Friday, August 5, 2022

Restaurant Owner Speaks out on Water Crisis

 Aplos and Manship owner Steven O'Neill has a few things to say this morning about the Jackson water crisis. 


Anonymous said...

Way too nice -- there has to be pain, but you can't feel it. He's losing money every day this goes on and there is no end in sight. I know he doesn't want to piss anyone off, but damn -- how about insisting that someone in the City of Jackson administration at least acknowledge that there is a crisis and what they are doing to fix it ASAP.

Anonymous said...

You could have at least asked him

1. Why do you keep doing business in the city of Jackson?
2. Who did you vote for in the last mayoral election?
3. Why haven’t you moved your business?
4. What have you seen from the city that makes you think they will fix the water problem any time soon?

Unknown said...

I foresee another expensive study that will result to same conclusion. The system needs replacing

Theca Jones of the Roguish Gent Podcast said...


The Mayor has stated numerous times that there is a crisis with the water. He has also stated what they are doing to fix it. It comes up on every press conference that Jackson Jambalaya posts.

Anonymous said...

@12:45 the "mayor" is all talk and no action. What has he actually done? Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic job performance is completely lost on Fat Melvin.

BTW Melvin, why is your med pot trade association office in ... Madison?

F'ing hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

"The Mayor has stated numerous times that there is a crisis with the water. He has also stated what they are doing to fix it. It comes up on every press conference that Jackson Jambalaya posts."

Which he has said for 5 years now! We need a lot less talking from the Mayor and lot, lot, lot more action from his lazy butt.

Anonymous said...

These guys live and do business in Jackson bc they’re liberal and have the money to send 3 kids to private schools and live in mostly all white enclaves in Fondren NE Jackson… many physicians and business owners in ridgeland Madison flowood also live in Jackson plus half or more of
Jackson prep kids are residents of Jackson
Just a different breed that feel they’re above us all

Anonymous said...

Exactly the mayor is a clown show… he continues to talk and offers no solutions

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mayor best described as "all hat, no cattle".

Anonymous said...

We welcome you in Rankin County & I'm sure Madison County would welcome you as well.

Stop purposely losing money. You know Jackson is going to hell in a handbasket.

Anonymous said...

They need to hire the operations personnel.

Choke will pay only $12 per hour - but that's less than Walmart pays for a stocker.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Good's op/ed piece referred to by Steven.

Anonymous said...

advice - Just do what Paul Simon said to do -
You just slip out the back, Jack
Make a new plan, Stan
You don't need to be coy, Roy
Just get yourself free
Hop on the bus, Gus
You don't need to discuss much
Just drop off the key, Lee
And get yourself free
Ooh, slip out the back, Jack
Make a new plan, Stan
You don't need to be coy, Roy
You just listen to me
Hop on the bus, Gus
You don't need to discuss much
Just drop off the key, Lee

Anonymous said...

Jeff Good did a long guest editorial at the end of the WLBT newscast couple days ago. Told it like it is. You should post that on here.

Anonymous said...

I'm not dumb. I understand that Jackson can't fix this, won't fix this, and doesn't have the money to fix this. I understand that the federal or state government will have to give them a pile of money. But it sucks, because this is a city function, that should be paid for by the city.

When they give Jackson a ton of money, it is a slap in the face to the water systems that did it right. It is a slap in the face to guys who worked their ass off while the city of Jackson employees sleep half the day. It is a slap in the face to the mayors, aldermen, and water association boards who planned and worked and implemented, while the Jackson leaders did nothing. It sucks.

Let's say 2 people each have an electric bill to pay. One person works hard 10 hours a day, makes a paycheck and pays their electric bill. The second person lays around the house, sleeps all morning, and watches TV all afternoon. Then they drink beer all night. They don't get a paycheck (because they didn't work) and can't pay their electric bill. Why should everyone feel sympathy for person number 2? Why should everyone do a gofundme for person number 2? Both people had the same opportunity. Person one got it done and person two didn't.

Anonymous said...

Weed, water and stupidity don’t mix.

Anonymous said...


If you stay, I recommend Craig Geno to represent you in bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

" Way too nice '

That's an understatement 12:21.

The perpetual lack of clean water in Jackson is impacting more than just the restaurant industry.

Not that it would do any good with the current administration ... but I would love to see some men that still operate a business in that town raise hell the next time a local media camera appears.

(Kind of like all the "outraged folks" at the weekly prayer vigils and balloon releases for Jackson/Hinds County murder victims).

Anonymous said...

Way too nice and politically correct.

Anonymous said...

1. Chowke appoints blue ribbon commission @$500/day per member
2. Commission hires consultant (friend of Chowke) to study problem @$125,000
3. Consultant writes report
4. Commission files report
5. Wash, rinse, repeat until Chowke moves on to higher office

Anonymous said...

They need to hire a Chick-Fil-A manager to run Jackson. They would certainly be more qualified than anything Jackson has now.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change until Deion Sanders threatens to coach elsewhere because Jackson is a shithole.

Free refills this visit only said...

IF his "having to obtain canned sodas and tea are costing him 1000% more than the soda fountain", then a 50 cent can of soda shows his mark up of a $3.00 fountain drink is 6000%, right.

Anonymous said...

Theca Jones - yes the Mayor has stated that there is a crisis.

BUT the only thing he has said he is doing about it is asking other folks to pay for the massive amount of work its going to take to fix his screwup.

And yes, it is his screwup. It was his administration that let a third of the customers get by without paying for their water/sewer/garbage thereby draining all the money it takes to keep the system operating properly.

It is his administration that has failed to hire the proper staffing for the water treatment plants - something every other operator of a utility is required to do and follows the requirement; this administration thumbs it nose (or whatever body part) at those requirements and runs the systems with folks not competent to do the job.

You say he has said what he is going to do to fix it. Please tell me what - other than what I said above - has he said he is going to do to fix it.

burton39110 said...

I feel for the restaurant owners but this isn’t anything new. Water and sewer issues have been going on for years. Now even the police say don’t drive in Jackson so why would someone want to go out to eat in Jackson. I realize they made a bet of sorts on Jackson and that bet didn’t pan out. I could care less but know that everyone in the State is paying for The Jackson Disaster through their taxes whether you ever step foot in Jackson or not. Jackson is like a cancer that consumes everything it touches and anyone would be ignoring the facts to think things would change anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing will change until Deion Sanders threatens to coach elsewhere"

Hey 4:55 ...

That's as goofy as the "whushing" Star Wars effects still used by WLBT and Fox 40 each time they change stories or segments.

Sanders has been a great asset for Jackson, and I hope he stays around for a long time.

But getting a college football team back on a track, and fixing a major metro area's drinking water is not even comparable.

Good Gawd ... Coach Sanders is not a city "water engineer".

Anonymous said...

Better get the Jackson Kush, Jackson Co-op clowns out there to fix the water problem.

Anonymous said...

The restaurant owners are wasting their time whining. Their potential customers aren't going to risk their/our lives to eat in Jackson, as there are plenty of other options. They need to form a litigation group an sue the City for everything that has a chance of winning actual and punitive damages.

Anonymous said...

2:30. The sad fact is if the city was given a sack full of state/federal money the mayor and his cronies would gobble it all up before any real issues got addressed.

Hookah said...

This would be a good time for Flowood to fill these vacant strip malls they built.

Anonymous said...

Chowke has a plan: Kick the can down the road until he moves on to a higher office where he can continue to fuck up like Hogan's goat, right?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure not going to risk getting car jacked in Jackson by eating at a restaurant here. I've lived here my entire sixty years and I only go to the grocery store and drug store here. That's it. If I could afford to move I would, but my house is worth next to nothing here. I can't afford a much smaller house in Brandon or Flowood and my taxes are a lot higher.

Anonymous said...

It takes a great deal of working capital to “pick up and move” and that is a huge deference to the restaurant owners. It can can many years to recoup the cash layout and it will take up to 1 to 2 years to plan the move. It’s just not that easy. Thanks for your rude and unintelligent comments but businesses have to weigh the effects of what the average state employee thought process equates to. We as business owners have to weigh the options of what is best for our customers and employees. Yes, The Crown Jewel of Mississippi is damaged And maybe damaged beyond repair but when you have millions of dollars invested it’s a hard pill to swallow to pick up and move and hope that the decision is worth it because “reinventing” doesn’t work in all aspects of business.

Anonymous said...

Concerned residents around the metro are soliciting for donated fans for Jim Hill High School in W. Jackson, because they have no AC.

WTF happened to all of that bond money that was to be used to upgrade such things?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jeff acts like he isnt SELLING those canned sodas and waters....He can PLEAD and BEG all he wants but the BS is now so entrenched that nothing will ever work right again in Jackedupville.

Anonymous said...

White restaurant owners expecting clean water is the most racist thing I've heard all day.

Anonymous said...

7:21- 1-800-CAL-SHAD

Anonymous said...

7:21 I graduated from Jim Hill back when there was no air conditioning in the building. I also took typing on a manual typewriter during the last period of the day. The typewriters had sweat on the keys but I survived and I learned to type.

No sympathy from me.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when half the city isn’t required to pay their water bills. Welcome to Socialism folks!

Krusatyr said...

The shake up of operations in restaurants due to being put on "boil water notice" are far more extensive than Mr. Goode's quick example of soda and bottled water cost.

Anonymous said...

Let the people piss and moan. That is part of living in Jackson. About the only thing left they can enjoy doing. It doesn't take a genius to see the people of Jackson deserve everything they are getting. They asked for this. Now that they have exactly what they asked for they are begging for money from the same people they pushed out of the city.

There are plenty of restaurants outside of the Jackson city limits. There is no reason to go to one in Jackson. There are still plenty of people still living in Jackson. Why do they not support the restaurants in Jackson?
We, the people living outside of Jackson, enjoy our running water, clean and safe streets, and nice places to go eat. Why should we try to help those who ran us out of Jackson?

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to eat in any restaurant where I can't wash my hands before I eat and after I go to the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Lumumba is a racist and so are most in his administration especially dr Omari!!!

Anonymous said...

12:39 your questions are offensive.
First, it's none of your business.
Secondly, it's none of your damn business.
Thirdly, if you bothered to see WHY the money doesn't exist and how long the repairs take, you'd not ask.
No, you just want to place blame on an easy target and brand yourself as someone who probably is letting his dwelling go to ruin and expects it'll be the same price to repair as it would have been to keep it in good condition.
Tell the legislature not to demand "matching funds" that don't exist.

Anonymous said...

" your questions are offensive".

So what ?

I think the poster meant the questions to be offensive.

Go back to your Mom's safe space and clean your keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Please move Aplos to madison, please please! We will happily welcome you. Your food, staff, drinks is on point and the only reason I go to HV. Madison would embrace y’all!

Anonymous said...

Watched the news. Kroger is having water problems.

Just waiting for them to close their last Jackson store.

Anonymous said...

Those stores such as Kroger can close, but then build the wall. We don't want all of you people who allowed Jackistan's problems to happen to crowd our streets and stores and bring your riff-raff to Madison County.

You made your beds, now sleep in them!

"Le" is "the" in French said...

C.J. LeMaster and the Kingfish need to flip a coin for who will ask the good Dr. Omari during a press conference how this water crisis has affected her personal life since she's apparently a resident of Ridgeland.

3:36 p.m. unedited said...

12:39 your questions are offensive, right.
First, it's none of your business, right.
Secondly, it's none of your damn business, right.
Thirdly, if you bothered to see WHY the money doesn't exist and how long the repairs take, you'd not ask, right.
No, you just want to place blame on an easy target and brand yourself as someone who probably is letting his dwelling go to ruin and expects it'll be the same price to repair as it would have been to keep it in good condition, right.
Tell the legislature not to demand "matching funds" that don't exist, right.

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