Sunday, March 3, 2024

"Goons & Coons"

"Goons & coons!" Such was repeatedly said by Hinds County Public Information Officer Othor Cain as he attacked critics of Hinds County government during a Facebook live session last week. 

The story began at the Hinds County Board of Supervisors' work session that took place last week.  District 4 Supervisor Wanda Evers asked why the Supervisors skipped over an item on the agenda.  Ms. Evers did not see the agenda stated the item would be discussed in executive session, hence her confusion.  A common enough mistake and one this correspondent has seen various board or city council meetings over the year. 

Mr. Cain was sitting in the audience and apparently (from what can be determined in the video) urged Ms. Evers to read the agenda again as he explains in the video posted below.  The meeting continued and concluded without incident.  So far, so good.  

However, Allision Clower Lauderdale took it upon herself to post this on Facebook. 

Ms. Lauderdale is known to the District 4 Supervisor as her opponent in the November 2023 general election. The Hinds County Democrat  whupped the Republican Lauderdale by roughly 3,800 votes (62%-38%). Ms. Lauderdale and some other Hinds County malcontents regularly discuss Hinds County politics over at the Hinds County Stump Facebook page as well as other pages.  Needless to say, most of the discussion is critical of Hinds County government, including Ms. Evers.   Ms. Lauderdale is a dental hygienist (not a dental assistant as Mr. Cain put it).  It is probably safe to say she is not in the same league with Phil Fisher, Tony Greer, or Mike Morgan in terms of political experience or a business background. 

Needless to say, Mr. Cain took great offense to Ms. Lauderdale's remarks and addressed them on Facebook Live Thursday night in a rather um, colorful fashion. as he defended his patron and former employer (at WMPR).  Watch the video for yourself.  (For the record, Ms. Evers is educated and can certainly read.  Yours truly has seen her reading and considering her father was once a teacher, she can damn well read without any help.)


Mr. Cain trashed Ms. Lauderdale as he opened his monologue, repeatedly calling her "ignorant," "dumb," and "pathetic."   He stressed he has "zero respect for her coons and goons" as he called her supporters. He repeated the statement immediately to make sure everyone got the point.  He dared Mrs. Lauderdale and her "coons and goons" to "call downtown" to complain about him.  He said he would keep saying "coons and goons" as viewers approved.  He said he would always defend Ms. Evers as he called himself her "intercessor." (17:00). 

After punking Ms. Lauderdale, he explained what happened during the meeting before moving on to the coons and goons theme.  "I said it again" said the Hinds County Public Information Officer after repeating his new pet phrase as he again dared people to report him by calling downtown (12:30).  However, Mr. Cain was saving the best for last.

"The real issue is this.  White Republicans are no longer in charge of Hinds County and y'all can't get over that. White Republicans are no longer in charge of Hinds County and you can't get over that," said Mr. Cain, before advising the failed candidate "and her goons to go sit on a thumbtack" as he moved on to another subject.  

Kingfish note: Mr. Cain, you and your boss won.  You didn't just win, you kicked your opponent's ass and did so fair and square.  A few people yapped about you and Ms. Evers on Facebook? Big deal. It's a safe bet few people probably pay attention to her. Ms. Evers and her team won.  Let it geaux. The best revenge is living well.

As for the "white Republicans" not being in charge. Well...... white Republicans have not been in charge of Hinds County, as Mr. Cain put it, since over 30 years.   A white person has not served on the Board since 2020 and two whites have not served on the Board but 2007 but who's counting years when in the middle of a good rant? 

Of course, there is one other concern to consider.  It can be assumed Mr. Cain only meant Mrs. Lauderdale's supporters and not all Republicans when he said "goons and coons."  However, some Republicans might not be so discriminating and may wonder if this is what the members of Hinds County government really think of all Republicans.  Some of those Republicans probably sit in the Legislature.  Does Hinds County have a legislative agenda this year? Just an honest question.

 Oh, one last thought. One can only imagine the hell that would be raised if.... oh hell, you know what I was going to write but you know what?  It's the truth. 



😳 said...

Well well.......

Anonymous said...

Othor Cain is getting a county paycheck? Oh my gosh.

Anonymous said...

If Mr Cain was a Public Information officer of any entity or Company other that Hinds County Mississippi he would not have a place in said Company. It’s sad the way he handled this matter.

We all know that Ms Evers can read! Just because Ms Lauderdale is a butt doesn’t mean a spokesman for the County has to show his!

Mr Cain you are well spoken and eloquent in you words, however I surmise you went way off in your private Facebook rant! This just ain’t cute!

Hinds County you can do better! The County need bridge builders!

Why can’t we just get along, this includes you also Ms Lauderdale!

This is sad!

Anonymous said...

Othor is reveling in his "otherness." Maybe that was just a typo in his birth certificate.

Anonymous said...

“wrapped in a sheet.”


Anonymous said...

Disappointed in Mr. Cain comments he usually is much smarter in his public statements. He has been considered a voice of truth for the Jackson metro area . This show piece has cause serious damage to his future as that voice . A apology would be a start . These statements are being repeated in the Republican leadership circles that presently control the state appropriations and bonding of projects that have been requested by the Hinds County Board of Supervisors.

Anonymous said...

There is no way in hell as a PIO or any employee that I would put that shigity on Facebook!

Young men and women this is a great way for your employment to be terminated.


Anonymous said...

I can assure this clown that Republicans don’t care about running Hinds Co. It’s a dump

Anonymous said...

Exactly why I will never vote Dumbocrat in Mississippi.

Lost Cause said...

Hinds county has long been past the point of no return..... and it's been self-inflicted

Anonymous said...

Othor Cain should be fired immediately! As a county employer, he is to work and represent all people of Hinds County and with his racist comments one can only assume he works for one particular group, black democrats.

I read Allison Lauderdale’s post, and she never said Wanda Evers can’t read. She said that Othor Cain had told several people that Wanda Evers can’t read.

There is not excuse for what Othor Cain said about Mrs. Lauderdale and he needs to lose the county vehicle he is driving as well as his job!

Anonymous said...

Hinds County’s finest right there in Othor Cain!

His comments and rant was completely unnecessary! It was very unprofessional!

And he is the ignorant one and oh so racist! Something needs to be done about this situation and he needs to be held accountable because what he did and said was not ok!

Anonymous said...

I had respect for Wanda Evers and had hopes she would bring much needed leadership to HCBOS until… she hitched her wagon to Otha! HCSO was a train wreck while Otha was riding that train and we are looking at a replay. It’s true the days of Republicans getting elected in Hinds County are long gone ; but so is respect for its leadership , Public Offices and relevancy to anyone else in the State of MS. Hinds County is following the path of the City of Jackson in being unable to handle the business of the people.

Anonymous said...

This is a direct reflection on Wanda Evers who brought this fool on board to be hired by the county. What responsible and effective leader would surround themselves with trash like this? This speaks volumes about the kind of person she is.
With so much going on in Hinds County and this buffoon says things like this about someone. I know Allison Lauderdale personally and you will not find a finer, more honest, hardworking and intelligent lady. She would have been perfect for Hinds County but “they” kept her out and put someone in who could be bought! Nothing Othor Cain said describes Mrs. Lauderdale but it sure describes him! Hinds County needs to send him packing cuz he is a joke!

Anonymous said...

I'm 70 years old and white. When I was growing up, "coon" was a racist name. Is it now an acceptable word?!

Anonymous said...

Mr Cain needs to go write a few more bad checks to some local establishments. He’s a total fraud.

Anonymous said...

To the Hinds County Board of Supervisors, you cannot operate like this! This fool is killing any chance of you getting anything done in the state legislature. Or, you really do give a rats ass because the point was made by your spokesman!

If this is what you have become in hiring you should have hired a journalism student from a surrounding Community College. They could represent you a lot better!

If the BOS continues Mr Cains employment, we get the picture!

And again we know Ms Evers can read, your rant was pertaining to your feelings on race!

We have to get along! Mr Cain is not the answer!

Anonymous said...

For him to be a public servant he sure does throw around racist language/slurs but we dare not accuse him of being racist? Such stupidity for leadership in Hinds County but again let him point out DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP.......

Anonymous said...

Good thing quite a few of us non Hinds county legislators read this blog!

Anonymous said...

I think he's drunk ... and an idiot ... and a racist.

Anonymous said...

Racist calling other people racist. Need we say more?

Anonymous said...

@ 8:32 Correct

Anonymous said...

I guarantee that Othor Cain will be added to the DUI Hall of Fame with his drinking friends Banks and Lee in that Hinds County SUV.

Anonymous said...

Cain didn't care or realize but his racist rant clearly shows how Hinds county arrived in it's current status.

Anonymous said...

In the world in which Mr. Cain operates there is no sense of accountability. At least not for those outside the "community". Once they have won the office it's over. Say what you want, express how you feel, throw all restraint out the window cause they won. Ms. Evers won, and Mr. Cain is on her crew so he has the pulpit. The only person he has to defer to signs his check. That's how it works unless you beat her at the polls. However she and Mr. Cain will DEmand accountability and respect from everyone else, especially the opposition. That's how it works. Really.

Anonymous said...

I would support a required course in all schools for etiquette.

Indeed, most private school parents see to it that boys and girls learn etiquette and other social graces. There sons and daughters are even taught to dance.

We seem to live in a time where the notion of being a lady or gentleman is being lost. We are NOT better as a result.

The clothes are showing off plastic surgery and having a trainer and clothes overly embellished in a tacky excess of net, sequins, crystals, furs, and ruffles.

We are choosing cheap over durable or flattering or tasteful.

Some so desperately seek any kind of attention they will yell or demean others is so obvious as to be pitiful. It screams a lack of personal control over emotions (immaturity) and a lack of intelligence and education (an inability to articulate a thought or idea or basis of opinion). Such people often string together words that are nonsensical and wave their arms to draw more attention.

We have elected people at every level that need to be treated in a psych ward.

Anonymous said...

"We have elected people at every level that need to be treated in a psych ward."

I'll second that.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record it is a known fact that Wanda Evers can not read and that is why she has Othor Cain on a leash so he can do all of that for her! And the people that know her well KNOW this fact. That is why Cain got his panties in a wad! The truth hurts

Anonymous said...

The man is drunk. It shouldn't take a person very long to see how drunk he is.

Anonymous said...

Othor is smart. He knows this extreme level of racism does not cost him a single vote or fan, in fact it endears him to most voters in COJ.

Othor is not the problem. He is just being honest.

The problem is that the majority of Jackson agrees with, supports and would vote for him.
I moved when I was no longer represented and the Democrats seem quite happy with Jackson.

I wish them well.

Kingsized said...

In a public forum, racism only applies to one race. The rest can say what they want without consequence. The examples of this are endless, so no need to argue about it.

Anonymous said...

It's been asked once, I will ask again. When did coon become acceptable to use? As the first poster said, it was a derogatory name when I was a young man.

Anonymous said...

Now, let’s all sit back and see what will be done. Will Cain be held accountability for his words and his racist comments? His arrogance is so offensive! He is disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Other Cain is the embodiment of the saying: "When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles"

OldManYakking said...

Just to continue beating this nearly dead horse and somewhat echoing the comments of a few others, I wonder what the response of the "Jackson population majority race" would have been if the official wearing out the term "coons" had been WHITE instead of BLACK. National media would have already kept this story on the front burner for several days. Al Sharpton would be in town. The Never Trump crowd would be screaming and marching in the streets.

What we have come to is a sad situation and is likely to continue in the same direction.

Anonymous said...

@9:58. Othor can’t drive. What County Car?

Anonymous said...

As a longtime resident of District One, I am appalled that supervisor Robert Graham is not leading the charge to separate Othor Cain from his employment with Hinds County. Politics aside, since Robert Graham is the most senior member of the Board of Supervisors, I expect him to act lead when it comes down to stamp out racism. Is that too much to expect? I don't want to think that Robert Graham does not care about his constituents. Maybe, I will have to accept that Robert Graham isn't worried about appropriations from the Legislature since a state senator, at Robert Graham's request, has proposed a bill to increase our ad valorem taxes when Hinds County's population is dwindling. I guess the increase in ad valorem taxes will be used to pay Wanda Evers' Public Information Officer Othor Cain to call taxpayers racist names?

Anonymous said...

Well I’ve read all the comments thus far it looks like Otha is in deep kimchi! His employability is in question or the Hinds County
Board of Supervisors agree with his comments! As a gambler I can bet the BOS are saying this will go away, give it time!

But wait, who else will he slander!!!

Anonymous said...

Hinds County Public Information Officer is so impressed with himself that he did a live show on Facebook and called the supporters of Allison Clower Lauderdale "goons" and "coons". If that wasn't enough, he invited the public to report his abhorrent conduct to Hinds County. Othor Cain apparently believes the supervisor condone his conduct. Isn't this the same Othor Cain who sat with Wanda Evers last year and called on WLBT to terminate Barbie Bassett. Talking about Fox News, where is WLBT, WJTV, and WAPT? If these desk top journalists would step away from their computers for a minute, they could tell us what our leaders in Hinds County have to say about Othor Cain's conduct. Don't hold your breathe! They like Othor Cain more than they like Barbie Bassett.

Anonymous said...

March 4, 2024 at 10:25 AM

Well said and spot on. In addition to required courses in etiquette, I would add modules on manners, respect for others, common sense, and understanding that one is not the center of the universe.

Am from NOLA. Anyone else remember ball room dancing lessons at Miggy's at the foot of South Carrollton Ave.?

Anonymous said...

March 4, 2024 at 2:03 PM
I mean has HCBOS acted like they cared in the last 10 years?

Anonymous said...

While I do agree with the etiquette sentiment of 10:25am's post, due to the arrogance, I can't let it slide.

Most private school grads (and public) know the difference in "there" and "their." This one apparently focused too much on ball room dancing, which I was actually taught as a youngster. School had nothing to do with it.

"The clothes are showing off plastic surgery and having a trainer and clothes overly embellished in a tacky excess of net, sequins, crystals, furs, and ruffles." I don't know what the hell this gibberish is trying to convey, but it isn't a complete sentence or a coherent thought.

The rest of it is riddled with grammatical and punctuation errors too numerous to list. Maybe you should have concentrated more on actual school than etiquette.

And even though I agree with the sentiment....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...."finishing school" in about a money making reality show. I'd pay to watch that.

Anonymous said...

I like both Mrs. Lauderdale and Mr. Cain personally.

Though it is a free country, Mrs. Lauderdale had zero business running for Hinds County Supervisor. After being defeated, she should humble herself and MOVE ON.

Mr. Cain has forgotten the difference in a political campaign and a professional position, and he has embarrassed himself here and also needs to MOVE ON.

Anonymous said...

Personally I take offense to his statements. And why are our taxpayer’s money going to this racist man and providing him with a county vehicle.

Anonymous said...

@4:20, why do you say Mrs. Lauderdale had “zero business running for supervisor”?

Anonymous said...

5:40 Not that she didn't have the perfect right to run or have the best intentions, but she had no name ID and was just generally out of her league.

Anonymous said...

@7:04, out of her league? Meaning what? In my opinon, she is WAY out of their league meaning she is too good for them all! She is too honest and not a politician. “They” could or would never be able to buy her off in anyway! She is way too classy to be involved with the trash of Hinds County. She would always look out for the people of Hinds County and “they” did not want that. They want criminals and that is exactly what they got! Just my opinion because she happens to be a friend of mine and I know her personally!

Anonymous said...

Do you want to know the epitome of a moron? That’s Ortho Cain.

Anonymous said...

If this had been a white man saying these things about a black woman who was a candidate the world would stop and all hell would break loose on that man. It would make national news and he would loose his job right there on the spot!

Anonymous said...

I had the displeasure of working with Cain while he was at HCSO. Well, in all honesty I should say while I worked and he never was in his office, never available, phoned anything/everything in, and if he did show up for work on the rare occasion he was sloppy and hung over. He was a trashy then and still appears to be just as trashy now. I always wondered how much money could be recovered if he was investigated and his true work ethic was shown.

Jane said...

Other has no business throwing shade when it comes to literacy. He writes poorly, speaks poorly and once when I tried to watch a FB video he just repeated the same nonsense for ten minutes. He could never get to the topic at hand. That's the best Hinds County could do?

Anonymous said...

Let’s all sit back and see how this is handled by the Hinds county Board of Supervisors. Robert Graham being President and Wanda Evers, VP, need to acknowledge this video and explain what the plan is to have this moron fired immediately! He is a total embarrassment to this county!

Anonymous said...

The Republicans run the State Legislature, Hinds County will pay now or pay later when the State cut their funds.

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