Sunday, January 9, 2022


 Raw sewage took over Eubanks Creek this morning.  Pearl Riverkeeper posted on Facebook:


 Raw sewage overflowing the mains at Eubanks Creek in Jackson this morning. In Mississippi, the sewage infrastructure system is designed to remain separate from the stormwater runoff system. In Jackson, many of the city's legacy sewer lines, some built as far back as the early 1900s, are so deteriorated and porous that heavy rains infiltrate the lines, overwhelming the system and causing overflows out of the lines themselves and out of the sewage manhole covers. Report Jackson sewer overflows to the Jackson 311 system: or Pearl Riverkeeper:



Anonymous said...

Smells like ass in here.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Senate Democrats will finally address the neglect that Jackson suffered during the mid to late 20th century.

Anonymous said...

Dear god, just imagine the smell!

Anonymous said...

Wellll shiiit !✊🏿

Stokes be sayin' said...

Boo boo!!!!!

Emperor Chowke said...

Mumbai and Tijuana aren't this bad!

Anonymous said...

Location of the overflows? Pearl River?

Anonymous said...

Yep, 947, its the country's fault that Jackson has gone to hell over the past three decades. Yep, Joe and Kamela should take care of it --- with OPM (other people's money). That's what Baby Chock is counting on, after he has failed to get the state to do it. Granted, he dog cussed the state leaders whilen begging them for money, something he is not doing with Joe. He's kissing that ass along with Bennie's; which has more promise than standing on the Capitol steps and calling the leaders KKK racists while going inside and begging.

Truth is - Joe and K-Baby have plenty of other Democrat led cities that are in Democrat states that also have similar failures due to their inept leadership. And those areas (Detroit, for one example, although there are plenty of others) will be standing in line in front of Baby Chock pleading his revolutionary new nation's needs while this shit continues to flow into the Pearl under his (non)leadership.

Anonymous said...

Clark Farms Road in Madison, we get the same thing after a big rain. Mary acts like our neighborhood doesn’t exist.

Anonymous said...

…if only there was a concerted effort to repair infrastructure in this country… an “infrastructure bill” if you will.

Anonymous said...

Bigots like you destroyed Jackson. You people couldn’t stand the thought of school integration, so you fled. Well, integration still followed you. You only delayed the inevitable because you all still ended up with biracial grandchildren. Meanwhile, your ignorance let your Capital City decay to this point. History will record your shortsighted bigotry as the reason behind these crisis.

Anonymous said...

Running a water/sewer utility isn't difficult. It's much easier than normal businesses where there is competition:

1. You have a monopoly when it comes to customers. They need your service and there is no competition. So your revenue and profit is guaranteed.

2. All you have to do is read the meter, bill the usage, and collect it. It is very simple. If you disconnect those that don't pay, they tend to find the money for payment very quickly.

3. The water/sewer rates would be set based upon the money needed to operate, maintain, repair, and replace the infrastructure as needed. That includes labor and debt service.

4. You take the money collected and hire competent staff. Hiring should be selected based upon qualifications, work ethic, trainability, etc. Hiring should not be based upon race or friendships with people in politics.

5. You should respond and react to issues. You should also be proactive and perform preventative maintenance on infrastructure and make permanent repairs to issues so that they don't repeat.

6. Workers that don't perform should be replaced with workers that do perform. Admittedly work force issues are a problem, so this is easier said than done due to the difficulty in finding good workers. Good workers should be well compensated so that they don't seek employment elsewhere.

Jackson is mismanaging money, hiring based upon race and friendships, will not hold workers accountable, and is basically screwing up everything they can screw up. And they want someone to bail them out of their own incompetence. But the problem is that bailing them out will not change how they operate.

Anonymous said...

@6:41 AM - no, you get overflowing storm water, not sewage.

Kingfish said...

I'm sure you had no problem with the Bennie Thompson ads or the flyers every city election that tells people not to vote for x candidate because the white people support that candidate. Truth is, you want the white people, or their votes gone. You just want their money. IN other words, you want them to pay up and shut up.

As for your claim about white flight destroying Jackson, not true. Jackson gets more revenue than ever despite losing population. It hasn't cut back the budget to reflect the population loss. JPS schools get more property tax revenue per student than anyone in the state. The problem is your crowd has done a horrible job of managing Jackson and school finances.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:21 so you are saying that white people are needed to run the city correctly. Gotcha. Personally i don't believe that but apparently you do.

Anonymous said...

I'll be glad when they build Lake Lotta-Dooky errr One Lake so this stuff will have somewhere to settle.

Anonymous said...

7:58, it’s sewage. I know what doo doo looks like

Anonymous said...

@721: it was not because I didn’t want my kids to go to integrated schools that I sent them to a private school. It’s because some of the worst schools in the state are in Jackson. Why should I punish my kids? To make a point about how I’m not racist?

Some things are bigger than that. I do not regret spending $100k to give them the chance to learn.

Anonymous said...

@9:42 AM - then call your alderman, if you can figure that out.

Anonymous said...

The 7:21s of the world are so happy to be a victim that they cannot see the racist and bigot accusations are factually untrue and easy evidence to the contrary is available.

My children go to public school in Madison with kids of every color.

But more importantly, with PARENTS of every color that are involved in the kids lives and demand excellence.

PARENTS are the key.

Can you point to a JPS school with a similar make up of diverse students and active parents?

Anonymous said...

Can someone email 7:33's comment to Choke?

It really is that simple and apparently he really is too dumb to understand what all of us with kindergarten common-sense can see.

Provide service, collect money, disrupt service when money not collected.

Please pay me a consulting fee now.

Anonymous said...

The most effective marketing tool that local academies/private schools have at their disposal is the JPS.

Anonymous said...

"You have a monopoly when it comes to customers. They need your service and there is no competition."

Actually they don't just need your service; they are required by law to use it and to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

10:25 - typical Kingfish reader - wants someone else to do the heavy lifting. It's really simple dude, look up Baby Choke's email address on the City website, open you email program, cut and paste 7:33's comments and hit send. Are you scared to get involved, incompetent or both?

Anonymous said...

10:07, monthly. And the mayor. Worthless

Krusatyr said...

If our marxist Mayor permits West Jackson to skip out on their utility bills to the City, let them have out houses. The old way was to slide the out house along the back fence over a new hole every 6 months. Ultimately this helps the trees and keeps sht outta the City sewer system (if the holes are deep enough).

Anonymous said...

So let’s get this straight.
You are stating that the current African-American leadership is incompetent and are actually to blame for the neglect of the last 100 years by white leadership? You are absolutely a racist!

Anonymous said...

7:21 would make a great candidate for Slow Joe's press secretary.

Anonymous said...

9:59 : 100 grand ? Ok big boy...whatever.

Anonymous said...

@10:25. It really is that simple. You use tax money for items that don’t have a revenue source, such as streets and drainage. Items that have a revenue source should be funded strictly from that revenue source. So garbage, water, and sewer should act as stand alone businesses with revenue coming from the rates, which would offset the expenses. So loss of sales tax and property tax wouldn’t affect water, sewer, or garbage.

I think KF has shown many times that Jackson’s problem is billing and collecting, then managing the money. But they keep repeating the same dumb mistakes.

Kingfish said...

Never said any such thing as you well know. I merely said those who bitch about white flight never say a word when racist black politicians or candidates try to encourage white flight at the voting booth but can't wait to tax the same white voters they want to move.

Anonymous said...

This site never ceases to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

11:27- I was being facetious suggesting that anyone email it.

I'm fully capable, but I have no interest in such fruitless endeavors in reality.

I do enjoy laughing at the constituents who tolerate the squalor, and people like you who think it would do any good to email solutions to Choke.

But go off, pal.

Anonymous said...

12:28 - you have no interest except acting like an ass. Grow up

Anonymous said...

Really a shock that Jackson Ms. would have a broken main sewer pipe. Is there a historical leadership issue or something ?

Anonymous said...

"Clark Farms Road in Madison, we get the same thing after a big rain. Mary acts like our neighborhood doesn’t exist."

Your neighborhood DOESN'T exist. Mayor Mary doesn't give a shit about your area unless:

1) It's a gateway route to the inner City That's Not For Sale.

2) It's on the map for seven foot wide sidewalks that will lead to the new and improved downtown corridor.

3) You are in a community where golf carts are allowed.

4) You have a 100% free-from-citation neighborhood for the past three years.

5) You live in an area where she can trick the county into paying for improvements.

6) You live on the route she takes when she drives visiting dignitaries around to see 'The City That Mary Built'.

Unless you meet at least 3 of the above criteria, my friend, you are shit out of luck.

Anonymous said...

3:03 - Tell us what it feels like to be 'all grown up' and 'living in squalor' and to email meaningless suggestions to city hall.

Anonymous said...

@4:19 PM - I doubt that we meet three of your requirements but in 2018 during a serious thunderstorm our storm drain (not sewer) was overwhelmed and two neighbor homes were flooded. Mayor Mary came out, then called her public works director. Work was started soon after to redesign/rebuild the storm drainage system.

They did a good job without any problems since.

Anonymous said...

7:58am, you know is storm water in the video right? Storm water rushing into the sewer, overwhelming it, and blowing out of the man hole mixed with sewage.

Anonymous said...

11:55am, It has been 25 years since Jackson had a white mayor.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha @ 1:44.. grasping?

Anonymous said...

To 7:21 a.m.: Actually, I fled Jackson after being robbed at gunpoint in a parking lot right next door to a crowded open-air restaurant, where a JPD police officer in uniform was dining at the time. I'm pretty sure her cruiser was parked right out front.

Is white flight during public-school integration (50+ years ago) also responsible for four straight per-capita homicide records, i.e., the last four years under Lumumba II? I realize this post isn't really about Jackson's homicide rates, but it's difficult to discuss poor management in one specific area without looking at it in the context of the whole.

Cherry-picking causes and effects, out of context, leads to flawed analysis, much like your premise that black men having sex with the granddaughters of bigots somehow evens the score. You are clearly no better than those you despise, and probably worse since you would use random family members for retribution against someone who may or may not have actually done you wrong.

Anonymous said...

7:21 Uh, Terry High School is 90% black, Pearl and Clinton schools are majority black. I was at Ridgeland High's homecoming game; the entire homecoming court was black.

It looks like black flight to me.

Anonymous said...

11:55, Jackson has had black mayors since 1997. Most sensible people would expect some progress in the last 24 years. Blaming whitey is an old, tired story. It is doing you no good. Expect some progress from the current elected officials. I would say running water and a sewer that works are the minimum that they should be doing. Lumumba may not fix it in two terms, but some progress should be made. Have we seen any progress?

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