Monday, March 25, 2024

Mardis Finally Goes to Prison

 MDOC finally picked up its boy out of the Rankin County jail.  


Anonymous said...

They managed to give him a good shave and a haircut before they hauled him off.

Seems nice said...

Do they sell steroids in the prison commissary?

Anonymous said...

You losers can gloat all you want.

Anonymous said...

@9:04 Go find another "hero" to look up to. You're sick!

Gloater Extraordinaire said...

Gloat, that's what we do. Any fan of Mardis is the real loser.

Anonymous said...

Ok Mardis, fight all you want. Plenty of people you can play Billie Jo Badass with in prison.

Anonymous said...

9:04 is clearly a troll.
Please do not feed them.

MississippiManners said...

@9:04: how does celebrating justice for a wife beater make me a loser?

Anonymous said...

Here's more info on the "hero."

Anonymous said...

Real question is will he ever leave CMCF or do his time there? His a$$ needs to go to Greene County for a while.IYKYK

Anonymous said...

@9:04 doesn't having the ability to gloat mean we aren't the losers in this situation by default?

Anonymous said...

I believe CMCF is primarily an orientation facility where incoming prisoners are screened and evaluated prior to transport to the penal facility deemed appropriate according to the prisoner's resultant classification. Some locations have education or drug rehabilitation programs that might benefit certain inmates, for instance.

I don't have any idea where they might place a prisoner like Mardis, who is educated and had a certain white collar social status, but is also prone to extremely violent behavior.

Anonymous said...

Vain right up to the date the van came for him - shaving his head so nobody would see grey hair.

Anonymous said...

I bet his neck will be thinner in a year or so-

Anonymous said...

But she will wait for him-

Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that he goes where he belongs… Parchman Penitentiary, general population. He’ll learn a lot there.

Anonymous said...

They shave every males head that enters cmcf and throw some powder on you, I believe for lice. He’ll get classified in “quick bed” for about 30 days before heading to a more permanent facility, probably one of the big 3 - parchman, Greene county or Wilkinson county with a possibility of remaining at CMCF’s permanent housing. This happens to almost every new inmate coming to prison except for a select few of vip inmates that never have to go through this and get turned into a state inmate from a county jail like Dowdys son. Any of the main prisons mentioned will be extremely rough for our tough guy but Wilkinson is extra terrible and is for violent inmates. His family better get used to sending tons of $ on green dots.

Anonymous said...


Kingfish said...

He will be out in 8 years or so. He gets credit for time served. Was in jail since April so figure nine months or so when he was convicted.

The crime is of the 50% variety. Sheldon Alston served only 50% of his sentence when he was turned loose. Bryan Clark only served 25% of his sentence (under the old law) when the Parole Board set him free. Mardis is probably out by 2032.

Anonymous said...

The Mardis family should sue the piss outta you for continued harassment. You’re such a slimy little pissant!

Anonymous said...

Y’all are all so sick. I’m praying for the family during this time and I pray for Todd. He was never going to get a fair trial and it’s disturbing how many people have been gloating while this family is drug through hell. It really comes down to jealousy over this man’s success and it must feel good to bring him down with your fake moral outrage. Todd will return stronger and a better man than before and he and family will overcome and be stronger than ever. Sometimes I just hate the hypocrites in our society but I know that yall will deal with God’s judgement one day.

Anonymous said...

From 5:38 and 5:55 I can see that Todd’s fan club has been activated. His jock-sniffing homeboys will have to find another ass to kiss, at least for the better part of a decade. And yes I’m gloating because this is a win for society and his wife, wether she realizes it right now.

Anonymous said...

5:36 - that's funny. Jealous of Todd. Why because he was successful ? Really ? I too am very successful in business and have been featured in very prominent magazines and books, but I dont gloat over it. I thank everyone that has helped me along the way, treat them the way I like to be treated - with respect. Todd did the crime, numerous times, only this time he got caught. he has been abusing Kim for years. I knew that and saw it first hand for years, but Kim and her family have been brain-washed by his narcissism. So off he goes. Maybe Kim and the kids will finally see the light and divorce his sorry ass and move on.. but doubtful based upon her and their daughters testimony.. so pathetic.. he never did apologize to her in court for the beating btw. What does that say about him ? He will be vengeful when he gets out... not stronger.. but weaker in the heart.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish and his soy-boy beta cucks can’t get enough of this story for some reason. I’ve said it before that yall wouldn’t be so cocky if you were standing in front of Todd and yall know it. Y’all nothing but bunch of jealous weak punks and it’s time to leave this man and his family alone.

Anonymous said...

@9:25 It’s not that we’re “fans” of Todd. I don’t think you’re going to find many people on all of the posts Kingfish has made that are defending Todd with all of their might, unless they are trolling. I would venture to say the majority of people you classify as “fans” or defending Todd are friends of the family, and one man’s actions don’t speak for the rest of his family, in my opinion. What he did was wrong, which is very obvious to everybody. Yes he needs to have consequences for his actions. And sure, this comment won’t stop Kingfish from flapping his gums and choosing to single this family out when this shit happens every day around the state. His family has dealt with enough trauma through all of this, as if that night wasn’t enough. But you people don’t care about the family, just wanna sit behind the keyboard and point fingers.

Anonymous said...

to 5;55pm........''jealousy over this mans success''........?

if he is such a successful businessman how is it that he had a 3 millon $ default judgment rendered against him a few years ago in federal court?

seems he stole intellectual property and customers from another business.

by the way a default judgment is what the court hands down when he failed to show up for court.

just one more poser rankin county fake.

god must love those types cause he make so many of them.

Anonymous said...

I’m not gloating over his situation. I didn’t know him but I knew his grandfather, father, mother and two uncles, all very nice people.
Besides the fact that he assaulted his wife causing severe injury, the fact he left town for two days with out knowing or caring about the extent of her injuries is all I need to know. He got what he deserved.

Anonymous said...

@5:55 Don't know who you are calling hypocrites, but I would bet most of the commenters on here have never beat their wife. As for the gloating, not doing that either. He needs help. Maybe these next 8 or more years will be it.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to remember, there is only one person that created this and he is in the mug shot above. Whether you love him or hate him. He is to blame.

Anonymous said...

@9:02, no steroids available in the commissary, I don’t think.

But I remember taking a deposition of an inmate down at Leakesville years back. He seemed to be acting kind of puddin’-headed and so the plaintiff’s attorney asked him whether he had taken any substance that might affect his ability to carry on and answer truthfully.

And the deponent said he’d only taken something for the sniffles.

The lawyer then asked whether he’d gotten it from the nurse in the infirmary. He answered no, said he got it out in the yard. “You can get anything out in the yard,” he said, “They got way more than the infirmary”

True story.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i think people are happy to see a guy that has been a huckster, lifetime drunk bully, and a wife beater get punished after getting away with stuff for years without any change in behavior there is something satisfying about that now only if bryan bailey and the rest of the rankin county corruption would be dealt with we all would sleep better at night

Anonymous said...

KF,you are quoting what he is 'eligible' for. And under the leadership of the honorable Pickett, all got it - some plus some - and were released.

The fact that he is 'eligible' for parole at that point doesn't meant that he will 'get' turned out at that point. New board - one that actually looks at the cases and tries to apply the laws (policies, theory, etc) passed by the legislature.

You can cite all you want of who got out when prior to Mr. Pickett's leaving his back office when all decisions were his and not the boards.

Hopefully there are a few good minds on the current board that try to look at each case separately.

But, then I digress a minute and think about the most recent appointee... other than what one might do for his son when it comes up, who knows how they will apply those thoughts. Probably no better than the appointee who resigned and made the position open for him. (Evidently good to lose reelection in south mississippi, gets one an apppointment to help with the PERS high four on top of SLURP.)

Anonymous said...

623 - you got it wrong, sorry Todd-boy.. I've never met the guy; I don't give a damn about him. I certainly ain't about to be kneeling in front of him for whatever reason. Same is true for KF - I ain't about to be kneeling in front of him for his blog.

And if you think I would fear saying what I think in front of your boy Todd, you're wrong. Yes, he might could kick my ass in a physical assault (kinda like he did with his wife, but I digress). But that wouldn't stop me from saying, to his face, standing in front of him, what I thought of his actions.

If you are saying that my doing that would lead to him kicking my ass - well, I guess that proves the point of his current incarceration. Can't deal with things in a normal, human way. I'd be glad for him to verbally disagree with me; be glad to get into a discourse about matters, whatever they might be.

But you suggest that if I were to say what I thought about him in this particular situation in front of him, he would physically kick my ass. Yes, I agree he could do that. But I disagree in your thoughts that I wouldn't be willing to say it to his face.

Now - you tell me. If I said it to his face, in a professional, adult manner. And he reacted by kicking my ass. Doesn't that kinda prove the kind of guy your idol is?? And isn't that what he did in the situation that has sent his ass to the pokey, something that I happen to think was an appropriate sentence (for somebody I don't know, and have never heard of before - but I have watched the trial and read the transcripts.)

Put me on that jury and I would have sent him away. AND AFTERWARD, if needed, I would have done just what you suggest I'd be afraid to do - I would say it in front of him.

What shocks me is the sycophants that follow him to the nth degree - sounds like some of the crazed folks that follow certain political figures ignoring all the matters that surround them that prove they have no business being in a race, much less being elected.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Todd will join a prison gang like Aryan Nation or Simon City Royals. I am shocked at how brainwashed his wife & family are.

Anonymous said...


No one with any sense would want to “fight” a muscle bound inmate. That doesn’t make one a “soy boy” are you 16 years old !????? We are ADULTS and ADULTS don’t go around fist fighting each other if we can help it.

Anonymous said...

11:59, your third paragraph sums it up perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I really hope Todd's alpha posse does not attend my church.

Any man that can defend this monster after he nearly murdered his wife needs to read the Bible a lot harder.

Anonymous said...

Something about the new look (shaved head; facial expression) seems to suggest he’s settling into the idea of his future. He might just fit right in.

Anonymous said...

whoever said “…jealousy over this man’s success”? You think Mardis is successful? He has failed as a business man, he has failed as a husband, he has failed at being a decent (notice I said decent, not perfect) father/role model to his children and grandchildren, he has failed as a citizen, and most importantly he failed before God. Are you insane? No, forget that question. You are insane!

3/25 6:47 (2nd one) - Besides the fact that he assaulted his wife causing severe injury, the fact he left town for two days with out knowing or caring about the extent of her injuries is all I need to know.
^^all I need to know!^^

3/25 7:04 - Everyone needs to remember, there is only one person that created this and he is in the mug shot above. Whether you love him or hate him. He is to blame.
^^He is the ONLY one to blame!^^

3/25 11:59 - Well said!!!

3/26 9:23 - Amen!

Anonymous said...

@5:55 PM/Kim, I am so sorry for your pain. I pray for you and hope you find the help and strength you need to remove yourself from that horrible situation for both you, your kids and grandkids.

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