Monday, July 29, 2019

Wildlife Extravaganza FOOD FIGHT!!!

The Mississippi Wildlife Federation's Extravaganza scheduled to take place this weekend is going down the drain.  The Board of Commissioners for MDWFP voted to withdraw from the exhibition.  The agency announced on Facebook:

Earlier today, the Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, meeting by a specially-called teleconference voted unanimously to withdraw from the Extravaganza, and participation in future events with the Federation, until further notice.

Please refer all comments regarding the Extravaganza to the Mississippi Wildlife Federation.
The Federation opposed the Yazoo pump project.  Needless to say, it's stance hasn't gone over too well with more than a few people after the Delta suffered record levels of flooding this year.  Several exhibitors announced today they would not attend the event. Smalltown Hunting posted on Facebook:

We, as many, have always looked forward to the MS Extravaganza to kick off each hunting season, but after the recent statements and decisions of the MWF, we will now NOT be attending the Extravaganza this year. As a group that has been directly affected by the floodwater, seen the devastation it has caused to families, friends, farmland, and wildlife, we 100% stand behind our friends and families in the MS South Delta, and 100% support the efforts to #finishthepumps
Backwoods Land Company followed the same route:

 Based on the stance taken by Mississippi Wildlife Federation (MWF) regarding the Yazoo Backwater Pumps Project and its indifference towards both the citizens and the wildlife severely affected by this unprecedented flood, Backwoods Land Company has decided to withdraw and NOT attend the wildlife extravaganza. We fully support the flood control project and the people who have been devastated by this flood. We find it incomprehensible that MWF would refuse a resident of the Delta his/her right to educate the public on such an important issue during the Mississippi Wildlife Extravaganza. We fully support the South Delta and will continue to do all we can to help the citizens rebuild their lives and get back on their feet!
 as did Primos Hunting:

We support the Mississippi Wildlife Federation mission “to conserve Mississippi’s natural resources and protect our wildlife legacy.” However, we find it difficult to support its recent decisions. For Primos Hunting, our decision not to attend this year’s Wildlife Extravaganza is about supporting the people of the Mississippi lower Delta, all of whom are our friends and family. We’ll be watching the situation closely and discussing ways to support those who have been impacted by the floods. As always, Speak The Language.

Longleaf Camo chose to stay home as well:

 After 12 years of exhibiting at the Mississippi Wildlife Extravaganza, Longleaf Camo and Preston Pittman Game Calls will not be an exhibitor this year.  The lack of support from MWF for the effort to, Finish the Pumps and The Forgotten Backwater Flood is disheartening to say the least.  It is our feeling that MWF has forgotten their roots and who they exist to serve. The time for lip service and to "study the situation" has long past.  Preston Pittman and Longleaf Camo supports and stands by our Delta residents and hunters.
 Did someone mention Apex Ammunition?

As a company born and operated from Mississippi this was our first year to be at the Extravaganza however that will not be the case

While we stand firmly in supporting MWF’s mission to, “ conserve Mississippi’s natural resources and wildlife legacy,” we at the core disagree with the MWF’s recent decision to divert funds away from an investment project that protects the safeguard and security of Mississippi residents and their families in the lower Delta region.

As people of Mississippi, who have personally help farm, hunted and relied on the lower Delta region, this decision by MWF literally hits the heart of home for us. 

Conservation comes in many forms and balancing life and nature requires sound decisions bound by logic and reasoning.

As the situation continues, we’ll continue to look for creative solutions to support those effected.
 However, don't think the Federation ignored the sentiment.  It banned a flood victim from paying an exhibition fee and setting up a booth to promote the pumps.  The Vicksburg Daily News reported:

Flood victim and farmer Victoria Darden planned to put up a booth at next week’s Mississippi Wildlife Federation’s annual fundraiser to raise awareness of the historic Backwater Flood. She collected more than $3,000 in donations to print handouts. She had 16 people committed to work the booth and share information with those who would attend the annual MWF “Extravaganza” fundraiser in Jackson.

 Friday, the MWF told Darden she would not have a booth at the event....

 Asked why, Lemmons told Darden that it was “… the discretion of the promoter of the event to make those selections.” Rest of article.

Eleven vendors are boycotting the Extravaganza. 

Kingfish note: Hope that decision to oppose the pumps was worth it.   Check out the boycott's Facebook page.


Anonymous said...


Honey Badger said...

Yawn all you want, I will not be attending or will I be spending, nor will many local vendors. The out of state guys will attend I'm sure. Hopefully the attendance will be off due to the boycott. Finish the pumps.

Not Noah said...

10:02. You wouldn’t be yawning if your home, farm, business, timberland, hunting land, or weekend cabin had been under water for
8 MONTHS !!!

Anonymous said...

All those who worked to kill the pumps own the ecological disaster let alone the financial disaster.

Anonymous said...

Not Attending

Finish the Pumps

Anonymous said...

@Kingfish, Billy VanDevender strongly opposes the pumps as well. He penned a : page letter to General Kaiser of the MS River Commission opposing them. It can be found online. BVD is also on Tate Reeves finance committee. BVD also owns land very close to the 18k acres that the state just bought to make a wildlife management area and kicked off all the old camps that used to lease the land. Anderson Tully closes 3-18, BVD bought the old mill as Vicksburg Forest Products on 5-18. MDWFP buys land from Anderson Tully on 7-18.

Anonymous said...

Just some good old boys...never meanin no harm

Anonymous said...

Any history of trying to tame a body of water with levees, berms, pumps and dams have not been infalliable and often result in unintended
consequences. Deltas flood. River flood control causes subsidence and requires huge expenditures of tax dollars to maintain. There is nothing solution. But mutually agreed upon short term actions could provide some relief from flooding and also maintain nature of the landscape.

Anonymous said...

“Despite the name, this region is not part of the delta of the Mississippi River. Rather, it is part of an alluvial plain, created by regular flooding of the Mississippi and Yazoo rivers over thousands of years. The land is flat and contains some of the most fertile soil in the world.”

Seems like a lot of people are just butt hurt they can’t chase the biggest buck this year and are forgetting why the delta has such fertile farmland. #theresalwaysnextyear

Anonymous said...

No government cheese pump boys....

Start a go pump me page and pay for it yourself

Welfare queens

Anonymous said...

If we had the Pumps in place this year would the Corps have allowed more be pumped into the Mississippi River? Not if it was already at near flood stage. Where is this Delta water supposed to go? They won't open the Morganza Spillway because they fear it will collapse and not be able to be closed. And that was to protect 25,000 acres of farmland in LA, crawfish, and black bears. Meanwhile we have 550,000 acres flooded in the Delta and the whole western side of the MS Sound full of algae from Bonnet Carre. As Chairman of the Commerce Committee, Sen Wicker should subpoena Richard Kaiser from the Corps and get some real answers to help Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

The Network is in the wildlife business too?

Anonymous said...

It's devastating, and I sympathize with those affected by flooding in the South Delta. However, those who chose to farm and hunt there should have known that they were taking a gamble. They knew that the Indian Mounds were built throughout the area because it has "always" flooded there sporadically over the centuries. That fact can't be ignored.

Building the levees and Steele Bayou was just a trade for the people in the South Delta -- trading the former frequent MS River flooding back up through the Yazoo River, prior to Steele Bayou, in exchange for occasional and rarer backwater flooding in the South Delta when the Steele Bayou gates are closed to keep the MS River out of the Yazoo River. If it weren't for the levees and Steele Bayou, the South Delta would have flooded every time that the MS River has risen higher than the Yazoo River. The gates at Steele Bayou "protect" the South Delta from the MS River backing up through the Yazoo River. But, statistics have a way of staying true. Statistics caught up this year.

Anonymous said...

These folks are being told that the pumps would have stopped the flooding . Even the COE has stated that the pumps would not have stopped this historic flood. All the flood waters in the Mississippi River have devastated the Gulf of Mississippi. It appears the Game and Fish Commission and the Governor doesn’t care about our way of life down here on the coast. We don’t need billions of additional fresh water being pumped daily into the Mississippi River system during flood times. It’s not just a Delta problem it’s a Mississippi problem.

Anonymous said...

@439, let the federal government put a ring levee around your house and not be able to pump the water out and you'll change your tune. This is 100% a man made issue, from the Core of Engineers. If you don't know what you're talking about I implore to do research before you sound incompetent. Yes the area floods, and often, this isn't a normal "flood event" a normal flood event doesn't cover 750,000 acres nor stay this high for over 6 months.

Anonymous said...

@7:43 nobody is saying the pumps would have "stopped" the flood but they would have greatly mitigated the impact. Have not seen anyone claim the pumps would have "stopped" the backwater flooding.

What is clear is that your solution to this "Mississippi problem" is to sacrifice the Delta to spare the Coast.

There are numerous flood gates north of Steel Bayou that have pumps. They ARE pumping "additional fresh water" back into the river. Why aren't you demanding their subjugation to the coast also? Why aren't you bitching about the Morganza Spillway?

Anonymous said...

They knew that the Indian Mounds were built throughout the area because it has "always" flooded there sporadically over the centuries.

Indians built mounds because of flooding? Absolute crap.

Anonymous said...

Wait till the thousands of MWF members and supporters and the millions of national conservation group members find out about Primos and the little known vendors find out about their not supporting the Ganza. Maybe they can open a store in downtown Louise.

Anonymous said...

I will not be attending this time or probably any time in the future.

Anonymous said...

8:14 AM

You want the big bad government to help you? You mean because something affected "you" so something must be done to protect "you?"

Ive owned land and property in the area over the last 30 years.

No amount of pumps would have helped.

Quit your belly aching and pandering and build your house a little higher about this....move your ass away? Go back to where you came from.

Anonymous said...

I'll debate, @8:14am

I keep seeing "it's a manmade issue". Of course it is... it's also a manmade issue that ANYONE is able to live and farm in that area to begin with. The MANMADE levees and MANMADE structures that, unfortunately, have kept water IN the "bowl" this year have kept it OUT of the bowl almost every single year prior. So, while the MWF will have to eat their crow with the extravaganza, so too will the people clamoring that this is a "manmade issue" as if something could have been done differently to prevent it. And as previously mentioned, the pumps would not have made a difference this year. The US Army CORPS (not Core) of Engineers is not going to mitigate a disaster in one area by creating a disaster in another if they can help it.

Anonymous said...

What the first commenter at 10:02 said.

Anonymous said...

8:14 here. I own several properties as well. One inside the levee and one near Holly Bluff. Both under water. I know the inherent dangers and also know my properties are recreational and it doesn't matter. I have the ability to rebuild. My concerns are for the people that live and work there every day. The people that have lived in the south delta for ages as well as their families. Take all that bitterness @9:01 & 9:25 and have some compassion on the people that don't have the money, don't have the resources, and may not have jobs when the water recedes. Those are the people I am advocating for, not for people like myself. If you look around, you have a lot of the "rich hunting camp" types doing the same thing. Its because we care for the people and the culture of the south delta and not really for our selves. Ive got farmers and farm hands, store owners, and retired folks that haven't been to their houses in months and don't know if they ever will. I guess you two are saying their way of life and their property don't matter? Please do publish your names so people know just how callous you are.

Anonymous said...

What is the reason to oppose the pumps?

Anonymous said...

The gates on Steel Bayou do not prevent the Miss River from backing up the Yazoo. The Yazoo River has unobstructed flow to the Miss River.

Anonymous said...

I sit back and read these post. Indians built mounds for different reasons. Most were land Mark's and for ritual purpose. Nat as burial mounds. Usace did state that if the pumps were in and runny that the backwater would have been reduced by 5 or 6ft. morganza spillway was not open because of the river cresting and that the red and ouachita and atchafalaya rivers were already flooding. Which would have put another 4ft of water down on Morgan city. If the pumps were up and running as designed it would raise the river level the size of a penny laying on its side. Proubly have the people posting on here live behind a levee and dont even realize it.

Anonymous said...

No one wants the people of the Delta hurt, but there isn't new evidence that the pumps, as designed, would have prevented what is going on or that they would solve future problems. Instead of just attacking, lets listen, ask questions, instead of being used by the people who will hundreds of millions on building the pumps. And this isn't just about the Delta. Whatever happens there impacts all of us - South Mississippi, Louisiana, and taxpayers everywhere.

I, for one, will be at Extravaganza and I will remember the businesses that pulled out and who turned their backs on those of us from all over the state who have done business with them. It's a shame.

Anonymous said...


9:25 here. Considering I am from one of the counties affected by the flood, I think I know 1st hand the struggles folks are going through. I have loved ones with property affected. I also have the ability to step back and see things rationally from an actual "cause and effect" relationship rather than viewing things through outrage-tainted lenses. People have latched on to the pumps being the remedy and are taking out their frustrations on the MWF and anyone who still plans to attend the Extravaganza, and that is not the right avenue in my opinion. Ok, maybe the MWF lobbied against the pumps, but it was ultimately EPA who vetoed them. And arguing about it and all the #boycotts do nothing to alleviate the problem as it's currently happening. Will all those grandstanding businesses choose to donate money or relief aid to the communities affected? I doubt the majority will. It's easy to #TakeAStand on social media. It's an entirely different thing to actually lend aid and support.

I simply can not stand knee-jerk reactions. And I support any measure which effectively controls the backwater pumping, saves homes and businesses and all the little critters and their habitats. Whether that be pumps, a giant vacuum, levees, prayers, a toilet bowl flusher......

Anonymous said...

The gates at Steele Bayou 100% keep the Mississippi River from backing up into the Deer Creek/Steele Bayou/Sunflower River basin (aka, the backwater). The Yazoo River sits on the opposite side of a levee and is not effected by the opening/closing of Steele Bayou.

Anonymous said...

this project was born in 1941. parts of the project were competed and the final portion was the pumps.... in the original 1941 intent.

it is simply intellectually dishonest for an organization to state that the pumps would negatively affect wetlands. the pumps can be used or not used as needed. While they could be used to drain the area during non-flood events that was not their original intent nor the intent ever posited.

this is a problem born from the ambitious attempt to tame the MS River. the levee system is a 2 way street for wetlands. without the levees, the wetland along the MS river would not be stable year after year. Mother nature would decide when and where

there is not a logical reason to oppose the pumps as evidenced by the past 2 years when it's use would have done exactly as planned even way back in 1941

Anonymous said...

Once you pump it over the levee it has to go somewhere. The Yazoo drains thru Yazoo City, Belzoni area all the way to Greenwood. So they would have had another 2 feet of water due to not being able to drain North? Face it, to much rain in to big of an area, all the way to St. Louie and into the Ohio basin. Might not happen again for 40 years, then again maybe next year.
Remember it wasn't just us, Arkansas and Oklohoma had problems also. You might could have pumped it early in January before the big water got here and made some difference.

Anonymous said...

What the hell. People have been manipulating the River for years. “Let nature run its course” does not exist anymore. If the government left the river alone for the rest of eternity they would not be able to undo the manipulation that they’ve already done. They need to move forward and and pump the water out.

People, animals, plants, are SUFFERING. This is not a result of Mother Nature. It’s a result of years of government manipulation of a body of water/waterway. Let’s help this situation and finish the pumps!

Anonymous said...

In 1941 the plan was to dredge the rivers and make them ditches to drain the hardwood forest that eventually were cleared for more agriculture ..We have spent trillions of dollars in the US reversing this anti-environment type plan. Much of this has been spent in the Delta which includes millions spent on WRP. An example of taxpayers paying to create a problem and then paying to fix the problem. The sad situation is that the upper delta got their flood control and now their water is being drained more rapidly than nature intended with snake like rivers and natural wetland to absorb the water. The big problem is the folks in the lower delta didn’t get their project (the pumps). I would be mad also if the folks up north got there solution fixed and I had water on me for 8 months. This is the same way the folks on the coast in Louisiana and Mississippi feel about all the water and chemicals from everyone north of them flowing down the 4th largest river in the world.

Anonymous said...

Republicans holding their own hostage. Classic.

Deb said...

This was promised in 1946 that is 73 years ago people built houses based on this the state built roads based on this the county built roads etc... the california liberal tree huggers that go to there far left wine parties are against it. I guess some of these posters are for the Green new deal and the no more cars with combustion engines only solar power electric etc... socialist pigs

Anonymous said...

11:10 Congrats, I guess being from there means you know more than someone who has spent their whole life their. Its a halfway completed project, that sucks. End of story. The reason the EPA veto'ed the project is because of these nature conservatory groups such as MWF, Billy VanDevender, the Sierra Club, etc were against it. You can say what you want to, but the day you put an animals life above a humans life, there is an issue. Also, and I am sure you know since you "are from the affected area" you remember the study on the pumps affecting an endangered gnat critical to the ecosystem as a talking point? Please do tell your friends with water in their homes and no work that an endangered gnat is more important than them. You sound like the typical Delta college graduate who has moved off after college to peruse other goals but still like to tell everyone back home how much smarter you are than them. Also, if you are for the pumps, then you are for the deaths of the wildlife as well as the chemicals now in the water. Again, please post your name so everyone can see how much you devalue their way of life.

Anonymous said...

11:10 you obviously haven't seen the outpouring of people ready to step in and help(once the water recedes). Many are donating move to plant cover crops to help with erosion from the raw dirt exposed after the vegetation is exposed. People donating household goods, etc. We would be feeding the animals en mass if the MDWFP would let us, but they wont. We want to help. Hunters and fishermen are some of the best conservationist in the land. We know what to do and when. Many of us wont even hunt for the next few years but we will in the woods planting plots and trying to get any and all animals back sustainable. Don't talk to me about knee jerk. The EPA and USACE should be strung up in town square for this man made disaster and so should anyone else that supported the defunding of the pumps.

Its funny, we people of the south delta have been screaming for media attention this whole time. To national news and hell, even to this blog and it has been pretty much radio silence until this went on. I guess you have to stir up some drama until someone notices a disaster in their own back yard. The national media was more concerned about a few days flooding in the Midwest when we have been flooded for a few months at that point.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how much it was supposed to cost in 1946?

Anonymous said...

Probably about 10 million greenstamps. And a whole lot of boys glad to be working in an American swamp instead of dodging 7mm Arisaka rounds on an island in the Pacific.

Anonymous said...

1:27- Why? So you can take a mob mentality and boycott me, my family, or my business? All because I come to the same conclusion differently than you?
Again, I'm not sure how to explain it any better. I am for the pumps or any project that helps the area. Period. All I am saying is that the misguided anger should be focused towards the actual governmental organizations that may this an issue in the first place. Boycotting the extravaganza, MWF, or any other business that has a booth at the extravaganza is not going to accomplish anything, in my opinion. (Which I better be careful voicing, or else someone will want to know my name so they can hunt me down with a pitchfork).

Anonymous said...

1:36- 11:10 here. Yes, that is great, and I have seen some of the companies pledging support since I posted that this morning. Which is great, because you can't boycott because of an injustice and then refuse to support said injustice.

I understand the frustration, totally, but MWF's stance has been known since they supported the EPA veto 10 years ago, yet only now is it a problem. After a freak historical flood and the girl getting denied the booth (which was an absolutely horrible move by the MWF, I agree).

You're dead on with the drama. Which I guess is what I was referring to with the knee jerk. Seems to be working, though, as far as garnering attention.

Anonymous said...

Around 400 million. I believe. Which if the pumps were put in when they were suppose to they would already have paid for theirself. In contrast to flood claims from last ten years and the government and local city's would have a couple million in tax revenue they didnt get. Not counting this year.

This situation the delta is going through is NOT LIKE THE FLOODING THATS HAPPENING UP AND DOWN THE RIVER. the river did not top or bust a levee out and flood the delta. The delta flooding is due to flood gates being shut so the Mississippi making the yazoo river back up and flood the delta. In 2011 it did what the levee system was built for. There still was flooding in the delta due to rain water but not as bad as this year. It's happened every year since the backwater levees were built. Every year insurance payments were paid out.
The Pumps are not designed to stop all flooding. Their designed to minimize the damage. Which in turn saves taxpayers money.

But to make this simple. If u can do the math. The normal pool stage (were the usace would hold water in the delta) is 70ft elevation the elevation of the wet lands is 67ft. Which is 3ft below were they would stop water from going out. The pumps would be designed to only turn on and off at 87ft elevation.
So in other words this fight is over pumps that would be cut on and off when the water gets 20ft over wetlands. But the epa and the organizations dont have a problem if the water gets down to 70ft and stays they just have a problem with their being a pump.

Looks like somebody has a different motive in this than conservation.

Anonymous said...

3:10 pm

Your inability to spell simple words deflates your argument.

Nobody with half a brain believes you know anything about flooding or pumps because you cannot spell or type a coherent sentence.

Please finish 7th grade and come back.


Anonymous said...

Odd how strong trumpesque conservatives become money slinging fools when it's something you want.

Yes your home, business, farm, hunting land, weekend cabin has been flooded for 8 months. That's because it's near or in a freaking river and/or swamp! Guess what? Rivers and swamps flood! I've heard people say "you take the risk, you pay the price" about people taking a risk by having property on a beach and a hurricane strikes. Those same people are now pissed because they can't deer hunt.

I have empathy for people affected by the flooding and I think federal assistance to help during this disaster needed and being received. But now you are screaming for billions of tax dollars from the rest of the nation - an action you frequently decry when it's something you don't like.

Anonymous said...

The Pumps are just another way for Mississippi to get more of my tax dollars.
If its been flooding for so long they should have moved. Its like the federal government paying for you to raise a house in a flood zone. Why not buy them out and leave it as a flood zone. If the Deer and other wildlife had any sense they would move too.

Cbalducc said...

Should the government buy people out and allow the south Delta to return to nature?

Anonymous said...

None of this will be solved with heated arguments, boycotting the Extravaganza or telling people they need to move. Right now there are a lot of angry and stressed people who need help and a break. All this ridiculous energy spent bickering about MWF does nothing to help those who need it now, nor solve the issue at hand-how to reduce Delta flooding in the years to come. MWF doesn’t have the power to stop the pumps. That power is with EPA, the Corps and congress. All the groups who are boycotting the Ganza and now on board with the pumps-where were they in 2007/2008? Don’t remember most them coming to the pumps defense then? Where were those same groups and vendors in the 70’s and 80’s? In their latest statement MWF is at least saying pumps are on the table and want to have discussions. That’s at least some movement in a more neutral direction than saying hell no. Time to put some level headed people from both sides and start working on solutions instead of boycotts and temper tantrums.

Anonymous said...

It’s too bad that these few vendors aren’t planning to attend the Ganza. I always enjoy learning about new gear and talking with the vendors about new and tried and true techniques to enjoy hunting and fishing, and even wildlife watching. I’ll spend my money and time with those who do come. MWF does a great job hosting this event for people all over the state and beyond. It brings money to the vendors as well as to Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Billy Vandevender did come out against the pumps and did it very stupidly. His wife owned and operated the bear camp store at Onward. Due to his stupidity, his wife had to close her business due to being boycotted.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that these few vendors aren't planning on backing out of the Ganza. I always enjoy learning about who really supports MS sportsmen and talking with vendors about new and tried and true techniques to enjoy hunting and fishing, and even wildlife watching. I'll spend my money and time with those who back out. MWF did a good job of raising money to lobby against the pumps and who the heck wants to go to Jackson anyway.

Anonymous said...

I have attended the MWF Wildlife Extravaganza since the beginning and have volunteered for many years. It is a great show and has always served as the kickoff to the hunting season for many of us. This heated debate over the backwater pumps issue does not change that. I feel for all the farmers and other property owners impacted by the floods. I asked MWF for their position statement on the pumps and was provided their press release dated July 24, 2019. I wish Jackson Jambalaya, Y’all Politics , Clarion Ledger ,etc. would post it and all their readers would take the time to read it. People find solutions by talking and working together on a problem. Not fighting it out on social media and calling for boycotts.

I hope this year’s Wildlife Extravaganza is a success and that soon thereafter all those interested in the backwater pumps issue are together working on solutions. That’s why organizations like MWF were created.

Deb said...

They are giving vendors that stay free extra booth space they are calling all of them begging. They will not change Billy Van Devender will probably donate what they dont make to make sure.Yes the same guy that rented his house at Marthas Vineyard to George Soros supported Barrak Hussain Oboma

Anonymous said...

Whoever posted the definition of Delta...boy, thank you so much for that. Do you really think every living soul didn't already know that?

So..Here's a fairly complete list of the entities that have backed out of the extravaganza as of 7:30 on 7/30. More will follow tomorrow and the next day. The place will be a mausoleum by kickoff if it's not cancelled:

Rack Shack


Small Town Hunting

Apex Ammunition

Preston Pittman

Long Leaf Camo


Sportsman Camo Covers

Echo Calls

Backwoods land company

Steel Outdoors

Backwoods attractants.

We live for Saturday’s Gear

Southern Bound Outdoors

Hunters Hollow

Tony’s Smoke house

Second Flight Outdoors

Real South Hunting

Ameristar Casino
(Can someone tag me where they have OFFICIALLY announced)

601 Hunting Mississippi

Backwoods Grind Coffee Company.

Pennington Seed Company

Buck Warriors Outdoors
(Someone tag me with official announcement and link)


Journey Hunts

Ben Nelson Golf Carts

Mississippi Trappers Association
(Someone tag me with OFFICIAL announcement)

J&J Bagging

Dixie Deer Blinds

Sojourner Trucking/Rock Solid Transport

Deviney Equipment

144 Tactical

Anonymous said...

Is that the same Billy Van D who is chair of Tater's campaign cash vault?

Anonymous said...

There is a great fact filed letter to the editor in todays Clarion Ledger from 3 other conservation groups beside MWF. I would copy and paste but I’m not that smart (I’m sure some on this post would agree). Someone mentioned that they would like to see MWF s position statement. Would JJ be so kind as to post from the MWF website and the CL letter to the editor?

Kingfish said...

They are more than welcome to submit their column to this website. It will be published if they do so. However, I will be surprised if it appears in my inbox.

Anonymous said...

Hate the Tate, but not the Archee?

Anonymous said...

@750, yes Billy VanDevender is on Tate's Finance Committee. He has a hand in this and has been outspoken about the backwater pumps. Yes his wife shut the Onward Store down after his outspoken letter, but that store wasn't a money generator for them. it was great for the area, and Mrs. Molly is a fine lady, but that didn't "hurt" them.

MWF has come out with some light damage control. They've written some half hearted reply, and told the girl she can have a booth now. That is not going to solve anything as they have blocked people and turned the comments off on Facebook. Also, MWF has been against the Yazoo Backwater Pumps since the beginning. They were also very joyful after the EPA vetoed them in 2018. Post dated 3-26-18 & 4-12-2018.

Its all funny, the land grab by MS Dept of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks, Anderson Tully shutting down, Billy Vandevender buy the mill and having land that is very close. Billy being on Tate Reeves finance committee. Billy being against the pumps.

Anonymous said...

Tater is against pumps!

Hates pumps!

He said pumps would help poor white people and tater can’t do that!

His $10,000,000.00 war chest is for rich peoples!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the Louisiana side of the river avoids holding water.

Anonymous said...

I feel for all the people that have flooded homes and property. The delta is a FLOOD PLAIN. people I guess are too ignorant to understand what that means. You will get flooded from time to time. This year was a perfect storm. But as far as farmers are concerned, give me a break. Flood insurance will pay off this year. So you won't be able to get that new Lincoln r caddy this year. Your son's and daughters will have to ride in ther2018 model trucks and cars. But I have a solution. If you don't like all your farmland, sell it and quit your belly aching. When I'd the last time this happened ,18 years ago. Bunch of babies.

Anonymous said...

Louisiana side doesn't have the rivers that flow into the Ms River so no water backs up into the state except in New Orleans when they open the gates. Look at Arkansas River, it flooded Arkansas and Oklahoma, Missouri has the same problem.

Anonymous said...

Tate stands for the citizens and entities that commute on jets. If you can understand the level of business that affords daily air travel then you know what I'm talking about. Every few years he has to get all of you car driving people to turn up and vote for him. But it's those jet people that really matter. Those jet people are all that matter to Washington too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ritchie Rich @9:49
How about posting your name?

Anonymous said...

I suggest everyone read the EPA and USFWS reports on ths project which you can find with Google search. The federal register notice reveals that the only people in favor of the pumps based on all comments received were those who lived in the flood area out of more than 40,000 comments received. This project will fought again on a national stage. Local project cost share will be required. That’s what Sen. Paul Ryan inserted into the last bill that funded it.

Anonymous said...

Of the 67 people at the April 17, 2008 (Vicksburg Convention Center) meeting providing comments, we can assume the Corps and the 4 from the Board of MS Levee Commissioners supported the project. Add 5 to 29 = 34 in favor (50.7%) and 32 against (47.76%) and 1 specifying no positon (1.4%).

Within MS – 461 residents provided written comments or spoke at public meetings
417 – supported the EPA position (90.4%)
43 – supported construction of the pumps (10.3%)

Within the project area – 31 residents commented
4 – supported EPA position (12.9%)
26 – supported construction (83.3%)
1 – no position (3.2%)

47,600 total comments received (46,100 mass mailers)
99.91% urged EPA to prohibit pumps project
0.084% in favor of pumps

1,500 individual comment letter received (included in 47,600 total)
97.29 percent urged EPA to prohibit the proposed pumps project
2.52 percent supported construction of the proposed pumps project.

So only 50.7 of MS residents commenting at the meeting were in favor of the project.
And 83.3% of the residents within the project area were in favor of the project but this is only 31 people.

Summary – support for the project is entirely local but 90.4% of MS residents are in favor of the EPA position.

Source: Appendix 1
Clean Water Act Section 404(c) Review of Yazoo Backwater Area Pumps Project
Response to Comments

Anonymous said...

At the 2008 meeting there were a lot of out of state interests speaking in opposition of the pumps. Also, whenever those outside interests, as well as MWF spoke out against them, the USACE proved them wrong. The USACE was and has been in favor of the pumps. That's 110% fact.

KF, there is a pod cost that has surfaced where the lady at MWF was laughing about the pumps getting shut down. Its from 2018, but they are laughing at the project. Vicksburg Post broke the article.

Anonymous said...

Luckily for those wanting the pumps, they have Cindy Hyde Smith fighting for them. They can sleep easy knowing their highly competent senator is on the case.

Anonymous said...

At the 2018 Public Meeting in Vicksburg

So only 50.7 of MS residents commenting at the meeting were in favor of the project.
And 83.3% of the residents within the project area were in favor of the project but this is only 31 people.

Summary – support for the project is entirely local but 90.4% of MS residents are in favor of the EPA position

Anonymous said...

I want to add this shows how much of a lame duck Benny is:

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