Monday, November 7, 2022

The Case of the (Alleged) Targeting Trooper

Is Trooper Jason Young a power-hungry cop or a pursuer of justice? A video making the rounds accuses the MHP trooper of targeting a driver in Desoto County because he dared to complain on Facebook about a ticket he received.  The video is posted below. 

The Lackluster Youtube channel produced the video.

The original traffic stop took place in Desoto County where Highway 301 meets Pratt Road.  Fischer turned around on the highway a mile before the roadblock to attend to a family matter.   Another driver reported to the troopers at the roadblock Fischer turned around to avoid the roadblock.  Trooper Young took off in search of his prey.  He promptly found Fischer and pulled him over. 

Fischer complied with all of the trooper's directives.  Fischer passed two breathalyzer tests but Young ordered him to drive to the roadblock.  He claimed in court he could smell alcohol on Fischer.  However, Young turned off his dash cam video as he returned to the roadblock.  MHP ticketed Fischer for unsafe lane change and impounded his truck.  

The charge of unsafe lane change was dropped and replaced with a charge of careless driving before the the court date.  The court (unknown) found the defendant guilty and fined him $50.  The video alleges the prosecutor asked the court to sentence Fischer to serve ten days in jail even though the offense does not carry jail time . 

Fischer did what is the thing to do today, he posted about it on Facebook and created a Facebook group about the trooper. .  This is where the real fun begins.  

Trooper Young coincidentally pulled him over again.  The traffic stop took place before his court date for the first ticket.  First? First presumes there is a second ticket.   Get ready. 

Fischer later obtained the dash cam footage from the trooper's vehicle.  The daschcam recorded Young talking to a woman on the phone.  The trooper was talking about finding Fischer when he saw Fischer's truck driving down the same highway.  Trooper Young immediately pulled over his new-found friend.  Fischer again complied with his directives.  The trooper cited Fischer for driving 55 mph in a 45 mph zone.  Fischer turned on his own dashcam and began recording the incident.  

Fischer said "I will see you in a few weeks, punk" and flipped off the trooper as he pulled away. 

The trooper couldn't have none of that so he chased down Fischer and pulled him over yet again. Young arrested him for careless driving and disorderly conduct.  Fischer's vehicle was impounded.  

The video alleges the prosecutor offered to drop all charges within six months if he removed the Facebook group about Trooper Young.  Fischer declined the offer and is scheduled to go to trial on December 9.  

DPS Commissioner Sean Tindall told JJ his agency is investigating the allegations. 


Anonymous said...

I've never committed a crime. I have driven over the speed limit (I call that a violation, not a crime). I have gotten a few tickets over the years, and I deserved every one of them (except for one). I got one recently in Louisiana and the trooper was an absolute professional. The troopers I have encountered in Mississippi have been absolute professionals.

The one ticket that I said I didn't deserve I received while talking on the phone in my office. A steroid enraged officer (I still remember his last name) entered my office in a rage, damaging the front door in doing so, and gave me a speeding ticket. He wouldn't even tell me why he was giving me a ticket, and what I had done wrong. Especially considering that I was sitting in my office chair. I filed a complaint, then received a call from another trooper whom I had know for years saying it would be handled, and they did nothing and swept it under the rug. I requested a meeting at the MHP office and was denied.

So my experience is that 99% of the officers are great, and 1% are crappy. The problem is if the 99% protect the 1%

Anonymous said...

If you've ever spent much time in and around Tate County, this isn't suprising.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fisher just needs a bad ass lawyer and this probably will go away.

I admire him telling the prosecutor to FO about the Facebook page. There wouldn't be a Facebook page if the trooper wasn't an egomaniac.

Finally, if the trooper gets away with this, there will be more trouble from him.

Anonymous said...

Cops have no incentive to follow the laws, they are the law. It is the taxpayers who will have to foot the bill for the impending lawsuits for the cop’s illegal behavior. At some point, we have to find a way to actually hold police accountable and for them to hold each other accountable. The gang rules that operate in police stations is a threat to the constitutional rights of every American.

Anonymous said...

Take it Federal.

Anonymous said...

Strong work officer idiot.
Law enforcement has already been on the ropes these last few years.
Congrats for amp'ing up the anti-cop sentiment.
You sure did mine.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you militarize law enforcement. You get jackboots. You people better get used to licking their boots. These people have enough weaponry to lay siege to your home just like the ATF and FBI did at Waco and Ruby Ridge. The highway patrol has an armored Bobcat style-mini-bulldozer called a “Rook” which they can use to murder your entire family and demolish your home. Why in the hell does the Mississippi Highway Patrol need a something like a Rook?

Anonymous said...

A good example of a person who does not have the demeanor to handle routine law enforcement. He thinks the restraint is one-sided and the driver must show him some arbitrary level of respect or face consequences. If he holds personal grudges and abuses his authority he should be directed to another line of work. This actually looks like an academy training scenario which this trooper obviously failed. If allowed to continue he will cost the taxpayers in a civil suit. Sadly, there are more like him.

Anonymous said...

Trooper has gone off the rails. He will be transferred to some other part of the state and he will pick up where he left off. State might write a check on this one.

Anonymous said...

The DA and DPS counsels need to step in. Or, they can take it on the chin. They had their "win" but even it taints the record as there was the FB page "inflaming them" before trial. The wrong charges, then replacing them instead of dismissing. The knowledge of the DA that there is a FB page, which is 1st Amendment protected activity, which leads to a second stop.

All of this after the first stop is going to be fruits of the poison tree due to a constitutional violation. And, worst, they have the trooper discussing this with GF/Baby Mama or whatever. His own words, and discussing this with a civilian on the books.

You don't get to police FB, DPS or MHSP. I can't stand folks who do that, but it's not the government's right to use the criminal justice system to silence critics.

Yet another incident of where a road trooper thinks he owns the roads.

Yes, go Federal, and get a good lawyer. And if OTHER road runners in that troop continue, let them get fired and pay as well. This is the problem with recruiting meat heads.

Anonymous said...

In other news, Mitzi Biggers heads off to the big house.

Anonymous said...

One call, that's all.

Anonymous said...

I find it convenient that DPS is investigating itself. Then again, it's like the Capital Police investigating their own murder case.

Anonymous said...

OMG... i just looked at the Facebook group. This guy is targeting white guys in pick up trucks. He is a POS. I sooooo hope he gets fired!

Anonymous said...

Power hungry cop all day and I hope the federal suit hurts.

DPS needs an adult in the room, stat. Local DA and judge are screwed.

Anonymous said...

Should be fired, now!

Anonymous said...

Multiple posts above nail the issues. Law enforcement does need more support. The vast majority are very good, but the vast majority need to demand accountability on the minority who are bad.

This officer needs not only to be fired but to be sued personally and face charges.

Anonymous said...

A JPD pulled me over once, I got out and the cop started screaming in my face, I think to provoke a fist fight so he could shoot me. I stayed calm and told him to write me a ticket three times, four times. He finally did, then I went straight to the precinct and filed a complaint.

Judge Jeff Weil let me off and fined the cop, in court.

Anonymous said...

He should be fired, as should his immediate change of command.

This could be a high-six figures judgment in federal court.

The trooper should be prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see such a consensus in the comments. Then again, it’s all so blatantly egregious.

But honestly — and I mean this seriously — I think the consensus would be the same if the racial roles were reversed.

And I agree with some of the comments above about cops’ needing our support. It’s the tiny handful of bullies with badges who screw it up.

Anonymous said...

KF, the menacing cop had to make a u-turn with his lights on, I knew he was coming so I pulled over and got out with license, insurance card and registration in my hand, and waited for him to park near me. He walked over, didn't take the stuff, just launched his tirade in my face.

He was a DUI cop but did not want to test me for that, just wanted to scream in my face.

Anonymous said...

The first ticket was in Justice Court, which normally does not provide a court reporter to make a record. Jimbo's attorney had to make a special request to have a court reporter present to obtain a transcript of the court proceedings, for the purpose of filing a complaint with the Department of Public Safety. I gather this from pausing the video at the 1:16-1:17 mark.

Also, I'm sure his attorney had to subpoena the recordings, and probably had to fight for it to be answered. It looks to me like Jimbo is already well-represented.

His additional efforts at self-help (the letter campaign), and agitation of the officer (giving him the finger) indicate he would probably be a difficult client to work with. Plus, his damages are probably nominal, compared to the cost of litigating in federal court. I would not take this case if the goal was to recover damages.

Hookah said...

Tyranny. Good luck finding a competent attorney in that part of the world that's willing to work on contingency.

Anonymous said...

No matter how bad this sounds/looks to some of you I am behind law enforcement 100%. I was a fool once and two troopers taught me a lesson. An ass whooping and a hefty fine, man those 1970’s were some good days.

That incident changed my life, a 30 year military career and now I sit back and think of the good ole days.

Hope that something positive will come out of this.

Anonymous said...

Agitating??? WTH.

Read Cruise-Gulyas, just as one small example. Although contemporaneous in stops, very similar circumstances. 6th USCA wrote: "Any reasonable officer would know that a citizen who raises her middle finger engages in speech protected by the First Amendment."

This goes way beyond a second BS stop, and there was a long break. Trooper had time to laugh it all off, but he got a burr under his saddle and started hunting his enemy. A really bad look. Because of social media???

In this case, modern case law is NOT going to let it go the Good Ole Boy Beat Their Behind No Cameras No Cell Record No Audio MHP way.

Again, try to remember that you won't always be in the Good Ole Boy local yokel ambulance chaser court to cash in. At some point, if you are dragged into Federal court, do NOT hire Bubba OMLS bottom ranked DUI/PI lawyer.

And don't think the crap that local criminal courts let each side pull off will work when it goes up.

Are you "challenging my au-thor-i-tay!!?!?!?!

Does an unconstitutional stop, also in violation of multiple Departmental regulations and training, as a second act, after a middle finger or FB comment, sound like a good idea?

Does fighting a yay yah war on FB and then stopping someone under color of law seem wise?

Who's doing the "agitating," son?

Anonymous said...

10:31: 301 and Pratt Road is not in Tate County. That's in Desoto County. Pratt Road doesn't even enter Tate County.

Anonymous said...

Defund Trooper Young.

Anonymous said...

Uhhh The trooper took the word of a citizen and made a false arrest in the first place. Cops have to witness misdemeanors to ticket them. He didn't even have PC to pull him over.

Anonymous said...

I would think his conversation with his girlfriend will be the mic-drop. I understand if he was a wanted person you would "hunt" him. He has clearly been telling his girlfriend about going after him because she was goading him. This is shameful. Could you possibly imagine reversed race situation? The white trooper would be gone immediately in order to avoid the protests. There would be apologies and someone would be hunting a statue to take down real quick. it's 2022 all things should be played the same way.

Anonymous said...

Isn't what the prosecutor did against the law as well? He offered to dismiss charges for something in return.

Anonymous said...

It’s unfortunate that tort reform won’t allow the victim to teach the trooper and the highway patrol an expensive lesson.
It’s also time to put an end to this pointless “safety checkpoints” aka unconstitutional search and seizure checkpoints.

Anonymous said...

I’m and old Trooper and this shit wouldn’t have been tolerated back in the day, even as early as 10 years ago. I would’ve been transferred in a second! Guys like this give all the older troopers a bad name. This is what happens when the standards are lowered to be a Trooper. When they changed the training, the whole place went to shit. When the substandard becomes the new standard, a poor product is the result. Sad, but true.

Anonymous said...

So funny to see white fragility in action whenever you all think authority is trampling on your rights!

Anonymous said...

Sean Tindall. We are watching.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we might have at least one sovereign citizen who thinks he's qualified to practice law. Dude, you really aren't all that that smart.

Anonymous said...

@4:01 So funny to see the race trolls defending an MHP officer…. :)

It’s a crazy, crazy, crazy world…. Lol

Anonymous said...

November 7, 2022 at 4:01 PM, come here sugar, do you need a hug?

Anonymous said...

But wait how many times do we have to listen to the Legislature say they're passing a "Trooper Pay Raise" or starting a new Trooper academy?

It's nauseating

Anonymous said...

Muh back the blue

Unknown said...

So who posed the original no-brainer question? There is no galaxy in which this guy would be considered a pursuer of justice. In fact, this shit’s so srsly fucked up its like straight outta Twilight Zone.

Anonymous said...

Highway patrol targeting people? Do we really have to ask? Why else is his video off? They absolutely target people.

Anonymous said...

I like when troopers have public/personal social media.

Bathroom selfie with shirt off, check.
No taller than 5'6", check.
Multiple selfies in uniform that is absurdly tight, check.
Various gym pics with impressive barbells, check.

Bonus points for serious face while straddling a motorcycle pic.

Its like there is a factory spitting these angry muscle shrimps out somewhere in Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Stokes was right. Throwing rocks is about the only power the citizens have. Police accountability isn’t going to happen, so why not treat the cops with the same level of respect they show to the citizens. Cops don’t think twice about lying on a police report and screwing up someone’s entire life. They are pure evil scum.

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