Friday, September 17, 2021

Mayor Declares Emergency, Accuses Waste Management of Trying to "Strong-Arm" Jackson

 Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba issued the following statement and order,  

Today, Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba declared a local emergency as negotiations for an upcoming garbage collection contract have broken down.
The declaration comes as the city’s garbage contract is set to expire Sept. 30, and negotiations with the current provider, Waste Management, have been unsuccessful.
Without a contract in place, the City will have no means to collect garbage from residences and businesses, beginning Oct. 1, which could result in a public safety crisis.
“Negotiations with Waste Management have hit a snag as the company attempts to strongarm the City into a lengthy contract,” Lumumba said. “When it comes to the future of garbage collection in Jackson, we are at a point where accepting the status quo is not only unsustainable, it is irresponsible.”
The failure to properly collect and dispose of garbage could expose the City to civil penalties of up to $25,000 a day and other legal action by the state environmental arm, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.
If an agreement cannot be reached, the City intends to pursue a separate contract for garbage collection until a new contract is legally procured.
The emergency order is effective immediately and will be brought before the City Council at its next meeting.
Mayor Lumumba will provide more details at Monday’s regularly scheduled press conference.

Kingfish note: So what exactly is the Rest of the story? 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a back door way to bring in the company he wanted in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Fake emergency.

Foote: ... the solution to the garbage problem is not a state of emergency, but bringing the council a contract that will be approved.

“He needs a solution that will get him four votes and he’s not listening to the council to get those four votes,” he said. “This is an emergency of the administrations’ making because they failed to take care of business.”

Foote said the administration has known for more than a year that it would have to seek a new contract for garbage services, but pointed out that the mayor did not bring a proposal to the council until the last minute.

Won't waste your time with Virgi's comments. You can guess whose butt she's watching.

Anonymous said...

Translation: WM won't agree to the heavy grease that the boy mayor wants on his palms.

Anonymous said...

These idiots can’t have running water, paved streets, treated sewage, or their garbage picked up. Is Mogadishu a better governed city than Jacktown?

Third World City Jackistan said...

Jackistan is a third world city, and it's not going to improve in at least the next 20-years. Y'all have to get out of denial and move. The homeless, carjackers, addicts, and burglars have infiltrated NE Jackistan, and from reading Nextdoor, the JPD is looking the other way.

Anonymous said...

I feel like "status quo" is probably fine when is comes to picking up garbage.

Anonymous said...

Won't Jackson residents be forced to pay $35 per month instead of the current $20.

But they will get an oversized garbage receptacle. And the garbage employees will be guaranteed $15 per hour.

Show me da money said...

Sounds to me like WM refused to hire the mayor’s sister as a “consultant”

Anonymous said...

Since lumbumba didn’t get his way with his shady garbage deal, he’s going to try to punish everyone.

Anonymous said...

If you have the means to move out of Jackson and stayed anyway, you chose this. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

If you had to ask me if there was one thing the city provided that you would gladly pay a modest increase due to inflation in wages and operating costs I would say garbage pickup. It's the only thing the city does right. Why? They don't manage the service. Waste Management does and have never missed a pickup in my 20 years here except for the occasional ice storm or overloaded day after a holiday. But they always catch it the next day. I can't say the same for my other city services. Oh yeah, while I'm at it, my auto mechanic is still getting rich on busted tires and alignments.

Anonymous said...

Amen to 6:57!

Anonymous said...

Let’s see.

Waste Management, a company that has provided great service here in Rankin County at a reasonable price. Or, The City of Jackson, who can’t even care to keep their libraries from rotting away.

I think I’ll side with WM on this one. Jackson just wants to be the perpetual victim with everything.

Where is this masterplan that Lumumba ran on about communal ownership and “freeing the land”?

How’s all that working out?

Thornton Melon said...

The mayors use of “strong arm” is code for not willing to pay all the unnecessary and unqualified DBEs who are his buddies.

I don’t if you’re familiar with who runs this business but I assure you, it’s not the Boy Scouts.

Anonymous said...

I love how everyone is falsely claiming that the Mayor is taking kick-backs on the garbage contracts. These type of insinuations are false and feed into all of the negative stereotypes about a black leader in charge. But one would expect nothing less from this racist and inflammatory blog site.

Anonymous said...

Lumumba knows a strong arm because that's exactly what he tried to do with the City Council. He tried to wait until the last possible minute thinking that the council would have to approve his buddy deal or lose garbage collection. That didn't work out and now he complains because Waste Management has the upper hand in negotiation. If he would have actually done his JOB earlier and not tried to create at situation to get his buddies paid, he would have been in a better situation to negotiate. It's a problem of his own making, and I don't feel sorry for him at all.

Anonymous said...

Stokes never goes to work sessions, hardly shows up for council meetings but showed up for both when it invovled garbage contracts? That doesn't smell funny at all. Might be something to this.

Anonymous said...

I love how everyone is falsely claiming that the Mayor is taking kick-backs on the garbage contracts.

How do you know that he isn't?

Greasy Palms said...

Why doesn't the boy mayor chowke hired that UAE company to run garbage collection? You know, that highly qualified company that was going to run the zoo?

Would this qualify for a trip to Dubai...or Paris?

Anonymous said...

Have the animals incarcerated at the "Zoo" turned into skeletons yet?

Boy Mayor Chowke said...

Progressive/Marxist playbook: Never let a crisis go to waste, especially when you create the crisis.

Anonymous said...

Saul Alinsky Rules:

RULE 10: “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.”

Anonymous said...

Who does not understand the basic principles that local government runs best when city officials tend to crime, garbage and streets?

Anonymous said...

NE Jackson resident here. I’m sick of this idiot we have for a mayor. He is totally incompetent

Anonymous said...

So to summarize,
- the city waited til the last moment to renew or sign anew a contractor for garbage?
- the mayor pushed for a new contractor which had ties to a big donor?
- that new contractor would've done a weekly (vs biweekly) service with a required universal trashcan?
- the push by the mayor and his team was full of equity / jobs , village / dignity economy and beautification buzzwords?
- the money didn't add up based on numbers put out?
- trash collection bills are billed with water and the city's billing and collection has been running at approx 50% success rate
- now, there is an "emergency" with a strawman of WM is the big bad boogeyman?
Did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

The High Mayor, Chokme Lemumbles, probably demanded WM paint their trucks Orange if used in the city of Jackson to show allegiance to New Africa…. But the Teamsters over at WM aren’t worried about Chokme. Look at the trash already lining the streets of Jackson…. Do they really need trash pick up??

Just sayin said...

@12:14 PM - good summary, but I would add that the boy mayor is full of shit like a holiday goose.

Anonymous said...

That's Melvin C Robinson @ 10:53 AM. He's Lumumba's in-house online attacker of Kenneth Stokes.

Anonymous said...

The "mayor" is in over his head just as he is with....well...everything else. The only thing more amazing than his incompetence is the cluelessness of the Jackson voters. It's like they are supportive of the destruction of their own town.

Krusatyr said...

WM has done a great job for my trash collection; they literally respect my trash can more than Boy Mayor respects the City of Jackson.

This City will stink as bad as it is managed if we are forced into a once weekly pickup of one giant container which cooks for a week in this climate.

DeKeither Stamps could improve the quality of governing choices as an upgrade to the Ghetto King we suffer now.

Anonymous said...

Bob Carter is well known for his quote, "Poor planning on your part does not necessitate an emergency on mine."

Anonymous said...

Most garbage companies are run by the mob.

Anonymous said...

8:35 a.m., Jackson's history, e.g. the Seimens debacle, invites assumptions of cronyism. Add that to the current mayor's history of nepotism, and the fact that Jackson is consistently ranked as one of the worst-run cities in the U.S. Here's a link, which lists Jackson as #3, behind St. Louis and Detroit:

Then consider the fact of Jackson's failing infrastructure, high tax rates, failing schools while spending more per student that any other school system in the state, and Lumumba's general lack of transparency in the way his administration does business.

In short, Lumumba and the City of Jackson do more to enforce negative stereotypes than any "racist blog" ever could.

Anonymous said...

11:51 NE Jackson Resident:

I hear you! We ALL hear you! The question is…. Why are you still in NE Jackson??? You knew this was going to get worse and it’s beyond fixing now. Sell now. Move anywhere that’s NOT Hinds County. It’s a dumpster fire that can’t be extinguished in Jacktown.

Anonymous said...


Got a little breaking news for 8:35. Baby Choke would be incompetent if his skin was pink with blue dots. Your injecting the race card as a defense of his awful performance as mayor is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

How to interpret the boy mayor's emergency declaration - "I'm failing on all fronts, therefore it's everybody else's fault."

Anonymous said...

I love how 1:25 slips in “the Siemens debacle” to his false allegations against the Mayor, when he should know that the Mayor made Siemens pay to the tune of $90 million for their misconduct after a prior administration’s huge blunder in signing a contract with Siemens. The fact is that Mayor Lumumba is bringing our city back: millions of dollars in new development are being spent, including towards a huge project in my neighborhood. For the first time in a long time, the tax base is growing, not shrinking. New homes are being sold for more than the seller’s asking price the Jackson real estate market is so hot. I know because my wife and I lost out on a house where we offered the asking price. Somebody offered more. How crazy is that? The house was on the market for one day.

But I know the Jackson haters on here, most of whom don’t live in Jackson, won’t let the facts get in the way of their false narrative. Sorry, but I have no desire to live in Pearl

MBrookes said...

1:44, I can answer that question for myself, if not for others. I am a retired person on a fixed income and my house is paid for. At this advanced age, I don't want to, can't afford to, start all over. That does not mean I want to live in a 3rd world city. But here I am.

Anonymous said...

So an emergency of your creation a sense of urgency on my part do not make?

Anonymous said...

A business has to contract with a garbage pick up. My business had to sign a contract. What is up with any business within jackson getting a cut rate residential pick up???

Anonymous said...

Chockwe could have really benefited from a leadership seminar. Even if they don’t know how to explain it, his vote givers think he’s articulate. The rest of the world knows some things are not complex. The idea that every common sense decision has multiple interpretations, is chock’s way of confusing his already-confused voters. His decisions are the equivalent of a 13-year old, average IQ.

Anonymous said...

2:57 - I thought chockwe didn’t want to sue but the city council forced it. Correct me if I’m Ill informed.
Jackson resident

Anonymous said...

...that the Mayor made Siemens pay to the tune of $90 million for their misconduct

What was the cut for the lawyers?

Anonymous said...

2:57: Your allegation of promoting a "false narrative" has prompted me to respond.

My original comment was not limited to Lumumba II, but since you brought it up: The fact that the out-of-state law firm he farmed the Seimens litigation out to, turned right around and donated to his re-election campaign, has fueled much speculation about kick-backs. That ain't racism.

FYI, I lived in Jackson in the 90s, and again in the 2010s. I moved out for the final time after being robbed at gunpoint in a commercial parking lot in Fondren several years ago.


Anonymous said...

2:57 Explain "huge project in your neighborhood". I live in Jackson and drive all over the city. I haven't seen a "huge project" other than The District at Eastover in years. Maybe some apartment complexes like the Meridian, the Quarter and Colonial Country Club but that's it. Please elaborate.

Anonymous said...

Please check with the 2 airport commissioners who recently went at Jackson’s expense to

Anonymous said...

2:57, I'm sure the citizens of Pearl are proud that you don't want to live in Pearl......

Sounds like Bolton or Edwards are closer to your affordability!

Anonymous said...

" Chockwe could have really benefited from a leadership seminar"

Which one ?

His Daddy's or Stephen Covey's ?

I understand that was sarcasm, but I could not resist.


" Most garbage companies are run by the mob."
September 18, 2021 at 1:14 PM

And your point is ?

I don't care who collects the garbage ... as long as someone
will take the waste to a landfill.

Hell, Michael Corleone can drive the truck while Tony Soprano rides on the back step.

It makes no difference who is in charge ... as long as the garbage is removed.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people strong arm in Jackson, why can't WM do the same?

Anonymous said...

Listen, I live in NE Jackson and not far from baby chokwe… my kids are in private school like most kids in our area or neighborhood
My sons aren’t racist nor am I… however I am sick of these contracts and minority contractors taking advantage of a city amd it’s happening nationally. Chokwe is a nice guy but he is a idiot when it comes to being a leader of any kind

Anonymous said...

@7:13 Do you really think citizens of Jackson can't afford to move to Madison or Rankin Counties? I can buy a house anywhere I choose. I earn a damn good salary. I live exactly where I want to live. I love my neighborhood and my neighbors. My children graduated from JPS and are thriving. My children moved not just from Jackson, but they both moved away from Mississippi because this state have few major IT employers. Sure, Jackson has big problems; but Mississippi as a whole has bigger problems.

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up I have several physicians that drive to Madison and rankin both in my neighborhood in NE Jackson. The people left in Jackson are either poor or well off
The people are either paying private school tuition and country club dues with a house in 30a or Oxford
Stop being an idiot and look around before making such statements
Several home builders and developers in Madison and rankin also live in NE Jackson. Like I said Jackson lacks a middle class. Either poor or well off. Remember 3 years ago the clarion ledger had a front page article about one end of Northside dr vs the other rich side of Northside dr. A family that just sold a house on Martha’s Vineyard for over 23 million and has other houses including one on pebble beach amd a staff of 20 for the family
Yeah you know nothing spewing your redneck opinion.

Anonymous said...

I found this correlation interesting:

"Foote said the administration has known for more than a year that it would have to seek a new contract for garbage services, but pointed out that the mayor did not bring a proposal to the council until the last minute.

From an earlier thread: " The mayor knew a year ago that the Federal EPA had given Jackson a deadline to act on these sewage issues. Why did he wait until the last minute to bring it before council?"

Kingfish will zap this post as well. Who is in whose pocket?

Anonymous said...

We will see but I have a feeling this will be the last 4 years of Virgi. Enough with the support of this incompetence.

Anonymous said...

I've watched the members of my city council feather their nests for 3 decades and WM, along with Xfinity appear to be the top dogs in the scamming. Even an 8th grade dropout Mississippian on SNAP can recognize the weekly pickup of recyclables here is a total waste to tax payers but a former (D) council member came up with that deal and it has stuck for over 15 years through several council elections.

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