Thursday, September 16, 2021

Rez Water/Sewer Rates Going up 20%

 The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District issued the following statement.

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District Board of Directors on Thursday approved a rate increase for its water and sewer customers effective for the October billing cycle.

The rate increase is necessary to offset the higher costs the state agency is paying its regional sewer providers, PRVWSD General Manager John Sigman told board members at its September meeting.

“We are looking at an 80 percent increase in what we pay to the West Rankin Utility Authority, which just built a $150 million wastewater treatment plant that is scheduled to go online in October,” Sigman said. “That’s in addition to past increases by both the Madison County Wastewater Authority and the East Madison County Sewage Disposal System.

“The agency has absorbed those increases in Madison County without increasing rates to our customers, but we can no longer afford to continue absorbing those costs if we are to maintain a fund to repair and replace infrastructure, some of which is 50 years old.”

While PRVWSD supplies its residents with clean water from its own wells, all sewage is sent to regional providers to be processed. Prior to the new wastewater facility opening in Rankin County, all of the sewage has been sent by Rankin County and south Madison County to be processed at Jackson’s Savannah Street facility. In October, the Rankin County sewage will be carried to the new facility.

PRVWSD’s last water/sewage rate increase was passed six years ago with built-in annual escalations that ended in 2020.

The new increase will average out to about 20 percent per customer, mostly through a new line item on the monthly bill called a Regional Sewage Charge (RSC). This is a charge, Sigman said, that most surrounding communities in the metro area are already billing their customers, and mostly at higher rates than PRVWSD will be charging. PRVWSD’s RSC for FY 2022 is based on a $2.25 fee per 1,000 gallons of water used.

Rates currently charged in neighboring communities range from $2 to as high as $5.35.

Under the new PRVWSD rates, a customer who uses 6,000 gallons of water per month currently pays $68.40 per month for water and sewer. Beginning in October, that same customer would receive a bill for $82.50, an increase of $14.10.

Sigman said that there will be small increases in both the water (5 cents per 1,000 gallons) and sewer (15 cents per 1,000 gallons) volumetric charges, a fee charged only to those customers using over 3,000 gallons of water a month.

The current water volumetric rate is $5.45 per 1,000 gallons, which will increase to $5.50 per 1,000. The current sewer volumetric rate is $7.35 per 1,000 gallons and will increase to $7.50 per 1,000 gallons.

Sigman said that nearly half of PRVWSD’s customers will see only the increase created by the regional sewage charge. Leaseholders using less than 3,000 gallons in July 2021 made up 47 percent of PRVWSD’s residential customers (2,578 of 5,487). Those customers will see their bills increase from the current $30 per month to as high as $37.50.

Thursday’s rate increase was approved for the water year 2022, which begins Oct.1 2021.


Anonymous said...

This Jackson's fault.

Anonymous said...

Well worth the cost to be free from the shackles that is the total and complete dysfunction of ANY service provided by the City of Jackson.

PittPanther said...

Just the beginning. How did people think they were gonna pay for the new waste treatment system? Magic fairy dust?

Anonymous said...

This is why a poorly led Jackson matters to the surrounding community. There was no financial reason for the new facility to be built if the Jackson facility was run well. It can handle the capacity. Now, because we can’t get along, everyone pays more.

Anonymous said...

How many nails does Jackson have left in its coffin? In truth, the surrounding areas have been forced to seek alternate services and resources due to the increasing ineptness of Jackson. It'd be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Anonymous said...

There is some value to paying higher sewer fees when they go into a functional treatment facility instead of being dumped as raw sewage into the Pearl River.

Anonymous said...

My leasehold is statutorily required to increase 10% every 5 years, and the PRVWSD is sitting on more cash than the City of Madison.

What the hell is this farce? I wish moving away from the Rez wouldn't cost me a divorce...

Anonymous said...

Now, because we can’t get along, everyone pays more.

How, specifically, is Jackson's abject mismanagement of its water treatment plant the result of localities unable to "get along"?

Anonymous said...

One has to ponder if this is because half of Jackson hasn't paid a water bill or stuck a quarter in a meter in 10 years.

Wow said...

Sounds sketchy AF.

Where can I access financials of PRVWSD?

Anonymous said...

We all knew it was going to cost more when we voted to build our own treatment facility. Money well spent.

Anonymous said...

Have to pay for those fully equipped F-150s and new patrol boat.

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:46! How you doing Mayor? I didn't have the chance to vote yes or no on a new plant! I thought only 5-7 people voted to build the plant?

Anonymous said...

PRVWSD was created by power brokers back in the day to keep it apolitical-a public utility. All it is now is a giant HOA

Anonymous said...

"PRVWSD’s last water/sewage rate increase was passed six years ago with built-in annual escalations that ended in 2020."

They could have just said they haven't raised the bill since last year...

Anonymous said...

“It’s Jackson’s Fault” say it again, make me laugh. They bought into a new system, good for them, who taught it was free?

Anonymous said...

The problem here?

The feds are going to spend 2 billion on Jackson and make it work…which we all pay for.

All the new stuff being built will be paid directly by the users of those facilities.

Anonymous said...

i live on the rankin side of the reservoir.
i walk about 5 mies each mornin
i ride a bike about 1 hour each afternoon
on any given outing i will see 3-4 PRVWSD trucks with a couple of guys inside , just riding around going nowhere in particular.
the PRVWSD is the most worthless administrative agency in this state. the legislature need to abolish the PRVWSD and hand over the land to the counties.
ADMINIMISTRATIVE AGENCIES LIKE THE PRVWSD are nothing but a way for politicians to hand out high paying , do nothing government jobs to their cronies.
and the ''reservoir police'' are the mississippi equivalent of the keystone cops. all total goofballs who can't make it anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

This increase is a bargain.

It further severs ties to Jackson and Hinds Counties' complete failure at managing anything.

Now, if we can stop the crime at the Pearl River, we'll really be making some progress.

Anonymous said...

5:21 pm

I agree.

And good for you to exercise so much.

JHW lease holder and proud of it . said...

Just remember the the trails that you walk on and ride on were constructed by PRV .

Anonymous said...

Idaho’s vaccination is about the same as Mississippi’s. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen here:

Anonymous said...

The time to build this facility was in the 80s or 90s at the latest El oh el.

Anonymous said...

Where can I apply for the job?

Anonymous said...

"and the 'reservoir police' are the mississippi equivalent of the keystone cops. all total goofballs who can't make it anywhere else "

That ... plus changing their name.
"Reservoir Patrol" sounded much better.

(Reservoir Patrol had a serious overtone) ... kind of like the title of a 1982 Tuesday night TV cop show.

But I am being facetious !

Anonymous said...

Well, somebody has to pay for the two “airport commissioners” and their families for their recent trips to the Middle East as an attempt to improve our Jackson airport.

Anonymous said...

These kinda issues make me miss The Rez News

Anonymous said...

What the hell are you talking aboutb 812?

Anonymous said...

CMU - there is the second audit.

Fill those rice bowls said...

"Mission creep" is alive and well at the PRVWSD.

Anonymous said...

5:21 my sentiments as well. Worthless, unless the Reservoir "Police" feel the need to harass you. Those guys are the cops who cant hack it at a real municipality so they run around the reservoir and will pull you over even off of PRV leased land to assert their dominance. Anyone know why they changed their name from Rez Patrol to Police? I know they like to try hard. Also, let it not be lost that some of their finest took a sunrise picture two springs ago wishing us well from a Reservoir we were not allowed to use due to COVID. They wouldn't let people who sleep in the same house be in the same boat. I do not trust these authoritarians at all. And that is what they are. A group that would spend unneeded funds to rebrand themselves from Patrol to Police are looking to appear more authoritarian.

Anonymous said...

to 8;12...those trails were constructed with lease payments and tax money, all from taxpayers like me. where do you think PRVWSD gets all that money?
do you think they find it in the backseat of a taxicab?
or do they have a bake sale?
only an idiot like 8;12 thinks government gives us infrastructure for free

That's GENERAL Sigman To You! said...

(Hello to September 16 at 12:02 PM) - I'd rather be 'shackled to' the ineptness of Jackson and it's idiotic policies than be subject to the (often times) absurdities of PRV via John Sigman and his Napoleonic management style. He's always been the local example of goof-ball management. In this case, there's probably no alternative, but it's entirely within his operating framework to wait until fifteen days prior to such an increase to announce it.

If he would only spend one or two days a month policing his agency property for trash, unstable buildings, junk storage, housing/property rule violations and the general appearance of an unattended trailer park and hog pen. But, alas, you can't do those things and calculate PERS retirement all at the same time.

I have said...

Look at the rules on residential fencing and yard debris. Then take a leisurely ride of the Reservoir perimeter (thirty five minutes at most). Then stop by John's office and see if he'll speak to you.

Anonymous said...

@11:02 I have had a few minor dealings with John Sigman. I don't understand the disdain. I didn't get the feeling he was incompetent.

Anonymous said...

@11:02 AM, why haven't you moved already to Jackson? Who's really the chump?

Anonymous said...

I would happily pay this if they acknowledged the LEASEHOLD AGREEMEMENTS that we all sign. They overlook properties that do not mow lawns, park on the streets and cause our subdivisions to decline in value. All the while, following all policies for other businesses. I purchased here for the LEASEHOLD Agreement. If they, PRVWSD, do not want homeowners to continue here then they should just turn every property around the lake into commericial zones. Most, the majority of us went with a RESERVOIR OVERLAY Plan and that now cannot enforce policies or HOA RULES. We are going to lose massive property values over lack of LAW enforcement of rules and policies. I currently own a home in which I pay 750. a year for the Reservoir Leashold FEE. However, my neighbor would prevent me from ever selling my home due to their property being a disaster area. I purchased this property with pride and the knowledge that commerical property would not be built on top of us. I had NO CLUE that PRVWSD could have a leasehold fee/rules/polices that was not enoforced by law. I sometimes think that every home buyer here should ask why they are paying this yearly fee? I have lake peeps in another state that love their leasehold fee because the power company protects them and enforces the law. WHY are we paying PRVWSD to do NOTHING for our subdivisions?

Anonymous said...

I don't care if rates are going up as long as they support their homeowers and subdivision policies.

First, Fire The Rez Lawyers said...

"JHW lease holder and proud of it . said...Just remember the the trails that you walk on and ride on were constructed by PRV."

Besides that being total bullshit, be sure you don't repeat it where Gene Magee can hear you.

That was about as sideways as telling me that MDOT built our county bridges. Are you one of the fifty lease-holders whose fence has fallen slap into the roadway with a ten year dead tree laying across your property?

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