Friday, January 14, 2022

Jackson Animal Shelter: Jackson Hellhole

 It is said one can tell much about a person by how he treats animals.  The same adage applies to the city of Jackson.  The Best  Friends organization inspected the Jackson animal shelter on June 29, 2021.  No words can adequately describe the squalor and neglect discovered at the shelter.  Vet care is forgotten, poorly-trained employees abuse animals through neglect and incompetence, and animals suffer while the city turns a blind eye. The reports major findings are posted below.

* The annual budget last year was $390,919 (p.1).   The shelter only has five full-time employees: a manager, two field officers, a kennel "tech", and a dispatcher.  The field officers cover the entire city and work banker's hours: Monday -Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM.  There are no official procedures for weekends or evenings.  The kennel tech works a few hours every day.  The staff is poorly trained.  The shelter has volunteers but the city has not used them since May 19, 2021. Best Friends recommended hiring three more staff members per day.  

Many moons ago when water flowed freely in Jackson and the nights were quiet, the shelter had twenty employees.  The Animal Control department had five trucks.  An Animal Control officer and assistant staffed each truck.  In what is a recurring theme in Jackson, the city stripped resources away from Animal Control and let it die on the vine.  30,000 library books, anyone? 

* Records? What records? JJ reported three years ago the shelter kept no records of adoptions or euthanizations. Unfortunately, Nothing has changed after all of these years.  The report said the shelter kept no records but for a hand-written intake form.  The report states: 

Animals were not identified with intake numbers, paper collars or cage signs, so there is no way to know which animal is which, where they came from or when they came in, other than the personal recollection of staff. This presents serious concerns about documenting any illnesses or injuries, how long an animal has been in the facility, where the animal was picked up and other critical information needed to care for animals, rehome them or return lost animals to their families.

The shelter staff claim to send approximately 20-30 dogs each week for euthanasia to a local group they have contracted with to perform this service. However, no records of final disposition are kept.... (p.3)

 The report says "no animals have been transferred from animal control for euthanasia services in the past six months."  So what happened to the animals? Were they just taken out somewhere and shot?  

How sloppy is the shelter?

In addition, the computer system at the shelter is unused; staff claim that there is limited internet access and the software is outdated and unusable.

Finally, the shelter has no standard operating procedures (SOPs) regarding any aspect of operations.

One question that should be asked is how much money wound up in the pockets of animal control employees.  A lack of record-keeping makes it easier for employees to sell dogs to unethical organizations such as..... dog-fighting rings.


*  Filth, Neglect, and the stench of disease are polite ways to describe the Jackson animal shelter.  Hellhole for dogs is another one.  Simply put, the poor dogs are kept in a state of nastiness and agitation thanks to employees who are poorly trained - if trained at all - and have little concern for their welfare.  The report says it all:

Almost all the kennels observed had standing water and the dogs were damp throughout the day, as most of the dog runs did not have any form of raised bedding to allow the dogs to escape the water left behind.

The dogs who showed severe aggression were removed from their kennels by means of a catchpole so the kennels could be cleaned. This procedure has been known to actually increase aggression in dogs, because they know that whenever they see a human they are about to be removed with a catchpole. As with use of a hose, it also keeps the dogs in a heightened state of stress. (p.4-5)

The kennels were designed properly but the employees intentionally sabotaged the safety features.  Thus dogs can't be removed during cleaning.  

* Medical? What medical care? What do you think this is? An animal shelter? Just read. 

 The animals receive no medical care unless it is deemed critical. Staff claimed that the local ordinances prohibit them from obtaining medical care for animals unless it is apparent that the animal is dying. A review of the ordinance found no such prohibition. During our visit, we observed two large-breed dogs with a body condition score of 2. All bones were clearly visible on both dogs. In the run of a large-breed dog, we also observed several piles of feces covered with blood. There were no records of these dogs receiving medical care, no indication that the conditions were observed or attended to by staff, and no record of when they arrived. (P.5)

* Bankers hours.  The shelter operates for the convenience of the employees, not families who want to adopt.  It is only open from 10-4, Monday through Friday.  You read that correctly.  It is not open on the weekends.  Thus working families are out of luck if they want to rescue (and rescue is the correct term) dogs from the Jackson animal shelter.  

* Cats.  Jackson apparently hates cats worse than it hates dogs (Can't make money selling cats to dog fighting rings.).   The employees provide no care to the cats but leave that to volunteers.  The report states: 

Common types of kitty litter are not used in the shelter; instead, pieces of newspaper are left intact flat on the bottom of the litter box. When using newspaper as kitty litter, the commonly accepted practice is to tear the newspaper into shreds to give cats the opportunity to attempt to bury their waste...

 One crate held a young mother cat with a large litter of kittens who appeared to be approximately 8-10 weeks old. The mother cat displayed a high level of aggression. All the cats appeared to have a skin disease; many had a crust covering most of their face, others had similar lesions spread out over their head and face. The volunteer present stated that there had been no attempt at seeking medical attention; she said she had tried several methods to medicate them herself...

Many of the cats observed free-roaming showed visible signs of upper respiratory infection, as indicated by liquid eye and nasal discharge. These cats freely interacted with both other free-roaming cats and those confined to crates. The types of suspected viruses we observed are highly contagious to other cats and can quickly spread throughout the shelter population.

During our conversation with a volunteer, we were informed that the cats at the facility are all deemed “feral” and are waiting to be entered into the barn relocation program. She stated that they do not believe in trap-neuter-return (TNR) programming — the most common, long-term, humane solution to the community cat issue — and that she would only place them in the barn program. However, she said, the program did not currently have any openings.

As with the canine population, none of the cats were sterilized or vaccinated.

You read that correctly in the report.  The Jackson animal shelter does not sterilize or vaccinate.  

Best Friends offered to staff and operate the shelter.  The Northside Sun reported: 

“We’ve offered to bring in our own staff free as a director, a manager and kennel staff, if they need it,” Barrett said. “We’ve offered free computers and software and to teach them how to use it. Whatever they need, we could help with just about everything.”

The offer amounts to $100,000 to $300,000 in free services, said Barrett, noting that Best Friends has helped cities across the country. Article.

The animal shelter also suffers from foundation problems.  Although the shelter was built in 2006, it suffers from the same poor infrastructure as does the rest of the city.  A broken pipe ruined the foundation last year.  Standing water is a problem throughout the facility although it now does not have any water. The city closed the animal shelter in October because it had no running water.  

The Lumumba Administration told WLBT: 

“We are certainly not opposed to help from organizations who desire – like we do – the best possible conditions for our animals. This is something we take very seriously.

It is also why we have been working on several repairs to improve the animal shelter in recent months, including work to fix the shelter’s foundation, which has led to some water line breaks. As that work continues, the City continues to explore possible arrangements with our nonprofit partners.

Unfortunately, It’s not an easy solution or quick fix. These arrangements can often take time, and in this case, we are hammering out legal issues to determine the appropriate path forward.”

 The report is posted below and includes pictures taken during the inspection.   It shows what the city means by taking the animal shelter "very seriously." 

Kingfish note: One troubling episode took place before the inspection.  Representatives of the Friends of the Jackson Animal Shelter visited the facility a few days before the inspection.  24 dogs disappeared between that visit and the inspection.  The city said the dogs were shipped to the Mississippi Animal Rescue League.  Then-MARL Executive Director Deborah Boswell said the city did not transfer the dogs to her organization.  Caught in a lie, the city said an old bottle of euthanasia drug was found at the shelter and used to put down the dogs.  That explanation doesn't fly as well.  There are strict DEA rules for the use of euthanasia drugs. Period.  The city had no records of its use at the time.  The fear is the dogs were simply taken somewhere and shot.   

The report is a horrible read but it comes as no surprise.  Jackson allowed numerous libraries to fall apart.  Literally.  The Mayor says the zoo doesn't need accreditation as long as the city "takes care of the animals."  The Jackson animal shelter shows the Mayor's standard of care for animals.   

It will be surprising if the Mayor accepts the offers.  He is loath to accept help from outsiders if it means he gives up any control although he is more than happy to cash checks with no strings attached.

The report is just one more example of Jackson's descent into barbarism.  Blood flows through the streets, water doesn't flow at all, crap flows into the rivers, libraries disintegrate,  and excuses flow through the air. 


Anonymous said...

An actual third world country.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same as CARA? Shows that there is no end to the incompetence of this mayor and his lackeys.

Kingfish said...


Anonymous said...

These people have no conscience.

Anonymous said...

I'm losing track of the destruction to City facilities just in the past few years: the Eudora Welty Library, the Charles Tisdale Library, the Planetarium, and the decline of the Zoo. And now we can't even run an animal shelter.

And the kiddee Mayor has his eye on destroying the garbage pickup service, one of the few things that actually benefits taxpayers...thanks to Waste Management......not to the City.

Anonymous said...

the animals in the shelter are more valuable than the people running shelter and the city.

Anonymous said...

Close the zoo-

Anonymous said...

animals sold for dogfighting.

again- why doesn’t Tate Reeves intervene? Why doesn’t the state legislature take up Jackson’s issues? All those people are turning their backs on the city of Jackson. Make no mistake- they could make a pathway for change. Michigan did it with Detroit. It’s not easy…it exposes a lot of corruption. But the D is on the way up again. But I don’t think our Republican leaders care either.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Chamber of Commerce and business leaders? Tim for them to stand up and speak up. The city has descended into less than a third world ghetto and continues to fall. It is going to take some nongovernment leaders to take a stand. This happened years ago in the civil rights era when leaders like J.C. Redd and others said: NO! Enough is enough. The animal protectors who took a stand need support.

Anonymous said...

The shelter is neglected because this mayor and FORMER mayors moved those jobs to cover , cousins , brothers, aunts , uncles and girlfriends in no load new jobs. Someone with the drive and IQ could follow the trial to prove it. What doesn't make us sick when it comes to the City with Soul ? This proves the City is souless. IT IS CRIMINAL.

Anonymous said...

Can we get extra Covid funds for this? I need a side gig.

No-show jobs said...

Are the disgusting employees of this closed facility still on the payroll, but not reporting to work? Still have city vehicles? Inquiring minds need to know.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone expect anything other than what we see at the animal shelter?

Nothing works in Jackson because it is 100% run by people that don't give a shit.

Are we really stupid enough to believe stray animals would be cared for when residents have to live with raw sewage, dirty water, bullets flying everywhere and a level of city corruption that sets a new standard for thievery?

The ethical thing to do would be to euthanize any animal the shelter takes in after 48 hours. They're being treated far worse inside the shelter than outside.

Anonymous said...

Anyone selling unlicensed uninspected meat door to door?

Jackson would be right on top of getting that stopped.


Anonymous said...

Mayor Gumflapper doesn't care about the people of the city, what makes anybody think he gives a crap about their lost & found pets?

Anonymous said...

This is dumb. The human race hunts, kills and eat animals.

Anonymous said...

Nothing changed in Detroit until the city declared bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

They aren’t keeping deer, hogs, water fowl, and other wild critters. They are keeping stray pets. Civilized people don’t eat cats and dogs. If you don’t understand the difference then you should probably apply for a job as a city or state employee. You will fit right in!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You get the government you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Mayor Chock-full-of-Nuts has his eyes set for Bennie Thompson Job. You heard it hard first on Jackson Jambalaya.
I've quit watch the liberal bias news on CBS, NBC, & ABC.

Anonymous said...

I'm just so thankful at how woke and progressive Mayor Lumumba is, so I will continue to vote for him over and over.

Anonymous said...

What's left of the City of Jackson has become no more than a "people shelter" full of leftovers itself. How in the world would anyone remotely believe they would take good care of stray animals. I'll bet if this was a majority white town PETA and the MSN would be there calling all the national attention to it they could.

Anonymous said...

But, but, Chuckles issued a proclamation condemning child hunger.. and urging a Socialist Black Separatist "dignity" economy nearly as wonderful as Zimbabwe! Ain't nobody got time for suffering dogs in this RNA Revolution!

Anonymous said...

Isn't willful animal abuse a state level crime? If MBI had balls they would actually arrest people in the administration for this the laws are on the books however the testicular fortitude is lacking by the people in charge. When it comes time to hold people in Jackson responsible for their administrative decisions the state government has been more neutered than any dog in that facility.

Antard Ladumbass said...

Next up....

Send out RFP and then Socrates Soprano will take it over.

Anonymous said...

I donate monthly to CARA and Animal Rescue Fund, and the general brutishness of the City of Jackson grieves me.

Anonymous said...

Are the Woketards out there trying to figure out how to blame white flight on this too? The Republicans don’t care because as soon as they step in, the diseased liberals will come out screaming and crying racism, because you can’t operate/run a city on retarded scams such as social justice and being radical.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a P&L for the last 2 years…anything/anything other than the status quo would be a massive improvement.

Kingfish said...

Hard to do that when there are no records.

Anonymous said...

It’s interesting the level of outrage towards the treatment of animals with limited to no empathy for the treatment of underprivileged children in the same city. Why not take all that energy into the communities of irresponsible pet owners and talk to them about spaying and neutering their pets or asking them not to chain them to trees.

How about instead of spewing all this venom towards the employees that have to work in deplorable conditions try redirecting it towards the check writers/decision makers. If the city budget doesn’t prioritize the city in general, how could you possibly think there is equatable distribution for animal care. What’s the purpose of putting the employees in positions to take the ridicule from the public when they have no control over the situation. The city puts funding where they choose and just like solving all of these homicides isn’t worth much investment neither is the dog pound…not shelter.

Anonymous said...

This is pathetic. Is Paul Perry still employed?

Anonymous said...

This is all the result of those Jackistan gun shows.

Anonymous said...

If one was to redact all references to Jackson a minimally educated person might think they were reading about Mogadishu.

Anonymous said...

Offer a reward and someone will talk. Twenty Four. (24) dogs did not sprout wings and fly away. They were either intentionally sold or destroyed. I hope those people burn in hell as well for treating these animals this way. It is just typical Jackson and will stay that way with the current administration.

You cannot even fly into the Jackson Airport ( the five name place ) out past Lakeland without hearing the Jackson Mayor yelling out his name in a welcome to Jackson message, and when you pick up your luggage, look under the rolling belt that holds your luggage. There is dirt and trash, and you can see it all just standing waiting for your luggage. It is filthy dirty and needs a good broom and mop. That is one of your first impressions of Jackson, Ms. How are these related? There is no pride or honest work being done to maintain a decent vision of Jackson.

The managers of the zoo should be charged for every animal there. There is a law about animal abuse/neglect of animals. You have the proof, just be man enough to do the right thing. All zoo officials should be charged with abuse/neglect charges.

Bluebonnets4ever said...

Why don't the FEDS come in and take over this disgrace of a city? Shameful.

Anonymous said...

The federal government would have to take over every crime infested, decaying urban democrat hellhole. And doing that would be an admission that urban democrats are incapable of running functional cities. This is why they must always stay on message with the narrative that the collapse of these cities is “white ppl fault”

Anonymous said...

2:05, I can’t even imagine the cry of racism if the state or the feds tried to take over.

Anonymous said...

I know my comment may not be published but I have to say this. Not all black people or black politicians are corrupt or bad. I know some VERY good black people who are friends of mine and we agree on so many things on so many different levels. This current administration sees nothing but affirmative action and we all know that does not work. The topic of this post is horrendous. This is punishable in a court system and Just because you are a municipality, that does not excuse you from criminal actions regarding animals who are helpless. Case in point is this subject. This current mayor needs to see some sort of repercussions over this matter. At the end of the day the buck stops with him. As I look at my families small dog and wonder what our city is doing to similar animals it breaks my heart. This should be taken over and done soon. The Animal Rescue League has done a great job on their level but they cannot take care of all of the animals that are in need. This mayor wants to tout a Zoo and we know the employees are probably struggling to do the best they can. Let the Zoo animals go to another city out of compassion. I have no answer for this situation with the city. It’s gone, lost, and cannot come back. All we have are memories of what it used to be. It has gone the way of many urban areas and we all know the hard grim fact is that it will never ever be the same ever again. It’s a lost cause. I grew up here and travel all over the state and I am ASHAMED when people ask where I’m from and they laugh.

Anonymous said...

I am struggling to figure out who you are responding to because Kingfish doesn’t approve comments that denigrate or blame African-Americans for the issues facing the City of Jackson, the State of Mississippi, or the United States of America. He only approves “racist” comments against the Communist Party of China.

Krusatyr said...

Perhaps an anti-Lumumba billboard campaign, with each sign asking about one of his various failures, could shake Jackson up.

A sign next to the East end of Adkins could feature his image and ask: "What Bridge?"

Anonymous said...

11:49 - must be Bill Crawford writing anonymously, since the clearly proper responsibility for this mess is Tate Reeves. "Why doesn't Tate Reeves intervene?"

Answer - he is the Governor, not the Mayor or City Council. He has no authority to intervene just because the City leadership is incompetent, incapable, or for any other reason.

He is not a autocratic dictator that can just jump in and take over anything that he (or others) decide are not being done 'properly'.

So the answer to your question is -- its not allowed by law. And we are a nation (and state) of laws, not man. (Granted, our last President tended to ignore that concept but that's another subject for another column.)

Anonymous said...

And to 1:54, MBI has no such arrest powers as you suggest. Check out the "I" in MBI - it is "Investigation". It is not a state police force.

The arrest power relative to the weak animal abuse laws you suggest resides in ------- hold on a minute ------- local law enforcement. That would mean JPD and HCSO. And the prosecution would be in Hinds County Circuit Court.

Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

@8:17. I would refer you to state code 97-41-16 and 97-41-17 if any euthanasia drugs were administered unlawfuly. MBI arrests people all the time. They got a bunch last year for human trafficking. I agree that it is silly to have MBI investigate an animal shelter, but is it quite as silly as pretending Jackson is capable of self governance?

Bill said...

According to news reports, the shelter has been closed since October 2021, and all of the animals have been relocated.

Kingfish said...

That is reported in the post.

Anonymous said...

Best friends was late to the party…

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