There are contractors who can perform this work legitimately and SHOULD NOT allow any local form to sub contract under them unless they show and are able to prove they have absolutely without a doubt they have no political affiliation to the Mayor, Council OR Bennie “New Republick of Afrika” Thompson. Don’t count on the F Bi because they can’t get past a couple of boxes of files.

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of this stuff, and I live in Madison and have plenty of potable water.

Anonymous said...

Of all municipal type services, water the is the easiest to provide and manage. It also is a money maker that normally helps to cover the losses in other services. Every time you drink a glass in the middle of no where remember that the City of Jackson can not handle this.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I've missed it, but Stokes has been unusually silent ever since Reeves made immediate improvements within a week.

"Kingfish note: Lumumba tantrum coming in 3....2....1....."

Lord have mercy, he has thrown many tantrums since last week.
Word on the street is his worst tantrum was not about the water emergency, but having to cancel his Miami,Florida
"Football Extravaganza" weekend.

Thanks KF for ruining da mair's plans.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how quickly this situation turned around when some serious and competent people were brought in to fix it! This problem existed for YEARS, but was largely put on the right track in a matter of A WEEK! I know the problem's not yet fixed, but it's an order of magnitude better than it was a week ago. You'd have to be demented not to realize the significance of that disparity in time! It's absolute proof of the ineptness / negligence / maybe even intention of this current administration.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: the culture that runs this city simply doesn't place value on an orderly society. It's just not meaningful to them. Their culture destroys, it doesn't build. Look at any number if incidents in recent and past history. HOW the city is run is not important, it's WHO runs it that's important to them.

Anonymous said...

This mayor should never be trusted. Media and voters should demand proof for each of his statements, which historically are stretchers at best. Many black democrats in politics (Bennie T, Sen Horne, Stokes, Banks, etc) see this fake mayor as incompetent, even toxic and particularly unable to manage the city of Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Just saw channel 16 interview with Governor, shove it Mayor you are totally at fault for this. Always blaming someone.

Anonymous said...

... Stokes has been unusually silent ever since Reeves made immediate improvements within a week.

Stokes understands it didn't make any sense to get in the way while Lumumba was riddling his own feet with holes and exposing himself as an administrative fraud.

Anonymous said...

All time epic take down of Antar the pretender. I don’t have to be a Tater fan to be CERTAIN he did the only right thing left to do last Monday night. I am just as certain that Antar will not learn lesson one from his self-inflicted wounds. What a complete clown.

Anonymous said...

September 5, 2022 at 1:33 PM, I suppose when someone is looking for excuses, any excuse will do. You are what I have come to call a racial apologist.

You will use every excuse imaginable to explain away the failings of the belligerent, radical, nonconformity, fostered by white liberals, in the academic communities, that have been forced on the black community. That's right, forced on.

Your kind, have told them for so long that they couldn't, they have finally believed you. Your kind say they aren't as smart, so we must have racial quotas in schools because they can't compete. We must have racial quotas in the work force, because they aren't as qualified as the whites.

Your kind have told the black race they weren't qualified in every way imaginable. The results we see are coming from a people without faith in themselves, because people like you have stolen it.

The results we see are coming from a people that have little, to no hope. Why, because people like you have stolen it. Your kind has robbed them of the self-respect, not pride, self-respect that is required for someone to strive to do better.

Has there been racist, and bigots in the past? Yes. You will always have racist, of every color. Your kind have done more harm to the black race than any opponent they have ever faced. Your damage was done mentally, emotionally, seductively, as one acting like a friend.

Start expecting more from the black race. Quit telling them they aren't good enough.

Anonymous said...

Jackson should delete any minority participation requirements for city contracts,and pay all bills within terms.
EPA and DEQ should go to Savanna Street waste water treatment plant before they leave town.

Anonymous said...

Thank the Good Lord that somebody has finally called bulls**t on Lumumba's call that the city needs a new water treatment plant.

As the Governor said - answering the crap that the Mayor has said repeatedly -- that the city is dealing with old and antiquated facilities. OB Curtis is 30 years old, with its original lines. The expansion of the plant, that doubled the size and capacity of the plant was built in 2007.

Fifteen years old for half the plant - thirty years old for the original plant -- it not an old or antiquated plant. Mayor Lumumba claiming that he 'inherited' an old and historic problematic plant is nothing but crap from his mouth.

Thank you Governor for calling this crap out just for what it is. The plant failed because of the failure of the city government to provide proper and reasonable management of the system; the fact that the city government made policy decision that bankrupt the operations of the water and sewer program of the city. Their decision to not require users to pay for their water resulted in the system not having the money to pay for proper staffing; and resulted in the system not having the funds to pay for repairing and replacing parts as needed at the treatment plant.

This is nothing but a failure on the part of those in charge with the city to let the utility system collect payments so that staffing, maintenance, and repairs be done as required. JUST AS THEY HAD BEEN DONE for the past several decades when the plant coule operate and provide water for the city.

The Mayor did not want to make his constitutency pay for their water - while blaming everybody else on the failures that resulted.

As the Governor said - its time to take away the management of the water and sewer system from the city of Jackson government. They have proven that they are not competent or able to provide water to the citizens. And they have proven that they cannot keep raw sewage from flowing down the streets and into the Pearl River.

Thank you Governor - so glad to see where the fault lies and glad to see proper management move into taking care of us here in Jackson..

Anonymous said...

Well dang 6:38. That's pretty good stuff. You ought to go on the road with that. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

TL;DR 6:38 & 8:30
The longer the ranting screed, the more unhinged you appear. You people need your own blog so we can ignore it too.

Anonymous said...

The longer the ranting screed ...

How did you determine the comments were rants if you, supposedly, didn't read them?

Anonymous said...

HAIL Tate!!!!

Anonymous said...

“Antar, my bad for listening to your bullshit and lies for 6 years and jumping to the conclusion that you’re a bullshit artist and a liar. If 6:38 had chimed in earlier, you would have done great things.”šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

Anonymous said...

You all are ABSOLUTELY deluded if you think the MSGOP is nailing this. You look like fools the world over. We all look like fools in this upside down state. Pull your heads out of the sand idiots.

MAGA Semi-Fascist #8973215 said...

We all look like fools in this upside down state. Pull your heads out of the sand idiots.

Who is the idiot for remaining here with all us upside down state fools?

Anonymous said...

10:31 I hope the feds don’t want their money back when they realize the fed-state relief effort just performed SIX YEARS of neglected routine maintenance in ONE WEEK.

Anonymous said...

September 6, 2022 at 8:20 AM, is it the poster's fault that you have the attention span of a gnat?

September 6, 2022 at 10:09 AM, no one singled the mayor out, but you. When talking about privileged politicians, of which the mayor is one, they all fall into the same category.

From these privileged politicians, you can expect the same behavior regardless of their color. They can in noway relate to the average citizen, whether black, or white.

These privileged politicians don't understand the day-to-day struggles of the common people. When they say they sympathize with common people, it's just another lie. Bill Clinton was probably the best in recent memory with his “I feel your pain” line.

The black citizens of Jackson assumed the mayor would sympathize with their positions in society, because he was black. What they didn't know was they were just a stepping stone for another privileged politician.

Anonymous said...

Now can we get the TANF monies restored?

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