Thursday, October 14, 2021

Ben Shapiro: Nation in the Bubble

 This week, the Biden administration received just the latest slap in the face from cruel reality: An economic report showing just 194,000 jobs added in the month of September, short of the 500,000 jobs forecast by most economists. The unemployment rate dived to 4.8% from 5.2% -- not as a result of job gains, but as a result of more and more Americans dumping out of the work force. Meanwhile, inflation continued to pick up steam, with domestic labor shortages exacerbating supply-chain bottlenecks. 

    How should we explain the bizarre spectacle of a nation that should be booming stagnating instead?

    For the Biden team, the answers range from the completely idiotic (lack of government stimulus, after the greatest single spending binge in world history) to the merely foolish (the delta variant, caseload from which has taken a nosedive). The actual answer, however, is simple: We have spent a year training Americans to believe that work is alternately unsafe, unavailable or unnecessary. 

    First, we have trained vaccinated Americans to believe that they are unsafe. According to a CBS News poll in July, just 48% of those who were unvaccinated said they were worried about infection from the delta variant, compared with 72% of fully vaccinated Americans -- this despite the fact that vaccinated Americans are rarely hospitalized and nearly never die from COVID-19. Yet Biden himself continues to trot out the lie that the vaccinated are not safe from the unvaccinated: In early September, he pushed for a national workplace vaccine mandate, claiming that it was necessary in order to "protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers." But that's precisely what the vaccine was for. It's no surprise, then, that so many vaccinated people -- the first people who should be eager to reenter workplaces -- are instead hesitant to go back to the office.

    Second, we have barred the unvaccinated from going back to work. Biden suggested that vaccine mandates would heighten employment by making the vaccinated feel safe. But that obviously hasn't worked: Instead, all he's done is take jobs from those who were always willing to go back to work. Thousands of Americans have been laid off thanks to vaccine mandates, including in crucial industries like health care and air travel. 

    Most importantly, we have trained Americans to believe that work is unnecessary. As jobs go unfilled, a certain contingent of politicians celebrates -- they say that workers have been unchained from their jobs, and that this is a net positive. In August 2020, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., told Vice, "Only in America, when the president tweets about liberation, does he mean 'go back to work' ... I think a lot of people should just say no. We're not going back to work." Paying people to stay home, in this view, is merely incentivizing businesses to pay more for fewer hours, thus making life better for those who choose to work; for everyone else, the government dole. 

    Now, most Americans have rejected this last lesson. Most Americans want to work; most Americans are in fact working. Hence the unpopularity of the Biden administration spending plans, which most Americans feel artificially suppress economic growth and stifle opportunity. But Biden and Democrats are counting on the long-term play: grow government, breed dependence and ultimately shift the relationship between Americans and the government. 

    Biden promised he wouldn't shut down the economy or the country -- he'd shut down the virus. Instead, thanks to his progressive priorities, he's made the pandemic a problem with no logical endpoint in sight, shutting down the economy and the country in the process -- all in pursuit of his transformational vision. The current labor shortage is a feature of the plan, not a bug. But Biden didn't promise transformation in the 2020 race -- he promised a return to normalcy. And so, his approval ratings are cratering. As they ought to. 

    Ben Shapiro, 37, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show," and editor-in-chief of He is the author of the New York Times bestsellers "How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps," "The Right Side Of History," and "Bullies." To find out more about Ben Shapiro and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at



Anonymous said...

So Ben Shapiro is going to be a regular thing?
Yeah, fuck this cancerous blog

Anonymous said...

Come on. Ben Shapiro? Isn't the local version, D.L., enough? How about more jackassery and less columnists in full cognitive surrender.

Anonymous said...

Hate sells people.

Click click click $$$

So here comes Ben and Miller and Bannon and Joe and all the hate money kings.

Anonymous said...

Always people bitching about a free blog.

Anonymous said...

A nation in a bubble that's heading for a cliff.

Anonymous said...

Some people wouldn’t believe the truth if you shoved it up their ass!

Anonymous said...

Maybe more people left the workforce because of all the higher paying jobs came back and the stay at home moms didn’t have to work any more?

Anonymous said...

Jackson Jambalaya
Now with even MORE ZIONISM!

Anonymous said...

There may be a portion of the unemployed who are scared to return to work, but it’s infantile to attribute 4.8% unemployment (which is nearing actual full employment) to a single factor.

Anonymous said...

If zero people were unemployed and the debt disappears Shapiro would write an article about how the USA fails to leverage its money and pays people too much money.

He’s a troll living in a troll village being petted by trolls.

Anonymous said...

to 8;26.....the green teeth rednecks on this site don't even know what zionism is. you had better supply a definition of it at about a 4th grade level.........or are you just going to make it your little secret?
and as for you 6;13 , this is one columnist you had better listen to cause he's telling the truth.

Kingfish said...

Check the labor participation rate

Anonymous said...

8:42, in the prior administration, the unemployment rate dropped to 3.5%. The current unemployment rate doesn’t seem quite the same situation. In the pre-Covid economy, there were no widespread labor shortages, no disrupted supply chain, no shortages of goods, and no employers begging people to apply for unfilled jobs. Businesses like restaurants weren’t forced to shut down on some days or nights because of a shortage of workers, or to limit the number of diners because of lack of servers and kitchen workers, but these occurrences are now seemingly fairly widespread. Ports, where labor is well-compensated, weren’t struggling to unload ships. Something is quite different in this recovery from the COVID economic downturn. We have a labor shortage that simply didn’t exist previously. Most of the unfilled jobs were the same jobs that existed before COVID, not new really ones. Our population hasn’t suddenly declined, nor are there suddenly fewer people who can actually work at the same jobs that they had before COVID. So what gives?

Anonymous said...

9:26 pm

Always something wrong when you look for it.

TFG spent what 9 trillion? Not a peep.

Now Mitch won’t agree to pay for what he spent. Not a peep.

Biden gives speech after speech not screaming at Americans and telling Americans to hate each other. Not a peep.

You are a self loathing hate filled troll making $ by the click.

Didn’t say you were dumb. Far from it.

Anonymous said...

Simple capitalism: Take this crappy job with low pay and lots of customers named Karen and shove it, I ain't workin here no more!

Anonymous said...

Damn! The same usual troll posting six times, almost in a row, prior to 10:00 p.m.

I don't have but a few green teeth and I easily caught your suggestion that Jews are controlling the globe. Not really sure what Israel has to do with the national bubble or moms at home watching The View.

WAIT! I recounted...make that nine times, almost in a row.

Anonymous said...

ANY numbers reported by the present administration cannot be trusted. Yes, all previous admins likely fudged key indicators, but this administration is pure propaganda to prop itself up until the frightening reality hits the public in the face with a shovel. Then they will cry, "How did this happen?!? We didn't see it coming!" which is complete and utter BS. Ask many on the left who are full of remorse for even voting for this admin. The next election will be a flash point in this nation's history if they attempt to corrupt it again without any fear.

Anonymous said...

Ben Shapiro is an outspoken Zionist.
Therefore, Ben Shapiro is not an unbiased journalist.
Ben Shapiro can’t successfully debate his opponents.
After he loses each debate, he writes for weeks in his Daily Wire about how he actually won and why.
Ben Shapiro’s operation very much resembles other Mossad funded influence peddling cutouts around the globe.

Anonymous said...

@6:45am - Just like the last administration, eh?

Anonymous said...

You know how you get and keep employees ? You do like the Sawmill in Louisville, you raise wages! It keeps your employees happy and the local economy thrives . Kingfish isn’t a dumbass but he sure knows how promote a narrative that negative while denying facts.

Anonymous said...

people realize they don't need to work a minimum wage job where customers crap all over them..why not work at an amazon warehouse making more money and getting benefits. or work at starbucks/walmart--they help pay college tuition.

labor percentage rate 1.7 percent lower than Feb of 2020. That shouldn't be that big of a deal. But it is because of the job shift to higher paying wages.

Times have changed.

Anonymous said...

i purchased 100 computer graphics cards between 2019 and 2020 that use to mine cryptocurrency and pull in $6000 a month in passive income. I am a genius. Why would I work?

Anonymous said...

in the prior administration, the unemployment rate dropped to 3.5%

If that information did not come from an independent source, its trash

Anonymous said...

Biden has things so screwed up that we might not ever recover!

Unknown said...

You keep employees by not giving away free money. At this point it's completely unnecessary. During the 1st giveaway there were little to no restrictions/rules/in place and our government played Oprah. "You get a check and You get a check". The incoming administration did the same stupid crap. Everybody gets a check! So this isn't a Democrat or Republican issue. THEY BOTH DID IT and all to gain VOTES. Selfish motives on both their parts.
Want people to go to work? Stop giving them free food and money, put them out when they don't pay to live and starve them when they don't work to eat. Period. For all the Bible Thumpers, I believe it said a man that doesn't work doesn't eat. So let's get some of that going.

Anonymous said...

Is the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics independent enough for you Sparky?

Take a look at February of 2020. 3.5%. Loser.

Anonymous said...

October 15, 2021 at 8:02 AM = Trash comment

Anonymous said...

@9:12am - Thanks for sharing your opinion Cletus. Any more gems knocking around in your head you can share with us?

Anonymous said...

It’s .GOV so it isn’t independent at all.

Anonymous said...

In his 50 years in the Swamp, Joe has create ONE job...for his son, Hunter.

Anonymous said...

Ben is sharp as a tack and seems to have several of y'all libbies shook up ! WTF is wrong with you people ? Swallow your pride and admit Uncle Joe is not "the" guy. Never has been. The cool part you ask ? Joe Biden alone will cause a shift in 2022 . A shift back to moderation ! A shift far away from the progressives who in theory may be on to something. They just have the wrong messengers. But then again, all of politics is now fully tainted. The rabbit hole is's raining hard.

Anonymous said...

Look around folks that 1.7% can be resolved as soon as all the fast food restaurant got back to full service, when the last time you sat in a Chick-fills, BK, McD or Wendy’s ??

Anonymous said...

Made in America ain’t stuck on no cargo ship! Go figure!

Anonymous said...

Solve et Coagula. (See the Baphomet). The current system must be destroyed (solve) before we can "build back better" (coagula). Novus Ordo Seclorum! The Great Work is near complete, the Aeon of Horus. "The Great Reset will result in the fusion of your digital, physical and biological identity...the law codes will have to be changed...change what it means to be human...COVID-19 provides the opportunity", Klaus Schwab. "No one will enter the New Age without making a pledge to worship Lucifer, no one will enter the New World Order without taking a Luciferic initiation" David Spangler, U.N. "Materialist doctors can be counted on to deliver the vaccine", Rudolph Steiner.

Anonymous said...

Ben Shapiro is trash and so is any website that publishes his troll pieces.

Anonymous said...

@7:02am You're one of the idiots that's going to be crying when things get so bad. The only thing Trump destroyed was a lot of people's "feelings".....

Better Than Ever said...

He's crying wolf at the end of a historically-occurring time when people normally quit jobs... right before they go back to them. This happens every year. Look it up.

Pant Leg Wetter said...

There he goes again. the end of a historically-occurring time when people normally quit jobs ...


... right before they go back to them.


This happens every year. Look it up.


You should stick with fear-mongering about Covid since the readership here already knows you've no clue what in the hell you are talking about.

Better Than Ever said...

I've seen the comments here for years. The bar for competency is quite low. I have to dumb down a lot of what I post.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, one made much worse by the recently-vacated idiotic '45'.

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