Friday, November 18, 2022

Woman Gets JPD Help After Complaining on Social Media

 A woman's son was carjacked in Jackson two days ago.  Unable to get help from JPD, she took to the pages of where else but Facebook: 

I grew up in South Jackson so what I’m about to say saddens me deeply. My sons were robbed and carjacked by six teenagers late today, at least four of whom were armed. They got wallets, phones and my husbands truck (and a ton of tools). OnStar notified JPD where the vehicle was and we traced one of the phones to a specific address. We filed a report and JPD said they had 10 issues ahead of us. Just called TWO HOURS later and JPD says they still can’t get to us. They said they have only three officers on duty. This isn’t the city I grew up in and I’m ashamed to call it my hometown. What has this world come to? More importantly, does anyone even care anymore? I know it’s just stuff and it can be replaced and all that truly matters is that my boys are ok. Just wish Jackson was the beautiful place I once knew instead of this horrible, ugly place my children now know. It’s sad and embarrassing.

The officer shortage comes as no surprise.  JJ repeatedly gets reports of shifts that are supposed to have 12 officers only have 3 to 5 officers working.   

Fortunately, someone made sure the Chief saw this post because the city of Jackson posted on its Facebook page: 

A HUGE "THANK YOU" today to the men and women of the Jackson Police Dept. Wednesday evening at 5:27pm... JPD received a call about an armed carjacking in South Jackson. Officers arrived on the scene at 12 minutes later and spoke to the victims. Two young men... had been held at gunpoint and their phones and truck were stolen. At 7:47pm JPD received a tip via Onstar about the truck's location. At 9:10pm.... the truck was located, processed.... and returned to the owner. JPD Chief James Davis and several of the Command Staff reached out to the victim personally. In this particular precinct... there were 6 units on duty at the time of the incident. The search for the suspects is now underway. Thank you, JPD for your quick response.... and thank you to the Command staff for personally reaching out. We know that crime is an ongoing issue in the city.... and our officers work around the clock doing their best to keep residents safe and respond to emergencies. Each small victory is worth being celebrated.... and we appreciate our men and women in blue for all that they do!!!

The mother updated her post: 

Update #2: Just want to be clear that I am not pointing fingers at anyone other than the criminals. The officers did arrive quickly. Around 6:30 OnStar told us they had notified JPD. Still, I don’t have any reason to dispute JPD’s 7:47 time. There may be a logical reason for the interim time. Information from Dispatch was frustrating and, along with my concern for my sons, did result in my sharing our story. Chief Davis was very responsive and the car was recovered within very short order of his call to me. One officer assisted us off duty and we appreciate him doing so. Let’s be sure to direct our anger at the criminals and all unite to help keep this from ever happening to anyone again.  

Apparently the problem, and this is a constant recurring problem regardless of who runs City Hall, was dispatch: 

Update: thank you to everyone for calls, texts, messages and comments. I was very sad and frustrated when I made this post. Lots of people have been asking where this happened. My boys were working at a rental home we own in South Jackson, very close to my husband’s childhood home and where he and I lived the first two years of our marriage. One son was in the bed of the truck in the driveway. The other inside the house. The six first charged the son outside (one jumped up in the vehicle with my son). They drew FOUR guns on him then took the keys, his wallet and phone. Then two went inside with guns and robbed my son inside, and took some stuff from the house. They then ran outside and drove away in the truck. My sons called the police and a kind officer arrived and took the report. He was going off duty but did try to help after going off duty. Appears all the issues we had were possibly with dispatch. On a three -way call with my husband and the officer, dispatch said there were several calls ahead of us. When my husband called back two hours later is when dispatch told him there were only three officers working. Chief Davis called and assured us there were more than three officers on duty. He was very apologetic and assured us he was addressing the matter on every possible level. His officers were very helpful in recovering the vehicle (probably $1,000 worth of damage), the tools and one phone so far. We are very grateful and appreciate the officers who are truly trying to make a difference! I thank God for His protection over my boys and hope you join me in praying for the six boys who did this. My prayer is that He will rescue them from the path they are on and use them for His glory instead. I’m shocked at the number of similar stories many of you have shared so let’s also pray for our Capitol City. My husband and I grew up in Jackson, we both work there and have invested heavily in the area. We have many, many friends there. We want it to be a safe, secure, prosperous city again. Above all, I don’t want my children to be two of the city’s crime statistics.

Kingfish note: Now on to other things.  Thieves struck five vehicles at the Home Depot in Jackson Sundays in typical smash and grab fashion.  Well, smash and grab if the vehicles weren't Ford F-150's, which at least one of them was. Guns and other items were stolen.  JPD arrived and worked the scene as it should have.  JPD even got a bead on the suspects and chased them down North State Street.  However, someone got on the radio and told them to stop the chase because it was well, a chase.  The someone was not in JPD but someone channeling the shade of Frank Melton.  



Anonymous said...

This is the city I used to live in. That is the reason I live in Madison now.

Anonymous said...

The Lumumba Administration continues to handcuff the police when they try to do their jobs.

Anonymous said...

This thing called Jackson-

Get out NOW-while youcan!

Anonymous said...

Why can't we be honest about what is going on in Jackson? Parentless children raising parentless children. They don't have to work because the govt give them everything for free.

Anonymous said...

Why would JPD stop trying to arrest thugs just because someone got on the radio and told them to stop? Would that work the same way if I called in and told the police to stop chasing someone? Is that someone in the habit of telling the police who and when they can chase thieves and why would the police listen to that person?

Anonymous said...

9:31 = Correct
And it won't be fixed in my lifetime.
Probably not in my grandchildren's lifetime.
Thanks LBJ. What a Great Society!

I've deleted social media and get most of my news here.
Don't care to live in misery, reading about problems that no leader even remotely wants a solution for.
This chaos is too profitable to be stopped.

Anonymous said...

Side note, there needs to be a class action lawsuit against Ford. They know if this issue and it's a simple "fix" they refuse to address.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine had his alarm go off at his business few weeks back. He called police and went to check on it himself. He said the police superintendent met him at his office. Said officer was super nice guy and while talking officer mentioned they only had 6 officers patrolling Jackson that night. Said they are extremely under staffed and most officers have second jobs, call in sick, whatever.. Sleep well knowing you only have a hand full of underpaid officer's patrolling the capital city as the mayor sleeps behind gated private street off Ridgewood Road.

Anonymous said...

"This is the city I used to live in. That is the reason I live in Madison now."

As does the lady in the Facebook post, but we really appreciate both of you being a part of the problem that's lead to Jackson's decline.

Anonymous said...

That why Tata Tot is beefing up the Capitol Police.
Police force within a Police force.

Anonymous said...

1. Never let a crisis go to waste.
2. Create new crisis
3. See #1

Anonymous said...

How does a person moving from a crime riddled area with leaders that refuse to represent their interest and squander their inflated tax monies contribute to the problem?

I am genuinely curious how long you think sane people should fund this criminal cartel that LaMumbles has instituted?

How much property theft and loss of safety should the folks that moved be expected to surrender before they are allowed to leave?

Anonymous said...

So 10:18, you admit that the current Jackson residents and leaders are incapable of managing the city...yes?

Tell ya what...You convince Chuckie to let us have a seat at the table and we will think about moving back to rescue you.

Anonymous said...

Until a well armed victim does a 30 round mag dump and takes out all four (in this instance), there will be no change.

The good news is more people are armed, trained and tired of crime than ever before. So, the event I described is going to happen real soon.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:15. Only 2-3 cops work Canton per shift. City Fathers annex what they can but won't increase PD or FD budgets. Use city money for their own use such as hiring lawyers etc. Recipe for SOS Disasters.

EFGAlterEgo said...

10:18 AM
Then stop voting for progressives.

Anonymous said...

This is really the greatest blog of all time, dare I call it a lifestyle.

I'm shocked by people who think they are "in the know" and have never heard of it. Some people are living under a rock!!!

Anonymous said...

So, 10:18...let me be sure I understand. A person who reacts to an untenable situation by backing away from it is...part of the problem?

You're the same form of mental midget who told parents 35 years ago that they owed it to their community to sacrifice their children to the public school system rather than seek an alternative that would make their children and family prosper and excel.

You've got it backwards, genius. Crime, fear, irresponsibility, lack of morals, corruption and no dads in the house did not FOLLOW people leaving town. It was precisely the opposite.

And this: "I've deleted social media and get most of my news here. Don't care to live in misery, reading about problems that no leader even remotely wants a solution for".

That's another post I can't seem to grip, since this blog is about almost nothing but "misery, reading about problems that no leader even remotely wants a solution for".

Anonymous said...

10:18..."part of the problem that's lead to Jackson's decline." How's that? People left because they got tired of coming home from work to a burgled house. That's why we left. Keep blaming others though. That will fix it. This is LBJ's chickens coming home to roost. Incentivizing homes with no fathers, children having children, humans basically becoming feral, etc. But yeah, keep blaming the victims of crimes instead of the turds that perpetrate them.

Anonymous said...

10:18, I think you need to point your anger elsewhere. People moving is a result of Jackson’s problems, not the cause of them. People like you are the problem. Place the blame where it belongs on the criminals and the lack of “give a dam” exhibited by the current administration. Former administrations are worthy of some of that blame, but let’s face it, you can’t change the damage done. However, you can DEMAND more from those currently in charge.

I’m not one to air grievances on FB, but something has to change. Maybe this is the way. She was truthful, articulate, and somewhat kind as I imagine she wanted to say much more.

Anonymous said...

@ November 18, 2022 at 10:18 AM

You're either new to these pages or dense as a forest.

The facts indicate that city tax revenue did not decline during the periods of both "white" and "black" flight. Why live in fear to appease those who will not help themselves by holding elected officials accountable and by raising their children to become responsible, productive members of society?

And, it's led, not lead -- which is also very dense.

Anonymous said...

Your stupidity just over whelms common sense......

You're the type person who believes you would be able to mop up the ocean as the high tide comes in, but sooner or later you're going to drown!!

Anonymous said...

Carjacking and armed robbery among teens is the worst possible sign of things to come. At least the young thugs who sell drugs are learning the principles of business and have a sense of enterprise, albeit illegal. These thugs will end up killing someone or each other for a few dollars or a joyride and being nothing more than a burden to society. And because of lax punishment they are on the increase in Jackson.

Anonymous said...

"The someone was not in JPD but someone channeling the shade of Frank Melton."

As in the Mayor's Bodyguard who gives all the orders????

Anonymous said...

@10:18 AM She works in Jackson and has multiple rental homes; you know, so the Jackson poor folk have a place to reside.

Anonymous said...

I see why she got help from the Chief himself. The pattern is clear..

Anonymous said...

The tax base is inadequate to generate the revenue needed to fund a quality police force. And we all know why the tax base shrank.

Krusatyr said...

NE Jxn should be its own city with its own mayor and city administration, water wells, street maintenance, PD, FD and school system. And no, Lumumba, no payment due for existing substandard infrastructure and busted bridge on Adkins, which still sits in a pile of rubble in the creek.

Anonymous said...

I conceal carry like I carry my keys and wallet. I’m so sorry things have gotten so bad. I value my life and others. I don’t shoot unless I’m at arms reach and don’t waste ammunition.
Ain’t nothing I have is worth getting shot over. So lord please cover the fool that tries to hurt me!

Anonymous said...

3:09 pm, nothing I have is worth much but it is mine. If a person wants to take it he is the one making the decision that what I have is worth dying for.

Anonymous said...

I’m pretty sure you have not only never been in a gun fight, but also have never had any formal training. If you had, you would not make a comment such as “I don’t shoot unless I’m at arm reach”. I could go into the many ways that is an asinine statement, but instead I’ll implore you to get some real training.

Anonymous said...

The lost tax revenue from the 500 or so abandoned homes in Jackson has a significant impact on police funding. Those homes are not in a "white flight" area, but rather a "black flight" area. So much for the "white flight" theory, Chowke!

@11:32 AM makes some excellent points regarding the epidemiology of crime.

Anonymous said...

10:18 If whites leaving Jackson are the cause of Jackson's decline, are you saying that only white people are capable of running the city well?

Anonymous said...

Krysatyr probably thinks these issues are caused by teachers' unions.

Anonymous said...

James is a super nice guy. He, Derrick Hearns, Tiny Harris, Tyrone Buckley is killing that department. Step down so the city can move forward. Your guys/women don’t respect you. Harsh words but it’s the truth. Oh, Chokwe you got to go.

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