Wednesday, April 14, 2021

WLBT Busts Lumumba

 Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba keeps referring to the EPA Emergency Administrative Order issued a year ago as a "letter" even though it is nothing of the kind.  Try as he might, the Mayor just can't seem to make everyone else see it his way.  WLBT reported last night: 

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba said Jackson water quality is not unsafe, and that an EPA order is more “a discussion over process than it is over quality of water.”

Tuesday, Jackson leaders discussed an emergency administrative order handed down by the Environmental Protection Agency regarding the city’s public water system.

Lumumba refused to go into details during the open session but said Jackson’s water quality has never been in question.

“I would say this is more a discussion over process than it is over quality of water,” he said. “It would be not only a failure of the city of Jackson, (but) it would be a failure of the Mississippi State Department of Health … for us to OK bad water for the residents of Jackson.”

A copy of the March 2020 Emergency Administrative Order from the EPA, though, seems to say different.

In it, the agency states that “conditions exist at the system that present an imminent and substantial endangerment to the persons served by the system.”

There Lyin' Lumumba goes again.  No one said the water is unsafe now.  The EPA said conditions existed a year ago for an emergency.  The Mayor next calls the whole matter a "discussion over process." Um, no, Mr. Mayor.  The EPA said monitors, UV disinfectors, dosers, valves, and other necessary equipment were missing, broken, or improperly used at the two water treatment plants.  That is not a process no matter how much you whine that it is.   WLBT continues: 

Federal officials conducted inspections at the O.B. Curtis and J.H. Fewell water treatment plants, at the behest of the state health department.

The order goes on to state that the EPA identified numerous concerns related to “bacterial contamination and proper disinfection.”

EPA did an inspection of the city’s water treatment plants in February 2020, after the city failed to provide the proper reports to the agency for nearly three years.

The order states MSDH tried to get Jackson to comply for four years but was unable to do so.  In frustration, the Health Department notified the EPA of Jackson's intransigence.  WLBT reports Foote tried to stop the Council from going into executive session but the Mayor and Councilman Aaron Banks shut him down. 

Lumumba said the council needed to go into executive session to discuss the matter, arguing that the administration was still in talks with the EPA regarding compliance.

He further claimed the city had not shared more details of the EPA’s findings, saying a final order from the federal agency had not been handed down.

“The reason we haven’t sent (it) out is because the draft hasn’t been finalized by any party. When there is a completed document that both the EPA and the city of Jackson agree to, it will be issued,” he said. “It would be premature to do it prior to that.”

Ward One Councilman Ashby Foote attempted to challenge the mayor on claims that the order was still in draft form, but was shut down by Council President Aaron Banks, who also said the matter needed to be discussed in a closed session.

Foote said the administration was in talks with EPA over a potential consent decree regarding its water treatment plants. However, those negotiations were separate from the 2020 administrative order.

“He’s trying to cover up the fact they didn’t tell anyone about this,” he said.

The councilman also asked why the mayor was unwilling to discuss the EPA’s findings in an open forum, saying that it was bad optics for city government.

Is it a "letter", as the Mayor claims? 


One of the biggest problems with this issue is the fact that there was no public announcement when it happened in March 2020. I didn’t find out about it until a week ago,” Foote said.

Documents obtained by WLBT through an open record request bring into question the mayor’s claims Tuesday that the order issued by the EPA was a draft document.

In the March 27, 2020 correspondence to Lumumba, the EPA states that the order “constitutes a final agency action” under the Safe Water Drinking Act. However, it goes on to state that the city could seek federal review.

And in an April 1, 2020 letter the mayor sent to the agency, Lumumba seems to understand that fact.

“The city will use its best efforts to rectify the deficiencies identified in the Emergency Administrative Order. I acknowledge the gravity of this situation and the responsibility to ensure a safe supply of drinking water to the public.”

In that document, Lumumba went on to say that the city “looks forward to working with the EPA and the Mississippi State Department of Health to achieve compliance with this … Order as quickly as practicable.”

Kingfish note: one lie after another.  Read the rest of the article.



Anonymous said...

The cargo cult with pretend leadership turns out to be bad at pretending to treat water.

Burke said...

I think the Mayor should be recalled. He buried a piece of news that detrimentally affects every resident of Jackson and more, and managed to keep it buried until he was re-elected. Had the news come out, he would have had much stronger competition in the election. What we have here is a "material omission," i. e., fraud.

One slick s.o.b.

Wow said...


Anonymous said...

His back is against the wall and all he knows is to cry racism and beg for federal help. Where is the $60mil Siemens money? We know $30mil went to your buddies. I am calling it now, he will resign before it gets better. He doesn't have the balls to stand up and admit fault. I've said it before and I will say it again. NO ONE RESPECTS THIS CLOWN. Bet you don't see him out and about where people could ask him the hard questions.

Anonymous said...

Elected official: the only place where you can be incompetent, untrustworthy, and lazy and not only keep your job, but get a brand new 4-year contract.

Anonymous said...

I was a licensed class 'c' waterworks operator from 1997 until 2003. I never, ever heard of a system being referred to EPA by MSDH before. CoJ really screwed up.

Anonymous said...

Has he ever been wrong, ever? If he were a white republican CNN would be providing live coverage.

This is a snapshot of a progressive. Make not of this because the White House is full of them.

PittPanther said...

Read and see what will happen to us during a cryptosporidium outbreak:,waterborne%20disease%20outbreak%20in%20documented%20United%20States%20history.

Anonymous said...

I agree with @3:45. I'm an engineer and I manage a water utility. I had someone ask me about issues in the EPA order. I told them what I could interpret, but I also admitted that I had never seen one before. Because I had never gotten referred to the EPA, nor knew anyone that did. So I was unsure of the procedures the EPA uses, etc. Normally, water utilities deal with MSDH.

Anonymous said...

Girly man....

Jackson sends out letters saying the water can kill you

Lord you love to try to fox n friends things

Emergency Administrative Order? What Emergency Administrative Order? said...

"But Mayor Lumumba! The people of Jackson have no water to drink!"

"Then let them drink Perrier! Don't bother me with such trifles! I have a city to radicalize and social justice to enact! Oh, and an appearance on CNN in half an hour!"

Anonymous said...

The city just suffers from a perception of bacteria...

Anonymous said...

There has to be some jail time associated with this breach of duty and trust by his honor.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Jackson Free Press now? Why are they ignoring this saga of Jackson’s water crisis? Could it be because there just is no way to blame it on “white flight”?

Anonymous said...

Funny how Lumumba keep this quiet until just after the primary.

Anonymous said...

Same ole, same ole. Different day, same brain dead Mayor. I believe Chokwheat thinks he’s half Barack Obama and half Bill Clinton. And that it’s possible all the criminal or poorly thought out decisions, either known or unknown will simply slide off him and onto one of his subjects. And who knows in this batshit crazy country nowadays criminals are hero’s and hero’s are criminals. One things for sure either the EPA will pipe the young mayor into submission or crawl away in fear of the old racism card the mayor is fond of flashing. If the legislature moves in and fixes things he’ll use that as his escape clause. If not the good mayor could be in a bind so tight his snakily features may not be able to wiggle out.

Anonymous said...

WLBT today
Another crisis
Wonder what the Mayor thinks about the new prison like ghetto fences going up at I55-N and Northside Drive.

Anonymous said...

All because of high capacity magazines, white flight, and gun shows.

Anonymous said...

The Bloviator makes fools out of everyone who takes him at his word.

Anonymous said...

This entire debacle is as eye opening as the documentary film “Empire of Dust”
Cargo cult is an acurate description.

Anonymous said...

He's going back into office and he won't even see a jail never mind be in one. He is a man of the masses. They get what they want and deserve. But, I'm sure that is a racist remark to some.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, these are 3rd world problems in a 3rd world city. At this point, even a lot of the long term Jackson defenders have surrendered to this fact. Basically, most of your posts are just that: 3rd world problems of a 3rd world city. Perhaps it's time to expand the cast of your net and cover MS items of interest. This Jackson stuff is only same story, different chapter.

Anonymous said...

Leftist Marxists Democrats have succeeded in taking race-baiting (that Booker T. warned us about over 100 years ago) to a level that was impossible prior to Obama’s election.

Not only have Democrats kept enough of their constituents’ poor and dumbed down enough for decades to keep electing the same failure politicians, even though the evidence clearly tells them to do otherwise;

Democrats, since 2008 and Obama, with their partners the lying media, Marxist’s professors, etc., have brainwashed a large enough percentage of the young “educated” white’s as well.

So, like crime, the water problem will be blamed on Republicans, and like the low IQ Al Sharpton, the Lumumba’s of America will keep on keeping on.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish - might this not become a violation of the RICO Act?

Anonymous said...

It is very telling that Jackson Free Press and other MSM who proclaim to be unbiased journalists are not addressing this.

But I also don't think anyone is shocked.

Hypocrisy and agenda driven narrative is the norm in most reporting.

Anonymous said...

"WLBT Busts Lumumba"

When will this read "AG Busts Lumumba"?

Anonymous said...

Chok could crap in the water system on live TV and the residents of Jackson would still elect him. Refer to Kenny Stokes as an example of this behavior.

Anonymous said...

Get a good filter!

Anonymous said...

The State needs to take over the water system, grab the relief money from the latest stimulus bill coming to Jackson and any money coming from Biden's Infrastructure Bill and fix this issue.

The US Attorney Office needs to investigate the Mayor for violation of federal statutes.

Jimmy B said...

70% of the folks in Jackson like drinking dirty water.

Anonymous said...

Re-posted from "Reductive Analysis" a few days ago.

A Modest Proposal" (with apologies to Mr. Swift).
May I suggest that the JJ readers start a list of His Honor's favorite excuses and catch phrases. The list can be maintained from JJ blog post to blog post.
I suggest we start with:

"Reductive Analysis"
"Administrative Process Gap"

Soliciting further suggestions.

List addition:
“I would say this is more a discussion over process...[than] over quality of water"

JJ Readers, please add to the list.
Won't go to a restaurant that uses Jackson water for ice cubes.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Calhoun "redecapitates" the situation.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, the good part starts at 11:18 and goes for three to five minutes.

Anonymous said...

I judge politicians for what they actually do. They will always be attempting to make themselves look good.

So, critics, please tell me what you would do the fix the water/sewer system in Jackson?

Where would you get the money and how?

The time for bitchin' about Jackson is long over. Since you see failure of implementing solutions, what would YOU do? How would YOU persuade voters that you are just " haters" but actually could solve problems?

Anonymous said...

I am not of the smart law types that frequent here, but as an admitted doofus I would go to Tate Reeves and BEG him to help and agree to let him appoint a person to manage the overhaul.

But that means conceding power and possible fame and glory to selflessly help the voters.

Few politicians can do that.

Anonymous said...

Is the "letter" somewhere online we can read it? Don't drink unfiltered water in Jackson!

Anonymous said...

@11:37 AM, kick it off by telling us what YOU would do differently? Answer all the questions you've posed. Lead by example.

Aint color blind said...

That Lyin' little Marxist Lumumba. Remember back when we were all scratching our heads on how Baby Chok came up with that bold orange-red stripe on the new JPD vehicles? Well, in case you haven't noticed all the recent images of Federal Immigration vehicles on our Nation's southern border, with their similar striping scheme in green, take a look at a color palette wheel. The orange-red is on the exact opposite side of the green. You clever little Marxist!

Anonymous said...

11:37, I think a good start would be honesty about the problems, instead of hiding them and blaming the state for not paying its fair share.

Then, use some of the $60 million netted from the Seimen's settlement to pay for repairs, performed by those qualified to do so. Then, apply the remaining $13 million to fix the billing issues. That's where I would start.

Anonymous said...

10:18 AM
I disagree you're going to run into the same problems the city has namely low pay and that low pay will not attract qualified talent. The city needs to contract it out to a qualified company.

Anonymous said...

1. Enthusiasm
2. Disillusionment
3. Disaster
4. Search for the guilty
5. Punishment of the innocent
6. Praise and honors for the nonparticipants

It always works that way...

On a related note, wouldn't the MSDH/EPA findings/mandates and related miscues by the city leadership be grounds for a major class-action lawsuit in state and federal courts? I bet some top-notch law firms would *love* to get a piece of that action!

Where is Erin Brockovich when we need her?

Anonymous said...

April 15, 2021 at 11:37 AM; how's this for an answer? first, where the fuck is the 60 million dollars left over from the seimens settlement? that won't fix everything, but it could be used to get loans, grants, in-kind matching funds, something.

how about billing people for their water usage? the water system should be self sustaining. is jackson the only city that can't get a water billing system to work? if so, why?

how about not talking shit to and about the very people that are in a position to help?

how about taking to anybody and everybody that knows how to fix these problems?

how about hiring the most competent and capable people to fix the problem? even if they're white. because this minority set-aside, minimum minority participation bullshit hasn't worked, isn't working, and will never work.

how about not covering up, for a year, this EPA report? chowkey cares more about himself, and his personal political future than the approximately 150000 citizens of jackson. he would rather you drink shitty water, cook with shitty water, bathe in shitty water, literally, for a year, just so he can get re-elected. it shouldn't be so hard to hire the employees necessary to keep the water plant working correctly. is his wife's group still getting 6 figures for crime prevention, or some bullshit program? that would cover at least 2 people at the plant.

the media should be so far up chowkey's ass about this, that all you see when he smiles his marxist "i'm a black democrat and therefore untouchable" smile, is reporter's faces. but, because he's a black democrat marxist, nearly the entire city will be ok with this. if this were a white republican, it would be all you ever heard about until they resigned or were voted out.

hope this is enough for you to get started. this dumb, white, redneck from rankin county came up with this all on his own while on lunch break. surely, there must be some learned people out there with a bunch of letters after their name that could come up with more than i did. and because i belong to the demographic that is blamed for everything wrong in jackson, why would you even listen to me in the first place.

Anonymous said...

4:06 You are right & Hillary I believe pointed this out. A willful violation of The Clean Water Act can include fines and prison. Columbus had this problem with Beatrice Potter & Johnny Cochran helped with lawsuits! The fact that Lumumba acknowledged receipt from EPA puts him ALONE on notice. Others he does NOT care about You!

Anonymous said...

People like 11:37 amuse me. I see them post angrily to anyone on FB that says anything negative about Jxn: "Well what are YOU doing to help Jxn?'

Stop asking others to help you and help yourself!

If the internal Jxn community made real strides and serious efforts to squelch crime, support the police, mentor and teach moral decency to children without fathers, vote for decent people and not tolerate catch and release judges, I would bet surrounding areas would volunteer any support they could to aid them.

But residents want to blame conservatives for the failures while refusing to let conservatives have any voice in how the improvements are structured.

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