Thursday, April 12, 2018

State Senator opposed any penalties for animal cruelty or dog-fighting


 State Senator Barbara Blackmon (D-CMU) said she opposed any penalties for animal cruelty or dog-fighting.  The esteemed Senator made the comment during debate over a dog-fighting bill in February.  The Senate debated a bill, SB# 2934, that would toughen the penalties against dog-fighting.  Senator Barbara Blackmon (D-CMU) stood like a stonewall as she fought against the bill in heated debate one February afternoon this year.

The good Senator from Canton revealed her true thoughts when Senator Michael Watson (R-VBS) asked her if she thought the "penalty for maiming an animal should be more than the penalty for maiming an unborn child."  Senator Blackmon replied to Senator Watson's quiz "I really don't think there should be any penalties related to animals so I can't address that question."  Earlier post and video of entire debate.

Posted below are the statements of Luke Woodham and a couple of his friends after he killed and wounded several students at Pearl High School twenty years ago.   Woodham tortured his mom's dog to death in order to condition himself to kill his mother and former girlfriend, which he did.  Torture is too polite a word but there is probably no word in our vocabulary that can adequately describe what he did.

Read their words for yourself, Senator Blackmon.

The first statement is taken from a police interview of  one of  Woodham's friends.  The witness discussed Woodham's experiments with napalm. Yes, napalm.  Woodham blew up stuff and eventually moved on to more sadism.  Here are answers the witness gave to police (W = witness, I= investigator):


W: and he lit it and tried to put it out and it wouldn't go out so I figured, I mean, duh, that's napalm.
I: What was he gonna use that napalm for?
W: Um
I: What was y'all's plan?
W: One thing they did use it for, um, Luke's dog, um, Sparkle, that was his name. Grant (Boyette) and Luke were always torturing the dog.  I don't know why. I mean, I guess they just didn't like it.
I: Right
W: And one day whenever I was at xxxx, oh, the day after they told me about this, they had gone to Grant's grandparents and taken Sparkle with them in the, in a book bag, completely sealed up in
I: Who told you this story?
W: Uh, both Grant and Luke
I: Ok
W: You know, they were both there.  And uh, Luke had gotten a billy club at a, at the flea market about a week or two before, and uh, they got some of Justin's napalm and threw in on the dog, caught it on fire, and wrapped it up in a bargage bag and just let it sit there, running and burnt, I mean them, they both told me.
I: Right
W: And then uh, from what Grant dais, it was to let Luke take his anger out on something before he went and uh, just went insane , because he had a lot of anger and uh, so after the dog finally died, just quit moving, you know, after Luke beating on it and everything, uh, they said that they, that he, snapped her neck, just threw it in the lake. 
What do you think, Senator Blackmon? Does this rise to the level of a criminal offense?  Perhaps you are not convinced.  Here is a statement from another witness.  An investigator stated what the testimony of one of Woodham's close friends would be:

xxxxx will testify that during March and April of 1997, while at Luke Woodham's that the beatings of the dog Sparkle began.  Donny states that Grant Boyette would lead the boys in taking turns punching the dog in the body and head.  Grant would state to Luke that Sparkle was a bitch just like Christina (murder victim) and Ms. Woodham and that Luke was to pretend the dog was Christina when he was beating the dog.  Grant told xxxx to hit the dog while Grant held it by the nape of her neck.  xxxxx did hit the dog and Grant said HIT HER HARD, HIT HER WITH ALL YOU GOT! Later in April, Boyette and Luke together told xxxx that they had killed the dog and how they did it.  The story they relayed to xxxx was the same as Luke's written account of the dog killing.  Grant told xxxx that the killing was for Luke to get his anger out before he went insane. 
The conditioning for that horrible day in November began in that back yard.  However, Senator Blackmon and her supporters might not have gotten the point.  Perhaps they still think there shouldn't be any penalties for animal cruelty or dog-fighting.  Read Luke Woodham's own words as written in his diary.

"I really don't think there should be any penalties related to animals..." said Barbara Blackmon.  "It was true beauty" said Luke Woodham. 

Hmmm...... let's try a different tact.  Start at 5:30.


Anonymous said...

I deem her an animal, so....yea

Anonymous said...

How could anyone support cruelty to animals.

Were some palms greased? Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

What an idiotic sociopath--

Anonymous said...

Bravo, 1:20 ... Bravo

Anonymous said...

She knows the kingpins of the pit bull circuit...

Anonymous said...

Semi off topic but Hugh Freeze's personal preacher/redemption tour spokesman out off Lakeland drive mentioned Woodham the other day in a sermon. Said while in Parchman he has found the lord and turned his life around and is leading services up there. Apparently he does have a soul and is remorseful for the things he's done.

Burke said...

Barbara Blackmon is apparently amoral, which is a dominant characteristic of a psychopath. Best to keep an eye on her, as painful as that might be.

Anonymous said...

If people of her ilk ever really control this state the whole thing will resemble Tchula in a very short time. What she is advocating is basically uncivilized.

Anonymous said...

@2:17 Tchula actually had a police chief trying to instill some law and order amongst the town, but the thugs and dems in office ran him out of town.

Anonymous said...

Ever been to a slaughter house? Even seen a cow shot in the head with a steel rod? Ever been to the plant that hogs are slaughtered? You are all a bunch of cherry picking frauds. Selectively giving a shit about dogs while eating steaks and pork chops is laughable. Animals have been and will always be expendable. Anthropomorphic beliefs are just the way we feel better about dogs while we eat other 4 legged animals. I wonder how many deer dogs that don’t hunt get a bullet each year in Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

2:52 PM, so in the midst of a two-sided debate, you attack all sides and collapse on yourself like a dying star. I'm guessing you were not on the debate team in high school.

Anonymous said...

2:04 nailed it.

Anonymous said...

When are you putting Bomgar name up with this headline? Let me guess,NEVER!

Louis LeFleur said...

How long have you been a PETA member, 2:52? I've killed (via hunting), cleaned, dressed, and eaten many an animal myself *and* I don't have the first problem with humane killing of animals for human consumption. Some of the commercial practices are less than ideal, but on the whole they're getting better with pressure. Personally, I could kill and eat one of my own pets if I had to, but sure as hell hope it never comes to that. All that said, dog fighting and TRUE animal cruelty are another matter altogether.

Anonymous said...

These laws discriminate against minorities of color because you hardly ever see mugshots of white people on the news being arrested for animal fights. The whites mostly be arrested for child molestation and embezzlement.

Anonymous said...

3:41 I just wish there were laws against the cruelty of bringing children into the world that the parents have no ability or intention of raising and supporting themselves or would that be discrimination also ?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I know you gave a warning but I wish I did not read that. Seriously messed up...

Anonymous said...

Discrimination because white people dont do the horrors of dog fighting😂😂
Please. If the people of color didnt fight the dogs, then they will not have mug shots. How hard is it to be a law abiding and decent person? That is about as far out of a race card as I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

ANY person who participates in ANY form of cruelty to ANY animal should be arrested, put on trial, and, if convicted, serve a minimum of 5 years in prison. These are soul-sick people who should be removed from civilized society.

Anonymous said...

When is this woman up for reelection?

Anonymous said...

Years ago when dog fighting was legal whites were the only people fighting dogs. They simply would not match a dog, sell a dog, or have anything to do with anyone other than whites.
When dog fighting became illegal many people got out of it. It was very popular years ago.
Matches were advertised and crowds came from all over the country. Trains even had special fares for people attending dog matches.

Now it is completely different. Most of the people fighting dogs today do not even know the rules. Yes, there are rules, just like a boxing match.

Anonymous said...

She wants absolutely no penalties for someone who knowingly allows, supports, and profits from dogs ripping other dogs to shreds?! What a piece of shit. I don't know what else to say.

Anonymous said...

"'The whites mostly be arrested for child molestation and embezzlement. "Well, if there's a big racial disparity there then I guess you think we should get rid of penalties for child molestation too, right?

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same nut job that ran for Lt. Guvnah, lost in landslide proportions and told her 34 followers to go to bed and GOD would perform a miracle and she really won?

Anonymous said...

Barbara Blackmons lives in Jackson and represents Canton, same as her husband. The are also cleaning out CMU now. No one does anything.

Anonymous said...

Just more Leftist hypocritical horse shit! Almost everybody living in rural MS counties knows about the dog fighting and cruelty towards animals by those who vote democrat.

Just like the party of Teddy Kennedy and the Clinton’s lecturing everybody about how to treat women (how many women have died or had their lives ruined by male Kennedy’s?).

Anonymous said...

Dogs fight all the time folks

Anonymous said...

Barbara has a multi-faceted agenda which gets no airplay and turns no heads where it counts. Her first order of business is to get people listening and talking about her. Like dealing with a mule, you have to first get his attention. That may require a good whack over the head. Well, you've been whacked. More to come.

Anonymous said...

For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so…Shakespeare

Kids that grow up with parents fighting dogs know no better and it is just a way of life for them; while any sane, humane human being sees how evil it is.

Just like the poor youngsters that grow up in the crime infested leftist controlled cities listening to gangster rap like “Murder for Fun” will almost always see themselves as victims during adulthood, believing the propaganda they’re fed, that it’s the good law abiding hard working middle class folk that created their problems, instead of understating how fleeced they’ve been by their leftist leaders lacking the the guts to stand up, or worse yet, condoning lyrics like these:

“Man I murder fo’ fun but my job is never done
From morning morn’ to the setting of the sun
Bad men come come, come get murdered for fun
The hundred round drum in my tommy gun
Be a cat in the Hum’ I’ll cut out your tongue.”

The irony is, just like the party of Gangster Rap, Hollywood, the Kennedy’s, the Clinton’s, et al are actually lecturing Americans on how women should be treated, the Barbara Blackmon dog fighting protector Democrats of the world are actually teamed up with mostly leftist extreme PETA types with no wildlife biology knowledge who think the law abiding humane harvesting of animals via hunting is wrong.

You can’t make this shit up and the funny if not so sad part of it is how ignorant many Americans who lean left are to this complete Leftist Democrat hypocrisy.

You just can’t fix Stupid.

Anonymous said...

to the goof ball at 2;52...... i dont know what country you come from mister , but cattle and hogs have been raise for commercial consumption in what is now this country since the first europeans got off the boat. dogs have never been raised for that. dogs were used for hunting , protection of humans and livestock and companionship. maybe i could buy you a one way ticket to Korea where dogs are eaten like hogs and cattle. stick those facts into your anthropomorphic pipe and smoke em.

Unknown said...

Yes I agree that Ms. Blackmon's comments are deplorable, but last time I checked the MS. State Constitution and Senate Rules of Senate Order, she only has ONE vote!

She can neither pass nor defeat any legislation on her own.

Did any legislation actually come up for a vote?

Barbara, I am so disappointed in your stance.

Anonymous said...

"ANY person who participates in ANY form of cruelty to ANY animal should be arrested, put on trial, and, if convicted, serve a minimum of 5 years in prison. These are soul-sick people who should be removed from civilized society."
April 12, 2018 at 4:31 PM

You sound like an absolute, narcissistic LOON. I have a cousin who talks just like you do. She's been divorced multiple times (more than three...I've lost count). EVERY one of her husbands or lovers (male or female), has ended-up in the care of mental health professionals, following prolonged contact with HER. She's been "rescuing" animals since she was a tiny child (death quickly following the "rescues" of the frogs and turtles from the swamps where they lived).

Today, she makes a ridiculous amount of money as an "educator". Yet she's always broke, because of the medical bills of her decrepit animals. Her own son, on the way out the door, as he went to live with SOMEONE ELSE, told her, "You're just a neurotic old woman."

Why do so many people who're toxic to humans, see themselves as "Champions of Animals"?

(Oh, and at the other end of the spectrum on this subject, there's Barbara Blackmon. I wonder if she's receiving "inducements" from just the Dogfighting promoters, or if she's ALSO being "induced" by lobbyists defending the more inhumane practices of chicken processors and slaughterhouses. The esteemed Senator seems to be in need of a good, thorough AUDIT.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, F mckins, it came up for a vote out of conference and was passed and signed by the governor. Blackmon was one of several in the senate who voted against the final bill. Joel Bomgar - Madison, (in the orange tie) was one of only five in the House who voted against the increased penalties for cruelty to animals (dogs). He has refused multiple opportunities to explain his position or his vote but it will not be forgotten.

Stump Broke said...

Meanwhile, ten senators in Louisiana voted against a bill to prohibit having sex with animals. And you may be sitting next to them if you go to a Saints game.

At least Bomgar and Blackmon don't have to explain that one!

Anonymous said...

to 11;36 please mister , you tell us "the esteemed senator seems to be in need of a good, through audit". please tell us how do you go about that. im all ears. this i got to hear.

Unknown said...

April 13, 2018 at 1:49 PM Anonymous said...
"Yes, F mckins, it came up for a vote out of conference and was passed and signed by the governor. Blackmon was one of several in the senate who voted against the final bill. Joel Bomgar - Madison, (in the orange tie) was one of only five in the House who voted against the increased penalties for cruelty to animals (dogs). He has refused multiple opportunities to explain his position or his vote but it will not be forgotten."

FM SAYS: ANON: Thanks for update! I cannot vote for or against Blackmon or Bomgar, but I'm depending on all of us to bring this up during the next election cycle!.

Yes, the public stance these two took are leaning towards the despicable, and a bigger issue is their refusal to explain their positions.

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