Sunday, September 4, 2022

Lumumba & Reeves Score Poorly in Poll

 A Blueprint Polling poll gave both Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba and Governor Tate Reeves poor marks in handling the Jackson water crisis.  However, a majority in the poll did not approve of allowing Jackson to operate the water system. Brad Chism owns Blueprint.

46% gave Mayor Lumumba a poor or totally unacceptable rating while 56% gave the same to Governor Reeves. However, the results narrowed when it came to the unacceptable ratings.  31% gave totally unacceptable marks to the Mayor while the Governor received 35% as well when asked about the handling of the city's water crisis.  18% gave the Mayor an average rating while 21% gave the same rating to the Governor. 

The next question confirmed the poor ratings for the Mayor and Governor.  Chism Strategies asked which option the voters favored for the future of Jackson's water system.  The options are: 

1) Allow the city to operate the system as before while the state funds repairs (30.6%)

2) The state establishes a water/sewer authority with board members from Jackson and Hinds County.  The city loses "day to day" control of the water system. (30.1%)

3) State takes over, repairs, and operates the water system. (26.6%)

13% of the respondents were unsure. 

84% of the respondents were black while 14% were white. However, 63% were female.  

The poll included this little nugget: 

 We expect opinions to continue to evolve as voters learn more about the City’s recent management history over the Jackson water system. Moreover, this survey was conducted before Congressman Bennie Thompson spoke extensively on the matter. The Congressman, whose district includes most of the City of Jackson, is taking a strong interest in both a short-term fix and long-term solution. Congressman Thompson has paved the way for more direct federal involvement and, in an interview published Friday afternoon, has refused to back the idea of City management of the water system, and continues to ask for a detailed City plan. Given his legislative clout, relationships with the White House and popularity in the district, it is doubtful that any lasting solution will be reached without Congressman Thompson’s approval.

The sample pool was 491 votes.  The poll was conducted September 1 and 2.   The margin of error was +/- 4.4%.

Kingfish note: I suspect those giving the Mayor poor ratings blame him for how the plant has been run while those giving negative marks to the Governor blame  him for an alleged lack of funding for the plant.  The poll could have asked some more questions about why each official scored as he did as well as questions about why respondents answered as they did for the future of the water system.  The poll's findings may not be a total surprise.  The Governor does not come off as the warmest person in the room while the Mayor is a master at messaging regardless of how false the message is.  The Mayor has been working the media for the last few days while the Governor only appears to brief the public on the water crisis.  



Anonymous said...

If you want accurate polling, you hire Nate Silver.

Connect the dots said...

The Gov scored high points considering over 80% of the city is black and more likely Democrats. Once the population realizes even Bennie does trust the mayor to handle the money or fix the issue, the mayor’s poll numbers will plunge.

Anonymous said...

Fact - Reeves (and his team) has done more to deliver water to the citizens of Jackson in 5 days than the Mayor has done in 5 years.

And I don’t care what Brad Chism makes his poll say to suggest otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Did they simply students between the age of 16-22? This poll really seems tainted by ignorance and bias.

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke?

This just proves how racist the voters truly are.

Anonymous said...

This is a Chism effort, take it for what it is worth.

84% of the respondents were black while 14% were white.

Considering the sample this poll it an unmitigated disaster for Lumumba.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked!! You mean a poll conducted by Brad Chism found a Republican office holder receuved poor marks?

This from the political pollster that has not been on target with a poll over the past decade (Hood was going to win; Espy was going to win; check them all - the Democrat was always going to win in any race where the Democrat actually received over 40% of the actual vote on election day)

Also shocking though is that he found Lumumba received poor marks as well. But considering how poorly the Mayor is seen these days, guess it would be hard to devise poll questions that could bring his numbers up to even the low 30%.

Anonymous said...

How can any sane (or educated) person criticize the governor for stepping in when the mayor wouldn’t, to solve a problem . Once again this poll reflects the intelligence level of this doomed city. The only business that seems to be growing is the “for sale” sign printers.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish - has anyone ever asked Mayor Transparency why he limits his social media accounts to restrict comments and replies? Can the Mayor not accept criticism or naysayers?

Anonymous said...

The Lumumba Administration sure does seem to be putting out a lot of updates on the water system lately. If I didn’t know that this is the same administration that hid an EPA order for a year, I might be fooled into thinking it’s about informing the public.

Anonymous said...

Bennie may be for Bennie but he’s no fool. He knows the Mayor can’t, won’t, couldn’t manage a re-work of the water system. Federal money, State money he doesn’t need to be any where that sum.

Krusatyr said...

Black state legislators and Bennie T know the mayor is all flim flam schemes and lying spin with no competence for managing a city.

Three Blacks on City Council know also.

Anonymous said...

Governor Tate Reeves should take a line from the David Letterman archives:

"I do and I do and I do for you kids, and this is the thanks I get."

Now that Liz Cheney is gone, maybe Chowke can sit at the left hand of Bennie Thompson for a made for TV "congressional investigation" of how Governor Tate Reeves mishandled the Jackson water system.

Anonymous said...

The fact is reeves ain’t done a thing for Jackson, the disaster declared by Biden is what sent all the aid to Jackson, Jackson been asking reeves for help since the winter storm. Reeves said it wasn’t his problem!! Now reeves jumping on the wagon to take some credit for work he’s not done. That’s why reeves and mayor are never see together. Mayor doesn’t want to loose any help he can get for the city

Anonymous said...

This makes no sense. One guy sits in the mayor’s office for five years and fails at his responsibilities for basic services, and then you have another guy who is not responsible for Jackson city issues and he steps in anyway and within days has the water restored. And both get poor marks? On what planet?

Anonymous said...

Give Brett Favre $94 million and he will run the water system

Anonymous said...

KF, you comment - "The poll could have asked some more questions about why each official scored as he did as well as questions about why respondents answered as they did for the future of the water system."

It did. You quoted it earlier - but just left off the significance of the statistic. This poll (like a good poll should) reflected the demographics of the City, 84% of the respondents were black. Many of the black residents of this City do not like Reeves, or anything he does. Some don't like the fact that he didn't just hand a checkbook over to 'their Mayor' and let him do with it as he does all tax dollars he can get his hands on. And - this was a Chism Strategies poll, which can't find that the Republican Governor polls better than the Democrat Mayor, no matter how inept the Mayor may be.

If a poll was run of the citizens of the state that will end up having to fund much of what is being done - at least the state's 'share' it would probably find vastly different numbers.

Chism choosing to poll only Jackson residents as if they are the only people affected by this disaster is flawed as a basis. But, as we noted, it is a Chism poll, so why should we expect differtly

Anonymous said...

The stupidity of Jackson's residents continues to be put on full display.

A week ago your water was not even working and now less than 7 days since the governor got involved you have pressure and volume. I'll bet anybody on this page $ 10,000.00 that the water will be fit for public consumption in another 10 days.

Meanwhile, the additional confirmation that Jackson's residents despise anyone with different skin color than theirs is now in stone.

This kind of response is why most people could care less about what happens to or in Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Brad Chism is now pollster ?

That's funny.

But this "poll" is probably half-ass accurate.

The majority of low information Jacksonian voters believe anything
their "pastors" tell them.

Anything going wrong is always the White Man's fault.

Anonymous said...

7:07 I think you hit the nail on the head. Race is the ONLY thing that matters to the majority of Jackson voters. Don't throw out a bunch of facts to them, they simply don't matter. All they care about is what is the race of the parties involved.

And I also agree this attitude is the sole reason so many taxpayers have left the city. With the attitude of the majority, they (correctly) believe the city is beyond saving.

Anonymous said...

Considering the sample this poll is an unmitigated disaster for Lumumba.


Anonymous said...

I vote R but am not a Tater fan...however he did very well taking charge on this once Chuckie got out of the way..of course the chance of a democrat giving any R credit is very low.

Anonymous said...

Poll responses provided by Mr. Dumb and Mr. Dumber, both longtime Jackistan residents.

Anonymous said...

Fix the water system but under no circusmtance do you allow the city of Jackson to have 2-3 million without supervision of the money. Im sorry Not racist just keeping it real

Anonymous said...

This Jackson resident, and all the Jackson residents I know, are over the moon excited for the state’s help.

Anonymous said...

“the additional confirmation that Jackson's residents despise anyone with different skin color than theirs is now in stone”

I don’t believe that, based on my own experience as a former resident of Jackson. The bigots and racists in Jackson are those who make their living off of it. The vast majority of the common folk are just regular people, though many have been programmed to believe that the system is rigged against them.

Anonymous said...

Chokme just blamed this on climate change. I shit you not.

Anonymous said...

The Gov. And State of Mississippi has no, nada, zero responsibility nor authority to run any of the local water systems in the state. The fact that they stepped in to help should be welcome. Obviously the morons citizens of “Crackson” are to stupid to understand that. Elections have consequences. Own it.

Anonymous said...

So an engineer from MEMA ordered a temporary pump and that makes Tate a hero?

Damn right it does!

Anonymous said...

The only way that I could figure that the governor would get "poor marks" (sounds like elementary school) would be that he waited too long to act. I am not sure where the trigger lies to allow the state, FEMA and MEMA to step in but this has been going on for a period way prior to any flooding.

Anonymous said...


This might hurt your feelings a little bit but Reeves declared the emergency before Biden. Pesky facts get in the way of your narrative.

Anyone else notice that a firm majority of Jackson residents do not want Jackson in full control of water services after this crisis is over? By a margin of 56-30.

So yes, the mayor is in deep doo-doo.

Anonymous said...

You reckon 5:42 even has a clue that Biden's underlings approved the disaster request after Reeves sent the standard request for one? Nope, the clown at 5:42 actually thinks Biden was down here clubbin' and it just occurred to him.

Biden couldn't find Mississippi on a map without a teleprompter and a mic in his ear.

And, yep...appears the poll was concluded on a Saturday. If it had been run the next day, after church-meetings, Chokwe's numbers would have soared.

Anonymous said...

Unless Tate or the Mayor installed a new pump at O.B. Curtis, neither solved the water pressure problem.

Anonymous said...

Fix the water system but under no circusmtance do you allow the city of Jackson to have 2-3 million without supervision of the money.

Absolutely agree...let the Feds administer every penny and let the Feds locate qualified specialists who can fix this mess.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the citizens of Jackson hold animosity against the governor about the undrinkable water reflects the intelligence level of the vast majority of the few remaining citizens of the Capitol city.

Anonymous said...

There is a simple way to finance this project. Outservice a collection company to collect the millions of dollars of unpaid water bills. This will not happen because this would cost future votes for the mayor.

Anonymous said...

Giving the city big dollars to fix the system without complete control would be like giving your alcoholic brother in law $100,000 to fund his 10th rehab

Anonymous said...

To the clown @ 8:14 am Biden doesn’t need to know where Mississippi is, Bennie will show him the way and Bennie is the one who asked Biden to declare an emergency, and it was the mayor who Biden called and spoke with not tator. Sorry

Anonymous said...

5:24 They need to make damn sure their constituents get the message. I read MEMA’s incident command reports every day. OBC needs a restraining order to keep Lumumba as far away as possible. If he gets his grubby hands back on the controls, Jackson will be thoroughly fucked for years to come. And there won’t be any cavalry at the rescue.

Anonymous said...

The day the majority of voters in Jackson approve of our Governor...we need a new governor BAAAD !

Anonymous said...

@11:31 AM, your sequence of events and emergency declaration process is incorrect. Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment of the poll, KF.

I would add that I suspect it also reflects the loss of confidence in local and city government.

It's pretty obvious to all of us that it is FEMA that is best informing us. And, it is not lost on us, that The Governor and our State legislature are determined to see our Capitol fail so they have a new supply of political rewards to spread around.

Most of us understand that " the pot is calling the kettle black" literally when it comes to Mississippi politics.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious to all of us ...

And, it is not lost on us ...

Most of us understand ...

What is pretty clear to me is that you want to appear authoritative but represent no one else besides yourself.

Anonymous said...

The mayor got what he wanted all along; someone else to step in and repair the treatment facility. He’s a hero to his Jackistan constituents and will be overwhelmingly re-elected. The national media has made him a hero and blamed everything on white people being racist and fleeing the city and at the same time republicans at the state level refusing to fund Jackson for the same reason.
Since the majority of the citizens don’t pay for water either because of the problems with the meters and billing system or that it is racist to have to pay for water the state and or federal government are going to have to pay for the repairs to the rest of the system.
My question is who will be responsible for operations at the treatment plant? No qualified operators will work for the city, so does the state operate this facility? Tate may have solved the immediate crisis but many questions remain.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor, City Council, and all department heads should resign immediately. Stop electing corrupt morons to represent you.

Anonymous said...

1. Any reputable pollster would have told their client that polling such a small group as the likely voters in the city of Jackson is a mathematical folly. Maybe they did and Mississippi Socialist Today went with the poll anyway. 2. Chism is NOT a reputable pollster. They have a reputation for selling poll results for Democratic operatives trying to legitimize some narrative. 3. The conservative Republican Governor got poor marks in Democratic Jackson? Shocker, I tell you. Shocker. 4. This was a text link poll. It probably cost all of about $49.99 -- and statistically isn't even worth that. This was Mississippi Today paying someone $49.99 to legitimize their attack on a Republican - and that's about it.

Anonymous said...

Brad Chism is the Marcus Dupree of politics.

The best that never was.

Anonymous said...

1. Any reputable pollster would have told their client that polling such a small group as the likely voters in the city of Jackson is a mathematical folly.

There is nothing wrong with the sample size itself. The MOE is provided. (Check it yourself.) The poll doesn't state the confidence interval but it is 95%. Chism more often than not oversamples those 65 or older and does so again in this poll. You certainly can't quibble with the racial composition of the sample, it is nearly spot on.

2. Chism is NOT a reputable pollster. They have a reputation for selling poll results for Democratic operatives trying to legitimize some narrative.

Chism is certainly not a reliable pollster and has missed many actual results here in Mississippi widely over the past 15+ years. Yes, his claim-to-fame is attack push polling on behalf of Democrats and liberal causes.

3. The conservative Republican Governor got poor marks in Democratic Jackson?

Reeves actually did quite well. 43.6% rated his handling of Lumumba's OBC fiasco as 'average' to 'great'. From a sample that is 84% black that is a big win. Without looking my guess is that far exceeds the percentage of votes he received from Jackson voters in the 2019 general election. Think about it, if Reeves was going to get trashed it would have been in a Chism poll ... and he wasn't.

4. This was a text link poll.


Anonymous said...

7:07 am -- it's not the sample size or the weighting that I was pointing to as mathematically problematic. At a certain point, polling such a small group can produce very erratic results. That's one of the reasons that polling state senate or house races is really pretty useless -- that and that turnout and GOTV can create huge differences. As for Reeves doing poorly, Mississippi Socialism Today used Reeves' raw approval % as a mark of his disapproval. I don't disagree with your deeper analysis.

Anonymous said...

What specifically is erratic about the results of this poll?

Anonymous said...

They SHOULD score LOW, they've BOTH earned it! Hot-headedness, ego and temper flares, while the citizens are caught in between are all we have to show for the mess the COJ is in! It's time for NEW, fresh, accountable to the people leadership in this city and state who want to see ALL people win!

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